It all started when my wife Laura and I found the LSD in our daughter's room. Caroline had been acting the hippy for the past year, ever since she started the 11th grade. Having been a little bit of a free spirit myself in high school I'd let her get away with it.

While Caroline was away at a conservationist camp for 4 weeks during the summer, Laura took the opportunity to clean her room. You know how messy teenagers can be. Well, when she came walking into the den with a baggy full of pot and a smaller bag with what I knew was LSD, I just about hit the roof.

The last thing I wanted was my beautiful smart daughter frying her brain on crap like that. But after I had time to calm down I realized that it was all part of growing up. And that I'd turned out okay, so what could I really say to my daughter.

I did, however, take the drugs. After all there is a difference in understanding why, and letting it just go by. I mean I AM a parent. I put the stuff on the dresser in our bedroom, planning to flush them down the toilet later.

Looking back I don't know why we did it, but for some reason those drugs didn't get flushed like I'd originally intended. And after several days of walking by the dresser in our bedroom the urge finally over took me to try some of that LSD out. I'd taken some in high school and remembered that it'd been fun.

Somehow I even talked Laura into dropping some with me. And so that very night we did it. It was around 8 o'clock and we didn't expect anyone over and didn't have plans to go anywhere so I suggested that we try it out, and to my amazement Laura agreed. I guess we'd both been a little board with things lately. I know I expected some good sex at least.

We went into the kitchen and I pulled the orange juice out of the fridge and poured a glass for Laura and me. Then taking a deep breath I popped a pill into my mouth and washed it down with several gulps of juice. Laura watched me taking the tablet, then she took hers.

We were both nervous, neither of us had done anything like this in a time. We went into the den to wait to see what would happen. I only vaguely remember the feeling of an LSD trip and was looking forward to getting high, but Laura was a little more worried about it.

I sat in my easy chair and looked at my wife. Laura is attractive with short blonde hair and a really nice body. I looked into her dark eyes and she looked back at me in silence. Then the doorbell rang. FUCK!

"Don't get it!" I whispered. I could swear that I was starting to get a buzz and the last thing I wanted was to deal with anyone from outside. But I realized that we'd just taken the stuff so it was impossible that I was getting high so soon. And when Laura looked through the peephole in the front door and saw that it was her sister, I didn't fight her on it.

Karen, my wife's sister, is more outgoing than Laura. She always has a new boyfriend and is always experimenting with the latest style or buying the coolest new toy. She's an attractive woman too, just different than Laura, taller too. This time she had her blonde hair braided in dreadlocks and was all smiles as she came bouncing in through the front door.

Apparently she had news of a new relationship. I wasn't listening because I was starting to buzz. I realized that I had been earlier too, and now I suddenly regretted that we'd let Karen in. And as I looked over at my wife I could see that her eyes looked unnaturally large, and she looked nervous.

Karen babbled on until she noticed that we weren't saying anything. Even a flitterbug like Karen will notice after a while when something doesn't look right. Suddenly she stopped talking and looked into my eyes, then she looked at her sister, then back at me. "You guys all right?" she asked.

I was for bluffing her, and getting her out the door as soon as possible, but my wife blurted out what we'd done. The whole story, about our daughter's stash, and me talking her into dropping some acid. I was going crazy, what the hell was Laura doing? We were stoned out of our minds and here she was admitting that we'd taken LSD. What if Karen decided to call the police for our own good?

When Laura finally fell silent, Karen told us that she'd often wondered what LSD was all about, but she'd never known anyone who had any. It ended up that she talked Laura into letting her take a hit too. "Why not," Karen said. "After all, you guys are family, and this would be the absolutely safest way to try something like this, right?"

Right! Well, I had very little to say on the subject, just like the rest of the night. All I did from about that point on was try to hang onto my sanity. I had been noticing that the walls were tilted at weird angles. They were pretty much like normal, only when I wasn't quite looking they would tilt at funny angles. I could also see little something's running up and down the curtains.

Whenever I focused on anything the funny stuff disappeared, but I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye that scared the daylights out of me. Soon I was lost in a strange alter world, just lying there in the Lasyboy trying to hang on.

I vaguely noticed when the girls went into the kitchen to make some tea. I just lay there in my recliner and watched the lights going off in my head.

Time passed unnoticed, I was all alone in the world. No other human beings were left alive in it and I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as it began to slow down, going slower and slower. I knew that I was last human alive on earth, and that when my heart finally stopped I would cease to exist too.

