When I was fifteen, I fell in love with a boy that my parents said was bad. The more they told me how bad he was the more I wanted to show him how much I loved him.

For him, our relationship meant sex. We would come home from a date and he would take me to the side of the house and make me spread my legs for him and he would put his penis between my legs and then he'd make me close my legs and he'd rock back and forth until he'd cum. I remember thinking his penis rubbed my inner thighs raw. That was the beginning.

He told me if I didn't do what he wanted he would find another girlfriend who would. I cried, but I did what he wanted. He told me he would save my vagina for later, that he didn't have any rubbers so I would have to do other things to satisfy him. But first he was going to teach me how to give him a good blowjob.

I hadn't seen his penis before, when he made me kneel down in front of him and first kiss it and then pull the skin back and lick around the head. He liked watching me take his penis in my mouth, he would make me pull up my shirt and play with my nipples while I was sucking him.

Then he demanded I lick his balls, take one in my mouth and tongue it. Lick in between his balls and his anus. He loved when his penis would start dripping, he wanted me to lick it and try and keep it on my tongue. He told me he couldn't wait until he blew it all over my face, but first I had to learn to take it all.

He would get mad at me when I gagged and pinch my nipples through my shirt and call me terrible names. He pinched them hard and then told me as he was pinching them not to cry, to tell him that I liked it. I would tell him anything to get him to stop, then he would laugh at me.

He told me if I didn't do what he wanted he would let his dog have a go at me.

I told him I loved him, then he'd say, "Prove it."

I finally got where I could take all of his penis in my throat without gagging. The first time he shot it in my mouth, he held my nose until I swallowed, and then he laughed and said, "Mmm, baby, that's what whores like."

He would do things to try to get us caught. One time we were driving somewhere with his folks. Before I got in the car, he told me to go in the bathroom and remove my panties. He brought a blanket telling his folks I might get cold.

When we were tooling down the road, with him and I sitting in the back, he made me hike up my skirt until it was around my waist. He made me spread my legs wide open and he started fingering me.

I got real wet, then he would take his fingers out of me and make me lick them and stick them back in me. I thought I saw his dad looking in the rear view mirror while my boyfriend's fingers were in my mouth. When I told him that I was embarrassed that his father had seen us, my boyfriend said, "No way, relax," and he kept his fingers in my mouth.

He made me cum and then told me I was nasty and I would be punished and made me lay on my side and then tried to stick something up my butt. But my butt was too tight and he couldn't get it in.

By this time his mom was a sleep and snoring softly in the front seat. They had bucket seats and she was lying against the window on her side. He told me to sit up and not to say a word or I would be sorry.

He leaned forward and told his dad something and the next thing I know, he had pulled off the blanket and his dad took the rear view mirror and pointed it down so he could see between my legs. They smiled at one another.

Then my boyfriend told me to pull apart my pussy lips and keep them that way until he told me different. He took out of his backpack a fake penis, a big one and started trying to stuff it up my butt. Again, it was too big and it wouldn't go in. He got down on the floorboards and started licking my vagina and tried to stick his fingers in my ass.

His dad said something to him and the next thing I knew, he pulled over on the side of the road and his dad got out and they switched places. My boyfriend told me that I better do what his dad wanted or I wouldn't like what would happen to me.

I prayed his mom would wake up, but she just snored. I sat there numb as my boyfriend's father fingered me. It seemed to turn him on. He leaned into me and whispered, "Hey little girl it's time to suck it don't you think?" He told me to unzip his panties, reach in and pull him out.

I looked at my boyfriend, hoping that he would object, but all he did was nod his head at me. So finally I did as his father said, and I unzipped his pants and fished his semi-hard cock out.

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my head down. My boyfriend watched as his Dad guided my head to his penis. As it sank into my mouth he kept whispering, "Suck it hard, suck it hard, suck it hard, take it all you little slut," and of course I did what I was told, my boyfriend had thought me how.

While I was sucking his dick and he was fingering me and playing with my tits, he shot his cum it in my mouth, then pulled quickly out and shot some more all over my face. After he'd caught his breath, he wiped his cum off my face and made me eat it off his fingers.

