Mark Lou sat watching the scene next door -- six girls as they lay topless by his neighbor's swimming pool. Today the exclusive daughters were enjoying what wealth could provide. The Ph.D. knew this was going to be the day six virgins would become pregnant. Using the zoom on the high-tech video camera, he studied their breasts and the area between each girl's legs. Yes, today was the day for which the diabolical medical expert had been waiting for several months.


They lay relaxing around the backyard pool as the sun became hotter in the minutes before noon on the last day of July. The group of teenaged girls was known as "Six-Pack," at the Academy where they attended school. Five of the girls were 15 years old; the sixth, Ann Johnston had turned 16 the previous week. They'd been friends since kindergarten.

Ann and her friends had grown up within two blocks of each other, and had always been close friends. Today they were lounging around the pool at Ann's parent's home. They were typical girls, enjoying the middle of summer and discussing their favorite topic, boys, boys and more boys. Their collective sexual activity, if not the lack of, had not changed each of the six girls from being virgins, although one had caused her hymen to be breached by her mother's chrome vibrator in a moment of personal loss and sadness.

The "Six-Pack" each had some sexual experience, yet none had gone all-the-way. Keeping their own personal exposure to sex secret from the others in the group, they were also known around the Academy as six cherries just waiting to be cracked. Josh Barnes, a senior had described it slightly differently when he stated to his friends as they were crossing the Oval, "Those prick- teasers need to have a dick shoved up their overly sweet cunts, and their cherries left to bleed and run down their legs."

Each of the girls had the long, blonde hair that boys loved. Ann had shapely, pointed breasts that were normally encased in a 34-C bra. Today was an exception, as the girls were all topless and sunning themselves in the enclosed privacy of Ann's parent's back yard.


Ann, standing five-two with a winsome smile and dimples that were so deep on her smooth, olive complexion that one wondered how they could fill back-in on her face when she wasn't smiling. If viewed nude, she'd be the perfect reason for a man to let his fantasies turn to sex with a young girl.

Her maidenhair was light colored, and so thin she didn't need to trim it to wear her bikini, or her tights when cheerleading. The thatch of pubes grew lightly across her Mons Veneris and a small mole was visible at the exact center of her Mons, only half an inch at the most above where her prepuce grew at the top of her labia.

Her legs were well shaped and several of the football players had looked at her calves and thighs and masturbated to the thought of them being wrapped around their backs. A few more brazen of the group had pictured them gripping their faces.

Yet to experience any fondling or overly-stimulating kissing with any boy, her sexual incidents were limited to only one male, her own father. As an only child, Ann was often at home alone with her father, as her mother was a highly successful "charitable-function-attending female" who didn't need to work, since her husband's seven-figure income allowed her to attend these functions, especially the country-club spa.

From the time she was mid-way into her thirteenth year, she'd satisfied her need for sexual experimentation in her own home, and in a safe way at that. At first, she'd only allowed her father to see her in a short tee shirt, but after turning fourteen, had commenced being careless and allowed herself to be seen in her room or the hallway in bra and panties. One Saturday, she'd slipped-on a new thong that was nothing but lace, and had a matching bra with white satin on the straps.

Pretending not to know her father would be reading the paper at the kitchen nook while having a cup of coffee, she'd walked into the kitchen to prepare a bowl of cereal. As she went to get milk for her cereal, she squealed out, "Daddy, I'm sorry. I didn't think about you being in here. Oh well, you've seen it all now, and it isn't much, so I guess I'm okay dressed like this with my daddy." She knew she was having an impact on her father, and that her tiny nipples were hard, and likely a prize for him to see through the lace, as one was nearly poking through the garment.

A few weeks later not wearing a bra she went to get a soda from the fridge and her father watched her as she walked past his chair in the living room. Things speeded up after that and within a couple of weeks, she progressed from topless to complete nudity in front of her father. To her surprise, one evening as she walked nude from her room to get a snack from the kitchen, she saw her father nude also, and for the first time in her 15 years, was observing a man's seven inches of erect manhood.

A week later they were both by the pool on a Saturday morning. Her mother was at the county club, and as Ann lay with her legs wide open exposing her sex to her father, she watched as he gripped his erection in his fist and at first slowly, then very rapidly, stroked his penis. She understood this action was masturbation, and watched as he ejaculated his semen straight up into the air; she believed it must have shot at least three feet!

For the next several weeks that was the normal course of things, until one day her mother returned unexpectedly and walked onto the pool deck just as her husband shot his cum, and for the first time it landed between the parted legs of his daughter, as he was kneeling between those young thighs while masturbating.

Nothing was said at that time but several minutes later Ann overheard as her mother said to her Dad, "Dear, I hope you haven't fucked our daughter, now tell me how far this thing has gotten... don't lie to me... understand?"


The other five of the Six-Pack were nearly as shapely as Ann, one was Carrie Bolton with breasts that were yet to fill out, but were 32-B none-the-less. When Carrie, also an only child, was 13 she spent six weeks sailing with her recently divorced Uncle Chester, who everyone referred to as Chet, and she was excited to be going on the sail. The first night out on the ship proved Carrie was about to find out what a nude male looked like.

