The trip to Africa had been truly amazing for Jodi Hayes and Melissa O'Bannon. Just a couple of years before the two friends had attended classes together at the University of Georgia and had shared an interest and a talent for wildlife photography. The two had taken a photo-taking vacation each of the past summers, one to Montana and one to the Everglades.

This trip, financed largely by Melissa's new boyfriend far surpassed the other trips. The wild life was abundant, scenery unsurpassed and "Besides" Jodi stated "We look cute in these safari outfits."

That, they did indeed, they were two extremely pretty girls. The first thing you would notice about Jodi was her size, the girl was tiny, a gymnast when in college, she was only 4'10". She had a firm tanned body with muscular legs, smallish upturned breasts, French braided golden blonde hair and large green eyes.

As they arose for coffee that morning, Jodi wore a pair of rolled up khaki shorts and a green Banana Republic t- shirt. White socks and short hiking boots completed the "safari look."

Melissa was a blue-eyed red head, flashier than Jodi. Melissa stood about 5'5" and had a fair complexion (now sporting colonies of freckles) and a stunning figure. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a buttoned up safari style shirt. Due to the heat-she and Jodi both had soon dispensed with wearing bras and Melissa's heavy tit flesh strained at the material of her shirt.

They were camped on the on the Savannah near edge of a river and some dense rainforest. Jeff Spencer, Melissa's current beau was a very successful attorney in Atlanta and a self-proclaimed expert on everything. Today he was in a particularly foul mood. His native guide had warned him about going any farther near the jungle areas.

"Bad peoples live there, people go, in not come out." the battered guide had said.

"Bullshit!" he spat, "look buddy I've been saddled with Melissa and her little friend for a week while they take pictures! We may as well as went to Myrtle Beach for all the action I've seen. I want to do some hunting in the wild! THIS-(indicating the river and tree line) is the wild.

"Yes, Mister Jeff...but...but..."

"But Nothing," I'm spending a shit load of money on this trip and I want some ME time." He picked up his new 3030 Remington rifle. "I can take care of things any way." He stood up. "NOW--get your skinny ass in gear."

"What about the Missies?" the guide asked.

"Shit!" they can take care of themselves--"Look around, there's nothing here, Nobody!! No 'bad peoples." He chuckled to himself.

"But if it makes you feel better I'll tell the girls to keep a gun handy and stay here and fix lunch or something."

"That would be better Mr. Jeff" he said, a little relieved. "OK go get the stuff, I'll tell them not to wander off."

Thinking to himself 'this guy is full of shit, he just wants a bigger tip', Jeff decided not to scare the girls too bad.

Hey girls and I know you won't like this. I am going to go do a little shooting with Malcolm. He says he doesn't know the interior so don't go over there. You can take your little pictures out here and rustle up some lunch."

Melissa tipped down here Revo sunglasses. She did not want to fight but hated being condescended. "OK, honey - see if you can find a vacuum cleaner and we'll clean house when you get back."

"No ya'll just go have fun, Jeff. We'll be all right." Jodi the peacemaker chimed in.

"Whatever" he shrugged. He wasn't sure about Jodi. Sweet, too sweet. She was teaching school back home in Waycross. She was engaged to her hometown sweetheart. She was according to Melissa, still a virgin. "Damn pity, I'd like to give that little bod a 'twirl'. Saving it for some Clem Cadiddlehopper from south Georgia."

"I'll be back in three or four hours," he turned and walked away shouldering his new rifle.

As he walked away, Melissa stood up, shook her short red hair and said, "Get your cameras, let's go see what's over there, in the 'deep dark jungle'.

"Do you really think we should?" Jodi said.

"Sure, Jeff's just trying to play great white hunter and act like there's danger around."

Five minutes after Jeff and Malcolm headed out of the camp in an easterly direction, Jodi and Melissa were headed west, festooned with cameras and canteens. Where the tree line and the stream met the savannah, it was almost like walking into another world. The girls were sweating from the mile hike through the morning heat and the shade offered by the trees was quite welcome.

"Damn that sun gets warm early," offered Melissa.

"No kidding," Jodi opened a pop-top plastic canteen and took a long drink of the water they had carried in with them.

"Crack! -- Crack! Crack! Sporadic rifle fire could be heard in the distance. Melissa looked at Jodi with a little disdain.

