Shelly Cooper's eyes were beginning to fail her after twelve hours on the road. She had hoped to make it straight through to Atlantic City tonight, but realiz- ing that she still had four hours of hard driving ahead of her, she resolved to stop at the next town for some- thing to eat, and maybe even a little cat-nap in the car.

Her travels today had taken her across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and now into Pennsylvania. The road sign up ahead read: "Exit 11A, Bible Grove PA".

Shelly took the off-ramp that lead to State Route 442. She turned right onto the road, following the signs directing traffic to Bible Grove.

It was nearly 11 PM, and Shelly wasn't sure that there would even be anyplace open in a sleepy little town in the middle of Pennsylvania, where she could find a meal.

But when she entered the town her hopes were revived as she saw a small diner's over-sized sign lighting the roadway, and advertising a "Trucker's Dream" breakfast.

There were two other cars in the parking lot when Shelly pulled in. A yellow Volkswagen Bug, and a police cruiser. The decal on the door of the police car read, "Protect and Serve; Keepers of Truth". This struck Shelly as slightly odd, but she dismissed it to an over active imagination, stemming from so long on the high- way.

The inside of the diner was decorated with sports memorabilia, mostly consisting of Pittsburgh Steelers' prints, and banners from the 1970's, and had an aroma of fried pork. Seated at the counter were a man and a woman. The man, wearing a police uniform, was busy devouring a rather large hamburger, and the woman, dressed in a waitress uniform that Shelly guessed was roughly two sizes too small for her large figure, was reading from a paperback romance. Both turned to look at Shelly as she entered the dinner.

The waitress rose from her seat and stepped behind the counter, "Well hi there darling. Have a seat wherever you'd like. What can I get you to drink?"

Shelly chose a seat at the opposite end of the counter from where the two had been, and asked for a coffee.

As the waitress approached with her cup of coffee, Shelly noticed the pungent smell of cheap perfume, and saw the pounds of caked on make-up on the woman's face. This blonde haired woman looked eerily like her own mother, whom she had left behind in Indiana. She chuckled at the realization that white trash must be the same everywhere.

"Here you go honey," the woman said as she set Shelly's coffee down in front of her, "my name's Maybel. Are you gonna have som'tin to eat tonight?"

"Yeah, can I get a burger, with lettuce and tomatoes, and nothing else on it?" Shelly replied.

"You sure can. Do you want some fries with it?"

"No thanks. Just the burger please."

Maybel walked away, and Shelly noticed the cop was staring at her. He kept looking towards her, and when she would catch him he would turn away. She figured if Maybel was the only woman he got to look at during the night, her own twenty year-old body must really give him a thrill. It was somewhat strange, but she admitted to herself that the attention was a little flattering.

The burger was much better than she had expected, and she left a bigger tip than she normally would because of it. The police officer had left already, and though he gave her a good look as he walked past, he never said a word to Shelly. Maybel had wished her well as she left the dinner, and added the old, "You come back now, ya' hear!" for good measure.

Shelly was half way back to the interstate when her dashboard's "Check Engine" light came on. This was her luck, she thought. She pulled the car over to the side of the road, and turned the motor off. Shelly was no mechanic, but she knew how to check the fluid levels, and was hoping that she just needed some oil, or anti- freeze to get back on her way.

After several minutes of checking, Shelly still couldn't see anything wrong with her engine, so she closed the hood, and got back inside the car. When she turned the key, the motor would turn, but wasn't quite catching. She thought it sounded as if the battery was weak, and just wasn't giving enough of a push to the starter.

Just then she noticed the police cruiser pull up beside her. The driver, the same cop she had seen at the diner, rolled down his passenger side window and was looking towards her.

Shelly opened her own window, "Hi, I don't know what's wrong with it. The check engine light came on, and now it won't start at all."

"Why don't you lock it up, and I'll ride you back to town. Grady owns the garage here, and I'm sure, for a ten spot, he won't mind coming out to look at it for you." The cop said.

"I guess you're my knight in shining armor then." She said as she stepped out of the car.

The cop introduced himself as Sheriff Rick James. They spent most of the ride in silence, but Shelly caught him looking at her chest a few times along the way. He really must be hard up she thought.

When Grady returned, with Shelly's car attached to his tow-truck, he told her that the starter was shot, and he wouldn't be able to fix it until Monday, when the parts store opened. It was Saturday night.

