Patrick Conner ran his hand across the well-worn railing that surrounded the old house's wide veranda. As president of Archer and Sons, the construction and demolition company that his grandfather, Thomas Archer, had founded, the forty-three year old had an almost reverent appreciation for the care that had gone into the construction of the Victorian era structure.

"Damn shame," he said under his breath as he looked up at the twenty-two room mansion, taking in the craftsmanship that went into the outer walls as well.

His company had won the contract to take the old building down, making way for a mini-mall that the County Board had approved. The site was perfect, they had voted, just on the edge of the county line and an easy drive from two other towns. In his heart he hated to be the one to tear the old lady down, but as the old saying went, if they didn't take it down, someone else would. A clean demolition would give Archer and Sons the inside track on a major portion of the construction contracts.

A young man who looked like a younger version of himself joined the salt and pepper haired man on the porch. Like his father and grandfather before him, Kevin Thomas Conner joined the family business right out of school. Currently, the twenty-three year old was assigned to the demolition half of the company.

"We shouldn't have any problem knocking this old house into a thousand pieces, Dad," Kevin said as he joined his father. "I figure a day to take it down, then maybe two to cart away all the debris."

"Sounds right," Patrick said in agreement with his son's calculations. Despite the much needed influx of cash this job was going to bring, he wasn't approaching it with any measure of enthusiasm.

The lack of which hadn't gone unnoticed by his son who inquired if there was something bothering him. Patrick gave a noncommittal answer, simply stating that it seemed a great waste to trash away a building that such history to it.

"Speaking of history, I heard something really interesting about this place," Kevin said, looking to lighten up his father's mood.

"What would that be"" Patrick asked as he tried the front door, only to find it locked.

"I was talking to Mr. Cage down at the records hall and he said that way back when, this place used to be a whorehouse," Kevin said with a grin.

"You don't say," the elder Conner said with only a slight interest.

"Yeah, it was supposed to be pretty famous," Kevin continued, "They called it the Candy Store."

"Well it must've been before my time," Patrick said as he turned away from the door and looked out on the empty road. "What time was that woman from the county office supposed to meet us out here"" he asked, changing the subject.

"She should've been here by now," Kevin replied as he checked his watch. "Maybe she got stuck somewhere."

"Well while we're waiting, why don't you take the truck and get us a couple of coffees from the diner down the road." Patrick suggested.

"Sure, Dad," Kevin said, "no problem. I'll be right back."

As his son's 4x4 headed down the road, Patrick's attention turned back to the old house. He looked into the empty building through one of the windows. In his memory, he could still see the furniture that once filled the large empty room.

"The Candy Store," Patrick laughed softly to himself, remembering how easily he had tossed aside his son's use of that name. As if any young man his age who grew up in the tri-county area hadn't heard of the famous landmark.

His thoughts drifted back to July 15th, 1976, the day he turned eighteen. A day he would remember for a multitude of reasons. Memories which seemed as fresh as if they'd happened only a few hours ago, and not a quarter century past.


Patrick Conner shuffled nervously as he waited for an answer to the doorbell he'd just rung. The dark haired teen had been standing on the veranda almost ten minutes prior to that, trying to summon the courage to ring that bell. Now that he had, a part of him was almost hoping that no one would come to the door.

A foolish hope that immediately faded as the large oak door swung open and a beautiful woman in a maid's outfit appeared in its place. A few inches shorter than Patrick's five seven, the twenty-four year old had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. A fact totally lost on the young man as his gaze concentrated instead on the large bust that was barely concealed by the black and white dress she wore.

"May I help you?" the young blond asked, taking in the young man in the red T-shirt and blue jeans.

"I ... I ... have an appointment," a visibly nervous Patrick stuttered.

"And whom shall I say is calling?" she asked, holding back on the swell of laughter that she felt forming deep within her.

"Patrick Conner," he said as he regained most of his composure.

The expression on the young maid's face turned from simple amusement to a knowing smile. She opened the door wider and invited Patrick inside.

"Please have a seat and I'll let Lady Jacqueline know that you are here," she said as she motioned to one of the padded chairs that lined the entry hall.

Taking the closest seat, Patrick watched the young woman walk to the inner rooms. His eyes now fixed on the short black skirt tightly wrapped around the blonde's ass, the young man had to say that the receding view was as delightful as any other.

The servant returned less than a minute later, now accompanied by an older brunette wearing, despite the early afternoon hour, a red evening dress with white trim. With long dark hair done up in an elaborate design, the forty-six year old stood five-nine in her matching heels.

"Lady Jacqueline, may I present Mr. Patrick Conner," the girl said.

"Thank you, Donna," the woman in red said in a rich English accent as she gave the girl a name for Patrick to remember. "I'll take it from here."

