There were five of us on our college cheerleading squad.

We were really working up a sweat practicing all afternoon, while the football team was doing their practice, too. We all finished up at about the same time, and we girls hit the locker room.

Just then, our coach informed us that the showers didn't work! We were drenched in sweat, and desperately needed to get clean and fresh. "Well, the boys' shower works across the hall. I'm sure they won't mind," she replied in fun, then left the locker room. We could hear the running water across the way.

"I'm almost ready to do it, I'm so sweaty!" said Paulette. "Well, why not?" replied Monica. "Why not? I'm not showering with a bunch of guys!" I said.

Monica turned to me and said "Well, you can do what you want, but I'm gonna get clean any way I know how. Besides, aside from a couple of minor body differences, we're all the same, so what's the big deal? Come on, Red, you got nothing to be ashamed of."

My nickname was "Red" because of my red hair and freckles against my pale, white skin.

"OK, who's coming along?" challenged Monica. We all looked at each other and agreed: "Why not!"

All five of us girls started to strip naked. Paulette was sitting on the bench, legs crossed. "Listen, honey" she said as she hooked a thumb under her sweat sock and stripped it off.

"I'm with Monica." She stood up and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. "And besides," she continued, dropping her skirt. "I hate being sweaty." She took off her bra. "And I hate being grungy," she added as she snapped the elastic on her panties and dropped them.

Then she pulled out her tampon and threw it in the trash. "All right, I'm ready for that shower! Come on, girls, let's go get clean!"

"Monica, can we at least shower in our underwear?" I asked.

"Oh, come on Red," replied Monica, removing her bra and panties "I'll be fun."

"Well... OK," I answered bowing to peer pressure and wiggling out of my panties. Now, we were all completely naked.

"OK girls, let's go," said Monica, and we all softly padded across the hall and entered the boys shower stall.

I couldn't believe what I was doing! I didn't want to not be part of the gang, but this was pretty radical! The guys stop showering and started screaming, "Hey, hey, baby!" wolf-whistling, yelling "woo woo" stuff like that.

Monica said, "Look you morons, we just want to get clean, so stay out of our way. And stop acting like this is the first time you've ever seen pairs of tits and bare bushes, because it's not the first time we've seen cocks (speak for yourself, Monica!) and, by the looks of yours, we're not impressed!"

Slowly, everyone got used to showering together, even though it was a little embarrassing looking at every guy's cock harden before our eyes.

Everybody started making jokes and dirty comments. One of the guys yelled out "hey Paulette, don't forget to wash out your pussy." Paulette shot back "make sure that you wash your dick if you can find it!" Another male voice yelled out "I'll wash my pits if you scrub your tits!" Then another guy yelled "Liz, where did you get those big boobs? It'll take you all day to wash those."

Monica started to shave her legs, and one of the football players got down on his knees and started shaving them for her. "Hey, that's what I call service" Monica laughed. "Hey, I like this.... I want my whole body worked on by naked guys!" she laughed again. "Hold it.... stop," she said. "Every girl gets to pick a private slave. OK guys, line up."

Five of the guys eagerly from the football squad lined up before us, each stark naked. It was quite a sight, naked girls walking around all that rippling flesh, looking at bare butts, not to mention every guy's cock sticking out at full erection. It was fascinating to look at the different shapes and sizes of their formerly private, male anatomy. The whole thing seemed so surreal, but thrilling!

Soon, we all had a "private slave." Monica called the shots. "All right slaves, wash our hair," and with that five, burley pairs of hands reached behind us and started lathering up our heads. "Now, shave our legs. Left one first," and with that, these guys all got down on their knees, picked up our left legs, applied shaving cream and started shaving. Then the right legs.

"Don't forget our underarms.... girls... put 'em up!" and with that we all raised our arms above our heads while our "slaves" lathered and shaved our pits! "Manicure, slaves!" and our hands were taken and fingernails were worked on. "Pedicure, slaves!" and we all stuck our feet straight out in a row so that our toenails could be trimmed.

Paulette laughed, "I never thought a skinny black girl like me would have a naked white boy workin' on my feet. Cut 'em down, slave!" It was hilarious. Toenail clippings were flying all over the place, and everybody was laughing.

Regina, a Puerto Rican girl, started singing "cleep de nails on my little feet --make dem look so very neet-- ees OK boys, 'cause we won't tell---just one thing.... never mind the smell."

Everybody burst out laughing again! I never really liked to show my bare feet much, so you can imagine how I felt having some naked guy separating my toes and cutting my toenails! "Now, trim the pubes!" ordered Monica, and I almost freaked out! "Monica!?!?" I yelled back, but my shyness was ignored as a big, burly guy got down on his knees in front of me.

Throughout all of this I was kind of holding my hand over my private area to retain a little modesty! He took my wrist, gently pulled my hand away, and started to trim my public hair. Well, I guess if there ever was a day to lose my inhibitions this was the day! One of the other guys looked over, whistled and teased "Woo Woo! Look what I SEE!." I felt myself blushing.

