Chapter 1


Jennifer Wilson walked home from school that day. The young freshman enjoyed the crisp September afternoon as she strolled down the sidewalk on the half mile trip home.

It was Friday, and her friend, Heather Bradley, had invited her on Thursday to come home with her on Friday. The two girls were planning to change into their J.V. cheerleading uniforms at Heather's home, have dinner at a local burger joint and then go to watch the first varsity football game of the year.

But Heather had apparently come down with the flu and didn't come to school that day. So, Jenny had to change her plans and go home until the game.

The house would be empty when she got home, she knew. Her mom wouldn't be home from her job until after 6 P.M. Since her dad had left them six years before, her mom had struggled to provide as much as possible for Jenny and her senior sister, Susie. That often meant that she was working late hours and sometimes on weekends.

Little Jenny knew she was very attractive. Most of the boys in school at Lt. Luke's would turn their heads when she would walk by even the seniors.

She carried the dufflebag containing her cheer leading uniform at her side as she bounced down the sidewalk in her parochial school outfit.

Standing about five and a half feet tall, she was very thin. Her small A-cup breasts were only slightly outlined by the white short-sleeve blouse she wore.

Because she was a little taller than her tiny waist size typically suggested, her blue and white plaid pleated school skirt was somewhat shorter than the skirts of the other girls at school, hemming out at about seven inches above her knees and displaying her thin thighs very nicely, she thought.

She wore white knee socks and black-and-white saddle shoes. Jenny thought the white knee socks and shortness of her skirt really showed off the tan she had gotten that summer. Her long straight blonde hair, held in a ponytail, shined in the mid-after-noon sun, and her face was that of an innocent angel, framed by her golden bangs, with dimples and bright blue eyes.

Jenny stopped at the corner by her home. Turning to her left, she saw a man in a car, wanting to make a right- hand turn. She waited, expecting him to turn in front of her, but he motioned her to cross ahead of him.

Not wanting to delay him, she ran across the street, her flimsy little pleated school skirt swishing and dancing high on her little ass as she ran. She did it intentionally, knowing that the man might have gotten a tiny glimpse of her white cotton panties.

When she got across the street, she resumed walking but looked back over her shoulder at the turning auto- mobile. The car had turned, but she could see his head pointed in her direction, his eyes clearly fastened on her tight little ass.

She knew she had given him a thrill, and it excited her.

Jenny studied in her bedroom, still dressed in her school uniform. Her mother wouldn't be home until late that night, she knew. She glanced at the clock. It was 4:00 P.M., so she wouldn't have to change into her cheer leading uniform for another hour and a half.

As she did her homework reading assignment, she heard a door open, and realized it was her older sister, Susie, coming home from school a little late. It didn't surprise her, though, because Susie was a varsity cheerleader, and the varsity squad always met after school for a brief practice on game days, just like Jenny did before J.V. games.

Jenny suddenly heard a boy's voice. It was Susie's boyfriend, Doug, a wide receiver on the football team. Jenny knew that her mom forbid the girls having boys in the house when she wasn't home.

Jenny also realized that Susie wouldn't be expecting her younger sister to be at the house that afternoon, so she quickly and quietly closed her bedroom door, leaving it open just a couple of inches, anticipating an opportunity to catch her sister making out with her boyfriend.

Little Jenny hid in her closet as she heard the voices getting closer. She could hear Susie and Doug walk into Susie's bedroom, across the hall. After a couple of minutes, she came out of the closet and crept to the door.

Since Susie had left her bedroom door open, Jenny had an almost complete view of her sister's room. Susie and Doug were standing next to the bed, kissing.

Susie was dressed in her varsity cheer leading uniform. She was taller than her younger sister by only a couple of inches, and had a more shapely figure than Jenny. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was parted in the middle with bangs and hung loosely, curled under slightly and framing her lovely face. Like Jenny, Susie had bright blue eyes and a killer smile.

She wore a red long-sleeve sweater with a wide white band running around the middle of the body and sleeves. On the front of the sweater, on the band itself, were the letters "SLHS", for St. Luke's High School. The red lettering stood out on her large, firm tits.

The cheer leading skirt was also red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was incredibly short, barely covering her crotch, and as Susie reached up to wrap her arms around Doug's neck, the skirt pulled up to show a slice of ass cheeks peeking from a pair of tight white cheer leading panties.

Red knee socks with three white stripes around the top and white tennis shoes completed the uniform. She was a picture of sheer teen beauty.

