"I hear it's going to rain this afternoon," Katie called from the kitchen as she busied herself with the lunch dishes, "Don't go to far or you might get wet."

Maryann watched her lover and companion move daintily around the kitchen. Katie was a small slim girl of eighteen with long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Walking barefoot, she wore a tiny halter-top and brief cutoff shorts. The older woman found herself becoming aroused watching the girl's firm pointed nipples and the crease of her butt cheeks through the skimpy clothing.

"Not now," She thought to herself, "You have work to do."

She thought back to when she first found Katie lying cold and scared in a Santa Monica alley. The young girl had run away from home somewhere in Nebraska and had been raped and beaten while hitchhiking. She took her in and comforted her and they had been inseparable for over a year now.

The Olympics in Japan had been a bust. At twenty-six she was the oldest woman on the speed skating team and didn't even place in her events. Katie kept reminding her of other big wins and the fact that she was on the Olympic team made her one of the best in the world.

This afternoon she was off to Gold's Gym in Venice. Katie stood on her toes to kiss the tall dark-haired woman goodbye and Maryann enjoyed the sweet taste of her mouth.

She started skating south along the Promenade from their apartment in Santa Monica it was about four miles to the gym and she made it in a few minutes.

None of the other women she planned to work out with showed up, so after an hour on the heavy weights she decided to skate south to the Strand in Redondo. This was about twelve miles, and the long stretch past the airport was always free of traffic and let her get up some real speed.

Standing naked in the shower she let the warm water flow over her body and thought about her career as a speed skater. Three years ago she had been a world champion, but was she getting too old for the sport? What would she do if she quit? She ran her hands down her firm muscular body looking for any signs of age. She had the fuller breasts and wider hips that came with her age but not a trace of fat anywhere. Her waist was slender and she carried most of her weight in her thighs and long muscular legs.

She tied her wet hair back in a ponytail and stretched a brief string bikini over her firm voluptuous body. Selecting a pair of long in-line racing skates she left the rest of her gear in her locker and walked out to the crowded street.

Picking her way through traffic around the Marina she took her time and enjoyed the scenery. There were hundreds of people jogging, skating and biking along the narrow path. She moved with a smooth steady pace, swinging her arms with the rhythm of her stride. It was a hot afternoon and she was already beginning to sweat as she crossed the canal and headed back down to the beach.

Once out in the open she picked up the pace. Her lungs gulped in the cool ocean air and her heart pounded in her chest. Her whole body was tuned to race and the effort felt good as the miles rushed by.

At the north end of the Strand, traffic was starting to get heavier so she slowed down a bit. It was then that she noticed dark clouds rolling in and a distinct chill in the air. She remembered what Katie had said about the rain and decided to turn back at the Manhat- tan Beach Pier.

Going north into the wind was a lot tougher and she realized it was getting late and she had a long way to go. Her body gave an involuntary shiver from the cold and she pressed herself harder. The clouds were getting darker and her legs ached from the effort. She started to feel faint drops of rain in the cold moist air.


Edgar was a regular on the beach. He worked as a pro- grammer doing Web site design but spent most of his time roaming the Strand on his inline skates. He could skate from the lifeguard station in Santa Monica all the way south to Redondo and beyond. He enjoyed watch- ing beautiful women along the way biking, jogging and skating. He particularly liked the stretch between LAX and the ocean where there weren't too many people and he could really get up some speed.

To break the boredom he carried a small hand-held crossbow and shot seagulls for target practice. It was a great little weapon; it didn't make any noise and was easy to hide in his backpack.

This afternoon he was skating north in the gathering storm and straining to make it home before the rain. His legs were burning from the effort of skating into the wind. He had turned around at Dockweiler Beach Park and it was there that he saw the lone woman skater go by. It was in the desolate area by the air- port that he began to catch up. She had a strong even pace and he pushed himself harder to close the gap. As he got closer he admired her tall slender tanned body and firm smooth muscular legs. She was matching him stroke for stroke and they were making nearly thirty miles per hour along the black asphalt.

The brief black string bikini she was wearing really turned him on, and he could feel himself starting to get aroused. As he closed to within twenty feet he was mesmerized watching the muscles on her butt cheeks ripple as her legs strained with the effort. Streaks of sweat ran across her beautiful body and her ribs stood out as her lungs gulped in the damp evening air.

