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By the time I turned sixteen, I had a blazing hot pussy all the time and when my Mom walked in on me with a candle in my pussy, moaning like a hot whore, her and my Dad shipped me off to my aunt and uncle, who owned a farm, for the summer.

Before I left for the farm, my girl friend gave me a dildo she took from her Mom and I managed to sneak it into my suitcase.

The house my aunt and uncle lived in was very old and you could hear somebody upstairs from downstairs almost like they were in the room with you. Well, I couldn't use the dildo on my pussy in the house as I am very vocal and what would I say when they asked why I was moaning like a whore, so I found the barn and a room on the second level complete with a bed and dresser.

I found out that at one time they had a full time hired hand that lived there, but now they just had a part time guy from the local college.

I cleaned the room up, found sheets in the dresser and made myself a little hide away to fuck my pussy when ever I could. I was going there every day after lunch, taking my clothes off, lay on the bed, spread my legs and fuck my pussy to some amazing orgasms.

I had been at it for about two weeks, was laying naked on the bed with the dildo in my ass while I rubbed my clit, eyes closed and nearing an earth shattering orgasm. I had not closed the door all the way, the dog had gotten in and I felt his cold nose on my thigh. I almost had a heart attack, opened my eyes to see the dog, breathed a sigh of relief and by this time the dog was licking my pussy.

I was going to make him stop, but he made my pussy feel so good, I let him lick my cunt while I fucked my ass. As it turned out, he was a killer cunt lapper and he brought me to the land of sweet orgasm, a couple of times and was not happy it seemed when I made him stop. He was now trying to mount me and when I saw the size of his cock sticking out of his sheath, I was impressed but wasn't sure about having it in my pussy.

He was strong as hell, I couldn't get him off me and he was trying like hell to get his cock in my little cunt, so I did the next best thing, I jerked him off. I couldn't believe how much cum this dog had in him, he soaked my belly, cunt hair and thighs with all his cum. Although later I found out, some of it was his pre cum.

I had to sneak into the house to take a shower I was so covered in the dogs cum and didn't realize the dog had followed me in. Luckily there was nobody in the house, I stripped, went into the bathroom and bent over to turn the water on. The next thing I knew, the dog was on top of me with his legs wrapped around my waist and I could feel his cock poking at my cunt.

I couldn't get him off me, so I froze, hoping he would get tired of trying to fuck me and go away. Didn't quite work that way though, all of a sudden I felt his cock pushing into my pussy, which was so covered with his pre cum, as big as his cock was, it was entering my pussy, stretching my poor cunt to the breaking point and causing a bit of pain.

He didn't stop though until his knot was pressing against my cunt and my pussy was filled like it had never been before. He started pumping his cock in my cunt, it started feeling better and better, until finally I closed my eyes, slumped over the tub and let him fuck me like he owned me.

His cock felt so fucking good in my pussy, I forgot he was a dog, started to fuck him back and telling him to fuck me harder, make me cum. That dog's cock gave me the best orgasm of my life and he was still fucking me, trying to get his knot in me, but my pussy was way too small still, for him to get in, no matter how hard he pushed.

He did make me cum a few more times before I could feel his cock swelling up inside my pussy and then I got a really awesome feeling, he sprayed hot cum all over the inside of my cunt, making me cum again. When he was finished using my pussy, he got off me, went out into the hallway, flopped and cleaned his cock off and I guessed he couldn't get enough of my pussy. He followed me all over the house the rest of the day and I at least had the good sense to lock him out of my room as I was really loud when he fucked me.

The next day I went to my little fuck nest with the dog following me with a hard on, we went into the room, I tried to get him to lick my cunt but he just wanted to fuck. He was trying to get me on the floor as I was taking my dress off and with memories of his cock in me from yesterday; I let him have his way.

I had seen enough dogs fucking to know they liked it doggie style, so I got on my hands and knees and just doing that made me so fucking hot. I guided his cum covered prick into my steaming pussy. He was pushing his big cock into my tiny pussy, I was moaning real loud and I thought what if my parents could see me now, getting fucked by a big dog with a big cock.

I was in fuck heaven, the dog was pounding my cunt for all he was worth, I was having one orgasm after another and then I felt his cock growing inside me and I knew how good he was going to make my little cunt feel being covered in red hot cum. He started pumping his hot cum into my pussy and I was having cunt spasms it felt so fucking good. He filled my pussy with cum, then turned so we were ass to ass and just held his cock in me for a while, which I didn't mind in the least, because it felt really good in my cunt.

After a bit he pulled his cock out of me and although my pussy felt so fucking good, it also felt so empty. I got on the bed; the dog lay down and cleaned his cock off, then jumped on the bed and pushed my legs apart with his nose. He wanted to lick my pussy and he was showing me that I was his bitch now that he owned me lock, stock and barrel and he was right, I would do anything now for his cock.

He started licking my pussy clean and his tongue felt so amazing on my cunt, I got wet and in heat real fast. He was licking my whole pussy with his glorious tongue and when he stuck it in my cunt hole, it erupted cum like a water fountain. His cock was rock hard again, he mounted me, I guided his cock into my pussy and I was being fucked by his big cock again. I closed my eyes, lay there like a whore being fucked like a piece of meat, which I now was, this dogs piece of meat and loved feeling his doggie cock pounding my pussy.

That beautiful cock made me cum and cum, then I felt it swelling up and I knew my pussy was going to be bathed in his hot cum again. He filled my pussy with so much cum that when I stood up, it would leak out, but my lover always licked me clean. We fucked a few more times that day and my lover had me well trained by the end of the day.

He would pull at my hips, I would get on all fours, put his dick in my cunt and get the fucking of a life time, there was no question I was his bitch at the end of the afternoon. I really love farm life and am trying to come up with a way to get my parents to let me stay down on the farm and be the dog's fuck slave.

Wish me luck.



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