The French Lady by Jay Kim ([email protected]) Edited by Kathy (The Kristen Archives 11/99)

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I always enjoy real life stories a lot more than made up or fantasy ones. So here is my contribution to your wonderful collection.

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This story is about my first time sex - 'How I lost my virginity.'

I'm a Korean American male who immigrated to the US as a teen. Korean society is very conservative and very 'anti-sex' due to its Confucian culture. Of course there are lots of sexual things underground as you may have guessed from other stories in this site, however sex is still very much of a Taboo (At least when I was growing up -back in 70's). It was still an important back then for a bride to be a virgin.

Having grown up in such a traditional society, you can imagine I might have a difficult time getting used to America's very open sexual mores. However there was another, even bigger problem. I was a very shy person

even by Korean standards!! (By American standards, I could have been described as clinically depressed!) Throughout my high school years, I was pretty much a shy, nonsexual, 'math and science nerd' kinda guy, never having dated, let alone attempting a sexual overture toward girls. Sure, I dreamt of having an American girlfriend. But I was too awkward and insecure to actually do anything in really life. I was having a hard enough time just try- ing to excel in academics! My high school 'sex life' consisted of looking at 'forbidden' Playboy and Penthouse magazines and mas- turbating to sexy blonde models. It was quite unacceptable to my 'normal' self and I didn't discuss my attraction to these magazines with anybody. Even in college (UCLA), I failed to experience any sex. In addition to being very shy, I was neither good look- ing nor socially adept. Usually at college dances or parties, I ended up gawking on the sideline, watching others dance, unable to find a partner for myself. I was socially awkward, introverted and didn't think my sexual urges would be acceptable to American girls. After graduating from college with a degree in chemical engineering and before going on to a prestigious graduate school, I was lucky to get a summer job as an electronic technician in Belgium. By this time, the fact that I was still a virgin at 22 was really starting to bother me. After settling in and getting used to my work routine, I began to consider a plan to visit Amsterdam's infamous red light district. Maybe a Dutch prostitute would be the way to experience sex! Or at least a starting point for me. One evening I went to an adult movie - another thing I would have been afraid to do back home in US. It was very exciting to watch the orgy sequence where these gorgeous European women were getting fucked by many different guys. Not only was it very hot but it also gave me the idea that even I could get to have sex with a beautiful girl if I were in the right place at the right time. Girls acted so horny in that movie that I felt that they might have sex even with a nerdy Asian guy like me - if I were at a real orgy party! After the movie I walked out to the now darkened city square in a very sexually aroused state. Being a Friday night there were many people going to the bars to party. In the town square I spotted a blonde woman sit- ting on a bench alone and smoking a cigarette. Still somewhat high on my sexual feelings from the adult movie, I dared to approach her to ask her the time. She must have been bored enough to have a con- versation with a timid stranger. I found out that she was French and was traveling through Belgium on summer vacation with friends - a couple. Soon, I asked her whether she would like to go to a nearby bar for beer with me. Surprisingly she accepted. After a couple beers and some small talk, we walked around the town square talking about various countries. My mind was still pretty much on sex and I admitted her that I had never had a girlfriend. Soon, surprisingly she kissed me on the lips. I held her waist and we sat on a bench to make out. While kissing her, I moved my hand over her white wool sweater to feel her breasts. They felt wonderfully soft. She wasn't wearing a bra. I thought it was wonderful enough that she would let me feel her breasts like that. But to my even greater surprise and amazement she soon lifted her sweater and let in me feel her bare breasts. I was so shocked and sexually charged that I blurted out loud, 'Jesus Christ!' She just laughed. I loved feeling her warm, white breasts. I could have fondled them on that bench for the rest of the night if given a chance! At this time, maybe because of my timidness or my obvious pleasure in fondling her breasts, she must have made up her mind that we are going to have sex. I was horny as hell but I would still not have dared to think of having sex with her. To be honest, I felt extremely lucky just to feel her soft bare