"The mighty hunter must have scared up some game." The firing continued for a while and then died out. "Oh well some poor animal for the den wall I guess."

"Oh he's sweet," offered Jodi.

"He's an asshole a lot of the time," opined Melissa. "But he's a good looking asshole, and he's great in bed."

Jodi blushed. "Oh Melissa, you're awful."

"What about you and Sam? Still holding out?" Melissa asked. "You trying to be the worlds oldest virgin?"

Jodi smiled. This was old territory for the two. "Hey he's willing to wait now. Besides," she said blushing even redder, "you don't have to screw to have fun."

"OOOhooo! Still just jacking him off? Or have you started giving that poor boy some head?" Melissa knew this would embarrass Jodi and was a form of kidding between the two.

The girls wandered about for two hours in the haunting half-light of the jungle area. The girls heard rustling ahead in the trees. "Get your camera ready!" This sounds like something big." Both girls clicked furiously as crashing through the underbrush came....

Another woman, dressed (more realistically) in bush attire came to a screeching halt three paces in front of them.In an accent Jodi and Melissa recognized as Australian the tanned athletic brunette with short- cropped hair under a khaki baseball cap roared at them.

"What in the Hell are you two doing here. There's a war party of Bunwari not a half mile back raising ten kinds of shit. COME ON YOU'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!"

"Bun-Who? My boyfriend's over there!" Melissa pointed out.

"Well he's in deep shit then and so are we if we don't get a move on. Have you got a jeep?"

"WHO ARE YOU?" a shaken Jodi sputtered as she gathered her small mountain photographic equipment.

"Diana Stewart I'm an anthropologist on study here. We ran into one of the tribes here that's an offshoot of the Zulu. Been here for 150 years ever since the Mfecane. They've revolted against the idea of settlers and TOURISTS encroaching on their territory. One of the Indunas that's a minor chief, has shown a hankering for some white arse, namely mine. They are NOT tame like the tribes you've seen. NOW! COME ON or you're on your own."

"We've got a Land Rover back at camp," Jodi said.

"We've got a chance then. Let's go!" Diana said, over her shoulder.

"But what about Jeff?" Melissa panted, already starting to run back towards camp."

"He's a lot better off than we'll be if they catch us, believe me. I've seen the way they look at me."

"Oh God this is terrible." Jodi moaned

The tree girls ran on through the brush at a rapid rate. All three breathing hard, yet not daring to stop. Jodi and Melissa's thoughts ran wildly at the idea they were actually being pursued by some group of unseen, unknown, savage warriors.

They ran until for no apparent reason Diana tripped and went sprawling. The other two girls stooped to help and as they came to their feet and looked up their way was barred by five extremely tall and nearly naked warriors armed with assegais and shields. From behind they could hear the bush parting with the sounds of the party that had been pursuing Diana.

"Shit!" Diana cursed. Within seconds they were surrounded by fifteen of he Bunwari warriors. They parted and through the midst of the war party strode a giant of warrior, nearly six foot six and seemingly chiseled of rock.

"Ah Diana!" he said in heavily accented English, "Quite rude of you to leave without permission of my father. But, such pretty friends, VERY pretty friends!" The cruel smile still on his lips he began rapidly speaking in the Bunwari dialect. The ring of warriors closed tighter around the three captives.

"Hey look Mister," Jodi said. "We were just taking pictures."

"MY NAME IS CHAGA!" Again a spate of Bunwari. The warriors laughed and leered at what ever it was.

"What's that?" Melissa asked.

"He says to take off our shoes and our shirts. That way we won't run away so fast."

"He's got to be kidding!" Jodi put in.

"NO I AM NOT KIDDING! Little missy. NOW! Take off your shirt and shoes or my warriors will do it."

Jodi and Melissa began unlacing their hiking boots while Diana, seemingly unafraid undid the buttons of her frayed khaki shirt. She had small A cup breasts and the lean body and muscular legs of a Triathlete, which at home in Australia was one her many interests.

"Take your shirts off" Diana whispered. "Do what they ask and we may have a chance to make it out of here alive."

Jodi blushed deeply as she pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her upturned breasts with soft pink nipples. Looking around she caught the stares of the warriors and crossed her arms over her girlish tits.

