"Do you speak English? Can you help me?"

I turned. It was a girl. A few years younger than me, perhaps twenty years old. She was dressed somewhat shabbily. Old jeans and a loose sweatshirt, a knit cap. About 5 foot 7.

"I speak English."

"I have lost my train ticket, and I need to get back to Budapest." She said, in a thick Hungarian accent. "I have 420 Guilders, and I just need 30 more so I can buy a new one."

I almost laughed. I'd been warned about this scam, common in European train stations. They always need just a few dollars, it was perfectly reasonable. They could hit on 10 people an hour, earning more money than by working. Which of course foreigners are not allowed to do legally anyway.

It's not a problem that I often face. People rarely hit on a young black man with a ring through his eyebrow.

And then I saw her eyes.

Some of my friends are "Leg men", some are "Tit men". Some swear by the ass. I'm a face man.

The beauty of a woman's face turns me on. The eyes, especially.

The Hungarian girl had the most amazing green eyes.

It would only cost me about $12 to be able to look at them for a minute or two, and I was in a generous mood.

I put down the pizza slice I had been eating, and started hunting around in my pockets for some money.

Those eyes, I just can't tell you. I kept looking at them, I couldn't resist them. They were crystal clear, bright with life. She had high cheekbones, and clear pale skin. She kept looking at the food.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her.

"No, I am ok. I just need to get home."

"Are you sure?"

She laughed. I was impressed that someone in her situation could laugh. Then I remembered; her situation was surely just bullshit.

"No." she said, "I am not so sure. Maybe it would be good if I ate something." I gave her my second piece, and bought her and myself two more from the pizza hut counter [yes, pizza hut is even in Amsterdam].

When we had eaten, she looked at me intently; perhaps she knew what her eyes could do.

"Thank you. You are a good man, I wish you much happiness."

And she walked away, convincingly, in the direction of the ticket counters. I went to buy my own ticket to Munich. She was there, waiting on the line. I took my position behind her, setting my bag down next to me.

She looked slightly nervous. "Ah," I thought, "she's probably going to buy a local ticket. She's nervous because I'll see that she's full of it."

I didn't care. I would rather give money to people like that than have them steal or turn to prostitution. When someone is hungry, I know that they'll do whatever they have to do, and there's no safety net for east block people away from home. Precious little when they're at home, for that matter.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Munich," I told her.

"Then we will be on the same train, I think." She said.

So we sat together. She really was going to Budapest.

She took off her hat. Her red hair fell to her shoulders.

We talked. Her father was a builder; she had been visiting friends in Western Europe.

I was taking some time off to see Europe myself. I told her that I was going to pick up my brother's new BMW from the factory in Munich. It was cheaper than buying it in the states, and in return, I got to drive it around for a while before delivering it to Rotterdam, and the ship that would take it across the Atlantic.

She had a powerful personality, I liked that. We debated some political and economic issues.

We fell silent, and she watched the view flashing by the window. I daydreamed, looking at her.

I was tracing across her cheek with my tongue, kissing her eyes, chewing on her ears. I was pushing my tongue between her lips, running it across her teeth. I was biting her lower lip.

"What are you thinking?" she asked, breaking into my reverie.

"Nothing." I said, embarrassed.

"Go on, tell me. You were looking very happy."

She wouldn't let it rest, so I finally told her; "I was thinking of kissing you."

She blushed, and looked out the window once more.

"Ok." She said, after a while.

I'd never been to good with girls. I'm a computer geek; I'm good with computers. I just didn't have much confidence with girls.

"Ok what?" I asked, hardly able to believe.

"Ok you can kiss me. I was never kissed on a train." She was grinning.

I sat next to her. I thought my heart would come out of its box, and that wasn't the only thing that wanted out.

Hesitantly, I touched her neck. She has a long, thin, graceful neck.

We kissed, just a simple little kiss.

Her hand found my shoulder, and we continued. Her mouth opened a crack, and my tongue slipped briefly inside for an exploratory raid.

There was no one sitting opposite us, but people passed from time to time. No one said anything.

It was a literal dream come true. I made love to her face, like I had dreamed. I bit her eyebrows, chewed her earlobes.

When I was confident that we were unobserved, I fondled her breast a little. The strange thing about this was the unlikliness of it going very far. In another hour, she would change trains, leaving me to continue my journey alone.

