"I don't know about this, Ginny," Jack whined as the teenage girl walked in circles around the tree, wrapping the rope tight around his body. She moved slowing downwards, pinning his hands to his sides, trapping his erection against his belly, forcing his thighs and knees together, and ending with a square knot at his ankles. His friend Johnny, who was also naked and already similarly bound, watched from several feet away.

"Then why are you so hard, Jackie?" mocked the slim brunette. She reached out and fingered the boy's equipment, then pulled the rope out with one hand and freed his cock with the other. "You got a rod just thinking about it, didn't you? You like being helpless while I make you do things. Dirty things. Nasty things. You can't wait to find out what's going on in my filthy little mind."

The girl smirked into the hulking boy's face as she masturbated him slowly, squeezing him a little harder than necessary. This was the big one; if things worked out, she'd have both boys in the palm of her hand. She gave Jack a few quick jerks, and then she spun away.

"How 'bout a little show, boys?" Ginny asked in a theatrically throaty voice. She put her hands behind her head and lifted her hair to the top of her head, then let it fall about her shoulders. "You wanna see this body?"

The girl teasingly unbuttoned her blouse as she undulated her hips. The blouse hit the ground, followed by Ginny's shorts and her thin white brassiere. She pulled down her panties and posed provocatively as they bunched around her knees, then she kicked them up in the air, caught them with one hand, sauntered over to Jack and slapped him gently across the face with them.

Over and over the soft material bounced silkily against the boy's cheeks, bringing hints of Ginny's aroma to Jack's nostrils. His excitement shone in his eyes, and Ginny smiled at the effect her teasing humiliation was having. She turned her underwear inside out, put her hand behind the crotch, and rubbed the damp spot against Jack's nose and lips. Looking suddenly bored, Ginny hung her underwear on Jack's stiff prick; it trembled as the twitchings of his cock bounced it around.

Ginny shifted her attention to Johnny. "He looks pretty silly, doesn't he?" she smirked as she put her hand on his shoulder and gave him an insolent look. "Well, so do you, kid. You may not have my underwear dangling from your dick..." She reached down to stroke Johnny's half- hard prick. "But you're a sorry case, just the same." Ginny put her tongue in the boys ear, then whispered, "You want to put this thing somewhere where it's warm and slippery, don'tcha?"

"Yeah, baby. I want to shove it up your hot cunt."

"I'm the one that'll do the shoving; you're the one that's all tied up." Her fingers flew up and down Johnny's stiff shaft, fluttering delicately like butterfly wings.

"Whatever you say, Ginny. I just want to be inside your pussy."

"You're gonna have to promise me something, though. You're gonna have to do whatever I say afterward."

"Don't I always?"

"I guess so, but tell me now." She tweaked the tip of Johnny's prick with her fingers.

"Fuck me baby, and I'll do whatever you say, I promise."

Ginny turned and rubbed against the boy like a big cat, wriggling her hips up and down as she twisted, finally feeling his rod between her buttocks. She bent at the waist and reached between her legs, manipulating Bobby's stiff shaft and tugging it downward, feeling it catch against the tight, recessed ring of her asshole before she worked it loose, and, still pressing backwards with her hips, dipped the head into her hot, wet, sticky honey pot. "That feel good, Johnny?" she breathed softly as she wiggled his shaft up and down with her fingertips.

"Ungh." Johnny's incoherence was caused by his urgent desire to bury his dick in Ginny's tight pussy and his frustration that all his pushing against the ropes was getting him no nearer to his goal. He kept flexing his hips back and forth anyway.

Ginny pushed his cock down far enough so she could rub her clitoris with it. "Want more, Johnny?"

"Lemme fuck you. Please."

"Like this?" Ginny thrust her hips back against the boy. Her warm slickness was delicious. She tightened her vaginal muscles on him, and he thought he'd die with pleasure. "Oops!" She let out a playful, teasing cry as she pulled away from him. She twined her arms around Johnny as she kissed his ear and whispered: "Now you know what it'll be like, Johnny. I'll fuck you just like that. I'll fuck you 'til you shoot in my hot cunt. But promise me again, Johnny: you'll do just what I say afterwards."

"Sure, Ginny. You know I will, I promise."

Ginny danced away from the tree and found her purse, then sashayed back tearing open a square foil packet.

"Aw c'mon Gin, lemme fuck you bareback."

"No way, you already got more than you should've." She rolled the sheath down Johnny's throbbing rod, and held him as she turned her back, bent over, and pressed herself onto him. "How's that, Johnny?" she asked as she began thrusting backwards sharply and pulling forward leisurely with a little hip-wiggle.

"Shit, Ginny. You feel fucking fantastic."

"I knew you'd like it," Ginny purred. She rode the boy to his orgasm while looking deeply into Jack's eyes.

When he'd blown his load into the rubber and Ginny had pulled off his still stiff dick, she twirled around and said, "Ok, before I untie you, I'm gonna tell you what you have to do." Ginny whispered for a few seconds in Johnny's ear, and Jack saw his eyes widen.

"I can't do that..." Johnny started to protest, but Ginny cut him off.

"Of course you can. You might even like it. "You'd never admit it, though..." The girl stood in front of Johnny with her hands on her slim hips. "Promise me, now, or you'll spend the rest of the day tied up."

