Sixteen-year-old Jeff's first day on the job as a pool cleaner is a memorable one as he finds his first customer sunbathing in the nude beside her pool. Jeff does what any normal teenage boy would like to do under those circumstances, and the result is satisfying for both of them.

Margot knew she was her husband's trophy bride. But she also enjoyed the benefits that came with being the 28- year-old wife of a 54-year-old millionaire corporate attorney. Like being able to sunbathe in the nude at her secluded mansion high above Hollywood in the hills. Every inch of Margot's perfect body was a dark golden bronze, even the skin between her legs, which she kept smoothly shaved.

Margot was asleep by the pool, her face covered by a towel as her bare 38 D breasts absorbed the warm California sun. She was dreaming about her husband, who she knew was not alone that night while his business trip to Paris. They had an open relationship, as long as Margot served as eye candy on the arm of her successful husband at the many social events he was required to attend. In turn, Margot got money, the house, and the freedom to enjoy her insatiable sexual appetite, whenever and with whom she wanted.

Jeff was on his first unsupervised day of work at Aqua Blue Pool Service. He had trained for two weeks with a partner but now he was alone for the first time. Jeff had just turned sixteen and this was his first job. He was working to earn money for his first car.

Jeff pulled the truck into the driveway of the mansion and got out and removed the items he needed to take into the back yard. Aqua Blue was a casual, fun company to work for. When it was warm, the guys were allowed to do their work in just their swimsuits. It was 95 degrees, and Jeff wore only a pair of board shorts and sandals with no shirt. He was a swimmer at school and liked to show off his body. He loved having a job where he could work outside with very little clothing.

Jeff went through the side gate and as he approached the pool his heart skipped a beat. His eyes fell on Margot's nude, sleeping body. Her breasts were rising and falling with each breath and her legs were spread apart just enough for Jeff to see her entire slit.

Jeff was not a virgin, and in fact he had sex with his girlfriend just the night before, but the sight of Margot lying there in all her glory caused the teenage boy's penis to rise with an immediate erection. Right then, he knew what he wanted, but the question was how. Jeff was very good in bed, according to his girlfriend. He wanted the chance to use his skills with this goddess lying before him.

Jeff began to skim the pool of leaves, hoping to make enough noise to wake the sleeping woman. Hearing the water splash jolted her awake. Margot knew she was exposed and defenseless, and had no idea what she would see when she removed the towel from her face. Still, she had to know.

As she pulled the towel off her eyes, her anxiety was replaced with a sudden gush of vaginal fluid, which glistened in the sunlight on the lips of her exposed pussy. This reaction was caused by the sight of a gorgeous teenage boy, with a bare chest and legs bronzed almost as dark as she was. The chest in particular was smooth and well muscled. She gazed at his chocolate chip nipples and immediately had the desire to be licking and sucking on them.

The boy's face was framed with a mop of brown and blond streaked hair. The face was hairless and blemish free. His piercing blue eyes were fixed on her own erect nipples. Margot looked down at his orange board shorts and saw the bulge there and the wet spot forming at the tip of the boy's confined erection.

"Sorry for waking you." Jeff said.

By now, Margot knew exactly what she wanted. "Oh my God," she replied. "I didn't expect to wake up and see a Greek god standing in front of me!"

Jeff was surprised but pleased by this comment. "Thanks" he muttered shyly, although his desires were anything but shy. Fortunately for him, Margot knew just how to react in the present of an erect male penis. She hadn't had a boy since she was sixteen herself, but she also remembered how her first teenage lover, sixteen-year-old Jim Price, could fuck all night long. She hoped this boy had the same staying power.

"Don't mind about my body, I love laying out like this." Margot said.

"Oh, I don't mind your body at all!" Jeff replied.

"I can tell," she said, pointing at his crotch.

Jeff's tanned face reddened a bit, which Margot thought was so cute.

"My name's Margot" she said. "What's yours?"


"Well, Jeff, why don't you step over closer to me?"

Jeff had removed his sandals before skimming the pool, so he padded over to the chair in his bare feet. He stopped right next to Margot with his eyes transfixed on her incredible body. Margot could now clearly see the outline of the boy's penis under his shorts. Her eyes moved upward from the bulge to the smooth dark skin of Jeff's abdomen. She then scanned up to his pectoral muscles and those dark nipples that looked so yummy to her. Both of his nipples were soft and relaxed but Margot knew they wouldn't stay that way for long.

When her eyes finally focused on his face, she was surprised to see how young he really looked. Still, she knew that body was more than capable of pleasing her. The gaze of the boy's blue eyes was now firmly fixed on Margot's shaved pussy.

Jeff had had sex with three girls since he lost his virginity at fourteen, but none ever had a shaved pussy. His current girlfriend had a full brown bush that always got in the way whenever he ate her out. Jeff's heart was racing in anticipation of what he believed was going to happen.

