Tom had never seen her so beautiful, so lustrous. Laying on their king-sized bed, naked, her full breasts in sweet disarray, the nipples already wrinkled in anticipation, Laura looked to him like the embodiment of every man's wet dream. Her eyes were lidded and her thighs were spread, her pussy wet from him having just licked it.

There was only one thing wrong with the picture: Tom wasn't the only man in the room. A few feet away stood Jack, a twenty-five-year-old with the body of an Olympic diver and a cock that would make him a star in any locker room. Jack was going to fuck Laura, and Tom had given his consent.

Tom and Laura had been married for six years and were still romantic about it. It wasn't just that they remembered all their anniversaries - the first time they met, the first time they kissed, the first time they fucked - but they continually reaffirmed the meaning of their union, reminding each other all the time that their marriage was forever.

The only thing lacking in their world was a child. For the first few years they used birth control to avoid pregnancy, wanting to settle in to one another before introducing a third. But when they were ready and Laura tried getting pregnant, nothing happened. It took a year before they could admit there might be something wrong. When they went for tests, their suspicions were confirmed. Tom was sterile.

The news threw him into a deep depression. He brooded and sulked for several weeks and then offered to give Laura a divorce so she'd be free to find a man able to impregnate her, a "real man," as he put it. Her response snapped him right out of his gloom. First she mocked his self-pity, then grew angry that he would even "speak the word divorce," and finally burst into sobs.

His reaction was automatic; he felt a pang at his heart and his cock got hard. He walked over to where she sat, pushed her back onto the couch and lay on top of her, kissing her face and lips and tears. A minute later he was fucking her, his cock thrusting through his open zipper, both of them still fully dressed, the front of her skirt raised just enough to expose her thighs.

Afterwards, they lay in close embrace for a long time, whispering and murmuring to each other, ringing in variations on their vow of love, their promise of forever. When they'd slid down enough from the slopes of ecstasy to remember the reality that shot them up there in the first place, Tom said, "I guess we'll adopt." And that's when Laura turned his world upside down.

"I don't want someone else's baby," she said. "I want my own. I want the feeling of being pregnant. I want the experience of having a baby grow inside of me and come pushing out from between my legs. I want my breasts bursting with milk and my infant child sucking life from my nipples." She grasped Tom's head in her hands and ran her thumbs across his temples. "You wouldn't deny me that, would you?"

He shifted his body so that for its entire length, it was separated an inch from hers. He put his hands over hers and stopped the friction on his temples. "How can I deny you what I can't give you?" he asked. She didn't reply and they gazed blankly at one another for a few minutes. "You're talking about another man's sperm," he said at last. "You're talking about going to a sperm bank."

"Yes to the first, no to the second," she told him. "I don't want artificial insemination. I don't want a baby that sits in a frozen test tube before getting planted inside me." They gazed at each other for many minutes more, this time, however, not blankly. His eyes were filled with a fright bordering on panic. "You're talking about having another man fuck you," he said.

The next few weeks were given over to fighting, which they both enjoyed more than depression. This time it was she who offered separation, freeing him to find a woman who "doesn't make such terrible demands."

But when she said the word "divorce," the emotional static surrounding their verbal communication went suddenly silent, and her sentence hung clearly in the air. They stared at one another in amazement.

It was the first time in their marriage when they realized that a breakup could actually happen to them, that they weren't figures in a fairy tale. In that instant, Tom knew he'd do anything not to lose Laura. Outwardly, however, he wasn't ready to capitulate so easily.

"No divorce," he said. "I can't use the word, neither can you."

"Then what...?" she asked, letting the sentence trail.

"Why, I suppose you'll go off to a bar some night and pick up a guy and go to a hotel room..."

He didn't finish his sentence either; he had to duck the book she threw at him. "Not like that," she said. "We'll go to the sperm bank and find somebody with good genes. And he'll come here. And you'll stay with me when he...does it."

"No way," Tom replied.

"It has to be like that," she told him. "Don't you see? While he's inside me you'll be holding me and kissing me. He'll donate the sperm but to make a baby you need love too. I need you to be loving me wile he's fucking me."

"But a threesome..." he said.

She smiled at him in a special way, a way that melted his thoughts, stirred his chest and sent heat flushing through his groin. She walked toward him, swaying. "I don't think that one teeny-weenie..." she said, and brought her mouth close to his, brushed her breasts against his chest, and cupped his cock and balls in her hands... "little threesome is going to be all that upsetting."