As Melissa opened up her shirt a low murmur passed among the Bunwari. Her pink nippled breasts jiggled as she dropped the shirt, a sea of freckles in the cleavage.

His eyes looked over the three prizes he would take back to camp.

Leather straps were brought out of a bag on one of the native's hips and their wrists were bound. Then with a prick of his assegai into Diana's tight backside he shouted, "NOW RUN!"

The group set off at a dogtrot down the path. Each girl could only imagine what lay ahead. Chaga looked back at each girl, watching how the different breasts and flesh jiggled as they ran.

"YES!" he thought, "Back to father, back to the village!"

The jog through the dense foliage soon had the natives as well as their captives sweating freely. Melissa was breathing heavily, regretting that she hadn't kept up the powerwalking program she had been on, Jodi who taught dance and gymnastics was getting a fairly fatigued. Diana, whose muscular legs and rippling abdominals spoke volumes about her fitness, did not even seem to notice the effort. Chaga looked back at the girls again and dropped his pace down to jog beside the three.

"You would make a fine warrior, Diana." Chaga observed.

"Such a fine condition you are in." He leered at her meaningfully.

"Kiss my arse, Chaga!" she retorted.

He laughed showing fine teeth and an evil intent. "Perhaps, perhaps I will."

He turned and jogged beside Jodi. She looked up in fright. He was towering, a full twenty inches taller than her. "You are so pretty little one. But SO small." She looked up, green eyes pleading. "And I am SO big" he sneered.

"Let us go, please." Jodi begged. "PLEASE!"

"No my little golden one. You must come with us and pay for your trespass and the exploitation of my tribe."

As he turned around to stop by Melissa he noticed that Mutesa the warrior who had led the other band was approaching from the rear. Mutesa was a half foot shorter than Chaga and was heavily muscled although not as sculpted as the young African Princeling.

"We have a right to share in the spoils of these prisoners, Chaga." He said in Bunwari. "It was my trap that stopped them."

"Perhaps you do. But not ask for the little one. I think I shall ask father for her. A woman so small is a rare treasure. You may ask for the digger woman Diana or the fire hair."

"That will be up to your father, but my men deserve pleasures of the road as much as yours."

"Do not argue, Mutesa. We have been lucky to have found three such birds as these when we were only chasing one." Chaga smiled looking at Melissa's now heaving chest and up at the shapely legs and buttocks of the two others."

"Agreed," Mutesa eased, "Three such as these are a prize and will bring much money or much pleasure."

The journey had gone on for over an hour in the forest, when he party broke into the clear. The sun of the hot day now beating on the fairer skins of Jodi and Melissa. Diana was deeply suntanned and showed no tan lines. It was obvious that this supremely natural and athletic woman took her sun in the buff."

"I need a rest! PLEASE!" It was Melissa. Chaga and Mutesa strode up, both angered. Melissa looked at them with not a little fear, her full breasts rose and fell with the heaving of her chest.

"I," she panted, "just need to catch my breath."

"With tits like that it must be hard to run," Mutesa observed in Bunwari.

Chaga laughed, answering in the same language. "It makes it hard for me to run too. My shaft is getting stiff watching them run."

"What did they say?" Melissa asked Diana. Diana translated, word for word.

Melissa's face reddened.

"What will they do with us?" Jodi asked.

"Whatever they want to, honey," Diane answered seriously. Whatever they want to."

After a short break and a sip of water the procession began again. In a few short minutes they came into site of the Bunwari Chieftain's kraal or walled village. Half-wild African cattle roamed in rough pens, little naked boys tending the stock.

They were still a good distance away when Chaga came back to the girls and tossed each back their shirts. He slid the blade of his assegai over Jodi's leather bonds and the razor-edged weapon cut easily through the fetters.

"Put on shirts. Now you may not escape. Better to have on shirts to meet my father."

All three women donned their shirts gratefully after having the bonds on their wrists cut free.

They soon entered through a gate in the eastern side of the kraal and were met by a throng of the curious. A sort of clambering noise erupted from the village and people came shouting and laughing and gesticulating wildly. Some of the looks and cries were curious, some angry and some lewd.

Jodi began to cry.

