I hope that if you're reading this, you're too old to use this piece of advice. However, here it is anyway. If you're just out of high school, and thinking about going to a women's college, don't. I did, and while it's true there are some nice things about it, there are some major disadvantages. In fact, there's mostly just one big disadvantage: there's no men.

I guess there are plenty of ways to meet guys, but I don't seem to have much luck with it in general. It seems like school can end up occupying so much of my attention that I don't have time to go far a field to socialize. I end up spending too much time hanging around campus, with only women for company.

So that's what you need to know about me, really. My roommate Nicole is a bit more open, but she too has been without a boyfriend for the whole year we've lived together. Between the two of us, our sex lives were basically nil. We'd talked about that a couple time before, but we never actually got around to going out to look for men.

But then one day, Nicole burst excitedly into the tiny two-bed matchbox we call a dorm room. I was sitting at the desk, studying.

"Hey," exclaimed Nicole. "I found someone!" I looked at her quizzically.

"Someone to do what we talked about," she explained.

Then I noticed that there was another girl with Nicole, standing in the doorway. This new girl had a pretty face and long brown hair, and stood there shyly behind Nicole looking at the floor. What we had talked about? Omigod! My eyes went a little wide.

Nicole beckoned the new girl in. "This is Sara," she said. "Sara, this is my roommate Stephanie."

"Er, hello," I managed.

Nicole got right to business. "Do you want to go first?" she asked me.

"Uh no, why don't you go ahead." It all seemed so sudden. I stood up. I thought that our conversation had just been idle talk with Nicole on yet another boy-less night. I awkwardly slipped past the two of them. "I'll, uh, give you two some privacy," I murmured, and then went out into the hall.

Nicole poked her head out after me. "Give us about twenty minutes," she said playfully.

I walked down the hall a bit. Nicole closed the door behind me. I went along the hall until I came to the floor's study area, and flopped down on a stuffed chair. My mind was racing.

Nicole was actually doing it! I could scarcely imagine what was taking place in our room right now. Were they getting naked? They wouldn't have to, I supposed. Nicole could just take off her pants and her underwear, and that would be enough. Unless she wanted to do it to Sara too? What a thought!

Where would they do it? Was there space for both of them on the bed? Maybe Nicole would sit on the edge of the bed and Sara would kneel down in front of her. Or maybe they would both lie flat on the floor, stuck together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Oh! Or maybe Sara would lie on the floor, and Nicole would get on top of her!

All these images flowed through my mind as I sat, anxiously waiting. Wordlessly, the sight of Nicole's bare legs came to me. I tried to remember Sara's face as exactly as I could from the moment I had seen her. Sara stuck out her tongue at me. Then I saw her running it up Nicole's inner thigh. I shuddered with fear and arousal.

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes can be an eternity to wait. I got up and paced around, then sat back down. I made myself walk down to the ground floor, get a soda from the vending machines. Anything to kill a few minutes.

When fifteen minutes had slowly wound their way past, I went back to the door to our room, and stood in front of it. Just a thin panel of wood was separating me from Nicole and Sara. I leaned over and put my ear to the door. I couldn't hear anything, but then I heard a little scuffling, and then I definitely heard moaning!

I sat down on the floor, leaning up against the wall to the side of the door. I pulled my knees up and rested my chin on them. Faintly, I could hear things from inside. My imagination filled in with more sounds too. I felt conscious of my pussy, my breasts hanging heavily against my bra. Then from in the room I could definitely hear long sustained moans. And then, a stifled cry. I clenched my legs together. It was very quiet for a few minutes.

After a tense wait, the door opened, and Nicole came out into the hall. She was fully clothed, and wearing a beaming smile. "That hit the spot," she told me. I stood up, wondering if I showed visible signs of arousal. Nicole certainly did. Uncharacteristically, she hugged me briefly. "She's all yours," she said, and then without another word strolled casually down the hall.

I went into the room, my heart in my throat. Sara was sitting on the edge of Nicole's bed. She was still wearing her cream-colored dress, and she looked up at me when I came in. I sat down on my bed, and we were not six feet from each other. She smiled tentatively at me. I didn't know if I would be able to go through with this.

I looked at Sara, and it was hard to tell which of us was more nervous. Finally she said "It's okay," and then, "Would you like to take off your skirt?"