Then out of my the fog came a voice. More of a giggle really. But it was a voice and my attention shifted from my heart to the source of the noise. It was -- who was it? Laura? Was I losing it? Her face was stark white; my mind did a flip inside my skull. Had I gone crazy?

As if in slow motion I noticed Laura walking toward me, her face was all white but her naked body was as tan as always. Then I saw her sister enter the room holding a couple of mugs. Her face was equally as white as Laura's and she was totally naked too.

I finally was able to mumble, "What have you done?" That was all I could think to say.

Laura gave a nervous laugh and said, "We decided to paint our faces. I have some greasepaint left over from the play Caroline was in, you remember the one about the mimes?" Then she looked over at her sister and Karen nodded dumbly, touching one of her huge breasts, almost caressing it with the mug.

Laura continued, "I just had the urge to paint my face, then I had to paint Karen's too. I don't know why, it just was fun, and then we had to take our clothes off because we didn't want to get them smeared with face paint." Karen giggled again.

All I could find to say was, "Oh." And I sat back and looked at them. Even as fucked up as I was I knew that this was something special. I'd always surreptitiously lusted after Laura's outgoing sister. It had only ever been fantasy, but here she was naked, with a painted face and my wife was involved in it so no one could blame me. Right?

With some effort, I pushed myself out of my chair and stumbled over toward the girls. They were smiling and when I bumped into Karen they both grabbed me to stop me from falling. Then I felt a hand pull at the snap of my Levis. I didn't know which one of them did it, and frankly I didn't care. But when Laura said, "You have to get naked too, and we have to paint your face to match ours." Well, you can guess my reaction. YES! YO BOY!

I was in puppy heaven. I just wished that I had my sanity so that I could take full advantage of the situation. But I didn't. But I also was naked in just a few moments. The girls wasting no time in stripping off my clothes.

Without any protest I was led into the dining room and I let Karen push me down on my back onto the dining room table. Then Laura had the paint out and was smearing it on my face. I noticed Karen standing over me looking at my raging boner as I lay there naked. I wasn't able to say anything or take any action, my mind was in too much turmoil. But I was really aroused, maybe more so than I'd ever been in my life.

When Karen reached down and wrapped her fingers around my erect cock I couldn't help but groan with pleasure. Laura looked up from her painting job and moved over, pushing her sister's hand away and taking me into her mouth. I could only watch from my position, lying there as Laura began to suck my cock while her sister watched.

Soon they were taking turns, then before I knew it I was being jockeyed around and made to stand up. They wanted me to take turns fucking them as they sat on the edge of the table, legs spread wide. Laura even pushed me between her sister's legs and urged me on. Even as fucked up as I was I couldn't believe my good fortune.

Our sex play went on forever. I don't know if I ever came in either my wife or her sister. All I know was that I fucked them both royally, and was able to grope Karen to my hearts content while fucking her brains out all at the same time.

I vividly remember looking into Karen's dark eyes as I fucked her, and her looking back at me like I was some kind of god. I'll always remember the feeling of my prick slipping in and out of her warm tight pussy, feeling of her cunt tighten around my thrusting shaft. And the giggles as she played with my dick using just her cunt muscles. Oh god! I'll always remember that no matter how long I live.

And one other thing I'll never forget. My lovely wife watching me fuck another woman. And the fact that she urged me on, telling me to fuck her sister harder and faster. And when she became too impatient and started massaging Karen's clit with her fingers as I stood there pumping away at her sister sitting on the edge of the dining room table, well, it just about blew my mind. I'll never forget any of it if I live to be a hundred.


I think we all ended up in our bed. Yes, I'm sure of it, because I vaguely remember waking up with sunlight shining through the bedroom window and propping myself up on one elbow to see what time it was. That's when I noticed a naked Karen lying on one side of me and my wife on the other. Karen was laying on her front, with her beautiful ass staring me in the face, her smudgy white painted face turned toward me, and she was slightly snoring.

I remember taking a moment or two to look her over. I instinctively knew that what we'd done the night before would never be repeated, and I wanted to remember what her body looked like. The fuzzy memory of what I'd done to that body the night before was making me hard again.

I jumped as fingers wrapped around my stiff cock and a soft voice whispered in my ear, "Just you wait until to night, just you wait."

What was Laura saying? It was her voice and as I looked down at her hand on my ridged cock, I wondered. Were we going to have another threesome? Was that what she was implying? God, I hoped so.


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