Nancy walked quickly to the parking garage, her last meeting finally over. It was very late, after 10 pm and she was the last one leaving. Nancy enjoyed her new position; she was 48 years old and finally made it to the top of the company. The new position meant more money and Nancy was able to afford some things she always wanted.

As she approached her car, Nancy caught a glimpse of herself in the window of another car. One of the things she was now able to afford was a trip to the gym. Nancy looked at her reflection and admired her 48-year-old body. She now wore clothes that accented her 40DD breasts and thin 24-inch waist. At only 64 inches tall she was a tad top heavy, but that was okay.

Nancy thought she looked exceptionally sexy tonight in a clinging sweater and skirt that was just above the knee. Nancy wore thongs to avoid panty lines, and it worked as her skirt was as smooth as skin. Nancy smiled at her reflection; her black hair recently cut short made her look more business-like. Nancy then remembered the time and hurried to her Mercedes, cursing her 3-inch high heels. Another perk of her new job.

Nancy quickly jumped in and turned the key, nothing. Nancy tried again, still nothing. "The battery must be dead," she thought. She played with the switches and found the light switch in the "on" position. She quickly exited the car and hurried back to the building only to find the door locked. She looked around and decided that her only alternative was to take the bus so she started down the three flights of stairs to the ground floor. She remembered always riding the bus when she first started at the company, so this would be somewhat nostalgic. Nancy exited onto the sidewalk, found the once familiar bus stop and waited.

As the bus finally arrived, Nancy glanced at her watch; it was now 11:30. Nancy paid the driver and did not notice the five black men on the bus with her. It was very odd to have a white woman riding the bus, but even more unusual this light at night. Nancy sat down at about the halfway point of the bus oblivious to what was going on around her.

Derrick, the leader of the men on the bus was discussing their plans. The five men frequently road the bus late at night looking for prey to rob. Derrick and his brother Manny had thought up the scheme. The other three were their friends from the neighborhood; Billy and Ned were school buddies. Derrick had recruited Emmit as an enforcer. Emmit was over 6 feet 5 inches tall and weight about 300 pounds. Generally none of the people they robbed wanted to give Emmit a hard time.

Now here was a pretty white woman, alone on the bus. The bus driver, Rufus, would be no problem. In his sixties, Rufus usually took his cut from the robberies and never said a word. It was a sweet deal, but this white woman was an unexpected bonus. Derrick decided Rufus would know what to do and started forming a plan with the others.

Nancy continued to glance at her watch and stare out the window. She was lost in thought and did not notice the five men starting to surround her in seats. Finally Derrick stood beside her.

"Bitch, we want to play," Derrick ordered. Derrick decided the direct approach would avoid wasting time.

Nancy glanced up at the black man the looked at the bus driver. Rufus was stealing looks at the rearview mirror and at the road. Nancy was uncomfortable, but felt safe with the driver present. Suddenly, she felt a hard pain and ringing in her ears. Derrick slapped Nancy on the side of the head. "Get up bitch and let's play," Derrick repeated. Nancy continued to ignore Derrick, which just made him angrier. Derrick nodded to Emmit who had taken up a seat behind Nancy.

Nancy started screaming as she felt the meaty hands grab her upper arms and drag her over the back of the seat. Her briefcase fell to the floor as she struggled to be released. Emmit placed Nancy in a bear hug, her feet dangling off the floor of the bus.

"Let me go you bastards," Nancy yelled at Emmit and Darrell. She looked around in horror and found three more black men standing around her. Nancy yelled up at the bus driver for help, "Please, help me, they are hurting me," Nancy pleaded. Rufus continued to glance into the rearview mirror, but made no move to help the woman.

"Now we're going to play," Derrick announced and pushed Nancy's sweater above her breasts revealing a laced purple bra that barely contained her breasts.

Nancy struggled against Emmit who shifted his arms to just under her breasts. This allowed Derrick to pull the sweater over her head.

"Shit, look at this pair," Derrick said as he yanked the cups of the bra underneath Nancy's breasts causing them to jut out.

"Please, let me go, I'll give you all my money, I have lots of cash in my briefcase," Nancy bargained.

Derrick informed her that they would take her money, but wanted more then reached out with both hands and pinched her nipples simultaneously. Nancy cried out in pain and watched in horror, as her nipples grew hard. Manny and Ned pulled Nancy's skirt down revealing her matching purple thongs. Manny quickly yanked those down to Nancy's ankles revealing her black pubic hair. Nancy only shaved her legs and never trimmed her pussy hair.