"Very good, Ma'am," Donna said as she again turned and walked away.

"So you're Billy Archer's nephew," Lady Jacqueline said.

If Donna had impressed Patrick, he was totally taken away by Lady Jacqueline. Despite being two years older than his mother, the owner of the Candy Store was an incredibly striking woman. Her low cut gown revealed a bust even more impressive than Donna's, matched only by the contours of the rest of her body. Even her voice seemed to resonate sexuality, sending a tremor through his young form.

"... And I'm led to understand that today is your birthday, is that correct?" she added.

"Yes, Ma'am," Patrick said.

"Well, then this is a special day indeed," the brunette smiled as she indicated that Patrick should follow her down the corridor she had just come from. "Your Uncle and I are old friends so I didn't mind opening up a few hours early to give you his gift."

Thomas Archer was his mother's older brother. He was also the man who introduced his sister to Kevin Alan Conner, a career Army Officer and was the best man at their wedding. In addition, he was Patrick's Godfather as well.

After his father's death in Vietnam ten years ago, the bachelor had stepped in to become a surrogate father. At every important moment in the young man's life, his Uncle Tom had been there. On his own eighteenth birthday some four decades before, his father had covered the cost of a visit to the Candy Store. Of course back then, the Store had been run by the original Miss Candy, a blond woman named Candice.

Patrick followed the tall women into a large sitting room, the center of which was filled with two large couches and several more plush chairs. Resting on those sofas and chairs were the reason the house had become know as the Candy Store.

"Ladies, I'd like you all to meet our guest for the afternoon," Lady Jacqueline announced as she led Patrick into the room. "This is Patrick."

The room filled with a lyrical chorus of greetings, accompanied by the warmest of smiles. There were nine of them in all, of various ages and nationalities.

"Patrick, may I introduce my girls," Lady Jacqueline said as she moved to the center of the room. As she said each girl's name, she gave her young guest a few moments to get a good look at each of them.

First to be introduced was Varuni, a petite Indian girl wearing a diaphanous green sari. She had soft brown skin and Patrick could see both her dark nipples and even darker bush through the translucent material.

Next came Hannah, a tall Nordic blond with a lean, buff athletic body. Standing close to six feet, she was wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, the top of which tightly outlined a pair of hard nipples.

Doubled up on the love seat were Monica Lee and Maura Lynn. Both were longhaired brunettes who wore matching babydoll outfits that highlighted rather than covered the supple forms beneath them. The two women seemed very into each other as they stroked each other's bodies and playfully shared a brief kiss. It was explained to Patrick that normally there was an added charge since the two women only saw callers as a pair, but in his case it was all included in his gift if he chose the two of them.

The introductions continued with Destiny, a shorthaired redhead with small breasts but an attitude that just exuded sexuality. She was wearing a T-shirt thin enough to see there was nothing more underneath.

Isabella was a plump Spanish girl with large breasts and a bottom to match. Smiling at the young man as her name was called out, she ran her tongue over her deep red lips in invitation. She also wore lingerie that left little to the imagination.

With a look that could've belonged to the girl next store, Faith looked like she might've been in one of Patrick's classes in high school. Certainly the pigtailed brunette looked to be no older than him. Especially wearing a cheerleader's uniform from his old school. Well at least part of the uniform.

Then there was Nariko, a short, slender Japanese girl with long shiny black hair. She wore a thin white silk robe that was left open just enough for Patrick to see the slope of her small breasts and one of her nipples. The Asian girl certainly seemed to be the youngest of the group.

Last, but certainly not least, came Johari. Her hair in a thick Afro, the tall, powerfully built; black woman had a build that certainly gave Hannah a run for her money. Wearing only a pair of cut off jeans, the coal skinned woman preferred to simply go topless. Her perfectly formed mounds were the finest of all the girls Lady Jacqueline had presented.

"Would you like a drink while you decide"" the mistress of the house asked as Donna reappeared in the doorway carrying a tray with a champagne glass.

"Thank you," Patrick said as he took the offered drink and sipped it. It was the first time he had ever tasted champagne.

Leaving Patrick to make his decision, Lady Jacqueline turned her attention to Donna and began to quietly discuss some matter the maid had brought to her attention. The young man's eyes kept moving from one woman to the other, receiving in turn warm smiles and the promise of even warmer delights if he should choose them.

It was an unbelievable choice. One that he wasn't sure he could really make. Nine beautiful women, one of who was going to be the one to take his virginity. He'd been going out with Gloria Anderson since the middle of senior year yet in the last ten minutes he'd seen more female flesh than he'd ever seen on her.

"Well, Patrick, have we made a decision"" Lady Jacqueline asked as she finished her business with Donna.

"It's really a hard choice," Patrick said, not being able to think of anything else to say.

