Andy Valentine backed into the Parallax Technologies office, pulling the liftcart filled with soft drinks. He could have pushed the cart and it certainly would have been easier, but then he wouldn't be showing the secretary behind the desk his best assets. He knew she was staring at his fit ass, clearly defined and on display in his tight blue jeans.

He looked like an All-American blue-collar hunk. From his short, sensible brown hair to his muscular legs and tight ass, Andy looked harmless, handsome and somehow humble. The secretary would have never guessed that he was the top industrial agent for Paragon Industries.

"Hello," Andy said as he turned around. The woman blushed as her eyes were obviously on his ass.

"Can you point me to the research section; I'm new here," Andy asked. His face was a beautiful combination of dimples and innocent eyes.

"Sure, just down the hall, hang two lefts, and you'll see a guard who can give you better directions," the woman said immediately.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it," Andy said.

Andy pushed the cart down the hall and the woman watched his ass the entire length of the hall. She sighed as he turned the corner, and wondered if he would be replacing the old deliveryman. The secretary never once thought about the fact that the research section didn't have a drink machine.


Benjamin Taylor ripped the screen from the security panel. His powerful arms tensed for only a second before the flimsy chain broke before his strength. He shook his head. What kind of wimp was that supposed to stop?

He let the screen drop to the ground, some twenty stories below. Benjamin had been clinging to side of the Parallax Technologies building for an hour and he was starting to get sore. Oh, his arms and chest was fine; he spent too many hours in the gym for those muscles to be giving up already, but his legs were starting to feel the burn.

The man climbed into the building and collapsed. His employers, Diligent Enterprises, had sent him to break into the place and look for the top-secret project Parallax was working on. For some reason, they felt the project would be completed by 2pm today, so Benjamin was forced to try a daring daylight break-in. It wouldn't be easy, but that's why they paid industrial spies like Benjamin the big paychecks. He already had his heart set on buying a saxophone that belonged to Charlene Parker.

Benjamin stood up and pulled out his trusted Griffonwing pistol. He knew he looked intimidating and he hoped it would play to his advantage. His clothes consisted of black leather from head-to-toe and combined with his short blonde hair and handsome features; he could have been a videogame hero. He hoped any opposition he met would just do him the favor of rolling over and letting him get his objective. He could already imagine himself playing the saxophone.

* Andy pushed his cart around the corner and saw the guard the secretary had warned him about. He was debating whether to try to lie to the guy first or just knock the man out with a devastating kick. Andy wasn't sure if he wanted to even take the guy out because he didn't know how hard it would be to leave with what he was looking for. Heck, he didn't even know for sure what he was looking for, his bosses at Paragon just knew Parallax had built something vital that was going to come online at 2pm.

Finding a mystery object inside a guarded research lab wasn't going to be easy, but that's why they paid talented agents like Andy the large paychecks. He had planned to buy a painting by the famous pinup artist, Alberta Vargas, and he knew right where he wanted to hang it.

As he approached the guards, he noticed something strange. There were two guards, a man and a woman, and they were having a heated argument. Both of them were accusing the other of being at the wrong post and both of them were threatening to call security on the other.

Andy smiled at his good luck. He just pushed his cart up to the two and listened to them argue. Right as both of them were screaming matching obscenities, Andy went into action. He threw the top case of soda at the woman guard and as she collapsed under the weight, he unleashed a nasty kick at the face of the male guard. When the woman was rising, he dropped her with one well-placed punch.

"Cool, now I don't have to take them out," Andy heard behind him.

He spun around and saw a beautiful woman park her cart of soft drinks. He laughed at how she was using the same ruse but he wasn't fooled. The sexy woman was dressed like a delivery woman, with a checkered shirt and tight blue jeans around her luscious legs but she moved like a tigress. Her long brown hair and friendly smile didn't fool him for a minute; she had to be another agent.

"Whom do you work for?" Andy asked as he wondered if maybe he got lucky and Diligent Enterprises finally sacked that annoying Benjamin Taylor.

"Paragon Industries, and you?" the lovely brunette asked.