Shelly almost fell into tears at the news. She didn't have the money for a motel. She wasn't even sure if she had the money for the starter. Sheriff James suggested that maybe he could find her a place to stay, and even provide her with a day's work on Sunday, so that she could earn a few dollars for the repairs to her car. He told her that tomorrow was the annual "Fall Love Feast" here in Bible Grove. The first Sunday of October, the whole town gathers in the square for a dinner to celebrate the love, and friendships in their lives. "It's sort of a hoakey festival," he said, "but it's a tradition that was started when the town was founded, and we just hate to break with tradition around here."

Shelly was very uneasy with his offer. She didn't know him at all, and he had been giving her the creeps since she first saw him with his stares. On the other hand, she really wasn't in a position to decline a place to stay, or an opportunity to earn a little cash. She asked him what kind of work, and he told her that she could help with the set-up in the square tomorrow, as well as the clean up after the festival. In between she would get a free dinner, and earn fifty bucks for her labor.

Sheriff James also said that she could stay at his sister Mary's until Monday. She has a large house, lives alone, and he was sure she wouldn't mind putting a nice young girl up for a couple of days, as a favor to him.

Shelly was still leery of his being so fast to make her such an offer, but she couldn't see any honest reasons not to accept. This was a small town where people looked out for one another. She would be foolish, and even border-line rude to decline it.

That night, Shelly had several vivid, and erotic dreams. She woke up after each one, hot and sweaty, as if they had been nightmares, the only difference being that she was highly aroused, instead of frightened after each one. Shelly almost never dreamed, or at least never remembered her dreams, but she assumed it was due to being in a strange place, and feeling so vulnerable without much money, and no car to drive away in, that caused her sub-conscience to go into overdrive.

One dream had been about the Sheriff. He was in full uniform, and standing over Shelly's naked body, spread eagle on a table top. Shelly's arms and legs were being held by unseen hands, and the Sheriff was working his night-stick in and out of her.

Another dream had Shelly on her knees, being held down again by unseen forces, sucking Grady's abnormally large cock, as the Sheriff's sister Mary lay between her legs, licking Shelly's pussy.

She had other dreams, but they were filled with unseen hands fondling, and invisible mouths kissing, or lick- ing her. Even one with a ghost fucking her in the ass. Each time she woke up with an uncontrollable urge to masturbate herself to orgasm.

The next morning Mary, Sheriff James' sister, woke Shelly at 6 AM. They had met last night when the Sheriff brought her to his sister, and asked her to give Shelly a bed for the night. Mary offered Shelly a dress to wear, saying that the festival had certain requirements that needed to be followed, and she was grateful that the woman was so kind. Mary also gave Shelly a description of what would have to be done today, how the customs of the feast were symbolic, but absolutely adhered too on this day each year. She also promised to stay close to Shelly through-out the festival, and help her as much as she could with the event.

The dress was large, yet plain looking. It reminded Shelly of a servant's garb from medieval times. There was even an apron included as part of the outfit.

Shelly felt as if she had stepped into another world after hearing Mary's description of the celebration. She couldn't believe in this day and age that there were still people holding rituals that demeaned women so. All day long she would be forced to serve the men of town. She could only address them as Sir, or My Lord. The women were only permitted to eat after the men were finished, at tables set off to the side of the square. This was male chauvinism at it's worst she thought. However, it was only for an afternoon, and she did get to eat for free, as well as earn a few bucks to boot.

The set up was fairly easy. All the women of town were there, dressed in costume for the event. Some began cooking, at the far end of the square, while the rest, Shelly included, took on the task of making a dining area. They assembled all of the tables, placed the chairs around them, and then finished it with plates and silverware. Around four o'clock the men began to show up. Shelly hadn't noticed it before, but she realized that she hadn't seen a single man all day. Not even walking through the streets.

As the men appeared, they were greeted, and seated by a woman, who would then fill his glass, and take her leave with a curtsy. Mary had told Shelly that she could escort her brother to his chair, and pointed out where that was to be. When the time came, Shelly felt thoroughly disgusted with this entire practice, but reminded herself of the money she was making for it.

Shelly greeted Rick when he arrived, and walked him to his chair. It was located at the head of the first table, directly in-front of the small stage in the middle of the square. She filled his glass, and he grabbed her hand as she turned to leave.

"I know this is probably freaking you out. I can't imagine how strange it must look to an outsider like yourself, but you're doing a wonderful job Shelly." Was all he said.

She smiled, a little pleased with herself, and thanked him for the compliment, then strolled back to where Mary was standing.