I thought of Sara being with Nicole, and I began to get horny again.

Wordlessly I stood up, took off my skirt, and slipped out of my panties too. Just like being in the common showers, right? I sat back down on my bed, and then Sara got up and came and sat down next to me.

"Close your eyes," she whispered to me, and I did. My heart was pounding in the darkness. I felt her hand touch my bare thigh. Then she touched me, and I quivered in anticipation. I was going to get licked! My legs spread apart almost involuntarily. Sara was touching my legs, my thighs, my pussy.

And then, she must have slid off the bed onto the floor, her hot breath was right there, right on me. And then, I felt it. The wonderful sensation of a hot moist tongue sliding its way across my pussy lips. Again and again. Then softly, insistently pushing, getting inside a little bit. Licking. Then sucking.

She found my clit, engorged, and circled it with her tongue. She pushed my button and I almost squealed in delight. I lay back against the wall, an uncomfortable position but I hardly noticed, overcome with the sensations of Sara's tongue working me over. My hips lifted up, wanting more, wanting to get her whole tongue inside me, wanting her hot mouth to envelop my moist pussy.

It felt like my whole body was swirling down into a point right between my legs. Sara licked me, up and down my slit, sliding her tongue over my labia, probing into little folds of skin I barely knew existed. In moments that seemed to last forever, I listened to my ragged breathing in the darkness, while her tongue wormed its way into my pussy, mingling her saliva with my juices.

I was so hot I couldn't stand it. Her tongue was everywhere on and in me, flicking my clit and slurping away. My eyes were still clamped shut, flecks of red danced on my eyelids. Far away I heard a girl moaning in pleasure. The sounds were coming from me. Pleasure shot through me, I was high with delight. And then, very quietly, I said "Oh," and sighed.

I had come, peaked, been delirious with sensation, writhing on the bed. I opened my eyes slowly, coming back to the world. Sara had backed off my sensitive clit and was petting my thighs. Her other hand was between her legs, insistently rubbing her pussy through her dress.

It had all been over so fast. Sara just sat there, looking up at me expectantly. She was still masturbating, eyes half-attentive. I felt electric, charged up by my recent orgasm. I felt like I wanted something more.

"That would work better without your dress on," I told her. She giggled, and then before I knew it her dress was off, and she was sitting on the bed with me, her wearing just underwear, and me naked from the waist down.

Sara had her hand down her panties and was rhythmically stroking herself, grinding her palm against her crotch. I was entranced by her body. I've seen plenty of other girls naked before, but this was way different. She was looking at me and her expression was masked with arousal. And then I knew what I wanted.

I wanted that sensation of hot breath on my pussy, but I wanted it all over my body. I wanted hot skin to touch mine, I wanted friction, I wanted heat. It had been too long, and I wanted it now.

All I did was put my hand on her shoulder. Just a little touch, but it said everything. Because then she was right up against me, arms around me, and I could feel the heat of her body. I pulled her to me and just held her close for a minute, my head on her shoulder, absorbing the feel and the smell of her. She started kissing my neck and I responded to her, stroking her body and pulling her down onto the bed on top of me.

She was panting, hungrily devouring me. She hadn't got off yet and I could feel her wet pussy grinding against my leg. It was hot and slid around as she humped against me. Her lips found mine and I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed deeply.

I was entranced by her. I had needed a hot body next to mine for so long, and now I was drinking it in large gulps. My whole world was in her lips, her hair, her body pressing down on mine. I didn't even notice when the door opened. All of a sudden I saw that Nicole was standing right next to the bed and I was jerked into awareness.

I startled and stopped kissing Sara, lightly pushing her away. I broke into a heavy blush when I saw that Nicole wasn't alone. Standing next to her was another girl with short black hair and a boyish face. I tried to get up, but Sara was on top of me and I wasn't trying that hard.

"I told you they'd end up like that," Nicole told the other girl with a smile. The other girl nodded.

"I see you've found a playmate, Sara," this new girl said. "You two look darling together." Then she leaned over, and she and Nicole kissed! They kissed open- mouthed for a few moments, and then slowly broke their embrace.

Nicole looked over at me, lying there on the bed, with Sara mostly naked on top of me. "Oh dear," she said to me, "You're going to have so much fun from now on."



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