Andy looked perplexed. "Paragon?" he asked. "Those bastards sent two agents? Damn, they did put this mission together in a hurry. You're lucky I didn't attack you."

The woman laughed. "I'm lucky?" she asked.


Benjamin Taylor walked down the hall, amazed at the confusion. Despite his black leather and drawn weapon, no one was paying him any attention. Every room he passed by was filled with arguing people, and every guard post he passed by looked like a firefight had just broken out. He was almost becoming disappointed that no sexy lab scientists were around to admire his cool appearance.

He turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks at the vision before him. It was a blonde woman, wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket that was open to expose a black sports bra that could barely hold in her large plush breasts. The woman had long blonde hair that hung around her face like a halo. What impressed him the most was her weapon was a Griffonwing too.

"Whom do you work for?" Benjamin asked, praying that Paragon Industries fired that twit, Andy Valentine, and that he had this woman to run into every week instead.

"Diligent Enterprises," the woman said.

"Really?" Benjamin said, relaxing his gun. "Those assholes! So do I!"

The woman smiled and offered her hand. "I guess they decided that two were better than one. My name is Bethany."

Her handshake was strong and her smile was genuine. Benjamin realized he needed to start going to the company Christmas party. If women like this worked in his company, he needed to know!


"Do you know what we are looking for?" Andy asked the sexy woman as she kicked another guard into unconsciousness. The girl had a strangely familiar technique.

"No idea," Amy answered. "I was told that it would come online at 2pm, and I needed to get it before then."

"Jerks never tell us anything important," Andy laughed. He kicked the other guard. Oddly, this guard was a man while the other was a woman. Parallax must believe in equal opportunity to an extreme. Every guard they meet traveled in co-ed pairs.

"I know," Amy agreed. "I remember this one time, in New York, when they sent me to get a Ruby spider. I was just about to pick it up when I noticed-"

"That it was alive?" Andy said with a feeling of rising panic.

"Yeah," Amy said slowly as she got the same strange feeling.

"I did that mission," Andy said. "And I was alone. You never told me your last name."

"Valentine," Amy said.

"Oh shit," Andy said. "I think I just figured out what Parallax is developing."

"Well, alternate dimensions that are filled with similar yet different people would certainly explain why you're the first guy I've meet who has legs as good as mine," Amy responded.

"Hey, legs as good as ours can only be found once per dimension," Andy snapped back.


"You have a man for a president?" Benjamin asked his counterpart Bethany. "Buddha in her Glory! With a man as president, how many wars have you had? Wouldn't he just bomb things for the Hell of it to compensate for his sex life?"

"That's what interns are for," Bethany said. She was almost done unlocking the door to the lab inside. Resistance had been light so far, as the doppelgangers were confusing the fuck out of people. The two blondes couldn't figure out why everyone else was arguing with their doubles. Maybe industrial agents were one of the few people who actually liked themselves.

"Tell me, are you sometimes dating a handsome member of the Duchandu family?" Bethany asked.

Benjamin laughed. "I wouldn't call Rei handsome, she's too sexy and all female."

The door unlocked and Benjamin and Bethany looked inside. The laboratory was empty of scientists, but two objects dominated the room. Twin cylinders sat on two tables, and from the cylinders strange colors were emanating in pulsing waves. The waves of light distorted the view inside, and strange locations could be glimpsed through where the light waves met.

"Who said science was boring?" Bethany and Benjamin said at the same time.

"Not us!" they heard behind them. Benjamin turned around just in time to get a kick to his hard chest. Even as he hit the ground, he knew it must have been that asshole, Andy Valentine!

Benjamin dodged to the left, narrowly missing getting stomped on. He scrambled to his feet and paused as he looked at a woman instead of his hated enemy. That hesitation cost him dearly as the sexy woman punched him twice in the face and then swept his legs out from under him.

He was unconscious before he hit the ground.


"Mine is down," Andy heard his companion say. "That was a great idea." Andy looked down at his sleeping opponent and just shook his head. The blonde had Benjamin's arrogant appearance, but damn, those tits were huge!