He looked over at his son and asked why I didn't wear a bra. My boyfriend said, "Cause I won't let her. I like to put my hands in her shirt anytime I want or lift up her shirt and suck on her tits on the way to school. She doesn't usually wear panties unless I tell her too either. It's easier for me to finger her that way.

His Dad was done, so he told me to put my panties on, that we are almost there. My pussy was sore because while I was sucking him he had shoved first one finger put in me, then two, then three, and finally four. I think he was trying to get his whole hand up in me.

From then on, if his dad gave him some money, I would have to give him a blowjob. It seemed like I was always sucking his Dad's dick. They started taking pictures of me doing it, they thought it was funny. He took the pictures to school and showed them to this horny fat teacher that he caught playing with himself in the bathroom once. He told him, "You don't have to play with yourself, if you give me an A, my girlfriend will suck you dry man."

So after school one day I had to suck his fat teacher off. His belly was so big it was hard for me to find his dick, but he got it in my mouth.

Then one day my boyfriend told me it was time to learn to take his penis in my ass. I begged him not too. I told him I would suck him off anytime he wanted. He didn't care, he already got to do that.

We lived by a big city and went to a sex shop and got some toys for him to use on me. When we went into the shop there were some men that kept staring at me. Of course I didn't have a bra on and you could see through my shirt and see everything I had. I wore a real short skirt and my boyfriend would make me bend over to get something and I had no underwear on because he'd told me not to and they could see my hairy muff.

I could see bulges in their pants and they rubbed themselves and lick their lips and kept looking at me like I was something eatable. My boyfriend noticed what they were doing, I thought he would get mad, but instead he walked up to me and told me to spread my legs and reached under my skirt and started fingering me. Then he made me lick his fingers and then wiped them on my shirt and pinched my nipples.

He told those men that I was his little woman and he could do whatever he wanted with me. They offered him ten dollars if I'd give them a blowjob. My boyfriend said, "If you've got a hundred, she'll do it, and she's a great cocksucker."

Thank god they didn't.

We were getting ready to leave and he walked up to them again and said, "How about for ten, she gives me a blowjob while you guys watch?"

They were all eager to do that and I watched in disappointment as ten dollars materialized and my boyfriend counted his loot. Then asked where the bathroom was. The guy who worked there had heard what was going down and said, "Hey, let me watch you get a blowjob and I'll close the shop up so we don't get interrupted."

My boyfriend said, "Great man, lets do it."

The man who worked at the shop put up the closed sign and pulled the shades down on the door. My boyfriend told me to drop and suck him quick, that we needed to get home.

The guy who worked at the shop said he would give him more money if I would take all my clothes off while I suck my boyfriend. They wanted to see me naked and fingering myself.

My boyfriend asked how much, I don't remember the sum, but when he said to me. "Take it off," I told him I would take everything off but my panties, "Please don't make me, I'm having my period."

He didn't care, he made me take off all my clothes and then said, "Anyone want to pull the string hanging between her legs?"

No one moved, he laughed and pulled out my Tampon. Then he said, "Here hold it." I took it. Then he said, "No baby, put it in your mouth."

I put the string in my mouth and he said, "No the whole thing."

It was all bloody, but I did what he said. He laughed and said, "She's my sex slave and I can do anything or make her do anything I want."

Soon the guys were standing there with their penises pulled out beating off, watching me suck my boyfriend. They were all standing real close to me as I got on my knees taking my boyfriend's penis in my mouth. He pinched my nipples and said, "Take it all now honey, show them what I taught you."

The three guys were jacking off and I was sucking my boyfriend, but I was also bleeding real badly and it was running down my leg. I heard him say, "Don't stop until I cum."

Then a moment later he slammed a load into my mouth that made me gag. He was unhappy that I'd gagged and he told me that I had embarrassed him by doing that and I would have to be punished.

He looked at the three guys and asked, "Anybody ever eaten a pussy during a period?" The three said no. Then my boyfriend said, "I'll let you, since she was bad about taking my load in her mouth, she needs to be punished."