"I can imagine," the older woman said as she moved over to him. "Perhaps if you told me some of the things you like I might suggest someone. Do you have some special fantasy?"

"Well ... I ..." Patrick started to say.

"Isabella, for instance gives really great head I'm told," she offered. "While Faith loves anal sex. As you've already seen, Monica and Maura like to be with each other as well as their guest, while Johari has a very dominant side to her."

The mention of the their names caused Patrick to glance in each of their directions. He pictured the Spanish girl with her big lips wrapped around a cock, then tried to imagine the girl next door with a cock up her ass. It was exciting to think of being able to see two girls make love, but he didn't even want to imagine what being dominant meant.

"Is there something special that you were looking for"" Lady Jacqueline went on. "Whatever it is, I'm sure we could take care of it."

"Actually, I've never really done much with a woman before," Patrick confessed in a voice too low for anyone but Lady Jacqueline to hear.

"Well that's never been a crime," she smiled. "And I'm sure whichever of my girls you pick would be very considerate of that. Why don't you take a few more minutes to make up your mind?"

The brunette stepped away and passed behind each of the girls, whispering something to each of them that Patrick couldn't hear. He could only guess that she was telling them that he was a virgin. The knowledge seemed to perk up some of their interest.

Lady Jacqueline finally completed her circuit of the room, coming back to Patrick's side. She put her hand on his opposite shoulder and gently asked him if he'd made up his mind. The dark haired teen took a last look at the nine women, then asked her something she didn't expect.

"Could I pick you"" he said.

"Me"" Lady Jacqueline repeated in surprise.

"I don't mean that there's anything wrong with the other girls," Patrick quickly said, thinking he'd done something wrong. "It's just that you asked if there was any special fantasy I had and ..."

"... and you fantasize about older women," she completed the sentence for him.

"Yes, I mean, not older but ..."

"That's okay, I understand what you mean," the brunette said, wondering what she should do about his request.

It had been ten years since she'd seen a regular client, not since taking over the operation of the house from Laura Lee, the previous proprietor. She had been one of Laura's best girls, the proof of which was that she had been asked to take over when Laura retired. Just as Laura had been when Miss Candy decided to call it quits.

Not that she'd been celibate the last decade. There were still special guests that she sometimes entertained. A very short list that had included Thomas Archer. Then also there had been the nights she sometimes spent with one of her girls. It was a little known aspect of the Candy Store that they sometimes had female clients as well. Women who preferred the touch of their own sex once in a while but couldn't afford to take the chance with anyone in the community.

Lady Jacqueline looked deep into Patrick's hazel eyes and smiled. He was rather cute and did remind her somewhat of his uncle. Furthermore, now that she thought about it, she remembered his father as well. Back when she was one of the girls, Tom had brought his brother in law the weekend before he'd shipped off to Vietnam. She'd serviced both of them that night. It had stuck in her memory because it was only a few weeks later that Tom had come in totally plastered, spending the night crying in her arms over the death of his friend.

"How could I refuse a birthday wish"" she said as she smiled as she took his hand in hers. "But there is one condition..."

"Anything," an eager Patrick replied.

"You call me Jackie," she grinned as she took him by he hand and led him toward the stairs to the second floor and above.

Behind them, the girls whispered among themselves as some of them returned to the activities that normally occupied their afternoons. The Candy Store usually didn't open for business until after dark, but this had been a special occasion.

Jackie's bedroom was on the third floor of the old mansion, the only one on that level. It was spacious and decorated with furniture that dated back to when the house had first been built. The centerpiece of which was the large bed that belonged to the original owner of the post Civil War home. Patrick wondered for a moment how many men had shared that bed over the years, then decided that really didn't matter. What did matter was that it was now his turn.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable while I take a few minutes to freshen up," Jackie said as she led the young man to the bed and sat him down on the thick comforter spread across it.

Patrick watched the older woman step into the adjacent bathroom and close the door behind her. Then he began to undo the laces of his sneakers. This might've been his first time, but he knew that comfortable meant naked. Or at least he thought that was what it meant.

The dark haired teen had gotten down to his T-shirt and briefs when the bathroom door opened again. Stopping what he was doing, he gave Jackie's reemergence his undivided attention.

Gone was the sleek evening dress she'd been wearing, replaced by a tight fitting satin robe that outlined every curve of her body. White with red trim, the wrap around had been a gift many years before from a customer who brought it back from a tour of the Far East.

Jackie sat down next to Patrick on the edge of the bed in such a way as to give him a clear look down her robe. The reaction within his shorts was instantaneous.

"You're not nervous, are you"" she asked with a broad smile.

"No, of course not," Patrick lied.

"Well you just relax," she relied, not believing him for a second, "and let Jackie take care of everything."