When she sank to her knees, pulled down his zipper and fished his cock out of his pants with her lips, he mentally signed the papers of surrender. In so doing, he had to suppress his doubts and fears, but he couldn't erase the knowledge that he was going against his natural grain and that he'd agreed to something that was potentially very dangerous. "Well," he thought, "Better to risk the marriage bravely than let it fall apart because of cowardice.

Later, after sex, he voiced his doubts, and she used the woman's equivalent of logic, which is making her voice sound reasonable. "It'll be a very fast thing," she said. "And you'll have to approve the man first. We can ask the sperm bank to give us a list of suitable candidates and you can meet with them, explain what we want. And only when you're comfortable with one of them will we do it."

"Comfortable picking a man to fuck you?" he said.

She pinched his nipples. "And what if it does make you a little jealous," she said. "It'll only make our lovemaking sweeter when he goes. I want your sperm inside me right after his."

"Won't that make it a bit crowded in there?"

"Silly," she replied. "His are there to do a specific job; yours are there because you own the place."

"You sure the kid will be healthy being conceived in the midst of all this strangeness?" he asked.

"It's always a risk no matter how you do it," she replied.

Finally, he accepted the idea. He was ready not only to go along but to take an active part in engineering the strange encounter. Two days later he contacted the sperm bank, and he and Laura went over and were shown profiles on a number of candidates - physical descriptions, medical reports, personal histories - but no names and telephone numbers. They sifted through the dossiers and chose a man who seemed ideal. Then, two hundred dollars slipped to a file clerk got them the information they needed.

Tom called Jack and met with him alone at first. He found the young man 'ten years his junior' rather likable, good-natured and a bit simple-minded. He felt completely unthreatened. Jack suspected some kind of trick, but before long he accepted that the offer was sincere and agreed to go along. Tom told him that Laura was due to ovulate in about ten days, and that they'd call him when the time was precisely right.

"What did you think of him?" Laura asked when Tom returned.

"Seems healthy and decent," Tom told her. "I think it'll be all right."

He had no second thoughts until the afternoon they called Jack. When he realized the event would be that night, Tom became apprehensive. And his concern grew when Jack arrived, especially when he saw the appreciative gleam in the other man's eyes as he looked at Laura. The three of them had some wine and went into the bedroom where they undressed. Laura lay back on the bed and, as prearranged, Tom went down on her to prepare for Jack's penetration. When he'd finished, he moved away and watched as Jack stepped forward, preceded by an eight-inch shaft of velvet gristle.

Tom looked from the erection to the young man's eyes, and all his notions about Jack's harmlessness were shattered. The blandness had been wiped away by a smirking lust and it was obvious that Jack had totally forgotten the biological reason for his being there. He'd been poleaxed by pussy and was reacting like any stud in heat.

That was only the first blow, however. When Tom turned his head to look at Laura his vision went dark. She was looking at Jack's cock with unconcealed anticipation. Tom knew that her desire was for what it would deliver, but the sight of his wife gazing at another man's cock with such desire unhinged him. "I can't handle this," Tom thought as he swayed on his feet.

"Tom," Laura said softly as he fought the pull of unconsciousness. He focused his eyes and looked at her. She held out her arms just as Jack knelt on the bed between her thighs. And with the taste of despair and Laura's cunt still on his tongue he leaned down and lay on the bed next to his wife. He nestled his head between her breasts as she put her arms around him and lifted her knees to present herself to the other man.

Although he wasn't looking, Tom knew the instant that Jack had penetrated her. He could feel the sense of contact draining from Laura's hands. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. They were foggy and unseeing. As he watched, a sigh escaped her lips, then a moan. His heart broke as she reached for him again and pulled his face toward hers, his mouth onto hers.

Even though every fiber of his being protested what they were doing, screamed in jealousy and outrage at the presence of the other man, at Laura's automatic surrender to the invading phallus, he couldn't deny her. She slid her tongue between his lips and probed his mouth. It seemed his skull filled with the sound of bells pealing, and the sensation momentarily drove away the awareness that at that moment Jack was plunging his cock into her eager pussy.

"This isn't so bad," he thought when he could think again. "The stud will come soon and we can send him home and pick up where we left off. She'll be mine alone again, and there'll never be another man again. No, never, never again." The repetition of the phrase soothed him and as he kissed Laura he even found himself smiling.

"What...are...you...smiling...at? she said, the words punctuated by gasps as jack continued to screw her.

"Just feels good," Tom replied, but even as he spoke the feeling was driven away and replaced by a cold shudder coursing down his spine as he heard Jack mutter, "Yeah, baby, feels good."