They had anchored about a half mile off-shore, and she listened as Uncle Chet told her, "On board we need to conserve water, so first we'll swim in the ocean to get washed off, then spray each other with a quick shower of fresh water. We'll need to undress and be nude since we need to wear our clothes more than once, so let's strip and enjoy the ocean."

She watched in shock as her uncle removed his shirt, jams, and boxers, and there before her young eyes she saw what she believed was a foot of what she and her friends called a "snake."

"Hurry up girl, so we can get washed before it gets any later. Last one in has to do the dishes."

Slowly she undressed, which only required her to remove her two-piece bikini. There was no way to cover up her small, budding breasts or the small amount of fleece she had growing over her putty-cat. After jumping into the ocean, she soon found it fun to be playing in the water with him, and quickly learned that he loved to grab her and flip her up into the air, and they did that for nearly 10 minutes.

After a short while, she enjoyed knowing her uncle liked her enough to have brought her with him on the cruise. A few times she felt him accidentally grab her breasts, or between her legs, and when she accidentally caught his snake in her hand, she jerked her hand away.

Once they were back on the ship, Uncle Chet hosed her off with fresh water and showed her how to rub her skin so the salt got rinsed off. She wasn't certain about the necessity of his hands brushing across her growing breasts, but she liked the tingles it gave her when his large hands covered her small titties.

They shared a single bunk when they went to bed.

"Carrie, we can sleep naked, but never tell anyone that we've done so, or that we were in the same bunk. My sister, your mother, and father have sailed with me before and they know about swimming nude and rinsing off, but the rest we need to keep between us."

That night she was exposed to a man's snake brushing against her, and she understood, somewhat, the "wickedness" of a male snake pressing against her body.

By the end of four days of sailing, sunbathing, and riding the ocean in the nude, she had lost all inhibitions of her body being exposed. Even when she caught her uncle looking between her splayed thighs, she didn't mind. She thought seeing her uncle's snake get stiff was exciting.

The first Saturday on the sail they pulled into port, and Uncle Chet had the ship refueled and the water tanks topped off.

"Pack a few things and we'll spend the night in a hotel here in town, so we can get a decent bath and sleep in a good bed," he told his niece.

"Uncle Chet, can we find a restaurant to eat in, I'm tired of our cooking and besides, hotdogs every other day are getting b o r i n g!"

When they got to the hotel room, she saw that it had two beds and said to herself, "I wonder if Uncle Chet will make me sleep alone? I like feeling him hold me at night, especially when he pushes his snake against me and it rests between my legs."

Filling the bathtub with hot water and dumping in some of her bathing gel, Carrie was soon enjoying her first soaking, normal bath in over a week, and when Uncle Chet entered the bathroom she asked without questioning her thoughts, "You getting' in with me Uncle Chet?"

"You want me to intrude on your daydreaming bath, pretty little one?"

There was no doubt that Carrie was cute and had been since she was born; everyone always told her how cute she was. She knew she wasn't Hollywood-attractive, but realized that she was truly gifted at just being cute. When he moved to sit in the tub behind her, she had no thought of what it would be like to feel his body this intimately, even more than when they cuddled at night.

Wedging her body between her uncle's legs, she soon moved up and sat on his lap. Immediately she felt his snake get hard; it seemed even harder than ever to her. Suddenly it was poking up between her young thighs, as her legs settled along the tops and to the sides of her uncles.

By moving her body, she could feel the snake touch against the narrow female wound that made up her sex. Only a small patch of hair grew at the top and what grew down along her sex was thin, and spread downward perhaps an inch. Her wiggling became somewhat frantic, as the snake was pushing up through her slit and the end of it was bumping against her hard button.

"Oh, Uncle Chet, Uncle Chet, I... I can't stop... help me... Uncle Chet, what is happening...? Eyiee, oh goshhh... aughhhh, Uncle Chet you're making me feel so good, you're..."

For the first time in her life Carrie experienced a climax and had no idea what caused her to feel such a rush of excitement.

Chet knew what had happened and he asked, "Was that your first climax... was that your first time to go off... do you masturbate?"

"Uncle Chet... I never did... was that what I did... is that what a girl does by herself... please, don't tell mom... UNCLE CHET, IT'S DOING IT AGAIN! AUGHHHH! I'M..."

He had moved his hand down and worked the head of his cock back and forth over the hardened clit of his young niece, and he felt her body tense and then explode. His excitement from stroking his cock as he rubbed the thick head against his sister's little daughter caused him to shoot a load of sperm-filled semen against and inside her narrow pussy.

For the remainder of the sail, Carrie felt her uncle shoot his load against her tiny opening frequently. One night they had decided to sleep on the deck and were lying on an air mattress. Carrie wanted something more -- and she knew exactly what it was. She desired the fulfillment of her sex being filled with her uncle's snake.

"Uncle Chet, will you do it... what they, call all-the- way... will you do?

"I'd love to, but you're young and I don't have any condoms; I wouldn't want to chance your becoming pregnant."

After explaining about her becoming pregnant, and a few minutes of letting her play with his cock for the first time, he said to her, "Honey, there's a way to give us both pleasure; it'll hurt the first time but, if you want, I'll do you in your butt... some girls like it as much as regular sex, and some even more... you want to try that?"

"You mean... in my - my butt, people do that... really... do they...?"

"Yeah, they do. Wait here while I see if I still have the stuff to let it go into your butt easily."


