My sister and I were very close growing up. She was only a year younger than I. We did everything together, including our early sexual experimentations. Both between ourselves, and with boys. Now I know just how wrong that was, but at the time it just sort of happened and we thought it the most natural thing in the world.

We quickly discovered that my sister had a dominant, and sometimes twisted, streak in her. I on the other hand was, and still am, the submissive type. This combination has carried through our lives, even now with my husband, who is also the dominant type. In any event, it made for an interesting time during my late teens, and early adulthood. One episode that comes to mind occurred during a summer visit to our uncle's farm following my junior year of college.

My sister and I had not seen each other for a couple of months as we were both busy with exams. So we made plans to meet out at our uncle's farm for a visit before taking off for our summer jobs. She got to the farm a day ahead of me. So, by the time I got there, she was already rested from the trip and energetic.

When I arrived, the family had been making plans for a trip into the nearby town the next day. I begged off to rest, and my sister volunteered to stay and keep me company. Little did I know, she had plans for me. The next morning, after all had left for a day in town, my sister suggested we go play in the barn like when we were youngsters.

I knew what she really meant was that she wanted to take me out there and tie me up for a sexual encounter as her slave. I readily agreed. She hinted around that she might have a "friend" join us, so I should be dressed appropriately for company.

Before going out for our "games" in the barn, we took a luxurious bath together, sharing a glass of wine and delicately sponging each other with bath oils.. Then she helped me get "dressed." I ended up in red panties, the thong type, which slid right up between my cheeks. I was also wearing a red garter belt, and red stockings with a small gold seam up the back of the legs. This was topped off with a red halter dress, and matching high heels. My sister wore all black. Stockings, a garter belt, a black leather dress, and a pair of black boots; Perfect for as strong mistress.

We walked together through the empty farm yard to the barn. The lighting inside was dim, only sunlight coming in through the rafters. My sister wasted no time getting me where she wanted, in the back by the stables. She quickly tied my hands tightly behind me with a leather strap, then tied my ankles together with a second one. After examining her handy work she looked at me with one of her twisted smiles she told me it was nice to have me enslaved again. All I could do was just stand there and watch her, not able to move.

She came forward to me and placed her hand around the back of my head. Then pulling my long brown hair back to expose my neck, she began to kiss me and run her other hand over my body, down to my crotch and back up over my breasts. This got me quickly excited and damp. "That should get you warmed up a little" she murmured. Releasing my hair. she moved to the tie on the halter and undid the bow, letting the dress fall down around my feet. Forcing me down onto my knees, she told me "Now, it is time for you to serve my pleasures. Do me well, or you will suffer later. Be good, and maybe I'll surprise you."

She removed her dress and stood before me in the black stockings, garter, and boots. She was a vision of power and heat, wickedly in control. She shoved my head down and made me kiss her boots, and lick all the dust off of them. I did so, slowly running my tongue all over them, from the pointed toe all the way up to where they passed her knees.

When I was through, she pulled my head back up and bent me backward straddling my face. Her warm vagina covered my mouth. "Please me," she ordered, "Now!" I tongued softly at her vaginal lips, sliding up and down her sweet labia. I also jabbed lightly at her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, flicking back and forth. This caused her juices to start flowing hot and fast, which I eagerly lapped up.

Her body twisted around, and I found my nose rubbing near her vaginal opening and my tongue by her anal one. So, I started to tickle her anus with my tongue, which caused her to explode in a wrenching orgasm.

After regaining composure, she lay me flat on my back. Untying my hands, she spread my arms out and retied me to two stakes she had pounded into the dirt floor. Then she knelt down and started to kiss me. First on the lips, gently, then down on my sensitive neck. Sliding her head further down she started tonguing my nipples, running around in little circles then sucking them in with her lips. At the same time, she used her hands to caress my belly and down around my thighs.