Two of the guys said no, but the third seemed like he would. He made me stand up in front of him. The three had already cum once in the tissue by the cash register. The guy walked up to me and took his finger and started to put it up me and my boyfriend said, "No man, only your tongue, no fingers."

The guy said, "But I've got to taste her before I do this."

My boyfriend said, Get some of it where it's running down her leg."

That's what he did. I prayed this would be the end of it, but it wasn't. The guy said, "Yeah, I'd love to eat that ripe pussy, I can smell her and I'll eat everything she has."

They cleared off the counter and laid me down on it. As he was getting ready to begin I started to cry. That made my boyfriend mad again and he got the bag of toys out he'd just bought. He told the guy not to start until he took care of business first.

He took something out of the bag and put some stuff on it and rammed it up my butt. He said, "Don't touch it, I'll take it out when I'm ready, we've got to stretch that asshole of yours." He turned to the guy and said, wait I gotta get my camera out of the car," and he turned and went to the door and as an afterthought yelled for me not to move.

I closed my eyes and prayed while he was gone. The guy who was going to eat me whispered in my ear, "This is going to be fun, and I'm going to fuck you too. With or without your boyfriends approval." He put his fingers in my mouth and said, "Suck them bitch, they have some of my cum on them and you can taste me."

The other guys standing there with their dicks in hand couldn't believe that my boyfriend had just left me lying on the counter. But no one moved, including me. I tried to cover my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other, but they could still see everything, they were smiling lewdly at me and getting really close so their penises were touching me, I could smell them.

There was a knock on the door and they let my boyfriend in. He made me bend my knees and spread my legs real wide and then he told the guy to eat all he wanted, "But I'm taking pictures and you can't have any of them."

The guy didn't care what my boyfriend did, he just started eating my pussy and licking up all the blood and even licked my asshole, while my boyfriend took pictures. While the guy was eating me his dick kept hitting me and the sticky clear pre-cum was dripping down onto my stomach and leg.

He begged my boyfriend to make me suck his dick or to let him fuck me, but my boyfriend said no, "She's my little cocksucker." Then he said, "Enough, get dressed." The guy who had been eating me said, "Now my dick is hard and she has to take care of it, let me take her in the back room and fuck her good."

My boyfriend said, "She's never been fucked and tonight is not the night, and you're not the guy."

The guy looked really pissed, but my boyfriend suddenly he pulled this real big knife that he'd had shoved in the back of his pants. I took a step toward the group of men and they backed away. I started to get dressed and asked if I could put a Tampon back in, and he said, "Yeah, okay, but do it right here in front of all of them."

I did as I was told, I was so ashamed. When we left the building and got into his truck and he asked me if my asshole hurt and I said, "Yes, very much."

"Good," he said, "leave that plug in until I take it out."

When we got home, I had to call my mother and tell her I was eating dinner at my boyfriend's house. His mom was working and his dad was taking a nap. He took me upstairs to his room and said, "It's time to take that butt plug out; I'm going to fuck your ass tonight."

When he pulled it out, he stuck two fingers up my ass and wiggled them in me. He said, "Mmmm, this is great it's loosened you up a bunch. But before I stick my dick up there, I gotta clean you up. You're gonna get an enema."

I said, "What's an enema?"

"You'll see soon enough baby," and he pulled this strange thing out of his bag of tricks. He said, "We've gotta get you good and clean for my dick, I don't want any shit on me. If there's any, you'll eat it off, you got that?"

He laughed at that and said, "That'd be your dinner hon."

He went into the bathroom and filled this bag up with hot water and made me lay on the bathroom floor. Then he inserted a nozzle into my rectum and let the water flow in. Something made a pumping sound and I could suddenly feel warm water being forced in my rear. He kept filling and filling until I thought I would burst.

I kept asking him to stop, "It's too full, it hurts, please."

He said, "Your not full enough. I'll know when you're full and I'll stop when I'm ready." He warned me that I better hold it until he told me I could release it, or I'd regret it. When he was done pumping in the warm water he made me stand up with all the water inside me hurt so bad. I begged him to let me go to the toilet, I felt like I was going to explode.