"Hey! Mind on the mission, remember?" Amy reminded him.

Andy cleared his head. "Sorry, I was just wondering how she walks around without falling over," he lied.

His counterpart laughed. "I wonder the same thing."

Together, the two agents approached the cylinders. The waves of energy that gave them glimpses into other worlds were frightening, but the agents persevered. Andy picked up one of the cylinders, and since nothing bad happened to him, Amy picked up the other.

The two agents made a hasty retreat out of the laboratory. They almost cleared the research area when they noticed a large number of guards assembled ahead of them. The guards were examining two fallen guards, and Andy and Amy decided that now would be a bad time to be seen carrying strange science objects.

"There's just too many of them," Amy said after they had ducked into an empty lab.

Andy checked to make sure there weren't any reality altering experiments going on the lab before answering. From what he could tell, this lab was dedicated to duplicating roses from other dimensions. Andy realized this might be cheaper than growing the damn things yourself.

"There are too many guards," Andy agreed. "We could face them if it wasn't for how tight the corridor was. If there was half of them, one of us could beat them easily."

The beautiful brunette nodded. "Then I guess we turn these things off, and things will go back to normal. I'll end up with half the guards, and you'll end up with the other half."

Andy locked the lab door. "Well, there's no deadline or anything. I mean, we can do it in a few minutes if we want."

Amy smiled. "Are you thinking what I was thinking?

"I just hate to see good legs go to waste," Andy said as he pulled her closer to him.


"Your Valentine kicks as hard as mine," Benjamin groaned as he woke back up.

"I noticed," Bethany groaned as she rose to her knees. "I mean, I understand that they are proud of their legs because they are so under developed in their chests, but do they have to keep kicking me?"

"They're just jealous," Benjamin answered. "Fuck, they took the cylinders."

The busty blonde crawled over to Benjamin and sat with him beside the table. "Then I guess we better chase after them. I don't plan on giving up my paycheck that easily."

Benjamin nodded. "We better hurry. I have a feeling that if they turn the cylinders off, the crossing over of realities might come to an end. I rather use your help while I have it."

Bethany laughed. "It's not my help you've been staring at."

Benjamin laughed with her. "Do you blame me? I mean, aren't you at least a little curious?" He ran his finger down the side of her face and down her neck.

"Mmm," Bethany moaned. "I don't know. It would be like fucking a brother I guess."

"Nope," Benjamin said. "More like masturbating. I know what I like, and I have a feeling I know what you like."

Bethany looked into matching blue eyes. "I bet you do," she said as she slipped her hand into his jacket. Her fingers grazed his nipples through his T-shirt while his own hand cupped a soft breast.

"You said they might turn the devices off at any minute?" Bethany asked as her fingers pulled at his nipple.

"Any minute," Benjamin gasped as he twisted her hard nipple.

"Then we should hurry," Bethany said as she kissed him.


Andy drank his counterpart's kisses with a rising passion that consumed him. Her lips were soft, demanding and breaking for air at the exact moment that he did. He loved the way her long brown hair felt in his fingers, and he loved the way her fingers felt as she pulled on his hair.

Finally, he had to break the kiss completely. "More," he whispered and he heard her ask the same thing.

They stood and in a frantic hurry, they stripped off their pants. He knelt first, kissing her smooth thighs and sinking his fingers into her tight ass. She leaned back against a table as he kissed and worshipped her calves and thighs. He wanted to touch and kiss every inch of her smooth perfection and he just about did.

His mouth found her sex and his fingers parted her nether lips. His tongue lapped at her sex, amazed at how much she trembled with each lick. She ran her fingers through his hair as his mouth searched for those special places inside her pussy. He wanted to find the spot that would make her moan, and he did. He wanted to find the spot that would make her shiver, and he did. Most of all, he wanted to find that spot that would make her cry out his name. Of course, he did and when he found it, he relentlessly sucked and nibbled.

"Andy!" Amy growled as she clenched the edge of the table. Her climax made her knees shake and she felt tingles all along her thighs where his mouth had touched her. She just had to repay the favor.