Jeff knew this dream was going to become reality when Margot reached for the waistband of his shorts. "Jeff, I'm afraid you're a little over dressed for this pool!" she said with a smile. She then undid the top button of the shorts and tugged them down. She had to pull against the resistance of his hard cock, but with one motion the erection sprung free as his shorts fell to the ground.

"Omigod!" Margot gasped as Jeff's eight-inch long and two-inch thick tube of manhood stood at full staff from his brown bush of pubic hair. Margot quickly decided to dispense with the foreplay. There would be time for that later.

"Jeff, I need you to fuck me right now." she said.

Despite Jeff's sexual experience, hearing those words from a nude woman with a Playboy quality body caused the boy to be as excited as a virgin teenage boy.

"You wanna do it on that chair?" he asked.

The pool lounge chair was solid and strong and covered with a soft cushion. Margot was already comfortable so she responded, "sure." She laid the back of the chair back until only her head was slightly elevated. She opened her legs apart to accommodate the nude teenage boy who was positioning himself on his knees between those legs. Like Margot, he was also ready to fuck, knowing that he could probably eat her out later.

Jeff positioned his cockhead against Margot's well- lubricated slit and slid himself right into her welcoming womanhood. The boy was as hard as he had ever been, but the journey of his cock down her love canal was easy and effortless. Margot moaned as Jeff's teenage meat filled her to the brim. Jeff stopped when his balls were pressed against the flesh between her legs. Jeff's youthful face and smooth body might have been boy-like, but between her legs he was all man.

"Oh, fuck, this is nice!" the boy moaned as he began to thrust in and out of the most incredible looking female he ever fucked. He knew that not many sixteen year olds ever had this kind of opportunity so he savored the moment with each thrust.

Margot was in a dream world. Jeff's penis more than adequately stimulated her vaginal senses. She had no way of knowing that the boy and his girlfriend liked to experiment with positions and techniques. Jeff's girlfriend would tell him what she liked, so the boy really did know how to please his female sex partner. Margot's other stimulation was visual, as she was looking right up at Jeff's broad and handsome chest and a face that she thought was positively cute for a boy.

Jeff's eyes, too, revealed a vision below him that would have him sexually excited even if he wasn't actually having sex. Margot's bronzed breasts sat perfectly on her chest and jiggled slightly each time he rammed his cock into her. Her areolas were almost black and silver dollar sized. Jeff lowered his face to her right breast and eagerly devoured the delicious bare nipple.

That final stimulation caused a reflex of her tightening her legs against his thrusting thighs as she gushed with a tremendous orgasm. "Oh, oh, oh yesss!" she screamed as she surrendered to the pleasure she was now experiencing. Jeff continued to lick each breast as Margot's orgasm ran its full course.

By now, Margot was digging her fingers into Jeff's thick hair as he continued to lick her nipples. When her orgasm subsided, she pulled up on his hair until he was looking in her eyes. "Hey, cutie, now it's my turn to do you!" she said. She moved her hands down Jeff's neck to his shoulders and finally to his biceps. She pulled him forward until his chest was right over her face. Then she raised her head and planted her lips on one of the boy's nipples.

The little nub of boy flesh immediately responded by hardening as she licked her tongue all around it. She then moved her face to his other nipple and repeated the process. This was what Margot had wanted to do since she first saw the shirtless boy. As she licked his nipples, her hands were grasped on his upper arms.

"Oh fuck, keep that up!" the boy moaned. None of his girlfriends had ever licked his nipples while he fucked them so this was a real treat for him. By now, Margot's knees were fully raised and she settled her heels on the small of his back. This tightened her pussy even further and suddenly Jeff's teen-cock began to erupt with cum. "Oh, yeah." He groaned with a deep breath as his boycum flowed freely from his teenage penis into the vagina of the mature woman who had just fucked him to the best orgasm he ever had.

"Oh, fill me with your cum!" Margot encouraged as Jeff ejaculated until he was dry. His eyes were closed and his nose wrinkled as he breathed through his mouth. Then he let out a long sigh and collapsed his chest onto Margot's breasts. She gently scratched his bare back with her fingertips as they lay there in the sun enjoying their own post-coital glow.

As good as the boy's bare body felt against hers, it was summer, they were in the sun and it was getting warm. Margot suggested they jump in to the pool, When Jeff withdrew his penis, a stream of mixed cum flowed from Margot's vagina and dripped on to the chair pad. "We can clean that up later," she said as she stood up and dove in along with her new teenage lover.

After a few minutes of frolicking in the soothing cool water, Jeff exclaimed, "Oh, shit!"

"What's the matter? Margo replied.

"I gotta clean your pool then go on to my next house. I got five more to do today!" the boy said.

"Then clean my pool," she responded, "but we have to fuck again before you leave!"

Jeff knew he was going to like this job.


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