They had driven almost 500 miles from southern California and it was almost midnight, but sixteen-year-old Tim Olsen was not the least bit tired. That's because his twenty one year old brother Josh was taking him for his sixteenth birthday present. The present was located at the Stardust Ranch in Ely, Nevada. The Stardust Ranch is a legal brothel and Tim was about to lose his virginity.

Josh was a regular at the ranch, which he visited whenever his long haul truck driving took him through Nevada. Ever since Tim had been fourteen, Josh had been telling him about the Stardust. Finally he promised that when he turned sixteen and it was legal, Josh would take Tim there to get laid. That day had finally come.

Josh drove into town and turned on a street that led up a hill. He then turned and drove to the end of the street where Tim saw a bar that he knew was more. Josh pulled in on the side of the building. "Well, we're here, little brother." Josh said. "Time for you to become a man."

Tim already had a stiff erection between his legs as he eagerly undid his seat belt and stepped out of the car. He started to walk around to the front door but Josh stopped him.

"We gotta go in the side door cause you're underage. You can't go through the bar unless you're 21."

"That's cool." Tim replied as Josh stepped to the door and pressed the doorbell.

He was surprised when a woman of about 50 dressed in a black negligee opened the door. "Hey Josh, how ya doin?" she asked. "Say is that your brother?"

"Yeah, this is Tim." Josh responded.

"Nice." the woman said as she eyed the young boy standing before her. He was in that in-between adolescent phase, with a still beardless, youthful face but a mature, filled out muscular body. Looking at the boy's muscles through his tight tee shirt, she wished that she was going to have the honor of deflowering this boy. However, that honor was going to Tawny, Josh's favorite and the hottest girl at the brothel.

"Why don't you guys take a seat. Josh, I'll get you your usual and a coke for Tim. Tawny and Jessica will be out in a minute."

Tim sat down and looked down the hall. He saw a girl walking into a room and his jaw nearly dropped. "Oh, let that be Tawny!" he thought to himself. Even at a distance, she was the most amazing girl he had ever seen. She wore a red teddy that accented a pair of ample breasts, full but not too big. Her long legs and buttocks were bare and bronzed. She wore ""fuck me" high heels and her full blond head oozed of sexuality. Tim's erection was straining in his jeans. He was well aware of it, and also knew that shortly it would be firmly planted in a warm pussy. Oh, how great it was to finally be sixteen!

Tim's mind was spinning, with visions of him being naked on top of a girl with his dick plunging in and out of her pussy. He had watched Josh's porn tapes many times at his brother's apartment, releasing many quarts of cum into his hand while dreaming about him being the one in the video. He knew the next time he came, it would be inside of a girl.

Josh made arrangements for payment for himself and Tim. He bought an hour for each of them, Tim with Tawny and he with Jessica. He then returned and sat down next to his teenage brother, who was nervously shaking his leg as he waited for the biggest event of his young life.

Just then, two incredibly beautiful women walked around the corner and stood in front of Josh and Tim. "Hi Josh." they both said at the same time. "Hi ladies!" Josh replied. "How ya doin'?"

"Great now that you're here." the blond replied. "And this must be your brother."

"Tim, meet Tawny." Josh said.

"Oh, thank you!" the boy thought. He stood up and extended his hand.

"Oh, God, he's cute!" Tawny said. She looked into his eyes and said, "I'm gonna love eating you up!"

"Oh yeah, me too!" the boy replied breathlessly.

She took his hand and said, "OK, let's get started!"

"See ya later, bro" Josh said, but Tim's attention was only on the scantily clad woman who was leading him down the hall.

They entered the last room on the right. The bed was covered with a blue comforter with matching pillows. There was a chair and dresser in the room, along with a little sink. There were several erotic paintings on the wall.

"So this is your first time, huh?" Tawny asked.

"Yeah." The boy replied.

"That's great. I love doing boys for the first time. I'll get your fucking career off to the right start."

She stepped in front of Tim, who stood almost a foot taller than she was. Tim was an even six feet tall and weighed 155 pounds, most of it solid muscle. She reached up and put her arms around his neck.

Tim immediately felt her breasts press against his chest through the thin tee shirt he was wearing. He was already breathing hard. She pulled his neck down and planted a kiss on his lips. "Oooh, you're hot!" she said.

She then felt her hands go down his back. She tugged at the end of his tee shirt and pulled it out of his pants. She then began to raise it up. Tim raised his arms as Tawny pulled the shirt all the way up and off.

"Oh fuck. You're sooo sexy!" Tawny exclaimed as she gazed at the boy's smooth bare chest. She placed her hand on his pectoral muscle and squeezed it. Then she lowered her mouth to one of his nipples and licked. "Oh, yummy!" she said.