The men all commented on her thick bush of black pubic hair. Derrick released Nancy's nipples and dug his fingers into her black bush yanking out a hand full of hair. "Damn, a hairy pussy, I thought all you white women shaved your pussies," Derrick spat further humiliating Nancy. Nancy started screaming and struggling again causing her thongs to fall to the floor. She could easily feel the bulge against her ass from Emmit's crotch.

"Shut the bitch up Billy," Derrick ordered and before Nancy could brace herself, Billy drove his fist directly into her stomach forcing all of the air out of her. Emmit then easily forced Nancy onto her back in the opposite seat. Ned grabbed one leg and pulled it over the forward seat while Emmit grabbed the other leg and pulled it over the back seat. Manny held her arms over Nancy's head.

Nancy was splayed up in a disgusting manner, her ass hanging off the edge of the bus seat. Now Billy straddled Nancy's head with his hard, black cock sticking out at her lips. "Scream again," he commanded. Nancy shook her head "no" and refused to open her mouth. Suddenly she felt two fingers shoved into her dry cunt and reacted to this sudden intrusion with a scream.

As soon as her mouth opened, Billy shoved his uncircumcised cock into Nancy's mouth until it hit the back of her throat. "You bite down Bitch and they will never find your body," Billy admonished.

Nancy tried to slow her breathing and not let her teeth touch the dick in her mouth. She could not see whose fingers were in her cunt, but they continued to work them in and out.

Derrick did not want to fuck a dry hole and was working two fingers in and out of Nancy's cunt trying to get her wet. He finally stuck a third finger inside the white bitch and stretched and pulled her pussy opening it. His thumb found her clit and Nancy jumped at the touch.

Nancy was just trying to breath while Billy worked his cock in and out of her mouth. She groaned with each thrust and the constant pressure on the unknown thumb on her clit. Suddenly she felt a wet tongue stroke across her clit and her vagina spasm to the touch. As the cock in her mouth grew, Nancy prayed her body would not betray her, but knew it was too late. Nancy felt the tender lips wrap around her clit and the gentle tugging at the now erect bud. She tried to protest around the cock in her mouth, but it only came out as mumbles.

"Finally, the bitch is getting wet, she's ready to fuck," Derrick announced as he stood with Nancy's pussy juices on his face. Derrick unzipped his pants revealing a 10- inch cock, erect and ready. Nancy could not see what was happening because of Billy, but heard the zipper then felt the hard, cock shoved into her pussy.

Just as she felt a scrotal sack bounce off her ass, Billy started cumming in her mouth. Nancy choked and sputtered trying to dislodge Billy's dick so she could spit out his cum. It was no use; Billy held her head tight against him and forced Nancy to swallow. Little droplets of his seed dribble out of the corners of Nancy's abused mouth. For the first time Nancy began to weep.

"My turn," Manny announce and pushed Billy out of the way. Although Nancy's hands were freed, she did not try to resist. She knew she was no match for the five black men. Before Manny straddled her, Nancy saw Derrick between her lewdly splayed legs pounding his cock in and out of her cunt. She was acutely aware each time his heavy scrotum slapped against her ass cheeks. Nancy's attention was brought back to Manny with a slap to her face. "Push you tits together, bitch, I've got to fuck this enormous things."

Nancy looked down as saw Manny's thick cock lying between her breasts. She just laid still, hands over her head, staring at Manny's cock. Another slap, and Nancy's tears started flowing as she slowly brought her hands down and reluctantly pushed her tits together around Manny's cock.

Once her breasts touched, she watched in fascination at the contrast of the dark, black cock being shove between her milky white tits. Manny saw Nancy watching and misunderstood her stares, "the bitch loves being tit fucked," Manny yelled.

Nancy's body was being pushed upward on the seat as Derrick continued to pound her pussy. The weight of Manny on her chest made it difficult for her to breath. Manny had grabbed her head and bent it upward forcing her to be face to face with his dick with each stroke. Nancy felt Derrick tensing and knew he was going to cum.

"Please, please don't cum in me, I'm not protected," Nancy begged but it was too late as she felt the walls of her vagina bathed in Derrick's warm seed. Suddenly, her pussy was empty, but Manny was shaking Nancy's head yelling for her to open her mouth. She reactively opened her mouth just in time for the first shot of cum from Manny's dick to strike the back of her throat. Nancy tried to turn her head away and some of the sticky cum stuck her eyes, cheeks, and chin. Manny quickly crawled off of her chest and for the first time she was left alone, or so she thought.