I felt my panties becoming soaked from my own hot fluids flowing in arousal. Slowly she moved down my body, kissing and licking. When she reached my waist, she slid her fingers inside my panties and gently slid them down to my ankles. Neglecting my excited vaginal area she rose moving down to my feet and untied the leather strap from my ankles and removed my panties. She then retied a strap to each ankle and fastened them to stakes, spreading me taught and wide open on the ground. She removed my shoes and started to tickle the soles of feet causing me to scream in hysterical fits of laughter.

"I see we will have to shut you up," she cackled, "or you'll bring in the whole neighborhood." She grabbed my sopped panties and stuffed them into my mouth, then tied a strap around my neck and mouth to ensure they would stay there. This left me efficiently muffled, sucking on my own juices. Resuming her attention to my toes, she tickle tortured me for a full ten minutes. When she was done I lay bound in a exhausted heap, shaking and sweating from the strains.

While I recovered, she deftly lowered herself so she was straddled over one of my stocking feet, and started rubbing her vaginal lips over the nylon material. As if on queue, I used my foot to slowly masturbate her to second raging orgasm. As she recovered, she crept up and started to tease my breasts again, making the nipples hard as she tongued and bit them.

Slowly her hand crept down across my belly towards my furry mound of hair, gently caressing me. Down between my legs she lubricated her fingers on my fast flowing juices. Then, with a slight twist of the wrist, she slid two fingers inside me. Finally, I thought, she would bring to me the much needed release for sexual tensions building within.

Continuing to tease my breasts with her mouth, she slid her fingers deeper inside, massaging my vaginal walls. Not knowing at an earlier time what she had planned, I had made sure to insert by birth control device, a diaphragm, inside myself before dressing for her. When her fingers reached it, she hooked one around the rim and pulled it out.

Tossing it aside, she stated, "My plans for you don't include this." Then she slowly lowered her head to my vagina and started to tease me orally. Having forgotten about her earlier mention of having anyone join us, I assumed this was what she had in mind, I didn't think much else of the action at the time.

As I lay below her, writhing under her caresses and stimulation I saw the shadow of a figure cross over us. When I looked up, I saw a large black man standing over us. He must have been six and a half feet tall, and he had muscles bulging down his huge arms.

I managed to make some noise through my gagged mouth, which caused my sister to look up. "Hi Peter," she said smiling like a Cheshire cat. Dear, she said looking at me, "This is Peter. He is one of our uncle's farm hands. I thought he might like to join us." Laying there as I was, I obviously was in no position to say much about it.

Leaving me there, frustrated and very hot, she stepped up to Peter and gave him a long, deep, kiss. "Let me make you more comfortable." she exclaimed while undoing the catches on his overalls and unbuttoning his shirt. When she peeled the shirt off oh him, it revealed his huge muscular chest, rippling with strength. She pulled the overalls down around his feet, and as he stepped out of them she stood up on tip toe and started kissing him again.

He effortlessly lifted her off the ground and pushed her up against the stable wall, fondling her body and returning her kisses with a passionate power. Wonderful, I thought to myself, now I get to lay here all hot and bothered while watching these two make like a rut of Bull Moose. Slowly she started to descend down his huge, muscular, black body; kissing and nibbling at his chest, teasing his nipples.

All the while, running her hands over him. When she reached his boxer shorts, she took the elastic band in her teeth, and slowly pulled them down using her mouth, all the while caressing his hard, muscular, legs with her hands. With his boxers off I could see his large dark penis hanging down between his legs. Not yet hard, it must have extended eight inches down, looking like a pendulum swinging in a clock. Gently, she tongued him, first the head of his penis, then along its length; slowly bringing it to life.

I watched as it slowly hardened, the veins protruding around causing his shaft to thicken. Then, she enclosed her mouth around the head and started to suck it in. I remember thinking to myself that this was a strange occurrence, as my sister generally preferred female company. She bobbed up and down on his now rock hard member, at an ever faster pace. I could see him become more and more excited.