Jenny watched with interest as the two teen lovers kissed each other passionately.

Doug's hands stroked the back side of Susie's shapely thighs repeatedly, then slid up under the hem of the cheer leading skirt. The white pleats fanned out as his hands pulled the skirt up, then grasped both ass cheeks through her white cheer panties.

The young man pulled Susie tightly against him, rubbing his crotch against hers as they French-kissed.

"Oh, Susie..." he moaned. "I've gotta fuck you now...."

Their breathing grew louder as each drew each other to a higher level of sexual frenzy.

"You want me to suck your cock first?" Susie asked Doug.

"Yeah!" he groaned.

The two relaxed their embrace as Doug reached down for his belt buckle, a bulge clearly standing out against his slacks.

Jenny stood, peeking through the cracked-open door, in shock. She had never known her sister was like this, but she was curious, eager to watch her suck and fuck Doug.

In moments, he had kicked his shoes off and pulled off his pants. He threw the trousers aside, then peeled off his underwear. As he did so, his nine-inch hard-on slapped up against him and fell to a straight-out position, finally free of the fabric restraining it.

Jenny's eyes grew wide in amazement. She had never seen a guy's cock before. The young girl watched with fascination as her older sister knelt down before Doug.

Susie's red skirt flared out in white pleats as she dropped to her knees. She grasped Doug's throbbing meat in her left hand and smiled as she briefly admired it. Then she touched her tongue to the tip of his prick-head and teasingly ran it up and down the underside of the shaft.

"Do you like this?" she asked, knowingly.

"Oh, God, yes..." came the reply.

Susie than clamped her lips around the head, stroking the tender underside of it with soft, quick tongue movements as she pumped the shaft with her left hand. She stuck her right hand under her little cheerleading skirt, rubbing her clit through her panties.

Jenny watched intently. She also put her hand under her blue and white plaid pleated school skirt and rubbed herself through her panties. It felt even better than usual, because she was getting really turned-on by watching Doug and her sister.

Susie was now sucking him hard. Her cheeks drew inwards as she pulled his cock in and out with quick, short head movements. Doug groaned even louder now, his balls almost ready to explode.

"Oh, Susie," Doug gasped. "You're gonna make me cum if you keep it up!"

She pulled her lips off, releasing the tight suction, but still continued her hand stroke.

"Is that what you want?", Susie asked, eager to satisfy her boyfriend.

"No! Not now! I wanna fuck you!" he exclaimed.

Susie smiled, then released her grip on his swollen rod. To Jenny, it seemed even larger than before.

Jenny's sister stood back up and sat down on the edge of the bed. Susie leaned back on the bedspread, smiling, and raised her legs as Doug pulled her skirt up and grabbed the leg-bands of her white cheer leading panties.

He tugged them as Susie lifted her ass off the bed so he could yank them past her hips. Then, Susie lowered her hips onto the bed and lifted her feet so Doug could get her panties all the way off.

Doug tossed them onto the floor as Susie squirmed into the middle of the bed. She had her knees raised and spread apart, and Jenny could see her bright pink, stimulated, read-to-be fucked open pussy as Doug quick- ly climbed onto the bed and straddled her.

"Fuck me, Doug!" Susie begged. "Put it in me, now!"

Doug lowered himself on top of her, guiding his eager cock into her soft, moist twat. Susie grunted as he entered her, then sighed as he began to slide his spear in and out of her.

"I love your pussy," Doug sighed. "It's so tight..."

Jenny, still watching from behind the door, was now horny as ever. Her bottom lip quivered with excitement as she fingered herself through the leg-band of her panties. The cotton fabric was sopping wet with her juice as it oozed from her sweet young pussy.

The young freshman could feel her nipples harden, and her knees began to shake. She didn't know how much longer she could stand there and keep this up while remaining quiet.

Meanwhile, Doug hammered away at Susie with quick fuck strokes. Susie look good as she lay there completely dressed in her cheer leading uniform, her red-and-white pleats piled up over the sweater, while her red knee socks extended upward in mid-air with the laces of her tennis shoes swaying in rhythm with the fuck.

"Oh, yeah, Doug! I'm gonna cum!" she yelled. "I'm almost there!"

She wrapped her knee sock-encased calves around Doug, hanging on tightly as her boyfriend banged her, his loins slapping into the back of her thighs with each stroke.

"Auggghhhh!" she yelped. "Aaahhhhh! Yes! I'm getting it!"

Doug kept up the pace. He wasn't about to stop because he could feel himself getting close to his cum-shot.

