This happened many years ago. It's never far from my mind though. Whenever I have sex, I think about it.

I was only fourteen. I had been interested in boys for a while - romantically but not sexually, if you know what I mean. Up until then sex had been a mystery to me. I knew the mechanics - in a disbelieving sort of way. I couldn't imagine why any boy would want to stick his wiener in a girl's 'hole" - and even more than that, I couldn't believe that any girl would let him. The summer of my fourteenth year all that changed.

I started to think about boys differently. I thought about what they had between their legs, and what it looked like, and what it would feel like. I used to finger myself at night in bed under the covers. I imagined that it was a real boy's cock inside of me. One night I decided I wanted something more realistic than my finger. I went and got the only cylindrical piece of meat I could think of - a hotdog.

I worked it into my pussy - back and forth, back and forth. I sawed away imagining it to be the real thing. It felt a lot better than my finger; it was bigger and filled my virgin hole nice and snug. By using one hand to work it back and forth and the other to rub my clit I reached orgasm for the first time.

I was lying there enjoying the afterglow - when it hit me! What was I going to do with the hotdog? Should I put it I the garbage? What if my mother found it and asked why I'd thrown away a perfectly good Weiner. Should I put it back in the fridge? Tomorrow was Saturday and we usually had franks and beans for dinner. I imagined my father or brother eating the hotdog I had just pushed into my pussy! The idea kind of excited me.

But I couldn't put it back in the pack. What if Mom noticed a smell? What if she guessed what I had done -- It was depraved --I'd fucked my family's dinner!

Then it hit me again - Buster, our dog. Of course! Buster would eat anything. I opened my bedroom door just a crack and whistled softly for him. A minute later he came into the room wagging his tail I took the hotdog and held it in front of his nose. He was so thrilled he was spinning around in circles - doing a little Snoopy dance in anticipation of his treat. I gave him the hotdog and he ate the whole thing in two gulps. All the evidence was gone! The perfect crime.

My hotdog phase went on for several weeks. Each time Buster would eat the frankfurter after I'd pulled it out of my pussy. Once, I had started my period and the frank came out bloody, but he didn't mind - he ate it just the same. Good old Buster.

Then a problem started to develop. Remember the story of Peter Pan where the crocodile had eaten Captain Hook's sliced-off hand and liked it so much that he followed Captain Hook around everywhere hoping to eat the rest of him. Well, that's what was happening with Buster and me. I was Captain Hook and he was the crocodile.

Buster would follow me everywhere and try to put his nose under my skirt - looking for a hotdog. It was particularly embarrassing when other people were around. I would always give him a whack and move away.

One time, however, when I was home alone I thought: "Okay, dummy, this time I'm not going to stop you and you'll see for yourself that there's no hotdog there." He stuck his nose under my skirt and started to sniff around. It was definitely a weird feeling. Instead of getting discouraged when he didn't find a hotdog, however, he did something I hadn't expected. He started to nuzzle my crotch with his snout. The pressure of his wet nose against my pussy lips sent tingles up my spine.

In my mind I justified what I did next by saying to Buster: "So you think I might have a hotdog inside my panties, huh? Well I'll prove to you I don't." With that I peeled down my underpants. I think I just wanted an excuse to find out what his cold wet nose would feel like on my pussy.

Buster had a surprise in store for me, however. Once my undies were out of the way he started licking me. It was then that I realized that he didn't just want a hotdog; he wanted the taste that had always gone with it - the taste of my pussy!

I knew I should stop him. This was much sicker than what I had ever done before. The hotdog had been bad enough but now I was letting my dog put his tongue on my most private place. My mother had told me never to let anyone touch me there. She had told me that if anyone ever did, I should tell her about it. Somehow, though, I didn't think she would really want to hear about Buster and me.

No one would blame Buster, he was just a dog - he didn't know any better. I was the one who was guilty. I was the one who pulled down my panties and let him do it to me.

Feeling disgusted with myself, I turned away from Buster and his big tongue. But by then he had gotten me so worked up that I knew I had to get some relief. I went to the fridge and got another hotdog. Buster followed me back into my bedroom. As I pushed the piece of meat into my pussy, I fingered my clit in the circular pattern that always made me come. With the hotdog half sticking out of me, I approached orgasm. I had one hand rubbing my clit and the other hand squeezing my nipple. Just as I reached orgasm, Buster slurped the hotdog with his tongue and sucked it out of my pussy.

I lay still for a while enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm. Buster was on the floor enjoying his treat. After a few minutes I felt him stick his nose back up between my legs. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I spread my legs wider. I knew what he wanted to do to me, and this time I knew that I was going to let him.

His tongue was lapping at me - over and over. I reached down and pulled the lips apart at the top so that he could get at my clit. Each swipe of his tongue traveled over every part of my pussy. I knew that I was crossing some kind of line. I knew that once I let him do this to me I would not be able to stop. It would be like with the hotdog only worse. I could see myself letting him lick me every night. I knew I had to stop him now or I would never stop him again. But thinking of how perverted it was just made me more excited and I started another orgasm.

This one was different. Before I had made myself come by what I was doing to myself. This time I was just laying back and receiving pleasure. I could concentrate fully on just the sensations. It was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life. I felt like I was going to faint as wave after wave rippled through my body.

I know that you would like me to tell you that I went on to let Buster fuck me and maybe even that I sucked his dick for him, but that never really happened. He continued to eat me out whenever we were alone, but he never really fucked me.

It's not that I wasn't tempted. It just never worked out. His cock would come out of its sheath and get big. Often he would rub up against my leg until he came. Several times I even got down on all fours for him. I was going to let him fuck me. I told myself it was his reward for giving me so much pleasure. But really I was just desperate to have a cock inside me, even a dog cock.

He would rub his cock against the crack in my ass. He would hump me like this until he started to spurt. Lots of jism would come out and cover my back and my butt, however he never succeeded in entering me. While he was rubbing off against my ass, I would reach back and finger myself to an orgasm.

Once I turned fifteen I got a boyfriend who would eat me out and fuck me too. That was the beginning of the end of my sex play with Buster - although every once in a while I would let him do me for old time's sake.

Eventually I started to give my boyfriend blowjobs. Although it made me think about doing it to Buster, I never did. That seemed too perverted even for me.

It's been a long time since I was fourteen, and I've had a lot of different sexual experiences since then, but thinking about Buster eating me out that first time still gets me hot.


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