I am a fairly straight, normal guy in his mid-30's who really doesn't do a lot out of the norm. I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and had always considered myself pretty much the stereotype of a young urban professional. I even belong to a fairly exclusive health club that I visit three nights a week. I thought I knew everything about myself -- until last week.

It was getting late - close to 11 PM - and just about everyone had left the gym. Even though it was open all night, I found it almost vacant on weekday nights and this one was no exception. I had finished a vigorous workout and was relaxing in the sauna when a young boy entered. He was about 16 years old. I had noticed him earlier on the gym floor working out with the rowing machine.

He hadn't been coming to the gym long and I could tell by the way he used the equipment that he was still learning. He was a slender boy, a very proportionate build. I thought to myself that if working out were to do anything for him it would be to tone his already great body.

As he entered the sauna, he casually brushed a lock of long shoulder-length brown hair from his eyes. "How's it going," he asked.

"Great," I responded.

We made some small talk -- he told me he was a junior in high school -- his brother was a member of the gym and had let him use his card while he was out of town.

Usually, strangers in the club were reluctant to strike up conversations and I welcomed having someone to talk to as I spent my usual time in the sauna. The boy, his name was Mike, continued to relate little bits of information about himself. The more I talked to him; I realized that he must be one of the teenage heartthrobs at the local high school. He had dimples that made themselves apparent each time he smiled. His eyes were always cast a warm, friendly glow. I found myself really liking this kid the more I talked to him.

After about ten minutes in the dry sauna, Mike's t-shirt was soaked with sweat. He slipped it up over his head, revealing a well-built, hairless torso and flat stomach. I was beginning to get confused by my attraction to him. I'd never felt anything sexual for another male before, but I kept feeling that familiar tingling deep in my groin just like what I felt when I was closing in on a desirable female. In a way the feeling disgusted me, but in another it caused me to experience an immense excitement like nothing I had ever felt before.

I wondered to myself if Mike was going to shower and if I was going to catch a glimpse of the rest of that fantastic boyish body of his. I couldn't believe I was thinking this. Standing up I announced, "Well, guess it's time to hit the showers!"

I was hoping inside that he would follow. Instead he cheerfully responded "Nice talking to ya!" It was late. I had thought about waiting to see what he did, maybe if he went in first I could follow him and watch him. But I yielded to the practical side of what I was feeling and decided to call it a day. Besides, he may not even go in the showers. Then I would get home after midnight for nothing.

The warm water felt great cascading down my back. I had all but forgotten about Mike and the bizarre feelings that I had experienced. Then he entered the shower. He was still wearing his mid-thigh length bathing trunks -- a lot of the guys showered in their trunks and then changed back at their locker. I was wondering if Mike would be doing this when he turned and slipped the trunks down and stepped out of them. His jockey shorts remained underneath, and now soaking wet, had become almost transparent. Through them, I could see the vivid outline of his young cock and the patch of dark pubic hair above it.

Mike was facing away from me when he slipped the shorts off too -- I was mystified by a full view of his round hairless buns. They were more perfect then any girl's ass I had ever seen. I felt the guilt that I was experiencing give way to a brand new wave of excitement as I stood, naked, alone in a shower with the most beautiful teenage boy I had ever seen.

For quite some time Mike showered with his back to me. I enjoyed the sight of his bare butt so much that I didn't notice that I had continued to soap my crotch so much that I was developing an erection. Mike turned and I got my first unobstructed frontal view of the boy's body.

He had a nicely sized, thick circumcised cock and just enough pubic hair to signify his adolescence. I know he saw me looking at him and I caught him glance at my cock, now beginning to stiffen. He started his friendly small talk again.

"I like it when the water has more pressure," he said.

"I agree with you," I responded.

"I think it's because both showers are going. It's really strong with just one."

Mike turned his shower off. "Is that better?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah," I replied. "Much better."

I was beginning to regret having said anything about the pressure as I thought it would draw this encounter to a close. Then Mike joined me under my shower. "Guess we'll have to share," he said, smiling up at me.

