Fourteen-year-old Chris had just finished masturbating on a Friday night, but was feeling depressed. His best friend Keith, who was fifteen, was with his third girlfriend of the school year. He knew that Keith had the house to himself this weekend, and that he and Brittney were probably in bed fucking at that very moment. Chris went to bathroom to wash the cum off his penis then pulled on his boxers and went back to bed and fell asleep.

At about nine a.m. the phone by his bed rang. Chris and his sister had their own line, and his sister was already gone.

"Hullo." Chris answered sleepily.

"Hey dude, wassup!" Keith chirped merrily.

"Oh fuck, you woke me up." Chris responded.

"Well, fucking, that's what this call's about." Keith said.

"Oh yeah, you just wanna rub in all the shit you guys been doin all night, right?" Chris said.

"Well yeah, but I got some good news for you too, dude." said Keith.

"Whadda ya mean?" Chris asked as he slowly woke up.

"Brittney's cousin Taylor is coming to visit today. Her mom's leaving her off and she doesn't know that Brittney's folks are gone. So she's gonna come over here." Keith explained.

"Oh yeah?" Chris said with interest.

"Anyway, she's fourteen like you and Brittney says she's hot. I seen her picture. Dude!!! Well, anyway she likes to fuck and wanted Brittney to set her up with a guy. So that's where you come in."

"For real?" Chris asked.

"Yeah. You been complaining to me about not getting pussy so your old friend's been looking out for ya." Keith said. "Be here tonight at six."

"Thanks, man." Chris said.

"No problem." Keith replied. "Well, I gotta fly. Brittney's waking up and she's gonna want some before breakfast. Later, dude."

"Yeah." Chris said as both boys hung up.

Chris got out of bed and looked at himself in his full- length mirror. He hoped that Taylor would like his body. He was five foot ten and had developing arm, chest and leg muscles. His body was tight with no fat and he thought he looked OK. He pulled down his boxers to get a look at his nude body.

Chris had a bush of brown hair surrounding his balls and seven-inch erection. The only other hair on his body other than his spiked head hair were the strands growing under his arms and the fine hairs on his legs. He was imaging a naked girl's arms and legs wrapped around him as he plunged that bare dick in and out of her.

"Oh fuck! I'm really gonna get laid!" Chris said to himself. "Cool!"

Chris was also alone that day, but his parents were due back in the afternoon. He knew they wouldn't mind if he spent the night with Keith. The boys always stayed at each other's homes.

Chris put on his swim trunks and grabbed some suntan lotion and went down to his pool. He wanted to work on his tan so he'd look good for Taylor.

Chris swam and sunned most of the day, killing time but making sure not to burn. He had a perpetual hard on in anticipation of the night ahead. At about two o'clock, the urges were so strong that he had to go inside to masturbate. Chris figured that this might help him not to cum so fast on his first time. As it turned out, he was right.

After wanking, Chris went out and swam some vigorous laps to keep his body well toned. Mostly, he was burning off nervous energy and trying not to dwell on the treat his friend had set up for him.

Finally, Chris went in to shower. When he dried off, he picked a pair of red boxers, baggy shorts and a tank top that showed off his muscles. Finally, he put on some a pair of sandals. He then packed an overnight bag, knowing that this was not going to be a typical sleepover.

His parents had returned home and he got his father to drive him over to Keith's house. The father thought his son was in an unusually good mood. Little did he realize what his fourteen-year-old son had planned for that night.

Chris was about fifteen minutes early so when he rang the doorbell no body answered right away. Finally, the door opened and Keith was standing there, dressed only in his gym shorts. His hair was messed up and he had a couple of fresh hickeys on his neck. Chris also noticed a strong, fishy odor. Being a virgin, he didn't recognize the pungent vaginal odor from Keith's girlfriend's cum. The older boy's crotch and legs were soaked with the smell of teenage sex. "Hey dude, you beat Taylor here." Keith said. Brittney says she can't wait to meet you.."

"Cool." Chris replied.

"Let's go get a beer while we're waiting." Keith said and he turned to walk to the kitchen. Chris noticed the fresh fingernail scratches on Keith's back and it reminded him of the fun his best friend had been having. He couldn't wait to have that kind of fun.

Just then, Brittney walked into the living room. She was wearing one of Keith's t-shirts and a pair of cotton short shorts. The girl's breasts filled out the shirt nicely and Chris loved the looks of her long bare legs and feet. He could imagine them wrapped around his friend.

"Hey Chris, how ya doin?" she said with a smile. Before Chris could answer, the doorbell rang. Brittney padded barefoot to the door and opened it.

"Hey Cuz!" she said and Chris' jaw dropped as the visitor entered the house. The girl he assumed was Taylor had a full head of blond hair. She had on eye shadow and satin lipstick but clearly didn't need any make up to enhance her natural good looks. His eyes then dropped to the tight fitting tube top that covered a pair of ample teenage breasts. Her bare, tanned midriff revealed a pierced navel. Her jeans shorts were tiny, hugging a perfectly rounded ass before giving way to silky tanned thighs. She wore sandals that revealed feet adorned with toe rings. Chris nearly came right there in his pants.