With that, Jack changed his angle of penetration, coming up from underneath, splitting Laura's pussy lips with uncanny precision. Tom was seized by vertigo as he watched Laura's slip away again. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and her eyelids slowly fluttered down over the empty orbs. Her hands dropped from Tom's back and fell to her sides. Jack began plunging into her, and her belly and breasts shook with each thrust. Her lips pursed into an O and she let out a series of high-pitched cries.

Tom turned his head sharply, away from Laura, and his eyes met Jack's. The young man smiled. "You're a lucky guy," he said. "She's got a real sweet pussy."

Tom stiffened with anger. Everything else disappeared except a sudden murderous rage that made him tremble. He wanted to swing a roundhouse right and smash the other man's jaw. But some shred of reason remained, enough to restrain him. He realized that Jack was young and strong enough to shake off any blow he might throw, and it would be frightful to introduce sudden violence when Laura was so vulnerable, opening herself to be impregnated.

If Jack saw how angry Tom was, he gave no indication. He just kept pumping into Laura with an almost insolent rhythm. "Put your cock in her mouth, man," he said, "I'd love to watch her suck cock while I'm fucking her."

"Wait a minute!" Tom wanted to shout. "This is supposed to be a simple, fast operation." But again he held back. He had too much respect for the fragility and complexity of what they were doing to do or say anything abrupt, anything harsh. He knew that sex was always chancy. One could plan its course but it was always capable of exploding, overwhelming the puny creatures who jump into the vast torrent of erotic energy that is life on the planet. He saw that his judgments and feelings had to be held in abeyance; the die had been cast and all he could do now was go along with however the scene developed.

"Yes-s-s-s-s," Laura hissed, cutting through his train of introspection. He hesitated a few seconds, then got to his knees and knelt by her head. She gazed up at him with desire and surprise, as though she had just remembered that he was there, just remembered who he was. But he couldn't fault her for that since he barely recognized her either. She was rotating her hips, making her cunt do a wanton dance on Jack's cock. Her tongue lapped the air. She had one hand on each breast and was pinching her nipples.

He slipped one hand under Laura's head and pulled her already open mouth onto his gently throbbing shaft. Her lips closed over the thick phallus and at once began gobbling, moving toward the base. Within seconds she had swallowed him entirely, her face pressed against his belly.

"Oh yeah," Jack whispered, his voice cutting across Tom's brain like a lash across a sunburned back. Tom looked up and his eyes grew wide. Jack was holding Laura's ankles and had spread her legs as far as his arms reached. His cock slid in and out of Laura's pussy with slow insinuating strokes.

Again Tom's anger flared but this time it was directed not at Jack but at Laura. "Bitch," he thought, "All that sweet talk about love and biology, and all the slut wanted was two cocks inside her at the same time. The sperm didn't have to be implanted this way."

He glared down at Laura and she saw the rage in his face. It frightened and excited her, making her suck with greater abandon, her moist eyes pleading for forgiveness and approval even as her lips caught his cock in a sliding vacuum of tongue-lapping lust. The interplay between husband and wife fed Jack's excitement and he pushed Laura's ankles together, keeping her legs raised, fucking her in the diaper position, one which implies a certain familiarity and intimacy.

None of that was lost on Tom and he hissed, "All right, here's what you want. Take it." And with that he began fucking her mouth. He grabbed her hair with one hand and held her head steady as he thrust between her lips, past her tongue and into her throat with hard, even strokes.

Her moans bubbled up around his cock and saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth. For a long time the two men banged her, silently stabbing her with their erections, working with great concentration on the task of reducing her to a throbbing, drooling mindlessness.

Jack pushed Laura's legs down until her knees were squashing her breasts and her cunt pushed forward from between stretched rounded buttocks. Tom seized her head with both hands and slid it up and down on his cock, using her mouth to masturbate with. He lifted and shoved it down again and again until she couldn't maintain any pressure at all in her lips and became the slack slick instrument he wanted.

By then Jack was slamming his whole weight into Laura's uptilted pussy. Tom could feel the vibrations of the other man's thrusts on the head of his own cock. Laura had become a sexual sounding board and the two men fed and were fed by the continually intensifying hum of her mounting excitement. Tom realized he'd never seen or felt her so hot before, and was torn between his almost crazed rapture in the moment and his concern about whether his marriage would survive the experience.

The ride lasted along time, and it subsided spontaneously, the two men slowing their momentum and gradually bringing the mare they'd been riding down from a gallop to a canter to a walk and finally had her standing still, sweating, quivering, her nostrils trembling from the deep ragged breaths that racked her frame. The first thought in Tom's mind was, "He didn't come. The whole point of this was to get the sperm, and the son of a bitch still hasn't come!"