"Red's turning Red!" shouted Monica. It was the strangest sensation, standing with my private part uncovered in front of a naked guy as he carefully trimmed by pubic hair. As I looked down, I started to giggle uncontrollably.... the whole scene was so outrageous! Little did I know what was next!

Suddenly, the guy who was working on Monica said, "Now the ultimate service."

He picked her up and placed her down on the tiled floor, spread her legs and rammed his cock right into her! "HEY, wait a minute.... I didn't say you could do THAT.... yeeeowww... CUT IT OUT.... oh oh oh.... oh never mind... don't stop OH OH... DON'T STOP.... DON'T STOP.... OH OH OH!"

I have never watched anyone getting fucked in person before, so this was quite a show! All the guys and all the girls standing naked surrounding our two performers egging them on.

"Monica...make him blow!' yelled Paulette.

"Fuck her pussy 'til she cums!" yelled one of the football players.

He pulled out for a second and Monica grabbed his cock and started sucking it. He flipped her over and started eating her out! Now it was almost a wrestling match. He grabbed Monica while she was down on all fours and spread her legs sideways as far as they would go, sticking his cock right up her ass!

"Hey, not in my BUTT HOLE!" Monica yelled while the football player worked it in and pumped and pumped. "Oh OH OH!" Monica squealed.

After a while, he pulled out, but Monica managed to pin him down. She spread HIS legs and stuck her finger up HIS ass working it in and out.

"Hey, wait a minute!" the guy yelled.

"See how YOU like it, big boy!" Monica replied to the cheers and catcalls of the other girls. Then he flipped Monica over, grabbed her ankles, spread her legs and rammed her in the cunt HARD while holding on to her feet, fingers between her toes.

Monica was yelling "OH OH OH OH OH OH OH," over and over again, while the football player kept working his cock in and out. She must have yelled "OH OH OH" fifty times in a row! Suddenly, the football player came with a huge moan and Monica yelled "OH! OUCH! WOW! OHHHH!" and came as well.

Their bodies fell limp to a big round of applause. Monica and the football player "detached," and both stood up. Monica put her arms around the guy and turned to the other girls. "Service with a smile, right Stud?" and they kissed.

Then Monica put one hand on his cock, lifted it up, and felt his balls. "Any more stuff left in here?" she asked.

"Yah, probably," the football player replied.

"Well, let's get it out!" she answered, and started to massage his balls with one hand and yanked his cock with the other! His dick got bigger and bigger right before my eyes, as she continued to rub his balls. Then, a couple of little, white spurts of liquid dribbled out.

"NOW, your tank's empty!" Monica laughed, letting go of his now flaccid dick as it flopped down. My head was spinning. I had never so much as seen a naked guy in person before. I was getting quite a crash course in anatomy and sex education!

Next, Paulette and her "slave" seemed to have quite an exotic idea. Standing on her head (like in our cheerleader routine) with her legs spread, her "slave" inserted his apparatus, yanked it out, put it in and yanked it out over and over again. First slowly, then faster and faster. Pretty soon he was going at it so fast I thought that I would see some smoke! One final thrust, Paulette kicked at the air screaming "YEAH!" and it was all over.

I just COULDN'T let my first full sexual experience be with a stranger in a public shower, so I decided to give my "slave" a quick hand job. Winging it all the way (I had never even gotten this far before) I made a fist and slid his cock in and out of it. I couldn't believe how hard it felt. I gave him a couple of squeezes while he inserted his fingers in me and found the perfect spot.

Suddenly, he shot his load halfway across the shower in several powerful spurts. I was kind of startled by how much stuff and how far it went.... wow! This caused him to speed up his finger action to a furious pace. Then he motioned for me to spread my legs even further, as he stuck a finger from his other hand up my ass! With front AND back holes being worked on simultaneously, I started to get lightheaded and felt electrical currents shoot through my whole body, then a tremendous orgasm.

I looked up and Regina was down on her knees sucking a guy's cock like a lollipop, while Liz was on her back getting rammed chanting "ohhhh that feels soooo gooood...that feeels sooo goood.... ohhh that feeels sooo goood!" After a few minutes, everybody finished up. "Come on girls, let's get outa here!" yelled Monica. We all ran back to our locker room yelling "thanks guys for letting us use the shower!" wrapping towels around us as we exited.

Back in the girls' locker room we all squealed with excitement. "Do you believe what just happened?" asked a breathless Monica.

"Yah, you got fucked real good. And right in front of everybody, too!" replied Regina.

"Oh, I don't give a shit. How about you sucking cock, or Liz over here, or Paulette upside down yet!" answered Monica. "That was fucking amazing. I can't believe what just happened! Even Red over here got down!"

No doubt. It was the dirtiest, filthiest, most sexually charged 45 minutes of my entire life!


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