breasts! Furthermore having actual sex was something unknown to me. Masturbation and fantasy? Yes. Real sex? I truly had no idea how to go about it... She asked me where I was staying. I told her that I was living in student quarters, she decided that her hotel room on the town square offered better privacy to con- tinue our petting session. I still couldn't believe my good fortune, even as we climbed the narrow stairways to her hotel room. The room was quite small and Spartan by American standards. She told me to take my clothes off and climb on to the bed, which I gladly did in hurry. Waiting in the bed, I was able to get a good view of her naked blonde body as she got undressed in the semi darkness. I was feeling so sexual aroused, I openly stared at her naked body without shame. I was lying flat on my back when she climbed on top of me aiming her pussy lips at my erect dick. I held her thighs, trying desperately to guide her where I needed her to be. Giggling in embarrassment, she lowered herself on to my dick. I knew I wanted to have sex - and very badly at that, ever since my high school days. However being a virgin at the age of 22, I really did not know how a woman felt inside her pussy. I had no idea that women could feel so soft and wonderfully creamy inside her pussy like this one did. I could only think at the time that her pussy felt warm and so smooth like slightly melted cream cheese. It was far, far better than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dream. Especially I had no idea that woman's muscles could hold my dick so firmly. It was all so amazing and incredibly wonderful. I just repeated to myself that it is a wonder of life as I deliriously plugged her. I let out moans of pleasure as she moved up and down on my hardened dick. In fact, the sensation of her soft, warm pussy had an incredible effect on me. I never expected that my dick could get so hard and so big. (I had been pretty conscious of my small Asian dick for most of my life.) And despite becoming so rigid like a hard plastic rod, it was able to freely move around side to side very smoothly as she rocked up and down. By now I was thrusting into her as much as she was riding me. I just loved that feeling of being inside this blonde woman, holding her divinely broad hips with my hands. The only way I could describe the feel- ing would be to say that I was 'Very happy in my heart.' Having sex with her seemed to make my whole body 'happy'. I also felt no longer alone - like I had when I masturbated to Penthouse pictorials. Having my dick buried so deep inside her, I felt close to her. To another human being. And strangely, it felt so natural and normal having sex with this blonde French woman whom I hardly knew. I guess, while having sex everything else in a guy's mind pretty much shuts down. I was so totally focused on the beautiful naked body of this generous woman and just marveled at her bouncing white breasts as we fucked that I couldn't really think of anything else but the pleasure that I was receiving. It felt like a long time, (given the newness of the experience) but it was actually only a short time before I groaned and shot my load inside her warm wet pussy. She road me for a little while longer to make my pleasure last, then she collapsed on me and said with a smile, 'See? Now you have experience with girls, so you'll be able to get them in the future.' What could I say? I was just so grateful for her kind heart, I was speechless! By this time I was so thankful to this French lady, if she had asked me I would have given her pretty much everything I had. I was babbling praises to every- thing French as we cuddled. I even had an initiative to climb on top of her and start pumping away into her again. She was a little taller than me. And lying together in her bed, she definitely seemed larger than me. She was on the stocky side - surely by an Asian standards. But I just LOVED holding her broad hips while pumping my dick into her. Her skin was also rougher than Asian skin. Perhaps due to Northern European weather? Or perhaps due to the rich French diet? It is hard to tell. On the other hand she was visibly delighted with my smooth skin, saying it felt like a baby's skin. Although she was not as soft all around as I imagined a girl to be, she made up for it by her wonderfully soft cream cheese pussy. After I coming in her for the third time, she got up and pulled out a wash basin. With her back to me, she started to wash out her pussy. I did not have condoms on and I wasn't sure about birth control. I just did not imagine she could get pregnant in one night. Any- how standing by the bed, she washed inside her pussy giving me more great views of her gloriously naked body. Once again I stared at her naked female body with open lust. Finally she came back to bed and told me go to sleep. But very aroused again, I soon had another stiff hard on. Having fantasized about sex all my life, the fact was that I just couldn't