Stories by Durango Dan

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Helpful Nurses by Durango Dan

Dave and Joan are nurses at the VA hospital. There are only two patients to watch on their shift so they take extra special care of them. [MMF]

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— 7
Fun With Santa by Durango Dan

Beth and Kelly are two 13 year old girls who had to get their pictures taken with Santa. They decided to have some fun and tease him when they sat on his lap. One thing led to another and Santa and his helper gave them their present early. [MMff]

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— 4
Reform School by Durango Dan

Reform school was a hard lesson learned, luckily I had a very caring cell-mate. Then once I got out, Becky and I got our revenge on her father for sending me there. [M/mf] [mmf]

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— 2
Junior High by Durango Dan

Three junior high girls learn about sex from each other.

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— 7
Babysitting Duty by Durango Dan

Young preteen girl learns about sex from her mother and then passes on the lessons to the kids she is babysitting.