"My turn," Amy groaned as she dropped to her knees. Andy nodded and stood. He leaned against the opposite table as Amy's mouth kissed along the hard lines of his muscular legs. His mouth hung open in lust as her hot tongue flattened against his quivering calves and twitching thighs.

Amy's mouth followed the path of his perfect legs until she reached his hanging balls. Into her mouth she sucked one ball and then the other. Effortlessly, she bounced each ball in and out of her lips until she could feel his ass clench beneath her gripping fingers.

Now he was ready. She lifted her head and took the tip of his cock into her lips. Andy groaned as she lowered her mouth over the length of his cock. Inch by inch she dropped while her tongue furiously flicked over him. His hands went to her hair, guiding her down his cock until her lips were sealed over the base of his cock. Once there, her cheeks caved in as she sucked him as hard as she could until he said her name.

"Amy!" Andy groaned as he filled her mouth with cum. Just the way he liked it, Amy swallowed all he had to offer.

"I hope this doesn't mean we are done yet," Amy said when she released his cock from her lips.

"Not by a long shot," Andy laughed. He reached down and helped her to her feet. Lifting her by her waist, he sat her on the table. Amy swept the table clear with her arm and leaned back. He held her thighs in each hand, and Amy was happy to see his erect cock hadn't wavered for a second.

Andy lifted her legs until her ankles were on his shoulders. He slipped his cock between her thighs and into her compact sex. Amy reached down and her fingers scrapped against the sides of his buttocks when he sank his cock in completely. Her long legs pressed against his chest as he began to thrust.

He felt her legs clench with every thrust. Her sex squeezed against his member as he pushed her legs together. It felt like he was fucking her legs when her calves tightened against his neck. She was already soaking wet inside, but her closed legs was crushing his cock with an unbeatable suction. His thrusts were slow and steady but their groans were fast and rapid.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Amy begged as her fingernails pulled at the sides of his ass. She could feel the power of each thrust and she loved the way his ass clenched under her nails. He squeezed her legs with a grip of iron and she could feel his heart pounding against her calf.

Again, she climaxed first. Amy's thighs tightened as her orgasm shook her legs. Her pussy gripped his hard cock with spasms as he pushed her over the edge. Andy managed to give her four more orgasms before his own cocked exploded for the second time that night. He released his grip on her legs and Amy spread wide as his cock filled her sex with frantic bursts of cum.


Benjamin and Bethany knew they had limited time. The two clawed at each other; Benjamin ripping Bethany's jacket off with his powerful hands and Bethany tearing Benjamin's jacket off soon after. Faced with each other's impressive chests, the two forgot about pants and assaulted the delights the other had to offer.

He flipped Bethany's sports bra up and as her breasts flopped down, he caught a nipple between his lips. His hand cupped her other breast and he moaned as his fingers sunk into impossible soft flesh. Benjamin was torn between two mountains. He didn't know whether to suck, lick and bite the breast in his mouth or to fondle, grope and squeeze the breast in his hand. Lucky for Bethany, Benjamin was bidexterous, so he did both.

As for Bethany, she discovered something about men with fantastic upper body development; their backs were pretty damn sexy too. She raked her fingernails across his broad back and was amazed at the hard power she felt. Every muscle on his back was clearly defined and Bethany could only imagine how his muscles would surge and flow when he began to fuck her.

Benjamin unzipped Bethany's pants and he reluctantly let go of Bethany's tit to slip his fingers into her tight jeans. The blonde wiggled and allowed him access to her waiting sex. His fingers slipped into warm honey and he felt her nipple quiver in his teeth as he sank his finger in.

Bethany was not to be outdone. Still clenching his back with one hand, she used the other hand to unbutton and push down Benjamin's jeans. His hard cock almost sprang to her hand, which she squeezed with affection. He had a few drops of precum already so she rubbed the small lubrication over his shaft. As her other hand scraped against his back, she stroked his other half more tenderly.

