Cathy woke up on her first morning at the summer beach house. She removed her nightclothes and looked in the mirror. Her fourteen-year-old adolescent body had finally blossomed into womanhood. She wore a respectable 34C bra and her areolas were dark brown and about the size of a half dollar. She brushed her fingertips over her nipples lightly and shuttered at the sensation.

She looked down at the patch of fine pubic hair covering her crotch and patted it, noticing the wetness forming on the lips of her little virgin vagina. Cathy was determined that by the time this summer was over, she would be a virgin no more.

Randy was already up and in the water this hot June morning. He lived year round next door to the summer rental that had been occupied last night. Randy was riding the boogie board he so enjoyed. He was hoping that someone his age would be moving in next door since he was the only boy his age living in the neighborhood. The other kids in the neighborhood were all in high school and didn't want a fourteen-year-old hanging around with them. None of his swim team friends from school lived close by.

Cathy put on her new thong bikini that her open-minded mother allowed her to buy. Cathy's parents had always been open about sex and never discouraged their daughter from exploring or enjoying her sexuality. Her mother had already supplied her with birth control, "just in case you get in a situation when you may need it." Cathy shaved some of the pubic hair away so that it would not protrude from the thong. Then she opened her window and looked out at the beach, which was covered with brilliant sunshine.

It was then that she caught her breath, her nipples hardened, and she felt a twitch between her legs. Walking out of the water and on to the sand was the most gorgeous young creature Cathy had seen all summer. He was about six feet tall with a broad, smooth chest, firm thighs and legs and a dark bronzed tan. His shaggy blond hair was wet and falling in his eyes and down his neck.

As he got closer she could see the contours of his pectoral and abdominal muscles and could immediately imagine her bare skin pressed up against his. He dropped the boogie board he was carrying and flopped down on his blanket on the sand, put his arm under his head and closed his eyes and let the sun dry him off.

Cathy had grabbed her own blanket and a bottle of suntan oil. Barefoot and dressed only in the skimpy two-piece swimsuit, she walked up to the sleeping boy on the sand. His bare back was dry by now but his swim trunks were still damp and clinging to the outline of his buttocks.

Cathy was already undressing him in her mind. His skin was completely flawless and dark brown except for the soles of his feet. She looked down at him, working up fantasies in her mind. Then she laid her blanket down next to him. He hadn't stirred, so she stretched out and began to apply the oil to her body. She was excited about showing her own body off, knowing that her figure was now very appealing. She knew that it would certainly appeal to this magnificent looking boy who was laying down beside her.

Randy stirred and then opened his eye. At first it didn't look real, but as he awoke, it was plain to him that it was very real. He was gazing at a pair of magnificent female breasts that were barely covered by a thin strip of yellow fabric. He looked down to see sleeker, smooth bare skin and an even thinner strip of yellow separating her waist from the thigh and almost bare ass.

Randy had his first girlfriend near the end of his just completed eighth grade, but it had not worked out. On his third date, he misread her signals and began to feel up under her blouse. She was not at all interested and the relationship was over. But Randy's adolescent hormones had been on fire ever since. He knew he had a good looking body and exercised and tanned to exploit it.

Since his frustrating night with his ex-girlfriend, Randy fantasized every night while masturbating about the time he would finally reach the goal of losing his virginity. The only thing stopping him was the fact that he didn't meet a lot of girls where he lived. Now, suddenly, his dream might be coming true.

Randy felt his penis stiffen beneath him as he continued to stare at the incredible sight beside him. It was then that Cathy turned her head to him and smiled and said "hi!" Randy stammered and said "hi" back. "I hope you don't mind me setting up next to you." she said. "No, of course not!" he said with enthusiasm. The two then made small talk, learning each other's names and a little about themselves. There was little eyes contact, though, as both kids continued to check out each other's nearly bare bodies.

Randy turned over on to his back and Cathy decided she would make the first move. "You want me to rub some oil on you?" she asked.

"Sure!" he responded in a still high-pitched voice that was just beginning to change.

Cathy sat up and Randy could now see the fullness of her breasts. He was in awe. She said, "Let me start on your legs." She was on her knees and turned her back toward him. All he could concentrate on was a perfectly formed bare female ass with a thin strip of yellow cloth disappearing into the fold between her legs.

Oh, how Randy wanted to go exploring in there!

