I'm from a family of eleven kids, the youngest being two, who I've had a big hand in raising up to this point.

Our neighbor across the street is a goddess who moved in when I was twelve, long blond hair, a body to die for and I have been masturbating to thoughts of her ever since I have gotten kind of friendly with her. I've done some errands for her and stuff and have seen her in her bra and thong a few times. To which afterwards, I always go home and play with my pussy.

She had been living across the street now for three years, when I came home from school this one day and she was in the kitchen with a six month old baby, talking to my mom. It seems that her sister was a crack whore, got pregnant, had this baby and just took off, leaving the baby with her, the object of my sexual desires.

She works nights from four to twelve and was looking for a baby sitter, me, since I was so well qualified and sure could use the money. My mom asked me and just to have the chance to maybe catch my goddess in her bra again, I jumped at the offer. My mom was real happy that I was going to have the chance to make some money and I would only be across the street.

Well as luck would have it, I started my job and my goddess was wearing a red bra with a red thong and I got all wet, so wet it came through my jeans and I also couldn't take my eyes off her. She never looked like she even noticed, so I looked to my hearts content.

The next day I got there, she had a pink bra and thong on, my pussy boiled over and again there was a big wet spot on the crotch of my jeans. I found a picture of her in a bikini that I would masturbate to after I put the baby to bed, I would get naked, put the picture on the coffee table and make myself cum two or three times.

This went on every day, she would prance around in a low cut bra that barely covered her nipples, the smallest thong you could buy and I would sit on the couch with my wet spot growing until she got dressed. This had been going on for about three weeks when one night we had a bad storm, power was out in the whole town. I had lit candles creating a very sexy atmosphere for me and I was on the floor, legs spread wide, her picture in my one hand with the other buried in my cunt, when the goddess walked in.

They'd closed the place she worked because of the power outage and I didn't hear her drive up. I froze, she walked over, took her picture out of my hand, looked at me and asked if that's what she did to me. I was laying there with my fingers still in my pussy, not saying a word and she asked if I would like to undress her, since she was all wet from the walk from the car top the house.

I couldn't even talk, I just nodded my head yes and mumbled something, she took my hand, told me we where going to her bedroom and helped me up. Here I was, naked as the day I was born, following my goddess up the stairs with my pussy dripping the whole way.

She stood in the middle of the bedroom, spread her arms, told me to start with her top and I was so excited, I was trembling. I took her tee top off, she had a black bra with some of nipple showing, a different one then she had on when she left the house, because as I later found out, she knew I had the hots for her, since my wet pants was a clue and had changed bras to really turn me on.

My pussy flooded like it never had before, she made me kiss her neck and told me to kiss her tits before I took the bra off. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it was going to come right out of my chest, my knees were weak, I could feel the hot blood coursing through my body and when I put my lips on her neck, I almost passed out.

Lil, my goddess was now holding me up from under my arms and said, "Come on now baby, you have to work for this body, I want to feel your hot lips all over my body" and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I kissed the tops of her tits, she told me to take her bra off and kiss her nipples, I took the bra off and when my lips touched her nipples, I came, moaning like the bitch in heat I was.

She had the most beautiful tits and nipples in the world, pink nipples just begging to be sucked and I sucked on them. We just stood there for a bit with her nipple in my mouth while I was playing with her other tit and my goddess started moaning for me. I had never been so happy in my life as I was then, hearing her moan for me and I switched tits so the other one wouldn't get jealous.

She let me nurse her tits for a while, my cum was running down my legs and she told me to take her pants off for her. I got on my knees, unsnapped her jeans, pulled them down and her thong was gone, she was naked now, her sweet pussy staring me in the face.

I couldn't believe her cunt was so close to my lips now, it was prettier then I had ever imagined, smelled like a rose garden and I buried my face in the part of her body that made my life complete.

I kissed and licked her pussy from bottom to top, then spread her cunt lips to unveil the pinkest little pussy in the world and I came again as I buried my tongue in her love tunnel. I made her so hot, her knees buckled, she went down on the floor with me permanently attached to her hot, sweet, juicy love box.

Her legs were in the waving in the air, she was moaning and at the same time saying my name while I was feasting on my fantasy cunt, trying to eat her hot little cunt alive. She tensed up, yelled something I couldn't understand, her ass came off the floor and for the first time in my life, I got a mouthful of her hot cum.

I was beside myself with lust for her cunt, joy for tasting her girl cum and satisfaction for making her feel like she did. I made her cum in my mouth while she was laying on her bedroom floor, seven times and would have gone for more, but my knees were starting to hurt.

