"Bartender, another round for me and my partner here." Bill Sullivan called out as he indicated the two empty glasses in from of them.

"Right away." The tall man at the far end of the counter answered.

"I still can't believe it, Jim." The 40 year old said to the man standing next to him as two fresh drinks appeared before them. "I can't believe we sold the whole fuck'n package."

Jim Donaldson just smiled as he took a slip of his drink. He knew his partner was well on his way to getting plastered, but tonight he really didn't mind. They had come to New York on their yearly excursion to the big city, a chance to make a few good sales. Today they had signed a contract with a major store. The commission on this one alone was going to be equal to four months salary for each of them.

"We lucked out all right." Jim quipped. "But if you keep downing that stuff like there's not going to be a tomorrow you're going to miss out on a little surprise I'd planned for later."

"What surprise?" Bill asked as he put down his drink.

"You remember Becky from our trip last year?" Jim whispered as he learned closer.

"Becky....." Bill repeated as he searched his mind for the name.

Jim made a quick popping sound as he opened his mouth into an O, then he closed it just as fast.

"Oh Shit, Becky!" The 38 year old exclaimed as remembrance filled his eyes. "How could I forget....best fuck'n head in New York."

Well she still works here in the hotel, I'm sure we can work out an encore performance of last year."

"Fuck'n A!" Bill replied as he drained the last of his glass before slamming it down on the bar.

Jim also finished his drink, taking his time to savor the taste. In his minds eyes he was also savoring the memory of the maid they had met on last years trip who was willing to put out for extra tips. The thought of her tight, experienced mouth wrapped around his hard cock brought pleasing warmth to his groin. For a few bucks, they could both get their rocks off. Their wives kept a tighter rein on their spending than the company. As much as they'd like to, they'd never be able to hide the money they'd have to spend to get a hooker up to their room.

Exiting the bar, they wandered into the Hotel lobby. They went up to the front desk and asked the desk clerk there where they could find Becky Carlson, describing themselves as old friends. The young man looked at the two of them for a few moments, then decided that the two well-dressed men didn't look like kooks. He directed them to a small office on the other side of the lobby. When they reached it, the sign on the door read Domestic Services. Under it, in slightly smaller letters was the name, Rebecca Carlson, Assistant Director.

They hesitated a moment, no longer sure that this was a good idea. Looking over his shoulder, Jim saw that the desk clerk was still watching them.

"What the hell, nothing to loose." He thought as he rang the small knocker on the door.

"Come in." Said a feminine voice from behind the door.

Watching the door close behind the two men, the desk clerk went back to his business.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Rebecca Carlson asked as she looked up from the papers on her desk.

Both men were taken aback for a moment. The woman in front of them barely matched the image of their memories. Rebecca was in her mid thirties with dirty blond hair. She was sort of plain, although each of them had recalled her as pretty. They also remember her as having enormous breasts, but failed to recall that she also weighed close to 160 lbs. Between the alcohol and the thrill of getting blown, they had both created a whole new woman.

"I'm sorry, I think we made a mistake." Jim said as he tried to excuse themselves. "We were looking for someone who used to be a maid here."

"Well I used to be one, I've only had this job for the last year." Becky said as she took a real long look at the two men. "Wait a second, I remember you two, about a year ago...right? Just before I got my promotion."

"Er, yeh." Bill answered.

"You'll have to forgive my not remembering you right away, gentlemen." Becky continued. "It wasn't like I performed that special service for every guest, but it was over a year ago."

"Of course, we really didn't expect you to remember us." Jim said, trying to think of a graceful way to exit.

"Oh really, then what may I ask are you doing here?" Becky said as she rose from her desk and walked around it to face the two.

Each stood silent, not knowing what they could say.

"Well how's this for a thought." Becky said as she leaned back against the desk. "You're on your annual trip to New York and you have reason to celebrate. So one of you decides, why not find that maid from last time and see if you could get a few cheap blowjobs like you did last time. Am I close?"

The red shading of both men told her she had hit it right on the money.

"Well sorry to disappoint you gentlemen, but that's not going to happen."

"Of course, we didn't mean to imply..." Jim said.

"Bullshit!" Becky laughed. "That's exactly what you meant to imply. But don't worry, I'm actually not offended. I kind of like the idea that you enjoyed yourself so much that you'd come back for another try."

Both men felt a little relieved that they had gotten out of a very embarrassing situation.

"Tell you what, what I will do is meet you in the bar in about twenty minutes and let you buy me a drink to celebrate my new job."

To which Jim and Bill readily agreed.


A half hour later, Becky was sitting with Bill and Jim in an isolated booth in the far end of the bar. After a few drinks, none of them were feeling the least bit awkward about what had happened.

"Too bad the hotel doesn't have a few more maids as dedicated to customer comfort as you were." Bill joked.

"Oh we do." Becky shot back with a smile. "I really can't blame any of the girls for doing something that I've done myself."