We stopped kissing, and just sat together, my arm around her.

How bittersweet, to meet like this. The traveler's dream, but with too fast an ending.

Anyway, I had never been able to keep a girlfriend for long. Ok, it usually wasn't quite this sudden, but women didn't stay with me.

My dad thought I just never went out with the right girls. But I knew otherwise. It was my sexual problem; premature ejaculation.

It was more than just that I came too soon. It was so embarrassing. How could a woman respect me when I let my load loose the second I would penetrate her? When I was so lucky as to last that long. How could I respect myself?

"Why don't you come with me?" she asked.

"To Budapest?"

"Sure. I could show you everything there!"

I didn't have any idea what there might be to see in Budapest. Other than Jlona.

"Why don't you come with me, instead?" I asked her.

"I have no money." She said. "But I suppose I can get some from my father."

"Do you want to come with me, though?"

"I would like to, maybe. It would be nice to see some more of the West. I was only in Amsterdam and Brussels. But I have to start to work again."

"I could take care of you for a while. Once I have the car, it won't make much difference."

Of course, that was presuming that we shared hotel rooms. Which, after that petting session, didn't seem likely to be a problem. And if, as I thought likely, she was no longer interested in me by tomorrow morning, I could just buy her another train ticket, I thought, with some trepidation.

We checked into a small hotel near the station in Munich. It was fairly awkward, the unspoken agreement of sex. And more than a little exciting.

She went into the bathroom first, and showered and changed. I was awestruck at the transformation when she emerged. She now wore a green dress that showed the shape of her body, a shape that I had no idea had been lurking below her baggy traveling outfit. Her hips were so slim, it made me want to reach for them, circle them with my arms. I had felt the weight of her breast briefly on the train, but now they were revealed, standing proudly in the dress, the smooth valley between them a pilgrimage sight for all testosterone-powered humans.

We went to a little restaurant and ate, and we talked until midnight. I was in no hurry to get her back to the hotel, and the waiting double bed that we were going to share. I was horny as hell, but I really liked this girl, and I believed she liked me too. I dreaded loosing her to my cursed uncontrollable balls.

She took my hand, and led me up the stairs to our room. From two steps below her, her ass was looking even better. Her walk, the way she swayed while climbing the steep stairs, already gave me a hard on.

We undressed, both of us with some embarrassment. I watched her eyes find my cock. I watched them widen a little.

I'd only ever had sex with white girls. I seem to lack some of the "cool" that my race is expected to possess in the U.S., but the white girls don't notice. They like that I'm a bit more unpretentious, and I know there is some curiosity about the interracial thing. My dick isn't a baseball bat or anything, but it's generous enough. I think it's the color that winds them up. They just think it's bigger because it's black.

She sat naked on the bed, and she couldn't seem to wait to get her little white hands around my pole when I came over to her. I do love the way that looks, the contrast. The same goes for my hand on a white tit, it just looks great to me. Feels nice too.

Jlona was very pale, like milk. They don't seem to have a tanning fashion where she's from.

I knelt on the floor, to kiss her and so she would have to let go. That's how bad my problem was; I was nearly set to pop my load already.

She sat with her weight on her cute ass, on the bed, and she wrapped her legs around my back, and we kissed for a long time, until I was getting pain in my knees.

I really like that part [kissing, not pain in my knees], both because, like I said, I'm a face man, and because it's the only thing that's gonna last for long.

But she wanted my black dick in her eventually, and she lay back on the bed and tugged me after herself.

I didn't want to, I knew what was going to happen. But she had both her hands around it, she was insistent. Perhaps I should have said something, but I was never able to talk about it. I could talk anyone' s head off normally, but at these moments I'm just struck dumb.

She was rubbing it up and down against her clit when it exploded like a bomb in a supermarket, violent and unwanted. The first spurt soaked her crotch, and then she held it up, so I shot it all over the two of us.

I rolled over onto my back, disgusted with myself, and waited for her scorn to rain down on me. That's what had always happened before.

But Jlona was a different kind.

"Wow! I think you really needed that!" she said, and she turned over and kissed me gently.

And then she stood, stood on the bed, stood over my face, and grinning down at me, she very slowly crouched down, until her crotch was where she wanted it, on my mouth.