He remembered the last time he'd used the anal gel was when he'd done his sister, Maddy, about a month before. It had been her first time to enjoy anal sex and they'd enjoyed a three day weekend.

Maddy had been pissed at her husband, Jim, for going on a golfing trip with three of his friends and had called Chet to see what he was doing. She'd asked if he was going to sail for the long weekend and if so, she wanted to go along.

Chet had listened to his sister and told her he was indeed going sailing and if she wished to go, he'd love to take her along. In reality, he'd planned on flying his small jet to Atlantic City to gamble for the weekend. On board, they were nude once they were clear of all the other ships and headed out about 50 miles. Chet and his ex wife, Kit, his sister, Maddy and brother-in-law, Jim often sailed and they were always nude on board.

That evening they'd sat on the deck and watched the ships passing far off into the night sky. The moon was full and the stars seemed to be more brilliant than Chet had ever seen.

Maddy spoke softly. "Look at how bright the sky is tonight... must be an omen of some sorts."

Chet had opened a bottle of expensive wine he'd brought with him from home for the sail with his sister. When he popped the cork, it shot out and hit his sister on her left nipple.

"Holy shit! Damn that hurts... you butt-hole; you did that on purpose; guess you need to kiss it and make it well."

Attempting to apologize didn't seem to work and his sister had a feigned look of pain on her face.

"Let me kiss it and make it better."

He'd moved her hand that was holding the supposedly injured breast, leaned over and kissed her hardening nipple. For the better part of a minute he'd not only kissed his sister's nipple, but was soon sucking on her 34-D implants. For the first time in his life he was being intimate with his own sister! He'd watched her tits since she had the implants about three years before and wondered what they felt like... now he knew!

"Damn, damn it, Chet, you shouldn't be doing that!"

As she'd spoken, she reached out and grasped his erection in her hand. Nothing else was said, and they lay down on the blankets they'd been seated on while enjoying the night sky. For a few minutes, brother and sister explored each other's bodies, and when he'd moved over to mount her, her arms had welcomed him.

In only moments she'd cried out, "My god Chet, I'm cumming, oh Hell, I'm cumming!"

Perhaps three minutes had passed from the time Chet's cock entered his sister and he'd felt her body heave up to meet his.

He cried aloud in passion with his sister, "Maddy, oh God yeah, take me, take my cum... hell you're the best fuck I've ever had... now, I'm cumming... I'm..."

He'd lain on his sister for only a moment while they caught their breath then they'd sat up and sheepishly looked at each other.

Maddy broke the silence. "Hell, Chet, we just committed incest... you know something? You're the only man I've ever been with besides Jim... Chet, this sounds dumb most likely, but would you do... do it... in my back... you know what I mean... I've always wanted that and Jim believes I'm sick. Chet we've already broken the biggest taboo, so now I want it all," she'd added softly, while looking at him.

Perhaps an hour had passed, and he'd been using the anal gel to move up through his sister's gripping sphincter, and after several short strokes, was firmly riding her rounded hips.

When he'd shot his cum up into her bowels, he told her, "Stay as you are, I want to get hard and ride your lovely hips again and I don't want to uncouple."


Without realizing what she was doing or saying, the 13- year-old Carrie stated, "Maybe you should do it in the front first..."

Chet ignored his niece's suggestion. He knew there was no way to do her cherry-pussy without some problems, and he recalled Maddy telling him, "Maybe I should let you do my daughter up her butt... Hell, that's better than thinking some pimple-faced kid will knock her up... don't even think about taking me up on my offer!"

Carrie moved onto her hands and knees as her uncle requested, but before he applied the gel, he licked her tiny anus, the same as he had his sister and her mother, and probed her sphincter with the tip of his tongue. She was soon wondering why the feeling of her butt being licked should feel so good, and her tummy seemed to tingle with some untold need. Her tiny putty- cat was now excited and when she felt her uncle put the gel on her rear opening with his finger pushing up into her butt, she moaned.

Chet was hard, extremely hard, and he knew a pleasure awaited him between the sweet, round globes of his niece's hips. Hell, he thought, her ass looks just like her mother's perfectly shaped ass that he'd plowed. Moving the head of his cock against the puckered, light-pink-muscled-hole, he worked slowly and then eased the head inside his niece's tiny ass.

"NO, NOOOO! AUGHHHH, UNCLE CHET, IT HURTS! NOOOO! OH NOOOO! TAKE IT EASY! TAKE IT OUT! AUGHHHHH!" the teenager girl cried as Chet bottomed out in his niece's upturned ass. He took his time and before each impulse to ejaculate, stopped moving and then started once more when the desire to shot his cum ended. For more than 15 minutes his niece cried out her desires, pain, and most of all the need to feel her uncle ride her body.

"Uncle Chet, please fuck me after this, oh God... you're so deep, I feel... I, oh, my dear uncle, what are you doing?"

What Chet was doing was filling his niece's ass with his cum and after going off, kept his cock deep up in her and commenced peeing in her bowels. After his urine had stopped, he held his cock in the contractions and grip of her anus and listened as Carrie cried our, "Uncle Chet, I need to go to the bathroom really bad, really bad!"