Both Jim and Bill's eyes opened wide, perhaps the night wouldn't be a total loss.

"Unfortunately, all three of them are off this evening." Becky finished.

"Damn," Jim muttered.

"But I do have an idea, although I'm not sure if you would be interested."

"Hell, I'm so horny, I'd fuck a goat!" Bill said.

Jim shot him an angry look. Drinks or not, that wasn't language you used in public.

"Well, if all you guys are really interested in is getting your rocks off, we happen to have a really cute young man on the night shift who I happen to know is really attracted to, how shall I put it, older gentlemen."

"A faggot!" Bill said. You want to send us up a faggot?"

"It was just a suggestion." Rebecca replied. "I mean he is really cute, in a feminine way. And I'm told gay men really give the best head.

"Well, forget it!" Bill snapped.

Rebecca was about to get up to leave when Jim motioned her to stay.

"Wait a minute, Bill." He said softly. "Lets not be too quick about this."

"What......" Bill stammered. "You really want to think about this."

"Lets just say it might be kind of interesting." Jim continued. "What the fuck, we're both grown men. You can't tell me you've never been curious about it."

Bill looked at his friend. Deep down he knew he had indeed been curious about being with a man several times in his life, but he never would've had the courage to been the first to admit it. Instead the "fuck'n faggot" reflex had immediately shown itself.

"Then should I set something up for you?" Becky asked.

"Is there a way you could set it up but leave it that we could back out if it didn't feel right." Jim asked.

"Hmmm." Becky thought. "You could wait until the end of his shift, that's at 11, and call down for some ice or something. Ask for Kevin. When he comes up, you could see if it feels right. If not, you can just thank him for the ice and send him on his way."

"Not a bad idea." Jim answered. "I think we'll try it."

He turned his attention from Rebecca to Bill and asked.

Will "we" try it, or should would you rather wait down here in the bar.

Bill thought about it for a few seconds, then said. "No, "we" is right.

Both Jim and Becky smiled.


"Kevin, take a bucked of ice up to 234." The night manager said to the tall blonde bellhop.

"Oh come on, Mike." The Bellhop said in a voice tinged with disappointment. "I'm out of here in 10 minutes, can't Steve take it up."

"Sorry pal, they asked for you by name." the manager said. "Maybe they want to give you a special tip, it says on their card that they're checking out tomorrow. Some guests do that, so you don't think they stiffed them after you busted your ass doing stuff for them and they miss you at checkout."

"Ok, boss." Kevin said, thinking that he didn't even know who was in 224, much less why they were requesting him personally. But a tip was a tip, every bit helped.

"Hey, Kevin," The manager said just before the elevator doors closed. "When you're finished, just take the freight elevator down to the locker room. I'll sign you out at 11, that way you can make up some time."

"Thanks." said the voice from the elevator as the doors closed tight.


"Room service." Kevin called out as he knocked on the door of room 224.

The door opened to reveal a tall dark haired man who towered over Kevin's 5'6". Dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts, something Kevin didn't find that unusual this time of night, the man had a pretty good build for a man of his age, just beginning to show a layer of fat around his stomach. His chest was very hairy, black mixed with noticeable gray, making the bellboy think he colored his hair.

As Kevin put the ice bucket down on the table, Jim took a moment to check him out. Rebecca had done him an injustice. The boy wasn't cute, he was gorgeous. He had short blond hair and a swimmers build that could easily been seen in his uniform, especially the way it hugged his ass. His eyes were a deep blue and his face was that of a teenage girl. Jim thought he couldn't be more than 18 or 19 - the fact was that he was 17.

"Will there be anything else, sir?" Kevin asked as he turned to face the room's occupant.

"Well, there is something I need taken care of." Jim said, "I really hope you'll be able to help out, I was told you were especially good in this area."

"Well anything, I can do to be of service?" The bellboy replied, wondering what is was that the man was looking for and how much he could get out of it. "What ever it is, I'm sure I'll be able to take care of it!"

"Ah, the ice is here." Bill said as he walked into the room wearing a bathrobe, fresh from the shower.

"I was hoping you'd be able to take care of this." Kevin heard Jim say from behind as he turned his attention to Bill's entry.

Snapping his head back, Kevin was greeted by the sign of Jim stroking a thick hard cock that was now sticking out of the fly of his jockey shorts. A small drop of precum appeared at the opening as the older man continued to stoke it, causing it to grow even thicker. Taking a large step forward, Jim stopped only a foot away from the boy - who now had his sights fixed on the exposed cock.

"It's yours if you want it." Jim said.

Kevin remained silent, but Jim could see a hungry look in his eyes. Rebecca had been right on the money about this boy. After a few moments hesitation, the bellboy reached out and replaced Jim's hand with his own. A wide smile filled his face as he ran his hand up and down the massive organ.

"Why don't you get a little more comfortable?" Jim said to the young man as he reached out and began to unbutton the boy's uniform.