A chilling pleasure shot through Tim's chest as his nipple was being licked. This was an entirely new experience for him. The erotic stimulation of his bare chest further hardened his teenage boycock, which was already saturated with blood.

For the first time that night, Tawny was enjoying her job. She had laid a succession of middle-aged truck drivers and businessmen. None had been particularly attractive, and she had failed to orgasm at least once. Now she had her hands clasped on the sides of a bare teenage boy who was clearly enjoying the attention she was giving him. Tim's body was young and sexy, a rarity in her business. His athletic muscles and smooth young skin was a treat compared to the wrinkled, hairy bodies she was used to.

She was also thrilled knowing that she would be the first to unleash the joys of carnal pleasure to this young and inexperienced male child. He would remember this night, and the woman who first brought him this pleasure, forever.

As Tawny continued licking Tim's nipples, her hands slowly snaked down his sides until she met the resistance of his blue jeans. Deftly, she moved her fingers around front, first undoing the button at the top of his fly then grasping the zipper, she pulled it downward.

Tim's anticipation grew as he was well aware of what this incredible woman was doing to him. The open zipper removed some of the restraint on his rock solid spear of virgin manhood. Now, only a pair of thin cotton boxers were restraining the seven and a half inch erection. Tawny opened the jeans enough to allow then to drop to the floor around Tim's ankles.

Tawny was well aware of the anticipation the boy was feeling. She was sure any stimulation of his cock would trigger an immediate ejaculation. She wanted him to have that thrill inside of her.

Tawny took a step back then stepped out of her high heels. She then grasped the teddy and pulled it over her head. Immediately, Tim was gazing at a pair of perfect bare female breasts. The nipples were dollar sized and dark brown, set a top two perfectly rounded 38-inch mounds of soft tanned flesh. Tawny had no tan lines on her upper body.

Tim then watched as she revealed that she had no tan lines on her lower body, either. She slid the red lace panties down over her bronzed thighs, revealing a golden triangle of shaved, wet inviting womanhood. Tim stood in awe as Tawny murmured, "hey big boy, this is about to be yours!"

The nude sex goddess, who was every teenage boy's fantasy, was reality for Tim Olsen, age sixteen and four days. She looked down at his feet and said, "It's more fun with your shoes off!" Tim stepped out of his jeans and bent over to remove his shoes and socks. When he stood up, Tawny took in the entire view of the boy she was going to make a man. Her pussy was dripping at the sight of his young, hairless muscular chest, six pack abdomen and broad, muscled thighs and calves. He was even better looking than his brother Josh, and Josh was the best looking guy she had fucked all year.

Tawny stepped forward again, wrapping her arms around his neck. This caused her breasts to press against his chest, sending a shiver of pleasure throughout both of them. Her arms moved down Tim's back as she purred, "Oh, fuck, you're so nice, so hot!" By now, the boy was in heaven.

Her hands stopped at the waistband of his boxers. She hooked her thumbs in them and quickly pushed downward. The loose fitting cotton shorts caught for a moment on his erection, then fell to the floor. Tawny moved her leg against it, and for the first time Tim's penis was in contact with bare female skin. None of his girlfriends had so much had given him a hand job. Now, he was going all the way.

It had been a long time since Tawny had been turned on by a customer. Tim's nude body was making her feel like a virgin girl herself. She needed the boy inside of her as much as he did.

Tim's hands were now wandering on Tawny's back, then he got the nerve to move them to her breasts. Tawny gasped as the teenage virgin began to finger her nipples. Tim had waited a lifetime to touch bare girl breasts, and now his first experience was with a pair of 38 D's!

Tawny was standing next to her night stand, so while Tim was massaging her nipples, she opened the drawer and removed a condom. She held it in her hand and leaned forward and nibbled on Tim's neck. The boy moved his hand down to her bare ass and cupped her buttocks in his palms. Tawny kissed her way down Tim's neck and chest, taking a moment to again lick his nipples before dropping to her knees. Tim shook in anticipation of what he thought would happen next.

Tawny knew she was playing with fire and made sure not to bring the boy to a premature ejaculation. She popped the condom in her mouth and moved her lips to the tip of his throbbing, dripping boycock. With her lips she rolled the condom down his shaft as she took his entire seven inches into her mouth. She pressed on the base of his balls in order to forestall the boy from cumming. Her own pussy was twitching at the thought of this young boyshaft invading her hot cunt.