With that, she leaned forward and kissed him softly on his lips. Kissing was definitely not something that professional girls did with their clients, but Jackie viewed this as more as a favor for a friend than a business arrangement. She gave his tongue the lightest of caresses with her own as she pressed between his lips.

"Why don't we get you out of this"" she asked as she broke the brief kiss

Her hands glided upward and under his white undershirt, caressing the smooth and lightly haired flesh beneath it. The tips of her fingers found his nipples and she urged them to their own hardness. Reversing direction, she brought her hands down and this time grabbed the bottom of his garment. With an upward motion, she pulled it up and over his head. One last time she ran her hands down his smooth, lightly haired chest, tickling him as she went and planting a quick kiss on each of his nipples. As she did, her tongue darted out and played with them as well.

"Feels nice, doesn't it"" she asked rhetorically. "Why don't you try it""

Not giving Patrick time to think about it, Jackie took his hand in hers and guided it beneath her robe, pressing it against her ample mounds. The feel of her warm flesh and hard, erect nipples was enough to send an additional surge of excitement through his body.

Cupping her breast, the young man continued to play with it until she again took hold and guided his hand to her other mound. The sense of discovery didn't diminish the least in the repeat of his previous actions.

"Do you like that"" Jackie asked.

"Oh yes," Patrick replied, finally finding his voice.

"Have you ever touched a girl like this before"" the brunette asked as she loosened her robe enough so that Patrick could play with both of her breasts at once.

There had been two girls in high school that Patrick had gotten to second base with, Shirley Lane and Brenda Ann Mitchell. Of the two, he really didn't think Brenda Ann counted since just about every guy who even bought her a pizza and soda got at least a quick feel.

"Not like this," Patrick said diplomatically.

"Well lets see if we can make it even better," Jackie laughed.

With that, she loosened her robe even further so that it fell open, exposing her full bust. Patrick's eyes went wide as he pulled back his hands so he could take in Jackie's breasts in all their splendor. His eyes fixed on her large dark areola that capped each mound.

"You can kiss them if you want," Jackie said as she shifted on the bed to bring the objects of his attention even closer.

Patrick leaned forward and softly kissed the older woman's left breast, his mouth closing around the thick stubs in the center. A soft sigh of appreciation escaped the small gap in his mouth. A louder moan echoed from Jackie. His technique was crude, but his sense of appreciation was evident.

With gentle hands, Jackie stroked the back of his head, offering words of instruction and encouragement. Proving himself an eager student, Patrick quickly followed her suggestions, bringing a longer and louder moan in response.

Shifting his attention to her other large mound, Patrick did an even better job there. He closed his eyes for a few moments, imagining that Jackie was one of those friends of his mother's that he had spent so many nights fantasizing about. Then he opened them with the realization that there was little chance that any of those fantasies would ever come true, but that the reality of the here and now more than made up for it.

Patrick reluctantly let go of Jackie's breasts as she pulled back and climbed off the large bed to stand beside it. Undoing the sash around her waist totally, she let the white robe fall free and down to the floor. Clad now only in a pair of simple white panties, the forty-six year old stood there for a long half minute to give Patrick a chance to take a good look at her.

Twice the age of most of the girls who worked for her, Jackie had a still impressive body. It wasn't likely she'd ever be mistaken for a twenty-five year or even a thirty-five year old for that matter, but that wasn't what Patrick was looking for. She could see the mixture of appreciation and anticipation in the young man's face as she moved back closer to him.

Patrick was still sitting on the bed's edge as Jackie reached out and ran her fingers across the visible bulge in his white cotton briefs. The soft touch of her hand sent a shiver of excitement through Patrick's body. A sensation that quickly grew to a quake as she rubbed her hand up and down his length, feeling it grow to it's full dimensions under her ministrations.

Jackie smiled suggestively as she dropped down to her knees and slid her hand under the waistband of his shorts. Patrick was in the middle of taking a deep breath when her fingers embraced the hard maleness still hidden from view. An action that cause him to explosively expel that breath.

With a broad smile on her face, the dark haired woman pulled his cock free, continuing to gently stroke it as she did. She held it erect for a long moment, giving it the same sort of look over that Patrick had given her a few minutes before. Taking hold of his shorts, she pulled them down and off. Then she reached for a small bowl of warm water that she had brought into the bedroom with her and had previously set down on the night table. From it, she pulled a small blue cloth and a bar of soap. With them, she gently washed his most private parts. An action that Patrick found very erotic as well.

"Not bad"" Jackie said as she set aside her tools and massaged the soft tip of the slender six inch shaft, "pretty nice in fact""

Her simple comment meant the world to the eighteen year old. Like just about every other teenage boy at Roosevelt High, he had stealthily checked out the other guys in his gym class. For most of them it wasn't out of any sexual interest, just a desire to see how they matched up against the others. Patrick imaged that girls probably did the same thing as far as breasts went. Not that he had anyone to ask about his theory. Even if he did, he couldn't imagine that he would ever admit he had checked out someone else's cock.