"OK, Gin... But what's Jack gonna..."

"Let me worry about Jack," said Ginny crisply as she began to fumble with the knots.

Soon Johnny was free; he stripped off the used rubber as the pair advanced on Jack. Ginny stood behind Johnny and pushed down on his shoulders until he knelt at Jack's feet. Ginny pulled her panties off Jack's still-stiff prick, scissored one leg over Johnny and wrapped her arms around Jack's bound body. The ropes felt strange against her skin; she rubbed her body up and down, savoring the feel of Jack's smooth skin and the roughness of his fetters.

She trapped his dick between his body and hers and rubbed against it, rotating her pubic mound in little circles as she pressed against him. Johnny looked up at Ginny's buttocks, flexing and squirming just inches from his face. He saw the shiny slickness between her legs, and peered into the dark, hairy forest of her pussy. A drop of oily, clear fluid dripped down the girl's leg, and Jack leaned forward to lick it off.

He followed the spicy odor in the direction of Ginny's cunt, and plunged his tongue into its hot, wet interior as the girl began to pump her hips back and forth. His nose slipped between her buttocks and slid over her greasy asshole. A few weeks ago, Jack had been repelled when Ginny made him lick her there, but something had changed: Ginny's tight brown ring turned him on now. He worked his nose into its recesses.

Ginny's motions were beginning to chafe Jack where she rubbed his cock against the rope that crossed his belly; he was relieved when she pulled back a bit, reached down with one hand, and pushed his cock between her legs. She was shorter that he, so her crotch forced his cock uncomfortably downward, even though Ginny stood on tiptoes. "Do your stuff, Johnny," the girl mumbled, to Jack's confusion.

Johnny knew the time had come, and he steeled himself as Ginny pressed her hips forward, causing Jack's cock to slide past her vagina and into Johnny's open mouth. The kneeling boy tentatively licked the head, then pressed forward, plunging his nose into Ginny's brown rosebud as he sucked his friend's cock. It felt soft and warm in his mouth. He repressed the urge to gag.

Jack didn't know what was happening until he felt the light sharp nips of Johnny's teeth. He tried to twist away, but could only move an inch or two. Ginny whispered as she licked his face: "How's your dick feel, Jackie-boy? You like the way Johnny sucks your cock? He's not as good at it as I am, is he? He'll get better if he gets lots of practice, though."

"That's disgusting! Let me go!"

"Disgusting, huh? Then how come you're still hard? If it's really disgusting, then you won't come in his mouth, will you. That'll be the proof, Jackie. Can Johnny get you off? I'll bet he can. See if you can keep from coming, but I think you will."

Meanwhile, Johnny was doing his best to get Jack to do exactly that, but he wasn't getting very far, because Ginny's squirmy ass kept him from getting much of Jack's cock into his mouth. That was actually fine with Johnny, who has made his piece with sucking just the end of his friend's dick, as long as he got to bury his face in Ginny's delicious ass while he was doing it, but he was worried about going much farther.

Ginny hadn't thought much about the problems Johnny would have in this position, but she wanted a change for reasons of her own: she wanted to watch Johnny as he sucked his friend off. The thought of seeing the head of Jack's big dick rippling under Johnny's hollowed cheeks turned the girl on, and she scissored one leg back over Johnny and knelt beside him.

"Hey, there, boy. Yeah, you with the dick in your mouth. Are you a good little cocksucker? Go ahead, you can get more meat in." Ginny pressed on the back of Johnny's head and he obediently let Jack further inside, then began to move his head up and down on the boy's slick penis.

Ginny slid her hand down Johnny's back and stroked his buttocks. What the hell, might as well give him a thrill, thought the girl as she trailed the fingernails of her other hand down Johnny's chest before wrapping her fingers around his cock. She pumped him gently and probed between his asscheeks for his tight little hole. With Ginny's middle finger up his butt, her strong hand fisting his dick, and his mouth full of Jack's warm prick, Johnny was drowning in sensation. He moaned and pressed forward until he felt Jack against the back of his throat.

Ginny looked up at Jack. His eyes were slits, and his face was contorted. Johnny's mouth felt great, but he was revolted by what was happening. Gradually the good feeling grew until it dominated his squeamishness. He grunted.

Ginny picked right up on it. "Turns you on, doesn't it, Jackie-boy. You gave me all that shit about how disgusting it all was, but look at you now. Pretty close to dropping your load?" She turned to Johnny. "Suck him faster now. Move your mouth up and down on his hot, stiff prick. Yeah, that's right. Play with his balls. Good. Yeah Johnny -- suck that cock. Make him come in your mouth."

Johnny moved faster and faster until he felt Jack's prick jerk in his mouth. One hot spurt hit the back of his throat, and he pulled suddenly away and bent down to spit out the sticky fluid. Jack shot a few more squirts into the air before Ginny took pity on him, reached up, and milked his dick dry.

She stood up and wiped her hands on Jack's face. Looking at the ashamed, beaten look in his eyes, she knew she wouldn't even have to threaten them. They'd know that she'd tell everybody about what happened if they crossed her. She was home free; they'd do anything she said from now on.


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