"Try to stand up and we'll walk to the edge of the ship and jump into the water. Then you can go... there'll be one Hell of a mess on the ship if I pull out of your butt now."

They moved over to the edge of the ship, and as they jumped over the rail his cock jerked out of her ass and she expelled feces all over him as they dropped into the water.

The rest of the sail was the same, and from that day until the present, Uncle Chet was the only male who'd been close to her. Carrie, the teenage girl who sought intercourse with her own uncle, called him at times and asked if she could sail with him again. Once he took her on a trip with her mother, but all three were frustrated, and Maddy told him, "Chet, maybe I'll let you do me and you can have Carrie's butt too. Oh Hell, I haven't been really fucked since you and I did it."

That evening mother and daughter had a serious talk and Chet was soon buried cock-deep in his sister's tight pussy. Then he moved behind Carrie, leaned over her back and told her, "Make it seem like you're being killed and that it's your first time when I fuck your wonderful ass."


Laura Sheldon was a teen with breasts that were 34-A. Her nipples were still puffy and made up half of her breast, if one viewed them uncovered as they were as she lay exposed to the sun. She loved being noticed and had on different times gone without panties when she was at the mall or such other places. She'd flash boys, but she really liked flashing older men.

This pretty girl was the only one who could be considered innocent since becoming a teenager. When she was 11 years old, Laura had been playing with a couple of other girls in a park while visiting her cousins in Barrington, Illinois. They'd found an old drain that was open and had climbed down to where they could explore the dark, concrete tunnel. As they reached the entrance, some boys who were around 14 or so were inside the drain.

Unknown to her, Ashley and Nancy, her cousins, had often played in this drain tunnel with the four older boys. The second time they'd played there, Ashley had let two of the boys do it to her. The following day she let the other two boys do her too, and at 10 years of age, was on her way to becoming an easy lay. Nancy didn't know any of this about her sister and when Billy and Joe had wanted her to let them touch her in the dark, she said that someone might see them.

"It's really dark," the boys said. "Look, we're so far back you can hardly see the entrance."

"What about Ashley, she might find me letting you touch me... but if I do let you, can I touch? ...you'll let me touch your thing too? ...will you?"

"What do you think Joe, should we let her -- if she lets us?"

"Heck man, I'm scared; I've never had a girl touch me, what if she thinks my thing is small... I'll be so embarrassed... you won't laugh at me will you, Nancy?"

Joe knew one thing -- that he was large, and several older girls had taken pleasure with his nearly 7 inches of hard, blood-filled erection. It was believed that he'd fathered a child, but the girl married an older guy. Joe had captured Ashley's 10-year-old cherry -- the eighth one he'd gotten and now he was ready for number nine!

He smiled in the dark and said that if he was going to let a girl touch him, he wanted his clothes off so he could tell if the girl was making fun of him. Bob, knowing the game said, "Guess you're right, we both need to take ours off -- Nancy too! It's dark and no one can see - no lighting a match though!"

The three youngsters undressed and were soon laying on the old mattress the boys had dragged into the drain. For Nancy, the experience was difficult. She was only 9 years old and sobbed out loud when Joe tore her cherry apart -- and his large cock was soon pressing deep into her belly. She cried afterward, but within the next few minutes, Bob, too, was empting his load up into her. By the end of the week both Ashley and Nancy were allowing all four boys to do them.

The two sisters told Walt, Jess, Bob, and Joe that their friends, Marti and Sally, and a cousin, Laura, were going to be visiting. It took a lot of convincing by the four boys to get Marti and Sally to undress. They said they'd only do it if the boys brought a light so they could see what they looked like.

When the 10 and 11 year old sisters undressed the next day, they saw what a large thing Joe had, compared to the other three boys. It took Ashley and Nancy to convince them to let the boys do them, and Joe said he wanted to be the one to do Sally first, because she was so sexy, especially with her big titties. In reality, her titties were nothing more than puffed-up areola that were perhaps a quarter-inch out from her chest.

All four girls, having lost their virginity and having sex nearly every day, were now trying to convince their cousin Laura to undress. Finally she agreed to do so, and when everyone was nude she couldn't believe the boys had such big things.

No matter how they tried, they couldn't convince her to let Joe do it to her. She agreed to let the boys touch her and she touched them back, but when Joe and the others had jacked-off and their stuff had landed all over her body, she started to cry. That summer vacation, Laura had hundreds of loads of warm cum shot all over her body, but when the boys wanted more, she'd cry.


Another of the Six-Pack, Denna Black flaunted her 34-B breasts by hardly ever wearing a bra, and she loved wearing thin shell-type tops that allowed her seemingly always-hardened nipples to point toward any male who looked at them. Stares also came from older males and the fathers of the Six-Pack, including Denna's own father who constantly checked-out the large nipples poking out from her breasts. Many times Ann's father had the urge to pull Denna's top up and suck her unquestionably three-quarter-inch-long nipples.

Even Denna's father, James, had often viewed his daughter's nipples and had instant erections from viewing the impossibly-sized nipples on such a young girl. Daughter or not, he visualized his mouth nursing at his own child's protruding mammary glands.