If Lady Jacqueline, who probably had seen more cocks than he could imagine, said that he had a nice one, then he had nothing to worry about. It was so much what he wanted to hear, the idea that she might say that to every man she was with never occurred to him. If it had, he might forever wonder if she was telling him the truth. Which in this case she was.

"Very nice indeed," Jackie went on as she brought her head down and gently blew on it. "If fact," she laughed, "I can honestly say that it looks good enough to eat."

Whatever Patrick's response might've been to her little joke was quickly tossed aside by an almost inaudible gasp as Jackie acted on her suggestion. Her mouth closed around the tip she had just blown on, continuing downward until his entire length was within her. His eyes opened wide as her head began to bob up and down, her lips and tongue massaging his flesh as she moved.

Previously, Patrick had considered himself lucky to get even a hand job from any of the girls he'd dated, much less ever imagining that one of them would ever take him in their mouth. That was something that nice girls didn't do, not even after you were married.

An opinion he'd based on a talk he'd once overheard between his older brother and Uncle Tom. Jim had come to his Uncle one day for advice and didn't realize that little brother was within hearing. And once he heard what the conversation was about, Patrick wasn't about to tell him.

Evidently, big brother was having some marital problems. He loved his wife, he told the older man, but her refusal to suck him off was driving him crazy. It wasn't as if he was even asking her to swallow, Patrick remembered his brother saying, he just wanted her to go down on him a little.

An activity that Patrick just couldn't ever imagine his sister in law, who was the daughter of a Minister, ever even considering, much less doing. Then again, sometimes it was hard for him to even imagine Jim and Cora having sex at all, but obviously they did or they wouldn't already have three kids.

Jackie's skill in cocksucking and the rising sensations deep in his loins quickly brought his attention back to the here and now. Based on the incredible feelings spreading throughout his body, he could well understand his brother's disappointment in his wife's reluctance. Before he banished all thoughts of them from his mind during what he now figured was a pretty inappropriate time to be thinking of them, Patrick made a quick promise to himself that he'd never marry a woman who wouldn't go down on him, as he'd heard the two older men refer to it.

"Oh fuck!" Patrick exclaimed as Jackie increased her tempo and he thought he explode any second. Jerking off, or even having a girl do it for him, had never felt anything like this.

The dark haired teen had enough experience with his own body to realize that he was just about on the verge of climaxing. Normally, his only worry about this time was whether he had a tissue or handkerchief handy to catch the mess. This time, even lost in rapture like he was, he still had enough clarity to realize that his ejaculation was going to be in Jackie's mouth. From what little he knew about blowjobs from overhearing other people talk about them, he knew that even women who did such things didn't necessarily want you to come in their mouth. He was wondered if he should ask or say something when Jackie took the problem out of his hands. Or more precisely, out of her mouth.

Sliding his cock free, Jackie wasted no time in replacing the warm embrace of her mouth around his manhood with the soft flesh of her large breasts. Taking hold of each of them, she pressed them together, engulfing his cock with their fullness. Then she continued Patrick on the road to orgasm as she gave him what he would later learn was called by those in the trade as a titty-fuck.

Whatever it was called, Patrick knew he had just discovered something else to add to his list of skills the someday future Mrs. Conner would have to possess. Even more aware that he was about to explode, he barely noticed his cock popping up and down from deep within Jackie's mounds.

"Oh God!" Patrick finally cried out as the last of his restraint gave way and he climaxed. An orgasm that he felt right down to his toes.

When he finally looked down an immeasurable amount of time later, Patrick was shocked to see the amount of whiteness covering Jackie's breasts. For a moment he was worried that she might be angry that he'd come all over her, but as she had with so many other things, she quickly put that notion to rest as well.

Looking down at the whiteness as well, Jackie ran her index finger across her flesh, covering it with a good amount of the thick fluid. She looked at it for a brief second, then slid her finger into her mouth and quickly sucked it clean. When she finally removed it, not a trace of white remained.

"See, I was right," she smiled, "good enough to eat."

Unsure what to say, least he break the magic of a moment that he planned to remember the rest of his life, Patrick was totally speechless. Thankfully, Jackie was anything but.

"Well, have you enjoyed yourself?" she asked as she again picked up the washrag and wiped herself clean.

"Oh yeah," Patrick said without thinking, a look of utter joy on his face.

A second later, that look started to fade as his thoughts caught up with his emotions and he wondered if she was asking that because his birthday present was over. Maybe it only counted that she got him off, not that he didn't get laid. If that was the case, well he really didn't have a complaint he told himself. Then he wondered how much a session actually cost and if he could sneak that much out of his college account without his mother noticing. The next time, he promised himself, he would make sure he held it in until he could actually put it inside her.