The women served their men when the food was ready. Shelly, having been assigned to Rick, brought him plate after plate of food. When the meal ended, the women were to clear all of the plates and silverware from the tables, then fill their man's cup again with wine, before retiring to their own dinners.

The men told loud, and sometimes crude jokes, and stories as the women ate their single plates of food. Shelly asked Mary what all this servant, and 'My Lord' stuff had to do with celebrating love. Mary told her that this was just dinner, and with a look of what appeared to be sadness, that the love would come later.

After the women finished their meals, they cleared off their own tables, and returned to their seats. Now was the time when the men served them a glass of wine.

Shelly thanked Rick for the wine, and he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, without warning, and simply said, "Enjoy."

A band had taken the stage, and begun to play what Shelly thought was waltz music, but she wasn't really sure. Her head felt a little dizzy, and she assumed it was from a mixture of being in the sun all day, it was very warm for October, and the wine she had consumed.

Shelly's muscles began to feel very tired, yet mentally she was wide awake. In fact, it seemed as though her senses were excessively active. She not only heard, but would have sworn that she could feel the music coming from the stage. Her mind seemed to be going in circles. As though it were racing, she couldn't quite focus on a single thought for more than an instant. She decided to ask Mary if it would be acceptable for her to leave yet, since she wasn't feeling well.

She turned to Mary, "I don't feel too good, do you think.." Mary cut her off with a finger to her lips.

Then Mary leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Now, comes the love."

Just as she said that, Rick put his hands under Shelly's arms and raised her from her seat. When she turned, on trembling legs to face him, he pulled her close and kissed her.

Shelly was furious that he would take the liberty to kiss her without permission, but before she could pull away and slap him, as she intended to do, she found her body responding to his kiss. His lips felt so soft and warm on hers, and his arms around her gave her the greatest sense of security she had ever known. This was so strange. She wasn't attracted to him at all, yet her entire body, and all of her emotions seemed to be yearning for more of his touch.

When he broke the embrace she tried to say something, but couldn't muster the energy to speak. It was as if her mind had lost control of her body's actions. She felt limp in his hands. Oh yes, she thought, those wonderful hands.

Rick set her down on the edge of the table, then she saw that all the other women were being showered with kisses, and embraces from their men. Some were even taking things further. Several women now had their breasts exposed to their men. Mary, who was sitting on the table next to her, not having been assigned a man, was staring at Shelly with a look of lust as her hands slid up to her own chest.

"This is getting out of control." Shelly thought, but she still couldn't bring herself to do, or say anything to protest the course of actions. Suddenly, she felt Rick's hands on the blouse of her dress. Like all the other women's dresses here today, the top was fastened by a string-tie up the front of the blouse. He was untying hers! She had to stop him, but as soon as she thought that, she felt Mary's hand on her leg. She was slowly sliding it under Shelly's dress. Shelly wanted to scream, run, anything. But at the same time, she wanted more. Her whole body was alive and aroused. Even her hair blowing in the breeze seemed to be turning her on.

Before she could rationalize this, Shelly realized that Rick had completely untied her top, and was now fondl- ing her bare breasts with his hands, those wonderful hands, as he slowly placed soft kisses on her neck, then began to work his way towards her chest with his lips. At the same time, she could feel Mary's hand as it found its way under the edge of her panties. Without thought Shelly opened her legs wider to allow Mary easier access beneath the soaked cloth. Her own hands were now exploring the muscles of Rick's arms, and moving towards his waist. Shelly was in ecstasy.

Any thoughts she held of this being wrong, or strange had fled. Her mind was tuned to one thing only, pleasure. The rest of the night was a fuck-feast. By the end of the evening she had made love to Rick, along with several other men, multiple times, and even experienced her first woman to woman encounter with Mary.

The next morning Shelly awoke, lying across the front seat of her car at a rest stop along the interstate. She wasn't sure where she was at first. Had it all been a dream? Her sore muscles, especially in her pelvic area told her it hadn't been. Those bastards! "They raped me!" She thought to herself.

What to do now? How had she escaped? If it was real, how did she get her car back, and when did she drive to this rest stop?

That's when she saw it. The video cassette sitting on the floor of her car. It was labeled "Love", and had a small note taped to it. The note read: "You come back now, ya' hear."

Shelly began to drive. She wasn't sure what she would do. She didn't even know what direction she was heading in. Then she saw the answer. A road sign up ahead.

"Exit 11A, Bible Grove PA". Her nipples became erect.


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