Clay and I were both fourteen. We were just getting ready for the end of summer. We had started out the week with a campout down by the Casey Canal. It was a warm night and we seldom slept early. We had played all the young boy games and discovered jerking off together last summer. Now we seldom lost a chance to take a squirt.

Clay was telling me a story of how his older brother Tom had made a kid we both knew, give him a blowjob. Tom said he gave Gary a ride home from school and was really horny. He said Gary could not stop looking at the bulge in his shorts. Tom said it took some real convincing but he got him to take his cock in his mouth and suck it exactly like his girlfriend did.

I told Clay he was full of shit that I knew Gary and that he didn't look queer to me. Clay said his brother said you could never tell who had queer genes in them, but guys who are willing to suck usually do have them. I didn't believe him but the story made me real hard anyway. Both Clay and I had been constantly horny for the last year.

"You want to suck my dick?" Clay asked.

"No way, asshole, that thing would not fit in my mouth." I said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"I'm not gonna put a cock in my mouth and be known as a queer like Gary," I told him.

"You know," he assured me. "You might just have the queer genes. I've always sort of thought of you as being that way," he added.

I just looked at him; not believing what he'd just said that to me. I just shook my head, "You're crazy, dude."

He looked at me and said, "You can't tell me you don't want to find out what its like."

I said quickly, "Not me, you want one go find Gary."

He smiled as he looked down at his naked hard cock and then up at me, "Maybe I might find Gary for a blowjob, but he's not here and you are."

He pumped his cock a few strokes and paused, "Why don't you just try it? I'll put my jockeys back on and you can just put it in your mouth and jerk me off. Any cum will go in my jockeys and your lips won't actually touch any skin," he added, arguing like he always did.

"Since you won't really be sucking a cock, it won't be queer, and if you don't like it, we can stop," he pleaded.

I looked down at Clay's cock and my face turned red as I realized he had me thinking about sucking him. Both of us knew that sucking dick was sucking dick. I knew that if I took his cock in my mouth even covered with his jockey shorts that he would have me do it again.

I looked at Clay's hard dick. I crossed the line when I said, "Put your shorts on it." He quickly grabbed his shorts and pulled them over his rigid cock, "Shit yeah, I can't wait. Go for it dude," he said excitedly.

I knelt down between his legs as he sat on the ground cloth. I put my mouth over the head of his cock through his shorts.

Clay said, "Wait I want to know what a blow job feels like and he started taking his shorts back off.

I watched his cock plop back against his stomach as he removed his shorts. I said, "No way, unless you put them on I'm not gonna touch your cock."

Clay started looking around in the tent and came out with a sheer clothe bandana. "How bout this? It will be more like a blowjob and it still will be as if you're not." He wanted me to actually put a bandana-covered cock in my mouth yet he was telling me it wouldn't be queer.

I had seen Clay hard before, but this was different. His cock was rock hard and strained in the bandana. I didn't look at Clay's face as I knelt between his legs again. I became acutely aware of the wetness where precum had soaked through the thin cloth as my mouth covered the place at the tip of his cock. Clay was waiting, so I lowered my mouth, and I raised my eyes to Clay's face and I felt his cock twitching and jumping in anticipation.

Then I turned my attention to his cock and I felt the wetness as I forced out more precum from the cock head in my mouth. I grasped his shaft and started to jerk him off with just the cloth-covered head in my mouth. I held him at the base as I continued bobbing my head and sucking on his cock.

The slow sucking rhythm caused him to reach the edge. He was shooting and his cum was soaking through the sheer material of the bandana and I could taste it. Soon the cloth was so wet that it did not slow down the spurts of cum in my mouth I never had time to think about or to turn away before a volley of jism oozed through the cloth. Cum just flowed into my mouth and I don't know why I continued to pump his cock.

Clay was silent as I release his cock from my mouth. He said, "See the cloth did the job and all the cum was captured." There was no way to describe how it felt to suck his dick, but it had been unbelievable. "Well do you have the queer gene? Do you like to suck dick? Want to try it like Gary did without the cloth?" Clay asked. I actually got kind of a thrill and yet was embarrassed that I must have swallowed some of his cum. I never remember spitting it out.

I told him that the experience had been okay but that I would not do it again. Secretly I was glad that I had gone down on Clay and I knew I would do it again, though I couldn't tell him that. It was less than an hour when he started begging me to do it again. That was fine by me.

I think he knew that I was willing. I guess my reluctance was gone, because I didn't have any trouble going down on him again. The second time sucking his dick was easier for me. Clay started asking me what it felt like while I sucked him.

While I was bobbing up and down, with a little more action, Clay asked me if I wanted to remove the cloth. He said that it was just he and I and he would never tell anyone. He said it was just two dudes experimenting and that he was just joking about the queer genes. I actually wanted to do it yet I was not prepared to go that far. Clay knew that I liked to suck his cock, yet he knew that it would mean admitting that I was queer if I admitted it and he knew that I wouldn't do that.

The next week Clay was busy all the time and he didn't talk about what we had done. I thought he was ashamed or something and I even noticed that he would get hard sometimes while we hung out together. But then he'd always say he had better leave. I thought that he did not want to be embarrassed around me.

It was about a week later when I found why he would leave. He told me that he had come home from our trip and that Gary was at his house with his brother. He said that he watched him give Tom a blowjob. He said that Gary was always trying to get Tom to let him suck him.

"Now he sucks Tom off all the time," Clay said. He looked at me and said, "Shit Gary suck me too. Boy he's good at it too." Then he smiled and said, "Almost as good as you."

Clay was always good at getting me to do whatever he wanted. There was no denying I got off on sucking him and I knew what he wanted me to do next.


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