But Patrick didn't need to worry, or raid his hard saved college funds. It was true that in some places, it didn't matter how long a session lasted. Once you shot your load, it was all over. If you wanted another go at it, well that was another session and another payment. That, however, wasn't the way things were done here at the Candy Store. You got every minute you paid for, and if you happen to be unable to repeat a performance as some of the older clientele were unable to do, well you could just spend the rest of your time getting a massage or just resting in the arms of your lady of the moment. After all, this establishment had been taken care of the needs of the gentlemen of three counties for more than two generations and it had a reputation to uphold.

"Why don't your stretch out on the bed and I'll give you a little massage why you recharge your batteries," Jackie said as she climbed onto the bed with Patrick. "I might even show you a few things young ladies might appreciate you knowing in the future."

Patrick did as he was told and stretched out on the length of the bed on his stomach. Jackie climbed over him, resting her bended knees alongside his waist. She told Patrick to close his eyes and relax as she rested her hands on his shoulders and began to rub his young muscles.

Patrick could feel the strength in her hands as she worked her way across his arms and then down his back. He'd had massages before, especially after he'd hurt his back in a football game in school, but nothing like this. Jackie reached his waist and then moved back up again. The second time downward, she brought her hands down to his ass, manipulating the soft buns there and then took care of his legs and feet as well. Then she stretched out her body over his, her breasts rubbing against the small of his back and her still covered womanhood pressing against his ass.

"Okay, turn over," she said as she rolled off him.

Patrick did so as Jackie massaged around his neck and then worked her way across his chest. The eighteen year old had very little chest hair and very smooth skin, a fact that the older brunette commented on as she rubbed her hands back and forth across it. Pressing her thumbs against the tips of his nipples, she gave them special attention.

Finally her attention moved once more below his belt and the seemingly already reenergized manhood found there, already it was standing at attention in response to her massage. Jackie playfully took it in hand and gave it a gentle tug, then slid her hands under it and played with his balls as well.

"It looks like your friend there is anxious to get started again," Jackie said as she ran a single finger along the center of his cock.

"I guess so," Patrick replied, hoping he didn't sound too eager in his answer. As much as he wanted to fuck the woman next to him, he also wanted the experience to last as long as possible.

"Well I'll tell you what," Jackie said as she continued to softly trace a line up and down his flesh. "It is after all your birthday so I'll let you make the choice. If you want to just fuck, that's what we'll do and I promise I'll make sure it's something that you remember the rest of your life. But if you're feeling a little adventurous, I'll show you something you might enjoy as well. If nothing else, it might come in handy later on."

Patrick wasn't sure where she was going with this but he figured it had something to do with what she'd said earlier. About teaching him something that the women in his life might be appreciative about. Thinking he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, Patrick of course said he'd like that.

"Excellent," Jackie smile as she sat next to him, still playing softly with his jewels. "Tell me, I know all boys like to talk to each other about sex and a lot of it is about things they actually don't know the first thing about. Have you and your friends ever talked about cunnilingus""

Patrick's response was a totally blank look. It took Jackie a moment to realize that the word had absolutely no meaning to him whatsoever.

"Muff diving," Jackie said in way of explanation, "going down on a girl, eating pussy."

A look of comprehension appeared on Patrick's face as he finally understood what she was talking about. Only to be replaced by another look that showed an unspoken negative reaction to the suggestion.

"I guess I could take that as an indication that you and your friends don't particularly care for that particular idea," Jackie said in response to his silence. "And I'd be willing to bet that not one of them have ever even tried it."

"Well, it's just that it seems like such a nasty thing to do," Patrick said, echoing what had been the consensus of the one discussion he and his buddies had once had on the subject.

"As opposed to a girl taking your cock in her mouth"" Jackie asked. "Don't you think a young lady would look at that in pretty much the same way"

"I guess I never thought of it that way," Patrick admitted, thinking how good it had felt when Jackie took his cock in her mouth.

"Well, don't you think you should at least try something before you so casually condemn it?" Jackie added.

"I guess so," Patrick answered, not mentioning that his thoughts had shifted back to that overheard conversation between his brother and uncle about that very subject.

"Have you ever offered to return to favor," Patrick remembered his Uncle Tom asking of his brother.

"Are you kidding," Jim Conner had immediately replied.

"That'll be the day when I put my mouth down there."

As Patrick remembered it, his uncle didn't had a response to his brother's reply, but the look on his face was one that the younger Conner knew all to well. It was one of disappointment. He had never understood the reason for that look until just now.

"So, would you like to try it?" Jackie asked, taking note that Patrick seemed to be away from it all for a second.