Ned released her leg and Emmit did the same, letting Nancy's legs drop off the edge of the seat. Her freedom was short lived as Emmit pulled her to her feet and forced over to another seat. In that seat, Ned was on his back, his hard cock sticking straight out. Without words, Emmit forced Nancy to straddled Ned and the pushed her down on his cock.

Nancy grunted with the force of Ned's entry and tried to adjust herself to relieve some of the pressure against her cervix. Emmit lifted Nancy off Ned's dick and slammed her back down. Nancy was being used like a jackhammer on Ned's dick. Finally after multiple stroked, Ned reached up and grabbed handfuls of Nancy's tits and pulled her to his chest. She screamed in pain and in this position could look out the window and see cars driving past the bus. Nancy tried screaming at the passing cars, but there was no one who could hear her.

Suddenly Nancy felt her asscheeks being pulled apart. Without ceremony, a hard dick was placed at her anal ring. "God, please don't rape me there," Nancy pleaded trying to push herself up from the grip Ned held on her. Emmit love to rape virgin ass. Especially since he was nearly four inches thick and twelve inches long. Emmit pushed hard splitting Nancy's anal ring open with the head of his cock.

Nancy's screams were deafening, "God, oh God, please take it out, take it out, I'll fuck all of you again, I'll suck you all, please take it out of my ass," Nancy screamed again and again.

Emmit just laughed and pushed harder causing about two inches of his cock to stretched the white girl's ass open. Emmit could see the trickle of blood running down the inside of Nancy's ass cheek where he was splitting her. This just provided more lubrication and Emmit shoved with all his might driving the entire twelve inches up Nancy's colon.

Nancy felt someone had shoved a hot poker up her ass. Her body jerked and bounced spasmodically trying to escape the incredible pain in her ass. She continued to beg, "Please, I'll fuck you all, please just stop," but her begging fell on deaf ears. She heard Derrick ordered Emmit to "hurry up," and with those words, Emmit pulled about eleven inches out of Nancy and slammed them back in. The suction it created in Nancy's bowels increased her pain to the point of being unbearable and she passed out. Emmit did not care and continued to fuck the helpless woman's ass finally cumming. As he pulled his cock from the unconscious white woman's ass, her asshole remained gaping open a mixture of cum, blood, and shit dripping out.

Nancy did not know how long she was unconscious. When she awoke, the bus was stopped and she was on her back being fucked hard. Nancy did not see anyone else around and then saw the gray hair. The bus driver was taking his turned. Nancy could feel his cock inside her abused cunt twitching and growing. The bus driver groaned and thrust hard twice empting his balls of their seed deep into Nancy's cunt.

As the bus driver pulled his limp dick from Nancy's cunt, she started to sob. Her ass was on fire having been fucked by all the men. There were bite marks on Nancy's breasts and one of her nipples was bleeding. The bus driver nonchalantly started the bus on its way.

Nancy sat up slowly, found most of her clothes. She could not find her thongs or bra. She sat huddled in a ball in the seat until her stop. As Nancy slowly exited the bus, she did not even look at the driver and he never said a word. Nancy could feel the dried cum on her thighs, face and in her hair. When she finally arrived home Nancy stood in a hot shower for over an hour trying to wash away the assault.

Nancy went to the doctor's about two days later. She had two sexually transmitted diseases in her cunt and ass. In addition, Nancy had multiple vaginal and anal lacerations. The doctor asked Nancy what happened and Nancy simply replied "rough sex." She did not want to go through the ordeal of a trail or face her black abusers again. The doctor's looks told Nancy what he was thinking about her.

Nancy also learned she was pregnant. About a week after the assault, Nancy received a box. In the box were her purple bra and thongs. In addition, there were about thirty photos. Nancy started to sob hysterically at the photos. They were of her, on the bus in various different poses fucking the black men. In one photo, Nancy had two black dicks in her mouth at the same time, one in each hand, and Derrick was fucking her in the ass.

From the photo, Nancy appeared to be a willing participant. The memories flooded back over Nancy and she remembered the massive orgasm she experienced with Emmit fucking her ass. Afterwards, the five black men could not satisfy Nancy's sexual desires and perversions. Nancy remembered that she'd agreed to be Derrick's whore.

She quit her executive job. Until her pregnancy started to show, Nancy rode to same bus with Derrick just about every night. Most nights Nancy fucked or sucked at least ten men. Always, Rufus fucked Nancy at the end of the route. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy. Within two weeks of the birth, Nancy was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus... and Derrick.



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