"Stop it!" it was a whisper from Diane. "Don't be weak. The weak die! Remember that."

Jodi controlled herself as best she could. Her bottom lip still trembled.

"I'm scared."

"I know love, me too."

Farther into the kraal, the throng turned into neat rows of young men along two sides of the path. Some were armed with the traditional shield and assegai, others with a scattering of firearms of various types ranging from hunting rifles and shotguns to a few AK-47s which the eastern bloc had armed the federal troops.

They noticed they were being led to a central lodge type structure.

Two tall warriors guarded the entrance.

"GO IN!" Chaga ordered.

The girls stepped inside to a smoky lodge, acrid with the musky smell of sweaty warriors. Seated at the far end of the room on a throne covered with leopard skins and flanked by elephant tusks sat Chaga's father Dingane. Not as tall as Chaga, with graying temples and beard, he wore a feathered headdress and held a whisk made of ostrich feathers and a whip made of rhinoceros tail.

"Here my father, I have brought back treasure." he reached back grabbed Diana's arm and swung her struggling athletic figure forward almost effortlessly.

"Bronze!" he announced. The warriors in the lodge erupted in shouts of approval.

He pulled Melissa forward.

"Copper!" he shouted and the shouting increased.

Grasping the tiny form of Jodi. He hoisted her aloft as if she had been a doll.

"GOLD!" The room dissolved into a rhythmic chanting. Dingane lifted his whip hand for quiet. He smiled toothily and spoke clearly and loudly in Bunwari, gesturing at the captives. Whatever it was it met with the approval of the group of gathered warriors and nobles. The room broke again into the rhythmic chanting.

"What's he saying?" Jodi asked Diana.

He says he would like to see us without our clothes. He says to take off our clothes one at a time. He says he would like you to be first to undress!" Diane answered

"OH NO, not in front of all these men!" Jodi said to Diana and looked around the lodgehouse full of savage warriors. She saw only savage lust or worse in their eyes. "I can't. I can't."

"YOU WILL!" boomed Chaga. He spat our orders in his own tongue and two of his retainers approached Jodi with down turned spears. She looked near panic.

"WAIT!" cried Diana. "I want to be first." She was answered in Bunwari apparently in the affirmative because as she was moved past Jodi she whispered. "Do what you have to, to survive."

Diana had been in and around the village for two weeks during he period that led up to the Bunwaris rising. She had been an object of much curiosity to some, resentment to others and lust to still others. Dingane himself had been making crude comments to her on an afternoon when he had drank too much native beer.

The next day the assegais and shields had come out of hiding and she had taken to the jungle just as Chaga and his men ran in and ransacked her campsite.

As her hand went to her shirt buttons Dingane made a signal and one of his "court musicians" began a slow rhythmic beating of a drum.

"Christ," Diana muttered, "The bleeding bastards want a striptease."

Almost involuntarily to the timing of the drum, Diana unbuttoned and removed her khaki shirt. She was chiseled with washboard abs and clearly defined shoulder and arm muscles. Her nipples stood erect and small a shade darker brown than the tanned skin.

Her hand went to her webbed belt and he undid the metal clasp. Unbuttoning and unzipping the denim shorts, she let them drop to her ankles and kicked them off.

She was wearing as underwear a pair of boy's olive drab boxer shorts. Without hesitation she slid them off her muscular hips and ass and down the defined runner's legs. No tan lines interrupted the lines of her body, indeed she had made use of the solitude to do her sunbathing in the nude. The dark brown hair over her sex had been trimmed for neatness in the heat and was a perfect triangle.

She stood completely naked, every eye on the tanned and body toughened and made lean by years of training and outdoor life.

"There ya' go ya' black bastard." she said defiantly, "hope you like what you see."

"AHHHH!" Dingane smiled and said something in Bunwari that Melissa noticed even made Diana color under the deep tan.

Diana, in apparent answer to Dingane's request, raised her arms and did a slow 360-degree turn. She was on display.

"Bastards!" She muttered, "I hope you all rot in Hell!"

Dingane glowered at her and spoke to her in Bunwari asking her what she had said. Defiantly she translated it out loud.

The room seemed to growl angrily and stiffen. Dingane rose. Speaking very quickly and gesturing at Diana.

The naked girl turned to Chaga, "I didn't catch all that, What about 'my insults'?"