One boy, Steven Harden, once and only once was treated to a kiss-and-suck of the hard, hefty digits she proudly exhibited to him when she lost a bet to him while playing strip poker at the age of 14. She never told her friends about her and Steven being nude or that he had gotten her so excited she'd nearly let him go all the way. In fact the only reason they hadn't completed the act of copulation was simple. Steven lost his virgin sperm at the entrance of the innocent and waiting sex of the chaste girl.


The brainy one of the group, Tina Graves, had a perfect grade-point-average of 4, and with extra studies carried a 4.8. She stood five-eleven and was exceptionally endowed with 32-C breasts on her slender frame. Tina's legs were long and most boys her age could only wish they'd part for them. So, too, did the junior and senior boys as well as nearly all the male instructors at the private school she and the others in the Six-Pack attended.

The "Academy," as it was referred to in the upscale community where the girls lived, was exclusive and cost $7,000 a year in tuition. The school enrollment was capped at 650 students, nearly equally divided between male and female.

Tina had also never told the others in the "Six-Pack" how she'd experienced oral sex one afternoon after basketball practice. After showering, and realizing the extra hour of shooting foul shots after the regular practice had ended, left her alone as the other girls had gone long before. Moving over to the long dressing room bench, she'd tripped and as she fell, hit her head on the wooden bench. Crying out, "OH DAMN THAT HURT," she landed on the floor, and neither she nor the boy's basketball coach, Dale Patton, were aware of the other being in the locker room, but were soon viewing each other in the nude.

"Sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here, and I heard you cry out." Seeing the youthful girl on the floor holding her head, he knew something had happened to the star player on the girl's basketball team.

"Are you hurt, what's wrong? Oh, you're bleeding... I assume you struck your head!"

Both the student and coach knew they were viewing each other nude and Coach Patton asked, "Are you alright? Let me see how deep that cut... it's only a slight wound... you'll be alright."

"Coach Patton, please don't ever tell anyone we were nude like this; they wouldn't understand."

Unknown to Coach Patton, all the girls found the divorced teacher attractive and was the fantasy of most girls at the Academy. Many nights Tina had romantically hugged her pillow while daydreaming and fantasizing about the handsome dark-haired man. Everyone knew he had played professional basketball until an injury took away his professional career.

Unable to stop looking, Coach Patton couldn't take his eyes off the girl's large breasts and glancing down saw her pubic area was adorned in thick, curly, and wiry blonde hair. Both Tina and the coach saw his manhood was becoming erect and neither made a move to cover their individual sex.

Finally, Tina moaned and asked, "I... I know... I know I'm not supposed to touch you, but I've never seen a man's thing before... I promise never to tell if you let me touch your... cock?" "It is called that... isn't it...? May...?"

"Yes, touch me, may I touch you?" "Your breasts are worthy going to jail for... you've...got the thickest bush I have ever seen on a female, may I...?"

Both the student and the teacher reached out at the same time, their fingers grasping cock and breasts. Finally, Coach Patton moved his fingers to stroke the thick patch of pubic hair. Easing the girl back, he used a couple of the towels lying on the bench to make a pillow for Tina.

Moving his face forward, he was soon sucking her large breasts and his fingers were tugging and pulling at the thick wicket of hair between her legs.

"Hell, she must never trim or shave her beaver, damn what hair on her cunt!" he thought.

It was a simple fact to explain the massive growth of hair covering the girl's sex. It had never been trimmed or shaved in any way, but for some reason it didn't grow out and away from her labia. Her mother's grew in the same manner.

Moving his face from the large breasts, he began kissing and licking the hair and lips of the teenage pussy. Immediately he felt the girl move her hips up, and her hand grabbed at his head, pulling him tight to her sex. Twisting around, he moved so his cock was level with her mouth.

"Suck me, suck my cock, let me feel your lips on me while I take you... oh Hell yes!"

Feeling the 15 year-old's lips suck the heard of his cock into her mouth, he knew this had to be her first time, as she simply held it in her mouth.

"Move your mouth up and down on my cock, and lick it with your tongue... suck my cock."

No more than three minutes passed and both the older and younger participants of the oral sex encounter were climaxing. Tina felt the thick cream and strange- tasting liquid squirting into her mouth and knew she was giving her idol her first blow-job. Tina had no choice but to suck the thick cock and she swallowed a small portion of the fluid to see what it tasted like.

After Dale went off, he turned so he was lying with his face between the girl's thighs and he looked up and saw her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. He commenced licking the young pussy faster and deeper, licking from her puckered anal ring to where he could suck her prepuce between his lips. Using his lips and teeth he nibbled at the young sex and soon felt her body lurching up from the floor, her hands pulling his hair hard as she pulled his face to her pussy.

Dale soon had the girl uttering soft sounds as she got off for her second time and she had moved her long legs up to squeeze his head tightly with her gripping thigh muscles. When she went off the second time, she let down a flood of female ejaculate, and her juices continued to flow as he prepared to take her for the third time.

Licking the swollen labia and running his tongue deeply into the hair-covered sex of the young student, he moved his hands to grip her tight hips. His finger sought-out her anus, and the creamy liquid flowing from her body gave him the lubrication necessary to ease not only one, but two fingers up into her lower bowels.

Once more the 15 year old girl was experiencing an orgasm. Her mouth was open as wide as it could be, but no words were spoken - no sound, except her deep breathing. Dale was fascinated when she pulled her legs back over her body, holding them behind her knees, and rolled her hips up to give him more access to her pussy.