He looked over at Jack. The young man smiled at him, winked, and began moving his pelvis again. This time there was no tension; Jack's thrusts into Laura's cunt were casual, conversational. He poked and sloshed about inside her the way an old friend will gently pick apart your rationalizations during some lazy talk after dinner.

His eyes were laughing, he made small kissing motions with his lips. Tom turned his head sharply and looked at Laura. Here eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and between her brows danced the shadow of a frown. She was obviously in ecstasy.

Tom sat back on his calves, his hands in his lap. His head fell forward, his chin resting on his chest. Laura couldn't see him and Jack didn't care if the husband wanted to bow out for a while, he enjoyed having the woman to himself. For Tom the scene had taken on the quality of a nightmare.

Because his and Laura's fidelity had been so absolute, with neither of them even having flirted with anyone in six years, he had no defense against jealousy. And what he felt just then went far beyond jealousy, for the worst was happening right before him. Laura had forgotten him and was giving herself to another man.

He heard a sound, a shift in breathing, and then the rustle of bodies changing position. He opened his eyes and almost swooned. Jack was lying on his back and Laura was crouched over him. Her lips were glued to his and in their cheeks Tom could see the movement of tongues. Laura's ass gyrated in a steady pattern three long slow rotations, a lift, and a long excruciating descent, ending in a sharp spasm and several shudders.

Tom was hypnotized and might have stared at the motion for hours except for Jack's voice snapping him from the trance. "Fuck her in the ass, man," Jack said. "Let's double-team her."

To Tom's own amazement, the suggestion sounded sensible. It seemed the obvious thing to do. All that was required was shifting his loyalty, putting the husband-wife bond behind the male-male bond. In his ordinary consciousness such a thing would be inconceivable, but at that instant the legal and emotional ties of marriage seemed artificial and distant in relation to the sheer animal exuberance to be found in two men fucking a woman simultaneously.

"Well yes," Tom thought, "Fuck her and double-fuck her. I love her dearly but she is, after all, just another cunt."

He leaned forward and got on all fours and walked on hands and knees to the necessary spot on the bed. For a few minutes he did nothing but watch Laura's pussy rotate, rise up and slide down on Jacks' thick glistening shaft. Then he observed the way her asshole clenched, twisted and opened at various points of the ride. Smiling with almost imbecile abandon, he reached into the drawer of the night table and lifted a jar of lubricant. He opened the lid, scooped three fingers into the scented jelly, and roughly smeared the gob between Laura's buttocks.

"He gets her pussy and offers me her asshole," Tom said to himself. "Which is more than she ever offered." He put one hand on Laura's hip and inched forward, his cock swelling into a fierce erection. "We can sort it all out later," he thought. "Right now I'm going to split her in half."

He tossed the jar over his shoulder like a champagne glass into a fireplace. He slid his cock into the crevice between her buttocks and let the friction of her movement fire it into steely hardness. Then he grasped the shaft in his right hand and brought the tip to her pulsing anus. He'd had anal sex with Laura many times before, but this was definitely going to be something else.

He kept himself still, and Laura began reaching for him, lifting her ass higher and higher at each point in her tantalizing grind. Finally she was able to push herself far enough onto him to engulf the entire head of his cock. In order to do that she had to let Jack's cock slide out of her cunt. She cried out, reached down to grab the flapping penis, and sat on it again, this time leaving Tom in the cold. Tom shook his head once to clear it and lowered himself onto her, this time penetrating into her asshole while Jack's cock was still lodged deep in her pussy.

Laura opened her mouth as wide as her lips would stretch, but no sound came out. Her arms flew out to her sides and froze there. Her hands went into spasms, her fingers curling and twitching. Whether what she felt was pleasure or pain or something beyond both, neither man could tell because they were too locked into the compelling focus of the moment.

They hung like that for a long while. Then, Laura groaned and relaxed the last small stretch of reserve. Both Tom and jack sank one final quarter inch into her. Their cocks touched through the thin membrane separating cunt from colon. The contact was like the toss of a match into a can of gasoline. All at once, they exploded. '

The two men hunched back simultaneously and then flung themselves at one another through her, their cocks converging, competing to see which could penetrate her more deeply, which make the strongest impression. She made a sound like that of a rusty nail being pulled from an ancient board. She was hot, she was wet, she was open, and two stiff sizzling cocks were up inside her, just warming up to take her for a the ride of her life.