The girl greeted her cousin then spotted the boy in the living room. She too liked what she saw. The tank top showed of Chris's arms and chest and Taylor was hoping that this was boy they had set her up with.

"Taylor, this is Chris." Brittney said. "He's your date tonight."

"Oooh, hot!" Taylor said and Chris' heart was leaping with joy.

The two started talking and were sitting on the couch when Keith walked in carrying a couple of beers. Soon, all four kids were talking and drinking and having a good time. Brittney had her arm around Keith and was stroking his side and chest. Her other hand was on his inner thigh and she was pushing his shorts leg up until it was almost to his crotch. Keith's hand was under Brittney's shorts, massaging her bare ass.

Finally, Brittney finished her third beer and tipsily declared, "Well, my boyfriend's getting me all hot. I guess I gotta go fuck him! Les go babe." she slurred.

"See ya guys." Keith said as he got to his feet and followed Brittney to his bedroom.

Chris knew what he wanted but wasn't sure about how to go about getting it. Fortunately, Taylor made it easy. She put her hand up under Chris's shirt and rubbed his chest.

"Well, she's not the only one who's gonna get fucked. How about it, cutie?" Taylor said then kissed Chris on the mouth. The boy knew from junior high make out sessions to open his mouth and Taylor's tongue quickly darted around his own. Her fingertips were brushing his nipples and his erection was at full mast.

"Oh yeah!" the boy breathed heavily. "I'm ready."

"Oh, me too!" the girl exclaimed and she immediately pulled her top over her head and off. Chris was looking at a pair of perfectly formed 34 C bare breasts. His first instinct was to lower his lips to her left nipple and begin to lick and suck. Taylor loved having her tits sucked. "Oh Chris, that's nice!" she moaned.

As Chris sucked her nipples. Taylor ran her hands through the boy's moussed hair, rubbing all the styling out of it and leaving it unkempt. Chris had one hand on the girl's bare thigh and began to work his way to her shorts. He soon reached his goal of sliding his hand under her shorts and was pleased to find she was wearing no panties. Instead, he had unlimited access to her bare, moist vagina.

Taylor shook and moaned as Chris's finger worked its way into her hole as he continued his oral stimulation of her breasts. Although the virgin boy was inexperienced, he knew to feel for the clit, which he had no trouble identifying. He noticed Taylor getting wetter and wetter on his fingers.

Taylor moaned in ecstasy, but she also wanted to return the favor to the boy who was making her feel so good. After she came, she reached her own hand under Chris's shorts and boxers and grasped his erection. It was moist with precum, which she spread all over the head of his penis. Chris's penis had never been touched by a girl, and it had never felt this good.

The teenagers had shifted on the couch so that Chris was now lying against the couch and Taylor was leaning over him. With one hand on his cock, Taylor moved her other hand to the bottom of his shirt.

"Oh baby, I gotta see more of your body." she said. With that, She pulled the shirt up. It was loose enough that it easily came off. She then placed her and on his now bare chest and cooed, "ooh, nice! Hey, I like your tan." Chris was pleased that he chose to spend the day in the sun.

She leaned her head forward and began to lick his nipples. Chris laid completely back on the couch, savoring the attention Taylor was giving to his body. Chris didn't know it, but the girl who was taking his virginity was obsessed with the male teenage body. She loved the feel and taste of boy skin, and bringing pleasure to her male lovers. The fact that Chris was particularly attractive made Taylor even more aggressive.

She teased Chris' nipples with her tongue then began to lick down his abdomen. Chris got more excited the closer she got to his pants. He still couldn't believe that this was actually happening to him. In two months he would be entering high school, and he would not be a virgin.

After rimming his navel, Taylor stood up. Chris wasn't sure what was next. She moved down to his feet and unstrapped his sandals and removed them. She then went down to suck his toes. She licked the bottoms of his feet, sending shivers up his back. Chris was laying on the couch in just his shorts watching a topless girl lick his feet then move up his legs.

Taylor then moved her mouth to the boy's inner thighs. The skin there was soft and smooth, and Taylor knew that she was getting closer to her target. Chris was squirming in anticipation as she licked up under the legs of his shorts. Finally, sensing the anticipation the boy was feeling (and even though she was only fourteen she had done this to many boys) she efficiently undid and pulled down his shorts.

Chris's erect meat was now on display for Taylor's pleasure. "Not bad" she thought as she looked at the nearly seven inch long boycock, jutting up from a small bush of pubic fur. It was twitching and she thought he might be ready to blow. To Chris' delight, she lowered her mouth to it and took him deep into her throat.

As the adolescent boy savored this new delight, he could hear moans and voices coming from Kevin's room. The headboard was hitting the wall as Brittney was wailing "Oh Kev, fuck, yeah!. Yes! (gasp) Yes! (gasp) Yes! (gasp).. Chris thought about his best friend having the same type of fun he was now having.

Meanwhile, Taylor was working her lips and tongue furiously on Chris' bare cock. She loved doing this to boys. She had one hand on his balls and the other was massaging his abdomen and chest. Both fourteen year olds were in sexual heaven.