Cathy knew just what she was doing to the boy, and a glance at his shorts confirmed this. She poured oil onto her palm and first applied it to his feet. Then she worked her way up his legs and then on to his thighs. Her fingers felt great on his skin. He couldn't believe a girl, especially such an awesome looking one, was touching him this way. Cathy then applied the oil to his inner thighs, but stopped at his shorts. She was going to tease this boy a little, although most of her wanted to dive right in under those shorts.

By now Randy was breathing heavily, and knew the girl could see his tented erection. His pre-cum had also soaked through his shorts, leaving a spot at the tip of the tent. He was afraid the slightest touch on that tent would cause him an embarrassing premature orgasm. He relaxed a bit when she removed her hands from his thighs and shifted her body until now she was facing him. She applied more oil to her hands and then leaned right over him.

Cathy put her palms on Randy's shoulders and massaged the oil into his skin. She slowly worked her way on to his chest. Now she was getting to her favorite part. For years she had always admired bare male chests. As a girl, her room had always been adorned by posters of shirtless teen idols.

Now she had her hands on the real thing. Randy's chest skin was silky smooth with no hair and his well-developed swimmer's muscles were hard to the touch. She rubbed the oil all over his chest then began to concentrate on his nipples. Now it was Randy's turn to get excited.

Randy never imagined the sensitivity he had in his own nipples. As Cathy stroked them they hardened, and she could see by the expression on his face how much he was enjoying this. She knew how to please her own nipples so she imagined it wouldn't be much different doing it to a boy.

For the first time Randy spoke and said, "Oh, that feels great!"

"I know," Cathy said and continued to fondle and tweak his sensitive boy nipples. Then she moved her hands down to his firm abdomen and continued spreading the oil on the rest of his well-formed torso.

The spot of pre-cum was spreading on his shorts and by now Cathy was as worked up as the young boy that she had just given a full body massage to. All she could think of was removing his shorts and allowing the staff that was making that dripping tent to enter her virgin vagina for the very first time. She loved the rest of Randy's body, now she wanted to see it all.

She placed her hand on the center of Randy's chest where she could feel his heart beating and said "how would you like to come to my room?" His eyes widened and his heart rate accelerated as he yelped "sure!" "Cool! Let's go." she said. The kids stood up on their bare feet and Cathy took Randy's hand and led him toward her back door.

They entered the house and Randy asked "where is your family?"

"Oh, my dad's golfing and my mom is shopping." she replied.

"Cool!" he said.

They got to her room and Cathy faced Randy and stepped toward him. She put her arms around his neck and raised her lips toward his. He instinctively met them and within seconds their mouths were open and their tongues entwined. Randy's hands were rubbing down Cathy's bare back and down to her smooth ass. She took one hand and reached behind her and undid her top, which had been restricting her ample breasts. The cloth fell to the ground and Cathy moved up next to Randy.

The boy suddenly felt a softness pressing against his bare chest. The sensation was incredible for both of them as Cathy rubbed her bare breasts against him. She let the smoothness of his skin massage her hardened nipples. Randy loved the feeling, but like any adolescent boy whose only exposure to bare girl breasts was through Playboy, he wanted to explore them further. His hands went up to her chest and he cupped the soft orbs that were now there for his pleasure. He rubbed them, not really yet believing what he was actually doing. He was astonished at their softness, and loved how they felt in his hands.

Cathy too was enthralled with the pleasure that her boy's hands were giving to her. When she had looked at her nude body in the mirror that morning, this is what she had wanted. She gasped as Randy's fingers found her nipples, and he began to please her the way she had done to him out on the beach. As his fingertips lightly touched the tips of her nipples, she felt her body begin to shake in an almost orgasmic pleasure.

Just when she thought it couldn't get better, it did. Many of Randy's teenage boy fantasies included sucking tits, which is what he intended to do now. He lowered his mouth to her breast and took one nipple in his mouth. His lips encircled her areola and his tongue flicked the tip of her nipple then swirled around it. Cathy was wiggling in ecstasy. Randy worked one nipple, then moved to the other.

Cathy's mind was a whirl. Everything she had ever wanted was now happening to her. She was imagining oral foreplay but knew there would be plenty of time for that all summer long. What she wanted right now was real, honest to goodness sex. She was sure Randy was ready too. Her hunch was confirmed when she slid her hand under the front of his shorts.