"Oh... Dale... Coach... Coach Patton... Dale, don't ever stop... eat my cunt... I love you eating me... aughhh, yes... yes God yessss..." the teen girl was whispering, and her body was now doubled-up, and she sobbed out, "Fuck me if you want..."

Wanting to fuck the attractive teenager was what the coach wanted, but he resisted the urge to bury his cock up inside the pussy that was letting down a constant stream of female cream.

Finally Tina could take no more and knew that she had climaxed one after the other and assuredly, she thought, must have gone-off fifty times. They stood together and Tina looked directly into the eyes of the man who had just initiated her in some form of sex for her first time.

"Tomorrow, promise me that we can go someplace, even your house, but I want you to be my first, promise..."

"Tina, my God if it was ever found out about this, I'd be in prison for the rest of my life, but if you want me to make love to you tomorrow, I'll meet you after school at the street that runs alongside the small restaurant down the street."

Going to the male locker room, the urge to take the young girl immediately was blazing through his loins and as he showered in the coach's locker room, he jacked-off to the memories of the oral sex he had just enjoyed.

Driving from the school parking lot and heading towards his home, Coach Patton didn't see the two vehicles racing behind him. From each vehicle two young men with their gang's colors on their heads were firing fully- automatic AK-47's at each other. Five of the slugs penetrated the coach's vehicle, and four of them hit him in fatal parts of his head and torso.

A certain young girl at Coach Patton's funeral carried a white rose and placed it on his body as she walked by the casket at the close of the funeral service. Everyone knew who the tall beautiful girl was, and rumors in the school were that she was about to join the school's boy's basketball squad. For Tina Graves, she was giving her purity and virginity to the man who had promised to make her a woman the following night, had he not been murdered.

Tina cried after hearing the news of the man being murdered that only an hour before had brought down her virginal female juices. Lying in bed, she knew she must do something that would equal giving her virginity and love to Dale.

Sneaking into her mother's room, she found the chrome shaped object that would soon give Dale her virginity, if only symbolically.

That night when her digital clock showed one minute after midnight, the vibrating tube was pushed through Tina's cherry, and she cried out in the same pain she would have if Dale had penetrated her. The task of shoving through her hymen was not easy, and the pain was only bearable because of the love for the man the object represented.


With a perchance to become heavy in her late thirties as her mother had done, Darla Bushue was a striking girl with 32-A breasts set high on her chest and solid as rocks. They were capped with nipples so pink they seemed to be dyed to have reached such a color pigment.

Her body was not fat but was somewhat thick around her middle, and her upper thighs were slightly thick for someone who was five-two. Her broad shoulders were noticeable, as her breasts seemed to fit on the sides of her chest directly under her shoulders and even with her rib cage and armpits.

While she lay with her friends, Darla thought of what her brother had told her for the past several months. She remembered it had started shortly after she turned 14 with a butt that her brother, Kyle, called "bubble butt". He had pestered her, telling her he wanted to see her nude, and finally she'd undressed for him in her bedroom one day when her parents wouldn't be home for several hours. Telling Kyle she was afraid, but if she did let him see her nude, he must also be nude.

"Kyle, you undress in your room and then come to mine, but knock on my door before you come in so I can be undressed, and... just do it that way..."

After she undressed she went into her private bathroom and washed under her arms and between her legs... Darla then used deodorant and, lastly, sprayed perfume onto her body. With a degree of recklessness in her actions, she ensured that the spray covered her small patch of dark, blonde pubic hair that she had trimmed into the shape of a heart. She knew that of her group of friends, she was not unlike them but wished she was thinner.

Her mind was blocked from thinking any longer of her body and her friends as a knock on her bedroom door announced her 17 year old brother Kyle was waiting to view her nudity. Taking advantage of being a desirable female, she spoke loudly, "Just a minute."

Looking into the bathroom vanity mirror, she made one more check of her body and once more sprayed perfume on her pubis and breasts. For a reason she didn't really understand, she pinched her nipples and saw them become even larger and harder, or so she believed. Walking to stand beside her bed, she said in more of a whisper than any other voice level, "Come in, Kyle, and don't laugh at me."

She felt a chill pass over her body as she waited for the first person to see her nude body, for other than medical reasons. With one last thought traveling quickly through her mind she asked herself, "Should I stand with my legs kind-of apart or squeezed tightly together?"

"WOW!" Kyle said loudly as he entered the room and saw his sister in pure wonder and beauty. "You're really great... I've never seen a girl nude before, and I..." As he spoke, he felt his erection erupt and his semen shoot up into the air, some landing on him, and the rest on the carpet in his sister's room. The excitement of viewing his sister caused the youth to know lust, without knowing what lust truly was.

"What was that... was that the stuff that makes babies... is that it...?" and as she spoke, moved over and touched her brother's still-leaking penis. The feeling of the still-stiff object in her hand, caused her to ask, "Can you do that again, I want to see it squirt once more?"

"That'll take a few minutes; let's lay down on the bed so I can look at you."

Kyle was in awe of his sister, and hadn't expected her to be so amiable in his viewing her nude. The aroma of her perfume captured his senses and as they lay on the bed he moved over and lightly touched her nipples, and then leaned down and commenced sucking on them. At first, she said he must stop, but he took her hand and placed it on his once again hard erection.