She fully expected Chris to cum any time now, but the boy was benefiting from his mid-afternoon masturbation.

"Oh fuck Brit! That feels gooooood!" Kevin shouted as the bed continued to rock. Taylor's mouth was getting tired and Kevin's moans made her pussy tingle for young, hard cock. She pulled her head up and looked up past Chris' chest to his eyes.

"You got a lot of staying power!" Taylor said. "I gotta try this out inside of me."

With those words, Taylor brought Chris to the top of the sexual mountain. She got to her feet and slid her shorts to the floor. The now naked teenage girl then crawled on the couch and straddled the naked teenage boy laying there with his erect pole pointing straight up. She effortlessly lined her dripping cunt up to the pole and impaled herself with it.

Chris gasped as the warm, tight girlflesh took his little boyhood away. Taylor knew how to ride a boy so that both received complete satisfaction. She was doing that now. Taylor looked down at the boy she was fucking. She realized she really liked him. He was cute and she was giving him something he would remember the rest of his life. She leaned forward and kissed him on his lips as she continued her ride.

Chris, too, liked Taylor a lot. She wasn't treating him like a kid virgin, but rather like a young man. She was giving her body to him and he was loving it. As they kissed, he moved his hands to her breasts and kneaded them gently. Taylor told him that she really liked that.

She continued to run her fingers through his hair, which had long lost its spikiness. The two fucked in unison for a couple of minutes, lost in the pleasures of the moment. Finally, Chris felt a familiar urgency welling at the base of his shaft, only this time it was more intense than he had ever felt before. He looked into the eyes of the girl he was united with and proceeded to fill her with his seed. Waves and waves of thick boycum shot deep into Taylor's moist, hot womanhood, She was well aware of the teenage orgasm that was filling her, courtesy of this cute and sexy fourteen year old boy.

Taylor straightened herself up, and Chris enjoyed the last few shots of his orgasm gazing directly at Taylor's sensuous bare breasts. When he was spent, he moaned, "Oh fuck, that's nice!"

Taylor smiled and said, "OK baby, watch me now." She knew her orgasm was just beginning. Taylor threw back her head and inhaled, which puffed her breasts out even further. She had Chris' cock just where she wanted it, and began to moan as the wave of pleasure radiated from her clit to throughout her supple teenage body. Chris watched in amazement as she continued riding, moaning and cumming. He was feeling so proud to have that kind of effect on a girl.

As her orgasm subsided, Taylor again lowered her face toward Chris'. "That was fantastic, Chris." Taylor said before kissing him again. She then stretched her legs out, with the boy's still hard cock inside her. She laid her breasts against his chest then pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Chris' tongue met hers, and he was one with her. He didn't want this moment to end, and in fact for about fifteen minutes it didn't. Even after losing his erection, Chris kept his cock inside of Taylor as she continued to lay on top of him. He had his arms around her back, gently stroking her soft, feminine skin. He was also rubbing his feet along her legs, enjoying the pleasures of being bare with a nude girl for the first time.

The young couple didn't even notice when Kevin came into the room. Despite the fact that he had been having sex for almost 24 hours straight, he was immediately turned on by the sight of his best friend and his girlfriend's cousin lying naked with cock buried into pussy on his own couch. Chris had always been there for Kevin when they were growing up, and now he was able to do something special for the friend that had always been good to him.

Chris finally looked over to see Kevin and broke off the kiss to whisper. "we're not alone." Taylor looked over to see Kevin and cheerfully said, "oh hi, Kev!"

"I see you guys have hit it off" Kevin said with a smile.

"Yeah, Chris is one fuckin' hottie!" Taylor said. "I'm in love!"

"Yeah, thanks man." Chris said to Kevin.

"No problem, dude. Hey, its OK if you guys use the other bedroom." Kevin said.

"We're goin in there in a minute." Taylor said. "Once we got started we didn't have time to move anywhere."

By the time Kevin returned from the kitchen with two beers, Chris and Taylor had retired to the guest bedroom. It was there that the two teenagers fucked themselves silly until the next morning, taking time only to sleep for about four of those hours.

Chris pulled on his shorts and Taylor put on an oversized t shirt and panties and finally emerged from the room at about ten a.m. Kevin and Brittney were already in the living room, similarly dressed and munching on donuts.

"We were wonderin' when you guys would come up for air." Kevin joked.

"Hey man, that was my best night ever!" Chris said. Taylor put her arm around his bare torso and gave him a kiss. "We're definitely in love." he said.

"That's cool." Brittney said. "I told you you'd like him."

"Yeah, I do." Taylor replied.

Chris and Taylor got together for sex as often as they could that summer. Then one day, she surprised him in his room with the best news he could ever imagine.

"Guess what!" Taylor said.

"What?" said Chris.

"My mom got a raise and got transferred to this part of town. So we're moving over here and I'm going to your school!" Taylor said.

"Oh man, that's great!" Chris shouted and soon the two kids were naked on his bed celebrating the best way they knew how. It was a scene they would get to repeat many times during their teenage lives.


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