He told me to stand there and listen to what he was going to tell me. He said that I would never leave him, not until he was totally finished with me. And if I tried to leave him, he would show all the pictures he had taken of me today, to everyone I knew, including my parents and the teachers at school.

He said it would be real fun if the film had to be developed at the local drug store where those guys would have something really hot to see and he assured me that they'd have big hardons just for me. He went on to say, "But don't worry baby, I'm no dummy, that's why I have a Polaroid, so the camera film can develop its self.

Once he was done threatening me he said I could go to the toilet, "But if you spill one drip of water on my floor you'll regret it. I've got something to catch all that water and I'll make you drink it."

He laughed at me being in pain and said that it was all in my head, that it didn't hurt, that it would make me good and clean for his dick.

I got to the toilet and then looked at him pleadingly. I wanted to be by myself while I went, it was so humiliating to sit there with him watching me.

"You got to be kidding, I want to watch what comes out of you." So he stayed there and watched, and I could have held myself one moment longer if my life depended on it.

I sat on the toilet with my legs spread (per his instructions) so he could see down in the toilet and let go. Oh gawd, it felt so good to get that water out of me, it was a wonderful feeling to just let go.

When I finished, he gave me a washcloth and told me to clean myself down there real good. Then we went back in his bedroom and he had me get on my hands and knees and stick my butt up in the air with him standing behind me. His dick was already hard, he told me he couldn't wait to pack my ass.

I asked him if he had something to put on his dick so it would slide in easier, but he said the sticking it in, was the most fun and he didn't want it sliding in too easily, he wanted some resistance. But then he said, "All right baby, turn around and suck it and get it juiced up that way."

Eagerly, and thankfully I turned around to do what he'd told me to, just as his dad walked in. I froze with fear and shock. I almost fainted when my boyfriend told his dad to stay around and if he got his dick in where it was supposed to be, I would suck his dad's dick too.

I thought his dad would explode at him, and me for that matter. But to my humiliation his dad seemed partial to his son's suggestions and he shut and locked the door and came over to stand by us.

Never did my boyfriend even ask me, he knew I would do what I was told. He was right. After I got his dick wet, he tried to put it in me. But it was too big and hurt incredibly. Finally he said, "Okay, we'll work on fingers first and work up to my dick." He spit on one finger and inserted it.

I was lying there with my boyfriend fucking my butt with his finger with his dad only a foot away, watching our every move. I didn't know how to react, but I knew that there was nothing I could do about it, so I just let him do what he wanted.

Then my boyfriend said, "Get your ass higher and spread those cheeks with your hands baby. I want a clear shot to that asshole of yours. He inserted two fingers in and wiggled them around, it hurt but not as bad.

I felt his dad watching the whole time and every once in a while they would say something to each other. His dad told him he was lucky to have me. I was so willing to please. He said he was glad that his son was willing to share me with him.

My boyfriend said, "I share only when I want to, you better remember that. This bitch is mine. But you keep off my ass about school and you can hang around with us when we're here." Then he told me to relax and pulled out his fingers and stuck them in my mouth and said, "Lick them good if you don't want it to get hurt baby."

I licked them and got as much spit as I could on them. He stuck in three fingers now. "Relax, it won't hurt you dumb bitch, I said relax. If you don't relax, I'll ram my dick up your ass until it comes out your mouth."

I tried, I really did.

Finally he pulled them out and said, "I've had enough, this is it." The head of his dick was thick and he made me hold my cheeks open as he rammed the head in, it took my breath, I gasped for air. He said, "I told you to relax." He waited a minute or two and tried to push it in a little more.

I don't know how long it took to get his whole dick in my ass but it seemed like forever, it hurt so bad. I knew I was bleeding, but my boyfriend was mad I was getting blood on his dick, I tried to tell him I couldn't help it, but that just made him madder and he rammed me harder and harder.

His stomach was slapping up against my ass. He kept asking me, "You like this? You like it? Right? You want me to fuck you like this all the time, right?" He was slamming so hard against my ass I could feel his balls hitting my pussy from behind. He was pulling my hair with one hand and pinching and twisting a nipple with the other.