get enough of her cream cheese pussy that night. I started to touch her again - from her breasts to her belly down to between her legs. She giggled, and she let me fuck her again. But it was clear now that she was no longer as turned on as I was. She no longer held my dick so tightly with her pussy as she has done the first few times. She told me that she couldn't believe that I was still (and again!) hard. Well, I guess that is what happens after dreaming of having sex with a blonde girl for all these years! She must have decided to make it a little more interesting for herself. She said she would show me another way. And she turned around in bed having her back to me while lying on her side. Then she presented her ass to me so I could enter her pussy from behind. Well that was an eye popping realization for me! I found out that I could have more of my dick enter her in that position - more deeply and more comfortably than 'the missionary position'. I wondered whether this was the more natural sex position - the way God created man and woman to be. Meanwhile I pumped my dick into her with new and happy enthusiasm. I also loved the fact that I could fondle her wonderful breasts (and her broad backside) while pumping my dick into her. I liked having my face close to her shoulders and feeling her short blonde hair on my face. I just hope she enjoyed my vigorous lovemaking as much I loved entering her from behind. She was breathing fast, but I hardly noticed it in my lustful desire to thrust my dick into her as deeply as I could and to fuck her creamy pussy with just about all the strength that I had left. All I can say is that fucking this wonderful blonde French woman from behind was about the best thing that ever happened to me in my life of 22 years. I just felt so much love and tenderness toward her, being deep inside her like that. And I certainly had the best orgasm of my life as I shot every last drop from my balls into her lovely cream cheese pussy. I'm not sure whether I passed out or whether I just went in and out of a wakeful state. I certainly was tired by this time. But I was so excited by the novelty of it all, I was half awake and never totally a sleep that night. Perhaps I should have gone to sleep now that I was finally satiated after coming inside her so many times. As the sexual fire died out mundane questions came to my mind. Like, what do I say to her after this sudden intimacy? I mean, I knew her body as intimately as any man could, but I didn't even know her full name! Could I fall in love and marry her? And it was obvious that she wasn't thinking anything close in that direction. (I was 22 then and she looked to be in her mid thirties) I had to face the fact that she had allowed me to enjoy her body in an intimate nature because she felt sorry for me. She might have thought she could turn a pain- fully shy Asian student into a man - even a Casanova by initiating me into sex. But what about her past? I knew nothing and I had already hurt her a little by asking too many stupid questions - as if I could be intimate with her personally just because I coupled with her physically. I think that both she and I knew that this was a one night deal. I told her that I would go home rather than to sleep in her bed. Actually a big reason behind my decision was that there was the other couple in that bedroom. Oh, yes I forgot to tell you that there was that French couple in another bed in the same hotel room while we were having our glorious sex! They were traveling with her. Initially the guy protested to the blonde lady about having me in the bedroom, to which she replied (in French) vigorously (perhaps defending me that I was a worthy sex partner??) Anyhow we went ahead with our wild sex together and he went back to sleep with his woman in his arms! Viva la France!!!!!!! But I wasn't sure how I would be received by the others in the morning. And also it might become obvious to them that the lady was crossing racial lines in her merciful mission of love! She agreed to my decision to leave and walked me downstairs to the pension door. It was already close to the dawn as we kissed again and again. No more sexual fire (as I was VERY spent by this time!). Perhaps because everything we had that night was sex (even though it was glorious - at least for me!), it felt slightly dishonest kissing repeated- ly. I was very thankful. I just wasn't sure how to handle the situation - other than thinking I better leave before it got too complicated. We parted acting as if we couldn't stop kissing each other. I was pretty exhausted and felt feverish during next day. But I was elated that I had finally lost my virginity and that I finally knew what sex was like. All thanks to that loving blonde French lady. I don't think I can ever pay her back for her kindness. But I always do try to be extra nice, gentle, and kind to all the blonde girls I happen to meet. Really!!


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