"Oh, God! I'm gonna cum, too, baby!" he exclaimed.

"All right!" Susie answered. "Do it inside me!"

Doug took a few more strokes, then threw his head back as his cock exploded inside Susie's young pussy.

"Ohhhh! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!"

His balls emptied their thick load into Susie, filling her cunt with warm stickiness. Susie could feel his piston pumping its load deep within her as he continued to drive it deep into her love nest. After a few more seconds, he slowed to a stop. Doug pulled his dripping prick out her and rolled over onto the bed.

"That was great..." he sighed.

Susie smiled. "Yeah, it was..."

The two young lovers lied there on the bed for a minute or so before Susie got up.

"I'm gonna go clean up a little and make us something to eat. We need to leave for the game in about an hour."

Jenny, with her hand still diddling herself, moved away from the door as Susie left the room. She could hear her older sister walk down the stairs, and knew that she must be going to use the bathroom on the lower level.

Little Jenny quickly returned to the cracked-open door and continued her spying on Doug. She gawked at the older boy lying there, his dick still hard, with a funny white fluid oozing out of it. She didn't know quite what it was, but she liked it.

Suddenly, she felt herself grow flush. She trembled, and not understanding what was happening within her, felt the most amazing sensation of her life. Jenny couldn't help but gasp with surprise as her first orgasm coursed through her thin, young body.

Her breathing came in short, fleeting breaths, each one letting out an uncontrollable gasp. She could see Doug turn and look to the door.

"Oh, no!" she thought, and quickly moved behind the door. "I think he saw me!"

She heard footsteps, and suddenly the door opened. Standing there, looking at her, was Doug. Dressed only in his parochial white dress shirt and black socks, Doug looked at Jenny. She blushed, embarrassed at having been caught.

"So, were you watching us?" Doug asked.

Jenny nodded, sheepishly.

"It's okay," he said. "Just don't go telling anybody, all right?"

She nodded once again.

His eyes flashed as he took in the sight of her. The young innocent schoolgirl thrilled him, especially with her little plaid skirt that was so much shorter than most of the other girls at school.

"Have you ever seen a guy naked before?" he asked.

"No, I haven't. What's that white stuff that comes out of your dick, anyway?" Jenny boldly asked.

Doug laughed. "Well, you aren't very bashful, are you? Have you ever had sex before?"

"No, but I'd like to..." she answered, wondering what his response would be.

Doug paused, not really knowing what to do. On one hand, he knew he would love to fuck this little plaything or have her suck him off. On the other hand, he knew Susie wouldn't like it.

"You wouldn't want me to tell my mom about you and Susie, would you?" she asked.

"Of course not. Why?"

"If you don't let me see your dick squirt out more white stuff, I might," she offered slyly.

Doug couldn't believe this young girl. She was blackmailing him with sex. Then, again, it was a great excuse to do it with her, wasn't it?

"Okay," he relented. "Just this once. First, let me see you in your new school uniform."

He sat on Jenny's bed while Jenny stood before him, showing off how her new uniform fit her slender figure.

"Turn around for me," Doug commanded.

She turned around slowly, giving him a full view.

Doug took in the show with wide eyes. He loved fucking Susie, but Jenny was a delicious, tempting, innocent little girl. Her long blonde hair in the ponytail with bangs combed down straight over her forehead, her bright blue eyes, those dimples as she smiled at him...

He liked the small tits. They accentuated her youth. The ever so-short blue and white plaid pleated skirt and white knee socks highlighted her golden thin thighs, and the black-and white saddle shoes were very familiar.

As Jenny slowly turned for his eyes to devour, she noticed his prick spring back to life. She wanted to be fucked in the worst way, to feel the sensations of a guy's cock inside of her virgin cunt.

Doug stood up and took her into his arms. He reached under her skirt like he had done to Susie, and pulled her underwear from her tight, young ass. They fell to Jenny's ankles, and she kicked them off.

His hands cupped her ass, and he slid his fingers to her pussy, where he discovered it was sopping wet.

"Were you finger-fucking yourself while you watched us?" he asked.

"Yeah," Jenny answered. "I couldn't help it."

"That's just fine, because you're all wet down there, and I can fuck you right now. Do you still have your cherry?"

Jenny shook her head from side to side. "I lost it playing sports," she explained.

"Okay, that's fine," he assured her.

After pushing aside some of the stuffed animals, Doug slowly lowered her down to her bed.

"I'll be gentle," he told her. He pulled up her skirt and she eagerly spread her long, thin thighs for him.