He said, "Talk dirty to me."

I told him I would suck his dick, that I wanted him to eat me out. To please do anything he wanted with my body, that I wanted him in the worst way. I could hear his dad panting and I knew he was into my dirty talk, and I felt his eyes watching me.

I turned really quick to see his dad with his dick in his hand pumping and watching us. There was slick pre-cum running down his hand as he jacked off.

Then my boyfriend told his dad, "I'm tired of hearing her talk, come over and stick your dick in her mouth and shut her up."

My boyfriend leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, "If you bite him while I'm fucking your ass, I'll twist your nipple off your chest."

So they had me on the bed getting fucked in the ass as I gave his dad a blowjob. It was so strange to be there doing that. I'd never even imagined sucking someone old enough to be my father. He was old and his skin was wrinkled, and his penis looked gnarled and red compared to my boyfriend's smooth pink dick. But I licked him and sucked him because I knew that my boyfriend wanted me to.

I could hear his dad begin to moan and his body began to shiver. Father and son decided that they were going to cum at the same time and it took a while to get it right. One would be almost be ready and then the other would stop and say, "NO not yet."

Over and over they fucked me in the ass and in my mouth. They both liked pinching my nipples. His dad had one and my boyfriend had the other. My boyfriend kept saying while he was ramming it up my ass, "Isn't she a good cocksucker, the little bitch. Suck him bitch, suck him good. Get that ass up in the air. Higher, higher, suck it."

Finally they did both cum, and almost together. My boyfriend's dad started first I could feel his warm sperm gushing into my mouth, then a moment later hot sperm filled my bowels. It was just so strange what was happening to me.

When they were done my boyfriend was mad that he had not set up the video. He told his dad that his dick coming out of my ass with the blood all over it would have been a great video take. He said another time we'll do it and take pictures and video both.

His dad stood back and pulled his pants back up and he walked to the bedroom door. He thanked his son for sharing me.

When his dad left I told my boyfriend that I need to get home. But he told me that I couldn't go until I cleaned him up. I went into the bathroom to get a washcloth to wipe his dick, but he said, "No way baby, use your mouth, get all that blood off with your tongue," he said.

I did as I was instructed, by now it didn't really matter what I put in my mouth. Once he had gotten hard again and pumped another load down my throat he let me leave.

When I got home, I got into trouble for being late and was grounded for a week, I was so thankful, I needed a good rest. My boyfriend called me every night and kept telling me what he was going to do to me when he saw me next. He decided that he wanted a shaved pussy and he wanted me to get it pierced. He said, "So everyone will know you're my pussy."

Everyone knew I was his, I had no girlfriends, school chums, nobody but him. I think he had told the boys at school what he was doing to me. They would say stuff every now and then and rub up against me at the locker and I could feel their hard dicks on my butt. Some of them might even squeeze my breasts if they had a chance, then laugh.

Finally I my folks lifted my punishment because they had to go out of town for the weekend. I was to watch my little sister while they were away.

As soon as I put my sister to bed I was to call my boyfriend. He parked a couple blocks away and came in through the back so no one would see him. The first night he shaved me. He said if I didn't do what he wanted he would go get the little pussy in the other room. I knew what he meant and let him do it to me. He said the next week we were going to get my tits pussy-lips pierced.

I didn't think they would let me since I wasn't eighteen yet, but I didn't say anything. After he shaved me, he said, "Guess what! Enema time and again," and he cleaned me out and then fucked me in the ass until he had shot his load.

I cleaned him with my mouth again.

Then he said were going to play a game, "You'll like it, it won't hurt." Then he said where's your dog?"

I looked at him with a sinking feeling and said, "He's sleeping."

"Well little goose, go wake him up, and bring him in here."

He went to his backpack and got out his camera. I knew I was in trouble. If he wanted me to do what I feared, I didn't think that I could. I wasn't going to fuck our dog, there was no way. My dog is about seventy pounds, a big dog.

Once I had brought our dog into the room, my boyfriend said, "Grab his dick."

"Please don't make me. This is disgusting."