I was completely grossed, there was some of my own come on it. But it was my only chance, I had to do it.

Soon my fluids were replaced by hers. I guess I must have swallowed mine. Anyway, it was ok. I had never done this before, and I liked it. I rolled her over, and she put her feet on my shoulders. I loved the way she threw herself around, barely under control. She came.

That was it. That was our first sex. We washed up, and we slept together.

I'd only spent a night with a woman once, and she got rid of me quick in the morning. Jlona loved me again in the morning.

I awoke with her hands caressing me. I didn't move for while. It was too nice. She went down on me. I had never experienced that before, either. The sight of my black dick in her gorgeous face was too much for me, and I felt my jism rise. I came hard, after only a few seconds.

"My God, Jimmy!" she said, "You are definitely very excitable!"

My dick turned soft, as it always does after I come. But this time I knew what to do. I knew I could lick her out again.

Her thighs were so smooth and white, and her pubes were red like her head hair. I realized she must be a real redhead.

It took a while to get her off. I was about to give up on it, when she started to tug at my hair and push her crotch against my mouth.

She reached for my dick after, and tried to get it going again. I really wanted to, but it wouldn't quite get hard.

She tousled my hair. "Next time, baby." She said, and went to clean herself up.

She really loved that car. So did I, which I should, considering what it cost. A 540i with everything.

With Jlona stretched out in the passenger seat, it was the most beautiful car in the world.

"We could drive to Budapest if you want." I told her.

She touched my face with the back of her hand and regarded me.

"I'm not in so much hurry to get home somehow today. Where were you going to go?"


"Ok. I like also to go to France."

Her smile was a blinding light, it dazzled me.

"You're with a girl? That's great, Jim!" my dad said on the phone. "Better get your ass out of Germany, son. That's no place for a Black man to be traveling with a white girl."

So we cruised.

The French border was only 200 miles, and we drove at a leisurely 100 mph. I didn't want to push the car when it was so new.

We stopped in a small town in the French Alps, and found a room in a little guesthouse. It was run by a plump old French woman who spoke no English, but knew what we needed. The French are good like that.

Once more, we ate, and we talked. I found her very exciting, I couldn't get enough of her. She had a way of stimulating my mind, introducing me to new thoughts and ideas. I had spent too much of my life in front of the computer.

We returned to our room. It was cold, and we undressed hurriedly and got under the big quilt together.

This was now the longest sexual relationship I'd ever had. 2 days.

We kissed and held each other, and she massaged my dick.

"Jimmy," she whispered to me, "You're too tense. You have to relax."

I didn't believe her at first. Me? Tense? Never. But slowly, she showed me it was true.

Under the big quilt in the cold dark room in the French Alps, Jlona slowly got me to let go and relax.

She stroked me, massaged me, loved me like no one ever had. And when she mounted me, I was able to hold out for longer than I ever had, maybe a minute.

You can all laugh, but a minute was a hell of a long time for me. A breakthrough.

She didn't come.

"It's ok." She whispered in my ear, and we curled up together and slept.


"Your birth certificate? What do you want that for? Are you planning to get married to that Hungarian girl?"

A month had passed. A month of happiness such as I never thought possible.

"Yes Dad. I am."

"Why don't you at least bring her home first, son? Isn't this a bit quick?"

"She can't get a U.S. visa, Dad. Either I marry her, or it's over. We love each other dad."

There was silence on the line for a moment.

"I didn't want to say this, son, but are you sure she's not a fortune hunter? You told me how you met her."

"She doesn't know I have money, dad. I told her that it's Bruce's car."

How could my father know? How could he know that at last I was a man?

Thanks to Jlona.

"Don't be a fool, son! Just getting to the States is enough for these people. Don't do it. I tell you, don't do it!"

How could he know that I could fuck her like she deserved now, that I could now control myself, holding back while she came twice or more?

"That's a decision I have to make, dad. Now will you send me that birth certificate, or do I have to have someone else do it for me?"


"I want to suck your big black dick!"

"I'm not going to stop you, sweetheart."

That face of hers never got boring, it stayed just as beautiful and sexy as we traveled through Europe.

My black penis in her pale mouth looked more and more exciting each time she did it to me. Her red hair and green eyes contrasting against my black and brown colors never failed to electrify me.