Neither of the siblings made any protest or sign that the touching of the other was unpleasant. Simply put, both wanted to explore the other, and when Kyle moved his hand down and felt the fine hairs that he had seen trimmed into a heart shape, he moved his face down and kissed the dark-blonde curly hair. Pushing his shoulders between his sister's legs, he began to kiss and lick her tiny sex.

Finally, the feelings of her sex being licked and kissed caused her to become an active participant, instead of simply lying on the bed and letting her brother stimulate her.

"Kyle, oh... you're making me feel funny... we should stop... shouldn't we...I... oh Kyle, I'm going to come... KYKLE, DON'T STOP! ohhhh!"

Darla shuddered as her voice went to stillness and she understood she had just climaxed from sex with someone else. She had been masturbating since she was nearly 12, so she understood what her body had experienced.

She didn't move when her brother moved up over her body and placed his cock in the edge of her sex. "NO! STOP! KYLE! W-we can't go all the way, take it away... NOOO!"

He didn't want to cause any problem with his sister, so he moved from her body and asked her to jack-him-off and placed her hand on him and showed her what to do with his cock. The feeling of her brother's manhood in her hand was more than she expected it to be, and as they lay on their sides facing each other she jacked her brother until he shot his cum onto her pussy, as she had moved her leg up onto his. This had allowed her to stimulate her pussy and clit as she slowly jacked her brother off.

This morning when they once more brought each other to a climax, Darla was tempted to let her brother do her, but she knew that her cycle was not at a safe time, and so held back.

"How much longer can I not give-in and let Kyle fuck me? I want it as much as he does; even if we're siblings and it would be incest, I want to experience sex."


The "Six-Pack" didn't notice the man next door to Ann's as he watched them from the special room he'd added over his enclosed pool on the back of the house. The room was equipped with windows that he could look through, but the glass didn't allow anyone to look in.

Dr. Mark Lou, was a first generation Chinese American. His father had came from Hong Kong, first to Vancouver, Canada, and then to the states. Mark had received his Ph.D. in medical research, and specialized in fertility behavior problems.

Mark had been planning today's activity for nearly a year, and after getting the amount of semen he wanted from the large black male, was ready for his plan to be put into action. Removing the six large syringes, each containing four ejaculations, he was certain that his calculations were correct. All six girls would be ovulating today and this would start the virgins toward becoming pregnant and giving birth.

Knowing that their families were all Catholic and did not consider abortion removed any choice of their not having children.

Taking the knockout medicine with him, he moved to the front of his house and entered the side door of the Johnston home. Walking quickly to the kitchen he opened the refrigerator and poured the contents of the bottle of tasteless drugs into the pitcher of iced tea. Knowing the girls would soon follow their normal pattern, and that Ann would carry the pitcher and plastic glasses out to the pool. Each of the six girls would drink two glasses of tea.

He returned to his home knowing that in 20 minutes the girls would go to sleep from the narcotic, and then he could inject the latent semen with an extremely high count of spermatozoids into each of the virgin's cervix. Four ejaculations from the donor for each of the girls had cost Mark $100 each, so the sperm alone cost $2,400. That didn't count the cost he had in airfare and hotel rooms in order to fulfill his desire to impregnate the six virgins.

Watching as Ann walked into the house and return, he saw that everything was working as he'd planned. During the next half hour the girls had downed two glasses of iced tea each, and five minutes later he saw all the girls had gone-under from the drug.

He picked up his cloth bag with the syringes and moved quickly to the side door of the Johnston home once again, and going directly to the pool, soon was pulling the crotch of each bathing suit to the side. Easing the syringes up into the virgin vaginas of each girl, he pushed the plungers -- so they were soon empty. To his surprise, the tall girl was not a virgin so he moved the syringe further into her body, thus ensuring the semen was deep in her cervix. He was certain the young girl's eggs which he knew were ready to be mated with sperm, would be found.

Mark waited a few minutes before using some gauze to wipe away the semen that oozed from the girl's vaginas so they wouldn't have too much in the way of knowing they had been messed with. Finally he was satisfied, and he quickly returned home and waited at his special windows to watch the girls wake up and see what they did.

He turned on the listening device he'd purchased from a spy-shop in San Francisco, and when they woke up, each thought they had just fallen asleep. He saw from their facial expressions that they knew their pussies were wet, but assumed they had been experiencing wet dreams.

Ann looked at her friends and said she felt tired and perhaps would go inside and take a nap. The other girls said goodbye, and Mark knew he had to wait to find out if his plan had worked.

The first to show any signs of being pregnant was Denna; she had been having an upset stomach for the past week. School had started and the girls were scheduled to have their physicals for basketball, cross country, and even cheerleading.

When the "Six-Pack" girls were examined by the physician the school employed for completing the physical exams, Dr. Garnett Pointer believed all of the girls were pregnant, and she asked them to take an EPT. The results confirmed the girls were indeed pregnant and the doctor gave them each a note to take home to their parents.

The girls were crying and repeatedly said they were virgins. Something was definitely wrong! They told the school nurse they were going home and they left immediately. The news hit the parents like lightning, and they found it hard to believe the girls had not had sex. So, how could they be pregnant?