He had these strange urges that somehow made him pull out his crossbow and concentrate on his target. Yes this beautiful strong woman was now a target. She was less than ten feet ahead when he aimed for the spot between her left shoulder blade and her spine. He was really starting to get hard in anticipation of what he was about to do. Just as they were coming up on a bridge over a deep gully he fired.

The arrow found its mark and Maryann's world exploded. She arched her back from the shock and pain then lost her balance and ran off the asphalt. When her skate wheels hit the soft sand she started tumbling and rolling out of control. She staggered to her feet and realized she couldn't breathe. Looking down she saw the broad head of an arrow sticking out of her chest and blood streaming across her stomach. She gasped for air and felt her lungs gurgling and bubbling.

When Edgar reached her she had stopped just short of the gully and was staggering toward the bridge clutch- ing the wound in her chest. Her mouth was wide open gasping for air and her eyes were wild with fear and shock. Edgar was worried someone else would come down the path and see what was happening so he pulled a plastic bag over her head and tied it around her neck with a nylon cord. Then he pushed her down the steep bank into the gully and watched her tumble to the bottom.

She was desperate now, trying to rip the bag off her head to get some air. She struggled to stand but kept stumbling and falling in the soft sand.

Edgar unbuckled his skates and climbed down the bank after her. He grabbed her hands and dragged her twist- ing, kicking body under the bridge.

Her efforts were getting weaker and he watched her chest heave as the wound gurgled and bubbled and her blood flowed out on the sand. The plastic bag was stuck to her face as her body struggled for air.

Maryann's writhing gradually subsided into the random jerks and twitches of her death throes. When her beautiful body finally lay still, Edgar stood back and looked her over.

He admired the long slender form, the full rounded breasts, the narrow waist, and in particular the well- developed muscular thighs. When he untied the cord and pulled the bag off her head her wide open dead eyes just stared back at him. The soft fabric of her string bikini was stretched taut across her beautiful breasts and didn't hide the impressions of her stiff swollen nipples.

A clip on the crossbow allowed him to pull the arrow completely through her chest. With the razor sharp point he cut her bikini away until she lay naked before him. Running his hands over her flat stomach and slender waist he felt the flair of her wide hips and bulging thighs. His hands lingered over her soft dark pubic patch and his fingers explored the warm moistness inside her. He caressed the smooth skin of her long muscular legs as he reached down and unbuckled her skates.

Dipping his towel in the stream, he washed the blood from the lush body. He closed her eyes and composed her features then untied her ponytail and ran his hands through her long silky hair. He couldn't resist kissing her soft full lips and let his tongue linger tasting the saltiness of her blood. He fondled her big beautiful breasts and then ran his hands down her long slender figure.

Kneeling between her thighs he picked up her hips and admired her soft pink pussy as it gapped slightly open.

He had to satisfy his craving for her. Quickly strug- gling with his tight shorts he tugged and twisted until his cock popped free. What a relief!

He pulled her body toward him until he impaled her on his huge erection. The experience was exquisite! He felt the warm moistness surround his member and drove himself into the still corpse again and again until he couldn't hold back any longer.

When his seed finally flowed into the lifeless form he felt a tremendous wave of relief. He pulled the full length of her body against his naked skin and enjoyed the warmth and softness of the fallen skater. They lay coupled in the gathering dusk while wheels rumbled on the planks overhead. Skaters crossed the bridge unaware of what was happening below.

After a long while he stood up and looked over the beautiful corpse sprawled in the sand. It was almost completely dark and raining steadily. The stream had grown from a faint trickle to a healthy flow and he knew that within an hour it would be a raging torrent. It was time to go so he rolled the woman's body toward the flowing water until it tumbled in. He knew that the current would carry her out to sea and that she wouldn't be discovered for days if at all.

Standing on the bridge Edgar watched the beautiful body float away down stream, and then he turned and skated north in the dark and rain. As he strained into the wind he felt the sting of cold drops on his face and thought about the beautiful skater he'd just raped. In his mind he watched her rhythmic strokes as her powerful legs propelled her down the black asphalt. And now she was gone. Forever...

Katie sat in the dark and waited for her companion who would never come.


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