I loved to run my tongue up and down her perfect round white ass cheeks, before lifting her by the hips, and working my cock into her, and fucking her doggy style.

Not one day passed without us doing it at least once, except during her period. I was willing to do it even then.

I wanted to buy her things, everything. But I didn't want her to guess the truth about me. So I just got her a few new clothes from some market stalls. It was easy; Jlona looks amazing in nearly anything.


But we were refugees.

She was afraid to take me home. She finally admitted it. Her family knew she was traveling around with a young American. But she had been afraid to tell them about my color.

And we couldn't get to the states for at least 6 months after getting married. That's how long the procedure takes.

Jlona needs glasses to read. She had these round wire framed ones, and her eyes are even bigger through them. There was something completely appealing about watching her go down on me with them on. God, she could be half blind and I'd love her as much.


In the south of France, few seemed to mind a white girl with a Black man. Jlona liked to flaunt our relationship in public. Nothing outrageous, just little things like walking around with my hand on her hip, or a little kissing on a park bench.

Generally, people wouldn't stare, but we knew that we were getting attention. People didn't mind, but that doesn't mean that they didn't find it titillating. It didn't bother me, and Jlona thought it was funny.

We were in Marseille when one guy offered us $200 if we'd let him watch us together. I nearly punched his lights out.

But Jlona didn't think there would be any harm in it.

"We are going to have to start doing something soon. My father doesn't want to send me any more money, he is insisting I come home. How will we live? And soon you must send the car to your brother. And you cannot just keep putting everything on your credit card."

I should have told her then. But somehow, I was afraid. She might be mad at me for lying to her, she might not believe the truth that I loved her.

"Why don't we just go to Budapest? We could both work there, since we're married. It's the only place I'd be allowed to work in Europe."

She held me closer, and fondled my balls.

"I don't want to go there. Can't we just find some way to get by until we can travel to America?"

I didn't know what it was she wanted to hide. Me, I guess. But I loved her beyond words, and I would respect her wishes.


We went to the local red light district, and choose the most opulent looking club, and asked to see the manager.

He was a heavyset Frenchman in his sixties. His name was Marcel.

He couldn't get his eyes off Jlona. I didn't like it.

"Do you two have any experience at this sort of thing?"

"Well, not in front of an audience." I replied.

"All right. I'm willing to give you a try. I don't normally take new talent here, but I like you two."

He pointed at Jlona.

"Take your clothes off and lets have a look."

She was looking a bit shocked. I guess so was I.

"Look kids, if you can't even get naked in front of me, how will you fuck in front of a crowd?"

Slowly, blushing, my new wife striped off her clothes in the small office. She was so beautiful, she seemed to fill the space with her brilliance.

Marcel stood and walked around her, checking her out. I felt a strange mixture of pride, jealousy, and rage.


We were on, of course. The same night at ten o'clock.

"He didn't want to see you naked." Jlona observed.

"It's you they all pay to see, baby. I hope this is really ok with you."

"What else can we do?"

Well, several things. But this is somehow what we'd decided on. And in the office naked, Jlona's nipples had been sticking strait out.


I went out on stage naked. I was totally nervous, and between that and feeling the chill on my bare skin, my dick was so small, it could have been concave.

I waited for the cries of derision, but there was silence. There were lights on me, and it was dark below, so I couldn't see a thing past the stage.

I lay back on the cushions and waited for Jlona. I was afraid for a moment that she'd chickened out and abandoned me there, but she came out after a minute.

She was dressed as a princess, with high heels and a long satin dress, slit to the hips. Her big tits were pushed up in her blouse.

She was good, she did a whole act; she saw me [with my shriveled dick], and put her hands on her cheeks, wide eyed. She walked around me slowly.

Then she kneeled down, and ran her hands over my chest, down my legs, and back up to my balls. She brought her face to mine.

"Relax, forget they are there. There is only you and me," She whispered, and kissed me.

Pretty soon, she had me going, and I undressed her. I heard some appreciative comments from the crowd at that.

When she kneeled down in front of me, and started sucking my dick, and I was hard like a man should be, then I started to get into it. Yeah, I thought, you poor fucks, look what I got! Don't you all just wish Jlona would suck you, suckers! But she only sucks this black dick.