"Yeah, I think I will," Patrick finally answered, thinking that at least if he tried, his uncle wouldn't have that same look if Jackie told him how things went this afternoon.

"Excellent," Jackie said once more.

Jackie changed positions with Patrick and slid one of the large oversized pillow under her backside, elevating the bottom of her body. Spreading her legs and arching her back, she took hold of the sides of her panties and slid them off. Laughing, she tossed them to the young man who caught them in mid air.

"Put those next to your clothes," Jackie said as she held them for a moment. "You might want to keep them as a souvenir."

Thinking that was a pretty silly idea but not wanting to offend Jackie, Patrick tossed them next to his own briefs. If anything, he could toss them in a trashcan on the way home.

Crawling between Jackie's outstretched legs in response to her silent invitation, Patrick got his first real look at the sex of a woman. His only previous view of the mysterious area was a few grainy photographs in one of the magazines his older brother had passed on to him.

The eighteen year old found himself taking a hesitant sniff as he got close, expecting it to smell like fish. Or so the stories he'd heard had said. To his surprise, and relief, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, it smelled as clean and fresh as the rest of Jackie's body. It seemed like the advice old Mrs. Hardy in Health and Science Class kept drumming into them was indeed true. Personal hygiene did indeed make all the difference.

Patrick glanced up at Jackie for a moment and while she still hadn't said anything, her eyes had an "I'm waiting" look to them. Reaching out with an extended finger, he gently probed the inner sanctum of the older woman's sexuality. It was the second time he'd had his finger in a woman, but the first time he had been able to actually see what he was doing. The previous encounter had taken place in the dark back seat of an old battered Ford.

Picking up the pace, he added a second finger and could feel Jackie's body responding to his touch. A response that jumped dramatically as he finally steeled his nerve and replaced his fingers with his tongue and mouth. As his darting tongue moved in and out, pressing against her sugar walls, Patrick quickly found that the taste of a woman held it's own excitement.

Jackie let him take his time adjusting to the new experience, then began to guide his actions, offering both direction and advice. Soft moans and a gentle vibration that he could feel in the flesh pressed against his face urged him onward. It wasn't long before Patrick reached a point where he began to wonder what all the fuss had been about in the first place.

Really getting into what he was doing, and delighting in the effect his actions were having on Jackie, Patrick was surprised when he felt her hands gently lifting his face away from his prize. It seemed like he had just gotten started, but in reality he had been going down on her for over twenty minutes. In that time he had gained what would be a lifetime appreciation for the act of cunnilingus.

Jackie pulled his body on top of hers, reaching down as she did and taking his cock in hand. A broad smile filled her face as she felt the full hardness of his shaft as she gentle massaged it for a few seconds with her fingers. Guiding it to the spot his tongue had just vacated, she positioned it against the folds of her pussy. She let it go and moved her hands to Patrick's shoulders, giving him a gentle urging to enter her.

Not that the teenager need urging of any kind, gentle or otherwise. It was just that he wanted to savor what was happening as long as possible. The moment that he passed from boyhood to manhood, or at least as he and his friends defined the transition.

A dizzying rush filled Patrick as he pressed his cock deep within Jackie, feeling the walls of her womanhood close against him as she drew him into her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. Once he was fully inside of her, she held him tight for a long heartbeat, then relaxed her hold to allow him to pull back a little.

Back and forth, in and out, the no longer virginal teen moved, increasing his pace with each new thrust. Later on, he would try and write down the emotions and sensations he was feeling, only to find that words would fail him. Yet, despite the inability to adequately describe it, it was an event of which he would remember every detail of for the rest of his life.

Patrick's journey of bliss didn't last long, and Jackie hadn't expected that it would. Such was the nature of young men in situations such as this. After a few minutes of excited effort, she could feel his body begin to tense in such a way that experience told her his climax was imminent. She grabbed him tightly and held on as his body began to quake. A loud groan passed from his lips as she felt his cock explode deep within her, filling her with a wet warmness.

Jackie continued to hold him tight against her as they lay in her bed, enjoying the heat of his body even as she felt his manhood slowly shrink and slip from within her. She shifted their bodies so that she could once more reach out to the night table and grab the washcloth she had left there. With a practiced hand, she wiped the both of them clean before letting the cloth fall from her hand to the floor.

The deed done, Jackie was content to let him just lay with her, savoring the experience. Long silent minutes passed, until Patrick finally emerged from the dreamy stupor he had drifted into. He looked up at the brown haired woman, the brightest of smiles on his face.

"Did I do okay"" he asked in his most sincere tone.

"Baby, you did just fine," Jackie replied as she bent down and kissed him lightly on his lips.


"Baby, you did just fine."