Each father and mother took their daughter to their personal physicians and, after a complete examination and another EPT test completed, it was found the girls were all with child and only one girl had her hymen torn. The girls withdrew from school until after their babies were born and the "Six-Pack" became the talk of the town, especially as to who had gotten them pregnant -- and how?

The girls all delivered within two days of each other and had very large, healthy, black baby boys. Ann and Tina each had twin boys and when the eight babies were placed in the hospital nursery, several employees took digital photographs of the babies in their cribs, and ensured the name tags showed who the mothers were. Such news soon escaped from the hospital and even the DNA tests showed that the babies were all from the same father!

Within months after giving birth all of the girls were back at the "Academy" and they found themselves ridiculed by the other students. None of the girls could escape the barbs, and since they had once been the prima-donnas of the school, were now only asked for a date when a guy thought he could get a sure thing.

Ann and her mother talked for hours about who she'd allowed to have sex with her and each time her answer was the same. Finally, each mother got the girls all together with the fathers present and they were soon engaged in a shouting match!

The eight children, all boys, were placed for adoption after leaving the hospital and keep by foster parents. The girls were finally able to have some sort of normal life. After high school the six girls all chose to attend college in California. They each studied pre- law, and eventually became lawyers. Only Carrie married; the others could not accept the idea of a man in their bodies -- except for Ann.


When Ann was 20 years old she and her father took a vacation together after her parents divorced over the incident of her becoming pregnant. They were in a hotel in Seattle after having enjoyed an evening at the Space Needle. They were in separate beds when Ann got out of hers, removed the short satin-and-lace nightie she'd worn all evening, and crawled into bed with her father.

"Daddy, honest to God, no man every made love with me, but I want what you and I messed-around with when I was younger. All we did then was play together, but will you be the first to really fuck me now?"

Their relationship carried on until Ann watched her father pass away in a nursing home when he was 83. She and her three children, along with 11 grandchildren, were left all alone when he died. But all their lives they had been led to believe their family life was complete, even though her husband had died before the triplets were born.


During the entire year after his successful plan to have babies born to the "Six-Pack" Mark had watched the girls lounge around the pool at Ann's house and recorded them in the nude. His video camera lens captured the slightest change in each of their young sex. He'd loved recording their breasts that were full of milk after the birth of the children, and saw that the young, nubile breasts were not the firm and pointed tit-teasing breasts that they'd been before becoming pregnant.

One day he listened and recorded the conversation as the girls spoke amongst themselves about being pregnant, and each of them revealed to the others their total sexual experiences. He loved hearing the intimacy they shared and knew that incest was a common thread between the "Six-Pack".


A new family had moved into the house next door to Mark's and having remodeled his own home, -- he'd liked to have had a larger group of girls, but the three 13 year olds were just perfect for his next pregnancy program. This time he knew that none of the girls were messing around with anyone. School was out the first week of June and by the third week the girls were soon enjoying a glass of lemonade -- and the narcotic soon had the girls sleeping.

Mark worked quickly, but before inserting the loads of semen into the lightly-haired young pussies, he licked and sucked at each of the girl's virgin clits. Then he unleashed the double-loads of sperm-filled cum up into each girl's young cunts.

Mark saw this as his utopia of pregnant testing, as he had selected the three best 16 year old Chinese males he could find in New York's Chinatown. When the girls were found to be pregnant and still virgins, a noted doctor believed the girls had been involved in what he called, "Going Part Way." When the babies were born and were found to be oriental, the parents of the girls were highly upset. DNA testing showed that the girls had three different male fathers of their children.

He reviewed the notes he'd written-up for the next round of pregnancy testing. They showed he had plans for one child to be Black, another to be American Indian, one Hispanic, one fair-skinned-red-haired Irish, one Japanese, one with Mid-Eastern ancestors, and a Hindu.

Looking down the road five years he thought, "If I could pull-off the all-black-child pregnancy experiment again with women in their mid-thirties who were highly successful and either divorced, or never married, it would entail 20 attractive women... then again maybe only single mothers with early teenage daughters..."



  • Anonymous said:
    5 months ago
    Loved the story. Question though why is it I cum harder whenever I know that the girl might become pregnant. I have a feeling that it maybe from the first time I had sex and it was with my youger sister and I came so hard in her knowing she wasn't on the pull.
  • Anonymous said:
    6 months ago
    It was something my 14 year old daughter wanted to try after reading your story with here.
    I found 2 black guys who jumped at the chance of getting my daughter pregnant. She couldn't believe how big their cocks were compared to my 7" one was 9 " and other 10" and thick .
    I really got turned on watching my daughter being fuck and getting pregnant.
    After three months of trying she finally became pregnant.
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    I think all the girls should have been repeatedly raped, along with their mothers, by athletic well-hung young black teenage boys - the young black boys are arrogant & they know they have the right equipment to make white women cum on their massive young black cocks - the black boys will also be dressed from neck to toe in skin tight soft clinging black leather - to enhance the deadliness of their sheer power - all the girls & their mothers will carry a black baby in their white bellies - the black boys have already raped a few hundred girls & married women - all white - I fucking love this type of erotic story, thank you. Sarah Leather, London England [email protected]
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    I'd rather Dr. Mark had just brought in six hulking boys and had them gangbanged.