We got up, fell into the bed, Lil wrapped her arms around me, put her lips on mine and gave me the most sensuous, electrifying kiss in the world, if I would have died right then, I would have been the happiest cunt ever. I told her I wanted to explore her luscious body, she kissed me again and said to help my self, she was all mine, I almost came again. I turned her on her belly, started at her feet, kissed my way up to hottest ass in the world, it was perfectly shaped, tiny little brown bud for an asshole and I kissed every inch of it, then put a hicky on her left cheek and she made me put one on her right cheek.

I gorged myself on her wonderfully sweet ass, worked my way up her back, kissing every square inch of her back, stated to put a hicky on her neck, but she stopped me and told me I could put hicky's anywhere I wanted except where they would show, so I rolled her over and put a hicky on each of her magnificent tits, I kissed every inch of the front of her body too and this time when I got to the center of my universe, she made me suck on her clit, while I put two fingers in her cunt hole and sucked and fucked her, until she came in my mouth five more times.

My poor goddess was totally exhausted after all that hot fucking I gave her but my pussy was still raging and as tired as I knew she was, she told me to sit on her face, so she could lick my poor pussy. I got on top of her, she made me play with my hot cunt while she licked it and when her tongue touched my pussy, it exploded cum like it was shot out of a cannon. Between her licking and my fingering, I came three times and my love goddess' face was covered with my cunt cream, which I licked totally clean, after I regained my senses.

We fell asleep in each others arms, I heard the baby about six AM, woke up to find my sex goddesses arms and legs wrapped around me and I thought I had definitely died and gone to heaven. I changed the baby, she went back to sleep, I got back in bed, Lil wrapped me up in her arms and legs, kissed me, thanked me and said she thinks she will marry me.

Of course I took it literally, couldn't go back to sleep with all these crazy thoughts in my head, so I laid there in Lil's hot embrace and played with my pussy until Lil woke up again. This time when she woke, she put me on my back, got between my legs and when she put her mouth on my now raging hot cunt, I had to put the pillow in my mouth to keep from screaming out loud.

My whole fucking body was fire like it had never been before, I lusted after this woman so much, it made my tits ache and here she was, between my legs, eating my pussy, I think I melted into the bed I was so fucking hot.

She asked me if I was a virgin, I told her yes and the next thing I felt was a finger entering my pussy, the first time something other then my finger being put in my pussy, I came a buckets worth and as soon as my cum rolled over my asshole, she put a finger in my ass.

She was now finger fucking both my ass and pussy, licking as much of my cunt as she could get her tongue on and I went off to never-never land. My tits ached so bad, I grabbed both of my nipples, pulling and twisting them, I wanted to have her hot cunt in my mouth so bad, I thought I would lose my mind and I could hear Lil telling me to cum for her.

I thought that I had some huge orgasms before, but nothing compared to the one I was having now, my whole fucking body came off the bed, everything in my head turned red, my cunt felt like it had been shredded and I couldn't stop cumming.

The center of my existence must have made me cum four or five times in a row, I was screaming even with the pillow in my mouth, she wouldn't take her fingers out of my pussy or her tongue off my cunt and I finally blacked out the feeling was so fucking intense. When I woke up later, Lil was still naked, in the bed with the baby and when I saw her tits, I just had to suck on them.

She put her tit in my mouth, let me suck to my hearts content and told me all the new rules, we would be naked all the time when in the house, I belong to her now and she belongs to me, so we wouldn't see other people, that I was going to be the wife in this relationship and therefore it was my responsibility to keep her pussy trimmed, legs and underarms shaved, pussy well eaten and in other words, be a good wife.

It didn't take much for Lil to talk my mom into letting me stay with her, especially when Lil said she would feed and clothe me and give me what ever else I needed and I know my mom wasn't thinking about Lil giving me her pussy when she said okay under the stipulation that I visit her every day.

So, I moved into Lil's bed and life, which gave me the use of Lil's pussy whenever I wanted and I make her fill me up with her come at least twice a day, Christ, I love her pussy and would die without it.



  • Anonymous said:
    7 months ago
    I used to babysit for a hot couple who lived two doors down. They used to leave homemade ssex dvd's in the player for me to find. They were both hot. One night they came back as I was watching their dvd and had her hairbrush jammed up inside me. They both thought it was so hot and stripped down. They both made love to me that night. After that p, they would sometimes ask me to babysit but they would take their daughter to their parents house and the three of us would have sex all night. They asked mom if I could go on vacation with them to watch their daughter. Once again they dropped her off at their parents and they took me to Florida for two weeks.
  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    Once she got to suck on the tits of her dreams.. I began to cum. I couldn't stop. So good.
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    That was well written and I came twice