After a short while he withdrew his penis from her lips, and started to lift my sister up against the stable wall again. He got her slightly above his waist and was just about to lower her onto himself when she pulled up and said Stop! Bending down, she picked up the diaphragm she had removed from me, and told him "I had some problems with my birth control and had to take it out. So, we shouldn't have intercourse. But, as you can see, I was playing with my sister here, and she is in the perfect position for you to enjoy."

I realized her lie instantly, but bound and gagged as I was couldn't say or do much of anything. He turned around and looked at me, then started forward towards me. Looking at his hard penis I could see how swollen and in need he was. It was as big and round as a large ear of corn; now ten or more inches long, and at least three inches thick.

I gave my sister a pleading look hoping she would stop him. But she just smirked at me, with her twisted smile, enjoying what was about to happen. So, I lie there spread out, unable to move; open, helpless, and unprotected.

He came to me and knelt down between my tied legs. He ran his hands up and down them, feeling the nylons, then up around my waist and breasts. He grabbed my hair, and holding my head firmly on the ground, kissed me. It was a long hard kiss, and he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He roughly massaged my breasts. Then, sort of squatting above me on all fours, he started to run his penis along the length of my legs. I could feel the friction against the nylon material. I began to think maybe he would cum all over me from excitement, but not enter my unprotected vagina. I found myself scared, knowing he could do his will, and in my current state make me pregnant, without me being able to resist at all. Yet, at the same time, I was becoming aroused to the point of losing control. Every part of my body was super sensitized to his touch.

Slowly he lowered his head near may ear. In a soft quiet, yet firm voice, he told me " I have always wanted to fuck a white bitch. Especially one related to the boss. Helpless, creamy white, and unable to stop me." I again gave my sister an imploring look. She smiled, and blew me a kiss...

He descended on me. Large, dark, and muscular. He positioned the head of his penis near my opening. Then slowly teased me by running it up and down between my lips. Next the head slowly pierced my vaginal opening. Momentarily he stopped, waiting to see my face. He smiled at my frightened look, and with a purposeful shove, pushed his entire length into me. His size, coupled with the force of his insertion, made me feel as though I would be split wide. He started thrusting with a force I had never known. Pushing me flat, bouncing me off the ground, again and again. He pounded me for a long time, always building the heat between us. My sexual tension rose higher and higher. Finally, we exploded in orgasm. I in a thunderous crescendo of convulsions, and he spurting great heaping ejaculations of hot cum, deep within me.

After he regained control of himself, he withdrew from me. My sister untied the strap around my neck and pulled the panties from my mouth. Then Peter forced his penis in my mouth and made me lick off all of his sperm, and my juices, from it. Finally satisfied, he dressed and left us alone. I looked at my sister, and she just smiled at me. Bending over she untied my legs.

I thanked her and asked if she would help me up so that I could return to the farm house and douche, to remove Peter's sperm from inside me. But she leered at me and retied my legs together. Then in a honeysuckle voice she said, "No, I want that hot, blackman's sperm inside you. I want it to have a full use of you, without you be able to stop anything that might happen."

With that, she untied my wrists from the stakes, and retied them tightly behind me. Then, after stuffing my panties back into my mouth, She rolled me over face down in the dirt floor, picked up her cloths and followed Peter out of the barn; leaving me tied tightly, full of sperm, to contemplate what had just happened.

I lay there for a long while, the day getting warmer, and the barn becoming very hot. The sweat dripped off me an I was getting stiff from being tied. My sister came into the barn looking fresh and sweet. I just had a wonderful shower with Peter, too bad you weren't there. She undid the ropes from my legs and pulled me up on my knees. "You look a mess, I should take you back inside before the family gets home. But, I feel like a little more fun first. Come along," she said while pulling me up on my feet. She led me over by the stable portion of the barn.

Here a waist high wooden fence separated the stalls. In older days this would have kept cows apart, or maybe some other animal. Now the area was used for storage. With my hands still tied behind me I was bent over the top of the fence rail. She tied my ankles to some posts in the fence, feet spread about a yard apart. Then she untied my hands and pulled them forward and secured them to the same posts, stretching me tightly over the fence to reach them. This left me pulled up on my toes, waist over the fence, head looking back through my spread legs.

