Fifteen-year-old Matt was literally shaking with excitement. It was 12:30 a.m. and his girlfriend had just hung up about ten minutes earlier from a clandestine phone conversation.

Carol had just got her new car that day, and Matt had just talked her into coming over in it. Although she wasn't allowed to drive alone yet, only having a permit, they both lived in quiet neighborhoods and she wouldn't draw any attention to herself.

Carol tapped on his window and told Matt to let her in. Both teenagers tried to be as quite as possible, neither one wanting to wake up Matt's parents. Matt was shaking because he knew they were going to have sex. He knew that Carol was there to have sex with him.

They lived too far apart to walk, and had never had the opportunity to be alone like this before. Both kids wanted to have sex, but until tonight the opportunities were never there. Tonight, they were going to make their own opportunity.

Matt always wore just his boxers to bed, and saw no reason to get dressed, considering what he was going to be doing. His penis had been perma-hard since that phone call, and Matt kept stroking his own unit to keep it hard and prepared for his girlfriend. he had taken out his hidden stash of condoms and put them on the nightstand next to his bed.

Carol drove at just the speed limit, although she was having trouble concentrating on driving. She had her hand under her tee shirt, touching her braless breasts. She couldn't wait to let Matt see them, touch them and play with them. She was proud of her 34C breasts, and wanted to share them with her boyfriend.

Carol thought Matt was hot, and loved watching him play water polo. She often dreamed about rubbing her bare body against his, then having sex with him. In just a few minutes, both were finally going to happen.

All Carol had to do when she got into Matt's room was to remove her shirt, shorts and flip-flops and she would be nude. She expected that Matt would just be wearing shorts. Soon they would be in bed together!

Carol pulled her Honda Civic up to the curb with the lights already off. She quickly killed the engine, exited the car and quietly closed the door. She saw Matt standing in the window and gave him a big smile. She could see he was bare-chested and wearing the necklace that she had given to him. By now, her shorts were soaked between her legs.

Matt opened the window and help Carol inside. They were very quiet, even though Matt's room was all the way down the hall from his parents' room. His parents had been sound asleep for hours.

Neither kid said anything and once Carol was inside she put her arms around Matt's neck and the two began a passionate kiss. As Carol gently scratched her nails on Matt's bareback while they French kissed, Matt was pulling up her tee shirt. He got it up above her breasts then pulled her tightly against his chest. The feel of bare teenage skin against their nipples felt wonderful to both Matt and Carol.

Carol moved her hands down to Matt's boxers and began to work the down over his hips. The boy reached down to help her and immediately his pre-cum covered teen cock was pressed against her bare thigh. Carol then pushed her own shorts down and both kids then stepped out of the shorts that had fallen to the floor.

"Oh, finally, Carol!" Matt whispered.

"Oh Matt, I want you!" she replied.

"Me too." he said.

They both sat on Matt's bed and continued their kissing while sitting side by side. Matt's hands were wandering all over Carol's breasts. She was stroking his penis with one hand while rubbing his chest with her other. She then took one hand and put it on Matt's wrist and guided his hand down between her legs.

The boy then rubbed his fingers along her slit and then slowly inserted then into her sopping pussy. His fingers found her clit as Carol urged him on. Matt was also rubbing his foot on top of Carol's, and Carol loved the feel of being so close to this boy.

As Carol rubbed his penis, Matt was getting more and more excited.

"Carol, I'm so ready! How about you?"

With her boyfriend's finger on her clit, Carol's answer was an easy one.

"Oh God yes!" she moaned.

Matt reached for the condom box but Carol stopped him by pushing his hand down.

"You don't need that. I'm on the pill" she said.

"Cool" Matt replied.

Carol laid back as Matt positioned himself over her. Matt looked down at his girlfriend's face, bare breasts and opened legs and was thrilled that she was actually on his own bed and he was getting ready to fuck her.

Carol guided Matt inside of her and at 12:48 a.m. their virginity came to an end. Oh, what a feeling for both teenagers!

Carol wrapped her arms around Matt's back and pulled his smooth hard chest to her breasts. Her water polo stud's bare chest was stimulating her hardened nipples as his seven-inch cock repeatedly thrust in and out of her steaming pussy. She raised her knees and rested her heels on Matt's lower back.

Matt wanted to satisfy his girlfriend, but the excitement of the first time was too much for him to control. After about a minute, his teenage semen erupted into Carol's already juicy twat. Carol was close to cumming too, and she could imagine the pleasure Matt was feeling as she felt his jets of cum splash her inner walls. Matt was moaning deeply as his mouth sought out hers.

As Matt shot the final drops of his load, Carol reached her climax. She wanted to scream, but Matt's mouth was clamped onto hers. Her scream would have woke the whole house, it was that intense. Matt knew something wonderful was happening to his girlfriend, and he was so proud that he was responsible for it.

The two nude teenagers held each other for about twenty minutes. No words were exchanged, nothing needed to be said. Their second intercourse just naturally happened, and this time it was long, leisurely and very intense. Matt lasted about fifteen minutes, and Carol enjoyed three orgasms. Afterward, they so wanted to sleep together, but Carol knew she had to get home.

They got out of bed, stood up and held each other's naked bodies for about five more minutes before Carol finally got dressed. She climbed back through the window, went to her car and quietly drove away.

Matt crawled naked back into bed, and laid right in the cum stains on his bed. He tried to get to sleep but couldn't until he masturbated to the memory of what had just happened to him. Then he quickly drifted off to sleep, and had the best dreams of his life!


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