Chaga smiled evilly. "My father has said you have insulted him with your mouth. You must now do homage and please him with your mouth!"

"WHAT? He's looney, if he...." she was interrupted by Chaga roughly grabbing her and dragging her to the dais and pushing her to her knees. Two of Chaga's bodyguard held assegais on her.

"Oh my GOD" Melissa gasped looking at Jodi who was trembling. "He's gonna make her...."

Dingane stepped to her, looked at the other girls and around the room at the twenty or so chosen retainers and underlings. With a grand gesture he handed his whip and flywhisk to a wildly made-up man who was the tribal shaman. He then undid the civet skin kilt he wore, revealing a thick 8-inch cock hanging below hairy lust bloated balls.

Diane knew there was no choice. She had told the other girls to do what they had to, to survive. She had a great distaste for Dingane especially. He reached for her and cuffed the baseball cap off her head. (She suddenly realized she had stripped naked and left it on.) Dingane tousled her short cut hair and then grabbed hold of it with one hand and offered the thick head of his black cock with the other. She looked up into his eyes and saw he was leering down through narrow slitted eyes.

"Pay me homage!" he said in Bunwari.

She licked her dry lips, parted them and leaning forward closed them around the head of Dingane's stiffening penis. Diana tasted the musky meat as it entered her mouth and using her tongue to moisten it she gave a slight suck on the top of the thick shaft.

"MMMMMM," the chief moaned and the room erupted in lewd laughter. He pulled forward on the handful of brown hair and shoved more of his manhood into his captive's mouth.

"NNNNGGGGHHH," Diana gagged slightly at the new incursion of dickflesh into her mouth and drew her head back only to have the African chieftain pull her head forward and lunge his meaty hips even harder.

"MMMMMPPPHHHH - MMMPPHHH - MMPPPHHH," Diana struggled to keep up and soon her head was bobbing in time with Dingane's rhythm as he fucked her face.

"Ahhh, AHHHH, AHHHHHHHH!" Dingane quicken his pace, pushing more of his black cock into her mouth with each successive stroke. Diana to keep balance had to reach out and wrap her hands around his legs as he continued his assault on her mouth.

Suddenly his pace became frantic. Diane knew what to expect. With a final moan from the chief, the thick ebony shaft erupted with spurting cum in Diana's mouth. She made to pull away after the first spurt but Dingane held her face in place and splashed more of his semen on her pretty face and into her hair.

The roomed cheered in approval as if he had just performed a great coup in some primitive athletic contest.

"Take her to the stream and clean her!" Dingane ordered in Bunwari. Tie her and leave her in my hut.

He sat down as Diana was lead out of the lodge house.

"Now," he told Chaga, "Lets see the new ones."

Jodi and Melissa shivered as they looked at each other. They didn't have to speak Bunwari to know that they were next.

Chaga strode to the two friends. He looked down at Jodi and she held her breath, it was her turn... Instead he grabbed Melissa by the arm and pulled her forward to the open space between the dais and the seated warriors. Her eyes and Jodi's met for a moment. They were helpless. Dingane spoke again, hitching his kilt and adjusting his genitals within the loincloth.

Mutesa stood up and let go a short order and smiled broadly. Three warriors who had been with the party that had first cut off the girls stood up and he gestured to them and then at Melissa.

Chaga translated. "This is Mutesa," he said gesturing to the fullback shaped warrior with the shaved head who carried a knobkerry club in his right hand. "He claims you, Fire hair as war prize for he AND his warriors."

"My father, Dingane, says this is just. My father says he would like to see you naked and wonders if the hair of your head matches that below." He smiled suggestively after the last remark. "He wants to know how you are called."

"Melissa." she said almost inaudibly. "MELISSA." she repeated loudly.

"A pretty name it has the sound of a Bunwari name. Now, Melissa, please take off your clothes! "He said something in Bunwari and Mutesa stepped forward followed by his followers. The chief beckoned to the drummer and the beating began.

Melissa looked at Jodi and gulped. "You have to let us go! We haven't done anything to you! I am NOT taking off my clothes!"

After a short translation from Chaga, Mutesa barked an order and two of his warriors grabbed Melissa, each one roughly grasping one of the redhead's arms.