For a few minutes he stood, his back to me, and washed himself down. I watched every move from close up. I became overwhelmed when he accidentally backed up and my cock brushed against his bare butt. "Oops, sorry!" he said.

"No need to apologize," I replied as I reached around in front of the boy and held him to me so that my now stiff cock ran straight along the crack separating his buns. I almost expected him to pull loose from me and bolt away, but he pressed himself into me even tighter. As I held him, I reached around and started to gently massage his erect teenage cock.

Mike responded my gently rotating his bare buns so that my erect member moved up and down his crack, the head occasionally brushing across his asshole. I worried for a second what would happen if someone came in but then quickly disposed of the thought in favor of the passion I was feeling.

"Ever done anything like this before?" I asked him.

"No, but I knew when I saw you in the gym tonight that somehow things were gonna be different. That feels great. The only time I have ever gotten off has been when I do it myself," he answered.

My cock had become slick with preseminal fluid. As it brushed across Mike's asshole, I felt him force himself back on me as if he wanted to try it in him. With one hand still stroking his smooth cock, I took the other to guide mine into his hole. I noticed that Mike used his hands to hold his buns apart.

The water from the shower made it an easy entry -- especially for a kid who had never had a cock up his ass before.

As I slowly worked myself into him, I retained the sense of amazement that at this point in my life I had decided to commit a homosexual act with a teenage boy. I knew that I would have never done it with anyone else. It must have been charm, or chemistry or something that caused this boy to overwhelm me with lust.

By now Mike was bracing himself against the shower wall... I was slowly thrusting my stiff member deeper and deeper into his anal canal. At one point we almost slipped and fell on the wet, slippery tile. "Do you want me to shoot my cum in you?" I asked him, whispering in his ear, excited and short of breath.

In the same cheerful tone that we had held our conversation all evening, he responded, "Well, I'm not a girl so I can't get pregnant so you can squirt in me all you want."

I felt a boiling deep in my balls as my cock started to explode. "This is it, son, I'm cumming in your ass. You're my boy now! You are gonna feel me inside you!"

I panted as wave after wave of cum gushed from my cock. The lubrication made me slide easier and my strokes were longer and deeper and faster as I came. I had stopped stroking his cock and now had both hands on his hips, guiding his entire teenage body up and down on my cock. I came longer than I ever had fucking my wife. For a moment I didn't think I would ever stop.

When I had finished depositing my load in the boy and let my now softening cock slip from Mike's ass. I was silent.

The amount of cum that I had deposited in him made my cock just sort of ooze out. Mike turned. His dimples were at their peak as he gave me his disarming boyish smile. "Wow, that was great!" he said. I looked down past his smooth, flat stomach to see a stiff teenage cock still in need.

Turning the water off, I led Mike out of the shower and over to a bench near the lockers. Sitting down on the bench, his stiff cock was waving in my face. I proceeded to take the boy's cock in my mouth and suck it. I was amazed that I could do that -- it felt almost natural. I found myself wondering why my wife had such a hard time giving me a blow job when I was enjoying so much what I was doing with Mike.

Mike had started pumping his cock into my mouth and I had once again located his asshole, now slippery beyond belief, and inserted my forefinger all the way. "I can't hold back anymore, mister," said Mike as he abandoned his steady pumping for a wild thrashing as his load cut loose inside my mouth.

While the warm, salty fluid filled my cheeks I made no effort to pull away. I thought to myself that I had gone all the way and would never be "straight" again. Mike's cum was dripping out the sides of my mouth and all over the place.

After his dick left my mouth, I continued to stroke him and he continued to squirt his teenage cum out onto my hand. Finally, he was drained. I stood. We looked each other in the eye and smiled.

"That was so great. Thanks!" he said as he dried himself off.

"Thank you. That was the time of my life. Can we get together sometime again?" I asked him.

"Well, like that was something I just wanted to try and I did and it was really fantastic. But I don't think I'll ever do it again, I will just think about what it was like," he said.

That night I went home and made passionate love to my wife.



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