The two struggled to remain standing. Benjamin sucked her nipple harder till Bethany was fucking against his hand. Bethany dug her fingernails deeper into his broad back as her hand moved faster and faster over his cock. Together they clung to each other with hands and mouths as first Bethany climaxed with a lingering moan, and then Benjamin followed her with a shudder that made his back tremble under her fingernails while his cock coated her hand with sticky cum.

"Shit," Benjamin gasped as he held Bethany up.

Bethany brought her hand to her mouth and licked the majority of his offering from her hand. "Think we have time for another go?"

Benjamin smiled. "Ain't nothing stopping us."

He pushed her pants from her legs and then stood back up. Grabbing both of her thighs in his hands, the muscleman easily lifted her up. Bethany giggled at how light she felt in his arms. He slowly lowered her onto his cock, which despite its climax, showed no signs of tiring just yet.

Up and down he lifted her, flying high into her sex. Bethany wrapped one arm around his neck and lifted a breast for his mouth. Benjamin smiled and then opened his mouth. She leaned into him until his face was filled with her soft breasts that smelled of perfume and leather.

"Yes," Bethany groaned in his arms. His hands were digging into her thighs as he relentlessly fucked her. She could feel his strong shoulders flex and bulge with every lift, and she loved the way his pectoral muscles rubbed against her.

Bethany moved her breasts back and forth, offering one breast and then the other for his ever-hungry mouth. His teeth accepted each with equal ardor.


Andy looked down at his cock, mentally willing it to go for a third time. So far, his cock wasn't cooperating. He decided to look at Amy instead. Her sweaty thighs and bright smile worked much better. He was getting hard again.

"Shall we try your ass now?" Andy asked.

"Gladly," Amy laughed. Her laughter stopped and she pointed to where they had set the cylinders. "Didn't we only have two?"

Andy looked and saw three cylinders sitting on the table. Before he could answer, the far wall exploded. He grabbed his pants and dived for cover behind a desk. Amy was already there, scrambling to put her pants back on.

Andy looked over the desk and saw the strangest sight. Hovering where the wall used to be, was sort of robot. The mechanical beast seemed to consist of a torso, and about a dozen arms. Each arm was equipped with some sort of weapon, from lasers to chainsaws. Inscribed on the side of the machine was the Diligent Enterprises logo.

"Hand over the Trans-Dimensional Collider, or suffer the consequences organics!" the machine screamed.

"Suck rocket fire, BE-44DD!" another mechanical voice announced.

Andy and Amy saw another robot enter the room. It was much lower to the ground and had multiple legs. It didn't seem to have a torso, just a black orb sitting on top of a spider like body. Each leg ended in a sharpened spike, and various weapons were mounted on the main body. The Paragon Industries logo could be seen clearly.

"AIM-511!" the first robot sneered. "This unit should have known you would be here!"

"Rust and expire!" the second robot screamed as it leaped with it's multiple legs.

"Okay, this is just getting dangerous," Andy said. "We need to turn the devices off before other worlds start bleeding over."

"Agreed," Amy said. Without further discussion, the two humans dived over the desk and ran for the cylinders as the mechanical engines of espionage battled each other. A stray rocket nearly hit Andy while a weird spray of oil nearly coated Amy. They each grabbed a device and Andy pointed out the obvious deactivation button.

"Good luck on getting out of here!" Andy said.

"Wait, will we ever see each other again?" Amy asked.

"I doubt it," Andy replied. "Not unless there's some sort of crisis across infinite worlds."

"Mmm, infinite Andys," Amy smiled.

Andy laughed as he hit the button. The sexy girl and the homicidal robots disappeared instantly. The wreckage remained, as did all the shell casings left over from the battle.

"I wonder if Benjamin got as lucky as me," Andy asked himself.


"I'm cumming!" Bethany cried.

"So am I!" Benjamin yelled.

In an instant, the busty blonde disappeared from his arms. His cock twitched and expelled a long stream of cum into empty air. Benjamin nearly fell over as the weight suddenly vanished. He stood there, moaning as his orgasm swept through him.

He was saddened to see Bethany leave without even a good- bye, but he knew one good thing came out of fucking his alternate from a parallel dimension.

Benjamin Taylor finally got in touch with his feminine side.


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