I laid her down and spread her open so they could all see, and I slid my piece on into her pink little snatch. Oh yeah, I got it!

She squealed out her orgasm soon after, and I kept pounding away.

I couldn't come. It was the weirdest thing; I was turned on, but something about the lights and the audience, I just couldn't come.

So I kept fucking her. We changed positions a few times, and I had no trouble keeping it up.

Finally, I thought I could, so I told Jlona, and she started to suck me. Marcel said we'd get a bonus if I shot it into her open mouth.

Well, I didn't. Not that first time. I did a couple of days later, though.

I later found out that most guys have trouble even getting it up on stage, never mind coming. My problem in the real world was a help here.

We got $150 dollars a night cash for two acts, with a couple of hours to rest in between. Plus bonuses if there was good business that night, or if the audience could see Jlona eat my come.

The thing was, were staying in a hotel and eating out, so we weren't saving anything. Plus, we had to buy our own outfits. That was fun, though. We got several really outrageously sexy outfits for Jlona; garters and fishnets, 6 inch heeled shoes, lacey bras. I didn't need much for myself.


We went up to $200 when I started to do her in the ass. I don't think we would have ever done something like that normally.

I had to grease my dick first, and we'd do it at the end of the last act.

"Baby, I want to fell your big black dick in my ess." Jlona would declare, for all to hear [I love her accent].

And I'd slowly feed it in there.

I was a bit grossed the first time, but soon I started to like it. Her ass is like a velvet vise.

We both shaved our genitals, since otherwise we'd get hair in our mouths all the time. It just doesn't look sexy to be fishing hairs out of your mouth during an act.


"I know it's tough, but I can't pay you more." Marcel told us. "You're getting the standard rate for a strait couple act. The only way you can get more money is to do threesomes."

"Threesomes? What do you mean?" asked Jlona.

"Well, I could put Didier in with you two. Then I could pay you an extra $50 a night."

"What do you think?" Jlona asked me, with excitement in her eyes. "With another $50, we could save enough to take another month driving around."

"I'm not too wild about it." I said.

"Don't worry, Jimmy. Didier never comes. He won't dirty your girl."

Jlona punched my shoulder. "Come on, Jimmy! Another $50! We could use that."

I wasn't at all sure it was the $50 she was so excited about, but I agreed. I couldn't refuse my girl anything, not even another man.


Didier does an act with two Thai girls. They fuck him and suck him, but he never comes, as Marcel says.

He's hung like a horse, and looks as strong as one too.

He started out on stage with Jlona while I waited behind. I didn't like seeing his big white dick in her hands. I liked it less in her mouth.

It was a stage act; she had to look as though she was enjoying it. But I knew her well, when her nipples are standing proud like that, she's not faking it.

I watched my wife spread her legs wide, so the large Frenchman could get his big dick in her.

I came out then; it was my cue. I knelt down and started kissing her while he fucked her. Was she faking that orgasm? She told me later that she was, but I know she lied, trying to spare my feelings. She came, holding me in her arms, but with his penis in her.


For the next week, we did the threesome act for our second show. It paid well, and Jlona liked doing it. She said it was a crowd pleaser.


"Listen," Marcel said to us one day at pay time, "I have a Japanese party booked over at the other club for Saturday. They really want to see a black guy with the oriental girls. Do you want to do it, Jimmy?"

"How much does it pay?" asked Jlona.

"Well, it's a special, and those Japs are paying through the nose. I could make it $200."

"But that's what we get for our regular act." I said.

"Yes, but I'll give $200 just for you, and Jlona can still do the act over here with Didier, and pick up another $150."

I didn't like the idea of Jlona and Didier doing it without me. I suppose that doesn't make much sense, but that's how I felt.

"It's just theater." Jlona was always saying. Perhaps she could be that way about it, but I couldn't quite manage. Theater, yes, but theater with full penetration.

They somehow persuaded me. I'm going to admit at this point that I did find those Thai girls cute. I had seen their act with Didier many times. They spoke nearly no English. I wish I could pronounce their names.


I didn't even see the Thai girls until Saturday night, just before we were to go on.

"Hi." I said, shaking their hands in turn, very business like. We had met many times before in the club.