A quarter century later, Patrick could still hear the accented voice of his first lover. At times, he sometimes thought he could still smell the scent of her perfume. One thing was certain, a month had hardly ever gone by that the memory of her didn't pass through his thoughts. Something that he considered quite normal because he couldn't imagine any man ever forgetting their first time.

He had gone off to college that fall, and it was there three years later that he met the woman he would spend the next twenty odd years with. In the time between those two events, he had occasion to visit the Candy Store only once. A mid-summer visit with some of his friends two years later to celebrate the first of them turning twenty-one. There had been another change of management at the old house and a woman Patrick didn't recognize now ran the operation. He'd spent the night with a very attractive Chinese girl named Nancy, but it wasn't the same. His decided there and then that his second visit would be his last.


The rumble of his son's truck coming back up the road interrupted the forty-three year old's memories. He ran his hand across the smooth doorframe, then walked down the three steps leading from the porch to the paved walkway. As the truck grew closer, he could see that his son wasn't alone.

Kevin Conner brought his truck to a stop a few feet away from where his father was standing. The passenger door opened first and a tall, very endowed redhead climbed down from it. As she brushed her hair back with her hand, Patrick couldn't help but think that in another age, the young lady, who he knew was from the county office, might have fit in quite nicely with the other residents of the house behind him.

"Better keep thoughts like that in check," Patrick reminded himself. "Women today tend to take rather strong objection to the suggestion that they might sell their bodies. Give them away, yes, but definitely not sell."

"Good morning, Miss Miller," Patrick said as he extended his hand. "I'm glad you were able to finally join us."

"I'm afraid I have to apologize about that," the twenty- two year old said. "My car had a flat and I discovered that I didn't have a spare. To top it all off, I'd forgotten to charge my cell phone so I couldn't even call the Auto Club for help."

"Well I'm sure we can help you out there," Patrick said.

"I already called them from my phone, Dad," Kevin said as he came around the truck. "By the time we're done here they should have the tire changed."

"Good," Patrick said as he shifted his attention from his son back to Miss Miller. "I assume you've brought out the contracts so we can get them signed and the job started""

"Actually, I'm afraid there's been a change of plans," Carol Miller said in her most apologetic voice.

"Change of plans"" Patrick repeated.

"They're not going to knock it down after all," Kevin interrupted, repeating what had been shared with him on the short drive back to the house.

"What happened"" Patrick asked.

"Do you know Wilbur Rogers"" Carol asked.

"Is there anyone in the three counties who doesn't?" Patrick replied.

"I guess not," Carol said.

Wilbur Rogers had been a member of the Board longer than any of the three were alive. If anyone knew where all the bodies were buried, it was Wilbur Rogers and when the old man wanted something, it usually got done.

"Well, Mr. Rogers managed to convince a majority of the Board to locate the mini-mall a mile and a half down the road instead," Carol explained. "He also convinced them to pass a resolution making the building a local historic site."

"I'd have to agree with that," Patrick thought silently.

"Some historic site," Kevin noted. "If we don't knock this thing down, I'd bet it comes down on it's own in a few years ."

"Oh they considered that too," Carol went on. "They're going to allocate enough funds to completely renovate the place. Mr. Rogers wants them to turn it into a Boy's Club."

"A Boy's Club?" Patrick said in surprise.

"I know, it's pretty archaic," Carol said, thinking the older man saw it in the same light as she did. "Mr. Rogers went so far as to describe it as a place that turned boys into men. Have you ever heard of anything so silly""

Patrick reserved comment but he liked the irony of the Councilman's statement. Holding back his smile, he wondered if the building's savior had once been an afternoon guest himself.

"You are of course free to put a bid in for that project too." the young woman said as she realized that the older Conner hadn't been agreeing with her and shifted back to business mode.

Patrick turned away from the two younger people and looked up at the old house once more. The words of the Councilman resounded in his mind.

"Might not be a bad thing to hang over the door when it's finished," he said in a low voice. "After all, that's what the place has always been."

A much lighter mood filled him when he turned back around than the one he had when he arrived this morning. The smile on his face had finally broken through. He stepped toward his son's truck and invited Miss Miller to get in between them. "You know, Kevin, suddenly I'm as hungry as a horse," he said as they pulled away from the house. "What say while we wait for the Auto Club, we all go down to the diner and have a big breakfast on me. You're welcome to join us of course, Miss Miller."

"Why thank you, Mr. Conner," Carol said, "and I'm glad you're not too upset about losing the demolition contract."

"I learned long ago not to get upset over things you can't change," Patrick laughed. "We'll just have to make sure we put in a good bid on the renovation."

As they headed down the road, Kevin couldn't help but note that it had been a long time since he'd seen his father in this good a mood. It was if he'd suddenly been transformed into a kid in a candy store.


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