My boyfriend got up and stood over me. I felt him pushing my shoulders down, making me kneel next to our dog. "Do it!" was all he said. I looked up at him and saw that his face was red and that he was mad at me.

I reached underneath the dog and grabbed his dick. My boyfriend said, "Okay, now rub it, rub it good, you know, get him going." He said, "See he likes it. He's getting hard already."

I had never seen a dog's dick come out before. My boyfriend said, "This is so cool. Now suck it baby!"

"Please don't me do that."

He looked down at me and said, "Okay, if don't want to suck him at least touch it, go on you can do that, kiss it."

I did that, I leaned down and kissed his long shiny doggy dick. The he said, "If your not going to suck it take your panties off, I want to take pictures of the dog eating you." He made me sit on the floor next to our dog and spread my legs and stick my fingers in my pussy.

After I had fingered myself for a while and had some pre- cum on them he said, "Okay, take them out and let the dog lick your fingers."

I did.

Then he said, "Now turn so the dog can smell your cunt, it's juicy and he'll love it." The dog jumped up and started licking my pussy right away. It was so gross, and oh, I didn't want to like it, but his tongue was so big and ruff and it felt so good.

Just as I was getting ready to cum, he said, "I'll let you cum if you suck his dick. Go on turn yourself around, that's right get under him do a 69." He put a pillow under my head and put the dog's dick at my mouth. The dog kept licking and I started sucking his dick. Oh, it felt so good. He didn't hurt me.

My boyfriend was saying, "C'mon baby, take all of his dick, open your eyes look at me," he was taking pictures. "Open your mouth a little so I can see his dick in your mouth, perfect!"

"Snap," the flash went off.

As he watched me he said, "I wonder what your family would do if I showed them these pictures."

I stopped and began to get up. But he help me down and said, "Don't worry baby, I'll never show them, cause you'll do what your supposed to do."

I couldn't believe I let him talk me into this, here I was sucking my dog's dick and somehow, strangely liking it. I came twice on my dog's tongue, it felt so good. My boyfriend kept taking pictures and laughing and telling me how good I was at sucking dog dick, and that he knew that I liked it. He told me he would find a pony and make me suck his dick too. He said I was going to suck all kinds of dicks from now on, and he would take pictures of me doing each and everyone.

I just kept sucking my dog's dick and ignoring boyfriend's threats because my dog's tongue felt so good on my clit. My boyfriend finally made me roll over and get my ass up in the air. He kept saying relax as he took the dog's dick and inserting it in my ass. His doggy penis wasn't as thick as my boyfriend's, but it was a lot longer.

Finally my boyfriend got the dog in position and I felt him begin to thrust wildly and finally he found my hole and shoved in. Soon he was in to the hilt and I could feel his long doggy dick way deep in me, it felt like he was in my stomach.

The whole time my boyfriend was taking pictures telling me what a whore I was and that I liked getting fucked by a dog in the ass and letting a dog eat me and that I had sucked the dog's dick.

The dog meanwhile had been thrusting faster and faster when all of a sudden he stopped and shivered. I knew that he was dumping his load in my ass. It took a while for him to get his dick out of me, I don't know why, but I knew that I couldn't get him out of me until he wanted to pull out.

My boyfriend said, "Next time I tell you to suck his dick, suck it or I'll take you downtown and make you suck some old wino's dick and you know I mean it."

When he finally got the doggy dick out of me, my boyfriend rolled me over and put my legs above my head and rammed his dick in my pussy and broke my cherry. It hurt and he was rough with me.

As he fucked me he told me he liked my ass better, because it hurt more. He told me he was going to sell my pussy and mouth when he needed money, but he'd save my asshole for his private use. He said that he would let his dad use me, so that he could keep him happy and off his case, he said that I was a great little cocksucker.

I pray he forgets about the piercing, but I know he won't. He said he can't wait until I'm eighteen, then he will marry me and use me anyway he wants. He said now that he's broken my cherry, he wants to see other guys fuck me in the pussy while he videotapes it.

He also wants to find another girl who he can teach the way he taught me. He wants to see me eat her. He said that it'll make good porno. That idea kind of appeals to me...


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