Tawny looked up at Tim's heaving pectoral muscles, which swelled with each of his deep breaths. She looked into his bright chocolate brown eyes that conveyed his mounting anticipation. His smooth beardless face looked so young and reminded Tawny that she was about to fuck a boy. That's exactly what she wanted.

She stood up, took Tim's hand, and led him to the bed. She sat on the bed, then laid her back flat on it. She then opened her legs apart and raised her knees. Tim had a perfect view of her swollen slit. Tawny then placed her fingers next to her slit and opened her lips, revealing the moist pink opening.

"Tim I want you in here right now!" she exclaimed. The boy got on the bed on his knees and positioned himself between her legs. As he aimed his penis at the waiting hole, Tawny grasped it and guided it to its target. The thin latex condom did nothing to distort the sensation of the tip of his penis coming into contact with a vagina for the first time.

Tim thrust his pelvic area forward and Tawny's pussy just pulled him in. Tim's dream, the dream of every teenage boy, had finally come true. Tim's legs were stretched out, and he laid his chest on Tawny's soft breasts as he began his thrusting motion. He closed his eyes, taking in all the exciting new sensations his young body was experiencing.

He felt the softness of the breasts, and the hard nipples poke into his own smooth bare chest. He felt the girl's thighs tighten around his legs, and her feet caressing his legs. He felt her hands moving down his back, finally resting on his buttocks and pressing in as if to assist his thrusts. And, most important, he felt the soft, warm wetness of her welcoming vagina as it grasped his no longer virgin penis as he moved it effortlessly up and down her canal.

Being a sixteen year old virgin, Tim could not have been expected to delay his orgasm with so much stimulation going on. The boy felt the familiar welling of semen at the base of his shaft, the same sensation he had felt many nights while masturbating. But this time, it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. His hands were on a woman's bare breasts, not on his own cock, as the cum erupted from the tip of his boycock. It continued shooting for a good ten seconds. All the while, the boy was in total bliss. "Oh fuck, yeah!" he muttered as Tawny smiled at him. She loved giving boys their first fuck in a pussy, and Tim was so cute that she was on the verge of cumming herself.

Tawny rarely orgasmed with a client. However, the throbbing of the boy's cock as it spewed cum into the tip of the condom was rubbing her clit just right. Suddenly she shook and dug her nails into Tim's back. "Oh. yes!" she moaned as her juices bathed the condom covered teenage shaft that was invading her womanhood.

As the waves of pleasure engulfed Tim's bare body, he was aware of the reactions of the nude woman writhing beneath him. He was so glad that his first fuck was with a professional who knew what she was doing, not just some inexperienced teenager. Little did he know the impact he was having on that professional girl!

Tawny exhaled a deep breath. "Oh Tim, that was incredible!" she moaned. By now, the boy's body was laying directly on top of her, his bare skin pressed against hers. She moved her head toward his and kissed him. "Tim, your brother bought an hour, but I'm gonna give you another one for free. I gotta have more of you!"

Their kissing escalated into passionate French kissing, and Tawny eventually freed one hand to reach into her night stand drawer for another condom. She tore it open and reached between their legs to put it on the boy as he was furiously sucking her face. Once the condom was in place, Tim needed no help in finding where he wanted his now sexually experienced organ to go. Their next fuck was long and intense, with Tawny experiencing multiple orgasms and Tim finally cumming again after fifteen minutes of solid fucking.

They took some time off to go to the hot tub, where they ran into Josh and Jessica. "How's it going little brother?" Josh asked. Tawny answered for him. "Josh, your brother is one hot fuck!" Tim's smile was as wide as the Grand Canyon. They all talked for a bit, but soon the couples were busy concentrating on each other and it wasn't long before they had drifted back to their rooms.

Tim and Tawny fucked three more times before his two hours were up. First, Tawny rode him with her on top. Then Tim got to fuck her doggie style. Their final fuck was conventional missionary. At the end, Tawny was exhausted. She and Tim just laid together as she stroked his bare body and kissed him. She was about to tell him to get dressed when she noticed his stiff erection.

"Damn, you sixteen year olds can't get enough!" she exclaimed. With that, she lowered her mouth between his legs and gave Tim his first blow job. She sucked him bare with no condom and when he came in her mouth she swallowed it all. "Oh that was good, sweetie!" she said as she got up to get dressed.

Josh and Tim drove to a local motel and checked in. The sixteen year old boy immediately stripped down to his boxers and fell on to the bed. When his head hit the pillow he was asleep. Josh watched his little brother sleep. With just a little underarm hair and no facial or chest hair, Tim still looked like a kid. But Josh knew otherwise. And he was proud and happy for his younger brother.


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