Mutesa strode forward and looked down at her then let his hands wander down to lightly brush her full breasts. Melissa gasped and suddenly, his hands went to her shirt and with one violent jerk ripped the garment open exposing the girl's freckled breasts. His strong hands ran over the exposed tit flesh rolling his thumbs over her nipples and as Melissa struggled they became taut and erect, the aureoles contracting. Mutesa stood aside to admire his handiwork and let the others in the large hut feast on the sight of the white captive's firm round breasts.

"Let me go!" Melissa yelled as she shouted, her breasts jiggled as she struggled in the arms of the two natives and Mutesa felt his cock throb at the sight. He closed in on her and undid her belt, unsnapped her shorts and unzipped the baggy cotton cargo shorts. Pushing them off her hips they slid down to her ankles and revealed a pair of leopard print French cut panties. They had been a present from Jeff along with several other animal print panties and were supposed to be sexy and funny. The Bunwari agreed.The room roared with laughter. Melissa's face blushed crimson. The warrior on her right had been grinding himself against her hip and she could feel his long cock hardening under his loincloth.

Mutesa stepped forward, bent down and ripped the panties off with a powerful jerk. He stared down at the triangle of curly red hair with satisfaction.

"HA HA!" Dingane cried in laughter. The room again burst into laughter.

Dingane half in laughter spoke to Mutesa. These seemed to be instructions.

Jodi had closed her eyes when her friend's panties were ripped off. In a start she felt someone near. It was Chaga.

"He must now take pleasures of the road and spill his seed", Chaga explained.

'Oh God" Jodi thought not again.

Mutesa gave instructions of his own and the two warriors wrestled the protesting Melissa to the ground. One took both arms and stretched them over her head, holding her tightly in place. Mutesa straddled Melissa and undid his loincloth.

Melissa looked up at the thick 9-inch cock and swallowed hard. Mutesa took his black fuck tool and rolled it over the firm mound of Melissa's left tit, pushing it over the pink erect nipple several times. His cock began to harden and to lubricate Melissa's breast with pre- seminal fluid.

He grabbed both tits now and began to squeeze them very hard with Melissa mewling in pain. "Ungghhh, UNGGHHH! that's too hard!" The girl renewed her efforts to free herself and managed to free a hand momentarily and land a useless slap against Mutesa's face.

Mutesa's left hand grasped Melissa's chin and held it firm, she struggled uselessly against the powerful African.

SMACK! The right hand landed a stinging slap to the meaty left tit.

"YOOOWWWW!" Melissa cried out.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The big breasts bounced with each cruel blow. Mutesa spoke cruelly to Melissa in Bunwari and Chaga translated.

"Stop struggling and the beating will stop!"

"OK, please just stop hitting me."

Melissa now noticed as Mutesa straddled her now stinging breasts that his cock had become rampantly erect during the mistreatment of her tits. He grabbed her titties again and pushed them together. Raising his hips he pushed the head of his dick into the freckled furrow between her jugs.

"MMMMMNNNH," he moaned as he pushed the big black cock between the pale mounds of flesh.

The red haired girl turned her head away as the one-eyed snake began gliding in and out of her cleavage. Mutesa was squeezing her breasts very hard and his wiry pubic hair was rough on her sensitive skin as he ground his cock back and forth between her tits but she did not dare protest.

With a different thrust, Mutesa slid his cock from between her breasts and held it over her face. Melissa knew he was offering his tool to be kissed or licked or sucked. She looked up at the powerful warrior's rampant dick and kissed the underside of the shaft. Mutesa kept it there. Melissa worked her head to one side and gave the black man's cock a full kiss on the head, parting her lips and working her tongue over it.

Satisfied with this, Mutesa pulled back, pushed the breasts together and began a long stroking titty fucking of the red haired girl. His cock soon jerked and sent gushes of creamy, sticky semen over Melissa's breasts, onto her neck and chin.

Again, the Bunwari cheered. It was a game to them. As Melissa stood and was dragged out her eyes met Jodi's. Both girls flushed. Melissa shook her head as if to warn Jodi not to fight them and then she was pulled out of the hut by Mutesa and his underlings. She was his property.

Jodi gulped and looked around the room. She was totally alone now. And no mistaking it, it was her turn...


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