"No kiss." One of them said. Touching her lips with her finger.

"Ok" I said.

One thing I'd noticed is that the pros don't often kiss on the lips. They have anal sex, and swallow semen, but they don't like to kiss. I thought it was one of the things that made my act with Jlona special.


I returned to "our" club about 2:00 AM.

"Hi, Jimmy." Said Marc at the door as I entered. I thought he sounded a little nervous. When I got inside, I knew why.

Jlona was still on stage. Didier was fucking her, like he was supposed to. But there was something more. Marcel was on stage too, without trousers, and Jlona was sucking his cock.

I was dumbstruck. Why? Because this was going too far. Marcel was the boss, what was he doing there? He was fat and old, he didn't belong on stage. The bastard had put himself in the act for his own gratification, to get it on with my woman while I was on a job.

I sat at the bar. The Russian bar girl, Natasha, came over.

"Hey, Jimmy! Were have you been? The second act canceled, so Jlona has been up there most of the night. She only gets a break for Georgia's act."

Georgia is a Hungarian lady boy. He/she does a really erotic dance act and strip tease, ending by exposing his/her hard dick. Jlona likes her a lot, someone from home she can gossip with in her own language.

"Marcel was really pissed off, there was only Jlona and Didier, and the crowd was starting to move out. So he went on himself. It's how he started in the business you know." Continued Natasha.

Jlona had stood, and now Didier stood behind her massaging her big firm tits while she spread her legs for Marcel. She was wearing those 6-inch heels [not to mention the garters and fishnets], and he was bonking her crotch with the tip of his hard dick.

She took it in her hands, and slipped it into herself.

She then reached behind her head, and grabbed Didier by the ears, and started frenching him. That really got to me.

"Have a beer, Jimmy. I think you need it." Said Natasha.

Marcel sat on the divan, and Jlona held his dick up and sat down over it, facing the audience. She moved her hips back and forth, and bent down to get her mouth to Didier's dick. Her big natural tits were swaying with her movements.

"Hey, Jimmy!" said Georgia, sidling up to me. "Isn't Jlona hot tonight?" she put an arm around me and gave my cheek a kiss. "I'm so proud of her, what a trouper!"

Georgia didn't remove her arm, and I let it slide. I know she has the hots for me, and there was no harm in it.

The crowd did seem to like the show. We had a lot of regulars, and they must have been getting bored with the same old thing every night.

Jlona turned, dropping Didier's dick, and put her leg over Marcel, so she was facing him. She took Marcel's head in her hands, tilted his chin up, and stuck her tongue down his ugly throat. Then she held his balding head between her breasts, and bucked her hips back and forth. Marcel bucked upwards with his hips, and we could all see his balls pulsing, and his come leak out a little between his cock and my wife's vagina.

There was a smattering of applause.

Georgia took my hand comfortingly, and held me closer.

"Wow, Marcel couldn't hold it! I can't wait to give him shit for that!"

Jlona stood to allow Marcel to exit, and then laid herself back on the divan luxuriously.

She lifted one leg strait up into the air and smiled at the audience.

She held her ankle in her hand as Didier moved in once more.

I noticed that Georgia was taking advantage of me. She was toying with my fingers and pushing a silicone tit against my arm. I couldn't be bothered to remove her just then, as Didier and Jlona were kissing like crazy.

Now I suppose you would think I'd be more concerned about his dick in her shaved pink pussy, but it wasn't so. We had agreed he was going to fuck her, that was ok. It was somehow that kissing that got me most upset.

Marcel came up to us.

"Hey, Jimmy! How did your show go? It's been crazy over here, my second act didn't show up."

"I told him, Marcel. So, we saw you couldn't hold it." Said Georgia.

"What do you mean, I can hold it forever. I wanted to make the crowd happy, you heard how they gave applause?

Listen, I have a good idea. You two go on after Didier and Jlona."

Georgia gave my shoulder a squeeze. "Oh! That's a very good idea! I will give Jimmy the most fantastic blow job."

"I've got a better idea, Marcel. You go on with Georgia, I'm going home. And I'm taking Jlona with me."

I looked up at the stage. Jlona was on her knees in front of Didier, who was standing. Her hands were around his cock, and she was pointing it at her open mouth. Didier was shooting shot after shot of come into it.