Taking a small board in her hands she proceeded to spank me on the ass and legs. Each swing hard enough to lift me off the fence rail. I grit my teeth and didn't make a sound except for small gasps when each strike hit. When she was satisfied with my flaming red cheeks, she put the board down and left the barn. I watched her depart through the barn door, her bottom swaying as she walked. while mine burned from the abuse.

After a while she came back followed by four swarthy looking Mexican field laborers. They were all hot, sweaty, and dirty from the days toils. She bent down and looked at me through my spread legs.

"These fine gentleman have worked hard today, and I thought they deserved a little bonus, and you are going to be it." She rose and turned to them, "She's all yours, if you want her. I'll be back in about thirty minutes. You may use her however you please, but you must leave here tied where she is. S

"Si," one replied. With that, she left leaving me alone with them.

They all encircled me, laughing and talking in Spanish. One reached over and slapped my already flaming backside. Then he knelt down behind me. He was hot and smelly, seat poured from him. Working his way in close he bit my bottom, causing me to yelp through the panties in my mouth. Seeing these, he removed them. He pulled his pants down to his knees. Then pulling my head by the hair, hauled it to the fence and forced his penis into my mouth.

I figured he wanted to have me suck him, but before I could do anything, he started to pull my head up and down on his shaft, screwing himself with my mouth. I held my lips firmly around him and in a few minutes he ejaculated down into my throat. After he withdrew, the next man stood behind me, his penis extending out through the fly of his jeans. He was already hard and ready. He slid between my vaginal lips and lubricated himself on my juices. He parted my cheeks with his hands and placed the tip of his penis at my anal opening.

Then, sliding his hands around to my hips, he grasp tight hold of me and forced his cock inside my anus. At first the pain was incredible, I thought for a moment I might pass out. But this quickly went away and I found myself becoming excited by his thrusts, and the feeling of fullness from him being inside me.

Soon a third Mexican man knelt before me and pulling my head up he plunged his penis into my mouth. Now I was filled both in my anus and mouth. I eagerly started to suck on his long shaft. My bucking from the thrusts into my ass caused my head to jerk up and down on the man's penis.

They both came at once gushing hot loads of semen and yelping with delight. I was tired and unable to move as they withdrew, but still so aroused. I waited for the last laborer. He came forward towards me and ran his hands along my back and thighs grabbing handfuls of my hot flesh. When he pulled down his pants it revealed a large thick penis. Not quite as wide as Peter's, but every bit as long. Slowly he placed it in my crack and ran it back and forth.

I watched as the head protruded from the uncircumcised shaft. Then, working his way up to my vaginal opening he thrust himself inside me with a mighty stroke which lifted my up as far as my tied ankles would allow. He pumped into me as fast as he could and I quickly reached orgasm in great violent waves, shuddering from the force of my own convulsions.

He pounded into me faster and faster until he also came with a mighty yell and great heaping spurts of hot sperm shooting up inside me. After he finished he wiped himself clean on my panties, and stuffed them back into my mouth. Then the four left.

After a while, my sister came back and untied me. She gathered up my clothing and led me off to the farm house. I followed her, naked except for my garter belt and stockings, while Peter and the four farm hands watched and smiled. Later, while soaking in a hot bath, my sister told me she was pleased with my performance. I just lay there, too tired to move.

That night, she tied my spread eagle to the bed in her room. She made slow passionate love to me. Using her hands and tongue caressing me all over; bringing me to a slow, steamy, orgasm. When she was through, she tucked me in and with a sly grin told me, "Sleep well, for tomorrow a whole crew of farm hands will be in to harvest the orchards. There should be thirty or more people. I have great plans for you. I think I'll tie your hands behind you and shackle you to an apple tree where they can all use you at will. I can just see it know, all those horny men shooting gallons of sperm into your unprotected vagina, mouth, and ass hole."

Then she curled up around my restrained body and dropped off into a deep sleep.


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