The photographer supplied the models so he was not happy with them adding me. It reduced his profits. Some of my photos had been sent down to him in advance but he was unimpressed. I met him at noon and he was candid. He would do his best but I was not to expect special treatment. From the tone of his voice, I could tell he felt that I was added because I was sleeping with one of the owners of the swimsuit company. What surprised me was that he thought it was the wife.

I have very little photo experience in my seven years of modeling. I am a figure model and pose mostly for art classes. Occasionally I will do intimate apparel generally panties because of my firm butt. Seldom anything above the waist appears in print. There's not much to photograph up top. I have appeared headless wearing an all-in-one in a Bloomingdale catalogue.

I'd met the owner and his wife at a dinner party. They're French and manufacture better swimwear in France but about a quarter of it is exported to the US and Canada. I model once or twice a year for a line of French clothes that are knock-off of a major French manufacturer. I get paid in garments for this work. The couple liked my look, primarily because I was wearing an outstanding dress. They thought I looked like old money and that's what they were trying to project in their advertising. A deal was struck and off I went to Boca Raton for the shoot.

I stayed at the Radisson in Boca. It's a suites style hotel with a small sitting area and a separate bedroom. The photographer met me there to see what I looked like in the flesh and to lay down the law. I had half expected this because he was very vague when I spoke with him from New York.

When I took my dress off, things improved. I had on a simple tunic of white linen with random gold threads running through the fabric. It set off my tan nicely.

As often happens, I made a strong impression. I am not beautiful but pretty and have a very good body. Over the seven years I've been modeling I have learned to project myself in a pose. He sat back. A bulge immediately appeared running down his left pant leg. I had raised a hardy.

'I can see why they wanted you.' He said. I smiled and sat down on the edge of the chair opposite him leaving my knees open but turning to the side so that it obscured any real exposure. He moved a little sideways to get a better view. I could see his cock ripple the fabric of his pants as he moved.

'Yes, but do you want me?'

He took it as a double entendre and smiled broadly. I had only meant did he want to have me as a model. He looked toward the bedroom. 'We can make time to fuck.' He said.

'We're going to the fitting, I can't have cum dripping out of me all day.' I admonished.

'Suck my cock.' He suggested.

Without saying anything I rose pushing the coffee table out of the way. Kneeling I reached for his belt buckle and opened it. He undid the button and slid his zipper down. I waited until he awkwardly lifted himself to pull his pants and shorts to his knees. His cock was almost hard. It was one of those cocks that turn pink from about mid-shaft to the top.

I looked up at him and I licked across the head as I wrapped my thumb and finger around the base. I went up and down on more jerking him than sucking. The head stayed in my mouth and I swirled my tongue over it. I pushed his cock in a bit more and curled my tongue down to rub the crease below the corona. He just sat back to enjoy it.

My small breasts didn't attract his hands. (What a shame.)

But he lasted only three or four minutes then emptied his sticky cum into my throat. I swallowed and licked and sucked him until his cock began to soften. Finished, he got up and went into the bathroom to wash up. I sat on the floor; disappointed that he did not feel the need to reciprocate. I heard him pee and then flush before he came out.

'Lets get ready,' was all he said.

I wrinkled my nose and got up and went into the bathroom. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth as I sat on the bowl to masturbate. Then I gargled and fixed my makeup and hair before returning to the sitting area to get dressed.

I had the job for sure now...


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