"I thought you said he never comes!" I said to Marcel.

"Well, not normally, but you weren't here, so I asked him to do it this time." Said Marcel.

Jlona was bowing and blowing kisses to the audience, who were whistling and applauding her. I met her back stage.

"Jimmy! Did you se the show? Was it hot, or what?" she was glowing. I was livid. "Yes I saw! I saw you enjoy having two men come in you. Why, Jlona, Why?"

The happy glow began to fade. "You weren't here. The people expect to see a man shoot his load, Jimmy."

"Well I don't. Not with you, anyway. You're my wife, Jlona. I'm sorry, but when it comes to letting other guys go that far with you."

"Come on Jimmy. We only got married for the paper, so I could come and see America with you."

"Is that how you feel?"

She stared at me. "That's what I thought. I'm not sure how I feel."

As we left, I was mighty surprised to see Marcel on stage with Georgia. She was doing her best, sucking him like crazy, but he was soft as butter in the sun.


We loaded up the car, and headed for Austria.

We talked. Talked and talked.

"It wasn't those men I was excited about, Jimmy. It was being on the stage, having all those people watching."

"But I saw the way you were with Didier. You knew he was coming."

"Sure. I did. He told me before hand. Marcel had asked us if we would do it that way before we went on."

"And you agreed."

"What's the big deal, Jimmy? I must have fucked Didier for a total of 3 or 4 hours in the last week. You know I come on stage. I must have come from Didier five or six times, and he only came once."


"Other people don't kiss in their acts. You were all over both Didier and Marcel"

"Well, I don't know what other people do. But in our act, we always kissed. And I was kissing Didier plenty when we did threesomes. Then you didn't complain. Even TV actors kiss."

"And you made Marcel come in you."

"I didn't expect that. He told me he was a professional."

"But you liked it."

"Not really."

"But you liked it a little."

"Ok, Jimmy, sure I liked it a little. I like it. I like it better with you, though. But sure, I like to feel a man come."

We parked at the bottom of an alpine trail that leads up to a glacier. We set off on the three-day walk to the summit.

"And what about those Thai girls? You enjoyed that, I bet."

"It was just a job."


"Ok, I enjoyed it a little."

"Did you kiss with them?"


"Why not?"

"They asked me not to."

"Aha. But you enjoyed it anyway."

"Give me a break. Two lovers at once, who wouldn't enjoy that?"

The air was clear, and the sun was bright up there, so different to the sleazy nightlife we had been living.

"But you wanted me to go with those girls. You wanted to do the act alone with Didier."

"That's just not true, Jimmy. But I saw you would like it, and I wanted us to get the money, so we could be together and travel some more."

"Come on, Jlona. Didier has a big dick that never stops. He's built like a truck. I know you like him."

"Well sure I like him, Jimmy! Do you think I'm a whore that I'll do it with someone I don't even like? Didier can fuck like a machine, sure, it's fun. But come on, Jimmy, he's got a brain like a pea."


There were rest cottages in the mountains where walkers can eat, drink, and spend the night. Dormitories! There were other people staying, so we couldn't make love, even had we been in the mood.

On the second night on the way down, though, we had the room to ourselves. We shared a bed, but we didn't fuck. We hadn't since our last night on stage together. There was an invisible barrier between us.

I no longer needed her as I had. My sexual confidence was now perfect; my problem was a distant memory. During the month of doing it every evening twice on stage, I had become able to control myself to perfection. I could put it off for as long as I wanted, then come within a minute of deciding to do so.

But I loved her. I have never met someone so open and honest, so generous and good hearted.

I've written this story mostly around the sex, because it's the most fun. But emotionally there was more than sex, much more, between us. It's the little things; thousands of small courtesies and kindnesses adding together. An intimate communication that slowly grows between two lovers.

"I love you Jlona." I told her.

"That's good." She replied, hugging me.

By the time we got back to the car, I think it had been ten days without sex. But we had talked, talked about everything.

We were physically exhausted, but morally replenished. The smut that had insidiously filled us had been left behind on the mountain.


"Somehow all that fucking ruined our sex life. We used to do it from sheer joy, but then it became a job." I observed.

"Yes. I suppose that is true. But it was a fun job."

And we drove.

"But why did you agree to do a threesome with Didier and Marcel? You must have liked the idea."