Laura lifted her mouth from Jack's and raised her head. Jack brought his hand to her lips and slipped two fingers past her teeth and onto her tongue. She began licking and sucking his fingers as she would a cock. This enflamed the men even more and their thrusts grew fiercer. They pounded and sliced into her with such controlled fury that she could no longer keep her head up and rested it on Jack's shoulder. At that point, Jack and Tom found themselves looking into each other's eyes.

"You should be about ready to do what you came here for," Tom said.

"Let's go for it," Jack replied.

The sound of their words roused Laura from the oblivion where she'd begun to wander. She remembered who she was, and what was happening. Although she'd been there for the whole process, she was still somewhat astonished to find herself being double-fucked by her husband and some a strange young man. She also became aware that it wasn't going to go on for very much longer.

This made her want it more, so she brought her hands down behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart, and reached further and pressed her pussy lips apart. The gesture was free and shameless, a complete offering of the inmost recesses of the temple to the ravaging of a priapic frenzy.

Tom ground into her, his cock probing her bowels, his pubic bone bruising the base of her spine. She started to move, a churning, shoveling motion. Jack lifted his ass from the bed to press more deeply into her. All niceties of identity dissolved and they were swept into the orgasmic mood. They were in a state of pure rut, beyond simple desire or lust. There was only the gnawing convulsion of hunger for some ultimate fulfillment, some absolute release.

They went on for half an hour, cresting and resting, each swell and spasm of excitement more intense that the one before. Until there came a moment when orgasm was imminent. They all felt it and sounds burbled from their mouths, giving way to long tremulous cries and wails as the three of them were sucked into climax.

Tom felt his thighs and belly tingle, his scrotum tighten. And even as his sperm began boiling and came sailing out, he knew that Jack, like a mirror image, was splashing his semen across the walls of Laura's cunt. Laura whimpered as she contracted asshole and pussy, covering the spurting shafts with kisses. There was a deep powerful throbbing in her womb which sent ripples through her entire body, making her tremble in an ongoing delicate ecstasy.

They lay like that for a very long time before they were willing to return to conventional reality. When they did, the first thing that had to be dealt with was the bodies. Tom pushed back with his arms and raised himself from the pile. His cock slid out of Laura's ass. She twitched and let out a sigh of disappointment.

A few moments later she rolled off Jack and onto her back. Tom looked down at the two of them lying side by side and they stared back at him. There was an awareness that any word would cheapen the feelings of that moment and no one wanted to be the first to speak.

Finally, Jack sat up. "Well, I guess I'll be going," he said.

"Oh," Laura said. Suddenly she was embarrassed to be lying naked with the two men. "I'll get dressed'" she went on. "Why don't we all have coffee?" she concluded. She hoisted herself off the bed. "Yes," she said, "I'll get dressed and make some coffee."

The three of them sat in the kitchen, elbows on the table. Jack told them that he'd quit his job a year earlier and was now working for an escort service. He'd given his sperm to the sperm bank two years before and when Tom called him had forgotten that he'd done it or why. He told them that this was by no means the only threesome he'd been in. "But it sure was the kinkiest," he assured them in a way that made them feel complimented.

When he left they told him they'd call to let him know if the procedure had been successful. "Hey, anytime," he said, "No charge." He jabbed Tom lightly in the ribs, kissed Laura on the lips, and went off into the night.

Laura made more coffee and she and Tom took their cups into the living room. They sat on the couch and sipped in silence for a while.

"It was O.K.?" Laura asked at last.

"Well, we'll see. First we have to find out if you're pregnant, and nine months later see what we've wrought, and then one day explain to the kid that his real father is a male hooker who dropped by one evening."

"Are ~you~ O.K.?" she asked.

"There were some hard moments, but I'm fine."

She laid her head on his shoulder. "There were a lot of hard moments," she said.

He put his arm around her. "You got pretty wanton. How could we help it?"

They sat quietly for a few more minutes, doing nothing but breathing and feeling, letting the awareness of what they'd just done sink in, realizing that they'd come through it, still married, still in love, still wanting one another.

"It's not something or is it that you might want to do again. Just for fun," he said.

She let his question hang in the air for a while. Then she brought one hand up to his chest and began rubbing one nipple through the thin cloth of his shirt. "Not just for fun," she said. She glanced up at him and their eyes met. Their look was filled with confidence and delight. "But why not have a couple of kids?" she went on.

He leaned back and let his head sink into the top of the couch. As Laura unbuttoned his shirt and slipped her hand onto his skin, he closed his eyes and smiled. "Actually, I've always wanted a large family," he said.


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