Jenny was an absolute doll, lying there between her stuffed animals. Doug's dick was aching now to get inside that tender, tight snatch.

Suddenly, Susie was standing in the doorway.

"What the hell are you doing!?" she yelled.

"It's okay," Jenny said.

"No, it's not okay, Doug! First you fuck me, and then you want to fuck my little sister?!" Susie screamed.

"I told him to do it!" Jenny snapped back. "If he doesn't, I'm gonna tell mom about what you guys did!"

Susie was taken aback.

"You can't be serious!" she said, surprised.

"You shouldn't get to have all the fun, Susie," Jenny calmly said.

Susie was stunned. Her younger sister was going to tell on her if she didn't let her boyfriend screw Jenny.

"Okay, but I don't want him to fuck you. You don't take birth control pills like I do, and you'll end up getting pregnant," she told her young sister.

"I am taking the pill, Susie," Jenny corrected.

Susie looked surprised.

"Where are you getting those from?" Susie inquired.

"I know mom wouldn't buy them for you. Not yet."

"My friend Angie gets them for me," Jenny confessed.

"Well, I suppose I could tell mom about that, couldn't I?" Susie retorted.

"Okay..." Jenny said. "But I know she'd get more pissed off hearing about your little fun. After all, I've never fucked a guy."

"All right, Jenny. But no fucking with Doug. Just jerk him or suck him off. Okay?" Susie asked.

Disappointed, Doug and Jenny looked at each other and both nodded in approval of the new plan. They both stood up.

"Did you see Susie sucking me?" he asked the little girl.

"Yeah," Jenny answered. "I think I know how to do that, now."

Jenny smiled.

Like she had seen her sister do, young Jenny got down on her knees and tentatively took his swollen meat in her hands. She stroked it softly with her hands, then pursed her lips and put the head of his cock in her young, eager mouth.

Doug moaned softly.

"That's it, sweetie... Just suck on it and move your mouth back and forth on it while you stroke it with your hand."

His meat tasted quite unusual, but it was good, Jenny thought.

"Use your tongue, too," Susie suggested. "Wiggle it across the underside of the tip. It'll drive him crazy."

Jenny took her advice, and in a matter of minutes, had Doug in an absolute frenzy. Her jaws ached with the size of his manhood, and she had to take a brief break. She popped her lips off but kept jerking him with her hand.

"How am I doing?" Jenny asked.

"Just fucking great, especially for a first-timer," Doug answered.

"When does that white stuff come out?" she asked.

"It won't be long..." Doug said. "A little more sucking, and I'll be there. Where do you want me to squirt it?"

Jenny hadn't thought about that.

"I think you ought to do it in her mouth," Susie said to Doug.

The thought of emptying his load into the little girl's mouth was almost too much for him.

"Is that okay, Jenny?" Doug asked, hopefully.

"I guess so," she answered.

With a sweet smile, Jenny puckered her lips around his cock again. The tongue began fluttering against the bottom of his prick-tip, and her hand sped up the pumping action.

"Oh, yes!" Doug exclaimed. His balls were now aching to release their cargo into the back of young Jenny's throat.

"I'm gonna cum!" he gasped. "Here it comes!"

"Yeeeaaahhhhhhh!" he yelled as he came.

She could feel his prick swell even more in her mouth, and then it pulsed in spasms.

Jenny felt a surge of warmth shoot into her mouth. The sticky liquid came in bursts, and soon she was unable to swallow it fast enough. She pulled it out of her mouth, and streams of sticky white jizm dribbled out from the corners of her lips. She quickly swallowed.

Doug was pumping his cock with his own hand now, directing hot goops of cum onto little Jenny's face and lips, splashing it against her cheeks.

She opened her mouth again and Doug directed a few more squirts of his juice into her eager mouth. Finally, it slowed to a trickle.

He squeezed his hand down the shaft, forcing the last drops out of his piss-slit, and wiped the prick-head across the little girl's lips, smearing the cum on her face.

Susie laughed.

"Hey, Jenny, you should see yourself!" she chortled. "You've got cum all over your face!"

Jenny smiled and giggled herself. Her cheeks and lips were indeed almost covered in Doug's cum-juice. It dripped from her chin and hand onto her plaid pleated school skirt.

Having enjoyed the sweet taste of his cream, she scooped as much of it as she could onto her fingers and licked them clean.

Jenny smiled. She was going to enjoy guys and sex, she knew. She couldn't wait for her first fuck...

Continued in part 2...


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