"I knew the crowd would really like it."

"But did you like it?"

"Ok, I thought it might be fun. You were off with two cute little Thai girls. Marcel said we should try something different. Maybe I had had one drink too many. You know how Natasha loves to slip me those vodkas in between shows."

"But how could you want to get it on with Marcel?"

"Well, you have to admit the idea is pretty kinky, Jimmy. The crowd thought it was just great, something about a young girl and an older man seems to press people buttons. Like a white girl and a black man, Jimmy. And Marcel has a certain something."

I'd seen his something dribbling back out of her.

"And you, Jimmy. Did you come with those Thai girls?"


"Ha! I bet they didn't like that. You know Didier never comes."

"Well, yeah. They didn't show it on stage, but they were a little short with me afterwards. But they know that in our act I always come."

"Be honest now, Jimmy. You were attracted to those girls."

"Okay, I have to admit they are pretty cute. Something about those slanty eyes and black hair. And then one of them got below me, and one on top. They locked their arms and legs together, and were kind of squishing me around in between them. I have to admit, it didn't feel completely bad."

"So. You are also not completely innocent."


We drove into Budapest. Jlona directed me to her father's place.

We arrived at a big steel gate. A man came out to the car. When he saw Jlona, His face broke into a huge smile.

"Jlona!" he exclaimed, followed by something in Hungarian.

He opened the gate, and we drove in.

"This is my house." Said Jlona, as a huge manor came into view.

"I thought you said your dad was a builder."

"Yes. He has built many of the new buildings in Budapest."


Jlona's dad clearly didn't approve of me. It's what you expect as a black man when you meet your white girlfriend's parents.

Still, Jlona had underestimated him. I could see that he was shocked at first, to find that his daughter had been living with a black man for the last several months. But he quickly overcame his conditioning, and saw me merely as a man.

That doesn't mean that he approved of me, though.


"So you want to keep my daughter. How will you do that? You see what life she really lives here. Why should she go with you to America?"

Jlona is an only child. I understood his position.

"Jlona told you I was working at a dot com company before I came to Europe."

"How much did you earn there?"

These people can be blunt.

"Well, not much. Until I sold my twenty five percent of the company.

Then I got ten million dollars."

"What happened to the money, Jimmy?" asked Jlona.

"Not a hell of a lot. It's accrued some interest by now. I didn't spend any, except for the car."

"You told me it was your brother's car."



"Do you still want to come with me to America, Jlona?"

"My father needs me here. He needs someone he can trust to help him run the business. My future is here, Jimmy."

"So it's over between us? Tell me what you feel, Jlona."

"You could stay here with us."

There was silence for a minute. Then she said; "I love you Jimmy. Stay with us here in Budapest."


The sex was back, better than it had ever been. I was working out again, and I felt good with myself.

But I felt the best with Jlona below me, my dark dick forcing an orgasm from her pale body, love shining at me from those green eyes again, her hands gripping on my forearms, her feet on my ass.


"I'll stay here with you. Jlona. But you have to promise me something."

"Jimmy, if you can fuck me like that, I'll promise you anything."

"I'm serious. You have to stay honest with me, Jlona. Like we've been for the last few weeks. If you feel those needs again, I want to know. I want you to stay true to me, but if you feel the need. I want to know."

"What needs, Jimmy? Say what you mean."

"The need for variety. other men. The stage. Whatever."

She went down on me, and didn't speak until I was hard again.

"The only thing I need is you." She said, as she lay back, waiting.

"You have me, Jlona. Now promise me. I whacked her pussy with my dick.

"Don't tease me, Jimmy!"

I whacked it again.

"You like it with other guys, you like to have an audience."

"No, I don't want other men. It's past, Jimmy! Stop teasing me now."

I pushed my dick a short way in, then pulled it out again.

"Promise me you'll tell me the day that changes, Jlona."

"Never, Jimmy, it will never change. I love you, Jimmy."

I pushed at her entrance with the tip of my dick, but didn't put it in.

"Promise me."

"I promise, Jimmy, I promise."

I slid into her, and she enveloped me with her body once more, and enveloped me with her love.

But I can't forget her excitement, her glow, after being with two other men on stage. Or my own secret, perverse, excitement at the sight.


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