She first felt a small patch of soft pubic hair, then the base of his erect shaft. She encircled her hand around it, and stroked it up to its tip. By now, Randy was well aware of what was happening to him and he stood straight up. Cathy used her other hand to grasp the waistband of his swim shorts and pull them down his legs. They fell at his ankles and feet and Randy stepped out of them. Now Cathy was facing a completely nude teenage boy with his erect seven-inch penis grasped in her hand. She stroked it back and forth, smiled at Randy and said, "Now I want you to fuck the shit out of me!" There. She had said it and it felt great.

Fourteen-year-old Randy, half boy and half man, couldn't conceal his glee. "Oh yeah!" he cried. Cathy quickly removed her thong and laid her amazing nude body on to the bed. She placed her head on her pillows and spread her legs apart, with her knees slightly raised.

Randy gazed at the unbelievable sight before him. Her soft breasts and the nipples he had just been licking were pointed right at him. He saw the strip of shaved pubic hair that was pointing like an arrow toward a sight that up till now he had only imagined. The pink lips of her vagina were swollen and puffy and they were gleaming with wetness. So was the soft tender skin of her inner thighs. Randy took a deep breath and joined his young lover on the bed.

Cathy looked up and saw her tanned, bare lover put his knees on the bed between her spread legs. His silky blond hair was long and framing his face with his bangs falling over his eyes. His chest muscles were tight and his brown nipples were now smooth and relaxed. His torso was v shaped down to a thin waist that was untanned only where he wore his shorts. But her main concentration was on the blood-engorged mushroom tipped shaft that was about to enter her womanhood for the first time.

As Randy moved closer, Cathy grasped his penis to help him guide it to its home. He positioned his arms on either side of her and lowered his groin toward hers. Now, the dripping tip of his penis was touching the outer lips of her vagina. Randy pushed forward and those lips sucked him right in.

The sensation for either of them could not be described by mere words. Randy slowly slid his shaft all the way down Cathy's virgin but hymenless love hole. She had taken care of that earlier while masturbating with a dildo her mother had provided for her. But Randy's live dick was far more pleasurable than the plastic one she had practiced with. Each time he pulled back as he thrust, the fattest part of his tip was scraping against her clitoris. Cathy was in heaven.

Randy was awe struck by the tightness and wetness that was wrapping around his dick. He knew it sure felt better than his hand ever did! And his eyes were fixed on the two bare breasts that were so real and a part of the girl that he was actually fucking. He felt Cathy meet his thrusts and was aware of her thighs tightening against his as she began to squeeze him with her legs.

Cathy was so stimulated by all she had done with Randy that it only took a few thrusts to trigger her first boy induced orgasm. Her body flushed with heat as she released her juices all along his sliding cock. Cathy never imagined it would be this great. She was grabbing Randy's sides and squeezing his legs as she writhed in total pleasure, moaning "oh yes, Randy, yes, yes, yes!"

Still flushed with the glow of first orgasm, Cathy then concentrated her attention on her teenage lover. His bare chest was above her face so she raised her lips to one of his nipples. She took it in her mouth as he had done with her and began to bring pleasure to Randy's chest. The boy was now being stimulated all over his body and he could feel his own orgasm beginning to well up. Once he reached his point of no return, he was ready to surrender to it.

As Cathy licked one nipple, she fingered his other one. By now, Randy's semen was welled up at the base of his shaft ready to explode. As he plunged a down stroke into her vagina, Randy's penis erupted with an ejaculation the force of which he had never felt before. Cathy felt his cum splashing deep inside of her. On the first burst Randy exclaimed, "oh God!" and continued panting "oh yeah, oh yeah!" as his boy-cum continued to shoot from his penis into Cathy's waiting vagina.

Randy had woken up that morning, put on his swim trunks, and had expected to be spending the day boogie boarding and sunbathing. Now he was naked in the bedroom of the girl next door and was no longer a virgin. His cum and hers were dripping from the slit between her legs. The two teenagers, both just out of junior high, we holding on to each other's bare bodies and gently kissing.

"Oh Cathy, that was the best thing that ever happened to me!" Randy said. "Me too, she replied. "You know," Randy said, "some people would say we shouldn't be doing what we just did."

"I know," Cathy said, "but how could anything so great be wrong?" Neither kid could disagree and they both went on to enjoy a full summer of raw, passionate adolescent sex.


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