A minute later, both Jim and Kevin were naked. Kevin ran his hand across Jim's hairy chest, obviously turned on by its thickness. Jim, on the other hand was just as turned on by Kevin's lack of body hair. His skin was so smooth and soft, more like a young girl's than a man's.

Jim eased Kevin down to his knees and brought his now engorged cock closer to his mouth. With a well-practiced motion, Kevin took the offering into his mouth. As he watched his organ slide in and out of the boy's mouth, Jim felt a weakness in his legs. The kid was a better cocksucker than Becky. Already he could feel a familiar stirring in his balls.

"Hey Bill," He called out. "Get over here and get some of this. This kid is fuck'n fantastic."

Dropping his robe on the floor, Bill took his own cock in hand and offered it to the kneeing bellboy. Sliding off Jim's rod, he replaced it in his mouth with Bill's.

"Shit!" Bill exclaimed after a few moments. "This kid can suck all right!"

For the next ten minutes, the blonde haired youth switched from cock to cock, bringing each man close to climax, then easing off. Keeping a hand wrapped tightly around the base of each cock, Kevin could keep each man from coming too soon.

"God, this is great!" Jim thought. "I thought I'd shoot my load in the first minute."

As Kevin again took Jim's cock into his eager mouth, Jim couldn't help but now compare what was unquestionably the best blowjob of his life with the reluctant ones his wife Karen had given him over the years.

"Stupid bitch wouldn't even let me ever come in her mouth, not even after 16 years." He thought.

As Kevin turned away from Jim and returned his attention to Bill's cock, Jim looked down at the smooth skinned youth and remembered something else Karen would never even consider.

"Take care of our boy here." Jim said to Bill as he stepped away. "I'll be right back."

As Jim vanished into the bathroom, Bill grabbed the back of Kevin's head and began to match his pelvic thrusts with the boy's own motions. The pressure around his cock were incredible. Like Jim, he couldn't believe he hadn't exploded yet. Not that he wanted to, if anything, he wished this kid would go on all night.

Bill hadn't noticed Jim return from the bathroom until the older man broke the two of them apart and led Kevin over to the couch. The young man immediately saw the small jar in Jim's hand and smiled.

"Ok?" Jim asked as took up a position below Kevin at the base of the couch.

"Sure." Kevin replied with a grin.

Bill took up a spot at the front of the couch and lowered his cock over Kevin's face. The bellboy was now lying stretched out along the length of the sofa. As Jim lifted the boy's legs up and rubbed a generous amount of Vaseline into his ass, Bill showed his cock back into Kevin's mouth. To Bill's delight, Jim's actions in no way prevented the boy from picking off exactly where he had left off.

After covering his cockhead with another generous helping of gel, Jim placed it at the tightly closed anus and applied pressure. Kevin's legs were wrapped up and over Jim's shoulder's, giving the older man a great deal of leverage. A short shove opened the tight muscles and he slid inside. The sudden constriction was unimaginable. Even with the heavy lubrication, he couldn't see how Kevin could take his hardness.

He's slid his cock about halfway in, wondering if he should just forget it when he felt Kevin pushing his body downward, trying to take him in deeper.

"What the fuck." He thought as he took a firm grip on Kevin's soft buns and plunged in as far as he could.

After the first few strokes he found it became easier and easier. Because the pressure was now constant and lacking Kevin's skillful hand to prevent it, he knew he would soon explode.

Determined to finish with a bang as they say, Jim began ramming his manhood as deep and as hard as he could. Kevin was obviously enjoying it, he knew he was.

Knowing that Jim would soon come, Kevin was no longer making any attempt to hold Bill back. He had already tasted the salty taste of his precum and was looking forward to the deluge that he was sure would follow.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, his mouth was filled with a hot whiteness. Pushing his head upward, he swallowed it as fast as Bill could shoot. Except for the last load which he ran around the lining of his mouth with his tongue, savoring the taste.

A few moments later, Kevin felt Jim's body tense, followed by a loud shout as the older man filled his anal cavity with his masculine juices. Jim was so exhausted by his efforts that he collapsed atop the boy. Bill also had been drained and fell back on a nearby chair.


The clock chimed 12:30 before any of them moved. Kevin quickly dressed, declining the use of the shower. The sooner he could slip out of the employees entrance the better, that way he couldn't explain why he was still in the hotel after making a big deal over having to make one last room call.

Jim met him at the door after pulling on his shorts. As he shook the bellboy's had, Kevin could feel a folded bill being pressed into it.

"You're Ok Kid!" Jim said with a smile. "Hope to see you the next time we come through here."

When Kevin opened his fist once he was out in the hallway, he would find a fifty-dollar tip. It was a lot more than Jim and Bill usually gave for such services but Kevin had been truly exceptional. What would their wives say when they went over the expenses for the trip? Jim thought about it for a second and then concluded.... "Fuck em."



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