Kathy Wu paused at the top of the stairs as she reached the sixth floor of the seven-story apartment house. The old tenement building had been built without the convenience of an elevator and if she had been visiting anyone other then her friend Jiang Li, she would've insisted that they meet her in the lobby.

Stepping up to apartment 6B, the twenty-three year old ran one hand through her shoulder length black hair as she rang the small doorbell with the other. A long minute passed before the door opened and a much older Chinese woman greeted Kathy.

"Good evening, Madame Jiang," Kathy smiled and said in the Cantonese her grandmother had insisted she learn as a child. "I understand that you've been feeling a little under the weather. I hope you're feeling better now."

The shorter woman with the lightly grayed hair looked at the woman at her door, taking in the clothing that she wore. The red open back top Kathy wore seemed to be held in place only by a set of small straps that were tied behind her neck and across her back. The large breasts beneath it lifted the almost blouse so that her midriff was quite visible. The only other thing that could be said about it was that it had more material than the matching wrap around skirt that went with it.

With a forced politeness, Madame Jiang thanked Kathy for her concern and then wordlessly guided her into the living room. Hospitality required the traditionally garbed woman to ask if her guest would like some refreshments. That done, she excused herself and disappeared into one of the other rooms.

As she vanished, Kathy was looking at a collection of pictures spread out on top an old stereo cabinet. Some of the photographs were recent, while others had to have been at least half a century old. One of those was a black and white wedding photo in which the teenage girl in it bore an unmistakable resemblance to the woman who had just greeted her.

"Whatever else I say about her," Kathy said to herself, "I have to admit, she was a knockout."

A second photograph drew Kathy's attention, once that had been taken years later. The couple was the same as in the wedding photo, although a few decades older. This time, they were surrounded by six children, four boys and two girls. The ages of which ranged from the oldest boy who was twenty-two at the time of the photograph to the littlest girl who had been only six.


"Hi Kathy," a new voice said in English from behind the girl in red.

Kathy turned from the little photo gallery to face the new arrival. The brightest of smiles filled Kathy's face, a condition reflected on the younger girl as well. An inch shorter than Kathy's five six, Jiang Li had a much slimmer build and short, almost boyish hair. Her face was a mixture of both the younger Madame Jiang and the little girl in the family photo.

"Hi Li," Kathy beamed as she quickly crossed the room and kissed her friend on the cheek.

"I hope Mother wasn't too hard on you again," the twenty- one year old said.

"Actually, she was the epitome of hospitality," Kathy said in a conspiratorial whisper. "I was almost shocked."

"Well, it's not that she doesn't like you ..." Li started to say.

"... it's just that she doesn't approve of me," Kathy finished for her.

A flushed Li didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted to do was insult her friend.

"It's okay," Kathy said, seeing the concern on Li's face. "My mother doesn't approve of me either." she laughed.

Relieved that Kathy hadn't been insulted, Li laughed as well.


It would be hard to imagine two young women more different than Kathy Wu and Jiang Li. Aside from the closeness in their ages and the fact that both could trace their heritages back to China, they seemed to be total opposites.

Jiang Li had been born in T'ai-tung in the Republic of China on Taiwan. She had come to the United States with her family when she was seven. Since then, her parents, or more specifically her mother since the death of Mr. Jiang, had controlled most every aspect of her life. Making sure that she was brought up to respect and honor her heritage as if they were still in China.

Kathy Wu, on the other hand, was the second generation of her family born in America and barely gave lip service to the culture that her grandparents brought from the land of their birth. As far as she was concerned, this was America and she wasn't a hyphenated anything. She would live how she wanted and anyone who didn't like it could go to hell.

The two women had met in a social sciences class during their senior year of college. Despite the differences in their lives, they had become fast friends. Something that had irritated Madame Jiang from the day she had first met Kathy.

"Nice outfit," Kathy said as she changed the subject.

The ensemble Li wore was far less provocative than Kathy's, but to her mother the twenty-one year old might as well have been walking around stark naked. A short- sleeved sky blue blouse covered her small breasts, the cleavage of which was barely visible. Additionally, her skirt had enough material to make almost three of the older girl's.

"Thanks," Li replied.

"So where did you tell your mother we were going tonight?" Kathy asked.

Knowing her mother would never approve of the dance clubs that Kathy had introduced her to, Li had made a habit of saying they were going to the movies or some other innocuous place.

"Actually she didn't even ask," Li replied.

"Are you sure she's still not sick?" Kathy asked, thinking that Madame Jiang's behavior from the moment she'd arrived was very atypical.

It seemed to Kathy that Li was about to offer an explanation for her mother's behavior, then changed her mind. Instead she looked at her watch and said that she thought they should get going.

Saying their good-byes to Madame Jiang, the two girls quickly headed down the six flights of stairs. It wasn't until they reached the third floor that it occurred to Kathy that Li's mother hadn't even admonished her daughter to make sure she was home early. Something that she had done every other time Kathy could remember. The omission made the older girl even more curious.

Kathy had brought her car to pick Li up and it was a quick twenty-minute drive to the club they had planned to go to. It actually was almost within walking distance of Kathy's apartment but she knew that if she didn't actually go and pick up the younger girl, Li would find some excuse to cancel their night out. That had been the case the last two weekends.

"So how's the new job working out?" Kathy asked as she headed down Fourth Ave to Park Ridge.

"It's okay," Li said in a quiet tone.

"Any really cute guys? Kathy inquired.

"I hadn't noticed," she replied in the same low voice.

"This," Kathy said to herself, "was definitely a girl with something on her mind."

Kathy had to park the car four blocks from the club and they walked the rest of the way. Thankfully it was a warm, comfortable night. As they rounded the last corner, they were greeted with a half-block long line of people waiting to get in.

"Oh no," Li said in disappointment, "we're never going to get in."

"Yes we will," Kathy said with one of her patented trust me smiles.

With that, she took Li's hand and led her past the long line of hopefuls, some of whom had been waiting for more than an hour. An action that brought forth some comments about moving to the back of the line, complete with some pretty descriptive adjectives thrown in for emphasis.

Kathy ignored then all and stepped up to the tall, good looking and muscular man standing behind the gold rope barrier. It took a moment for her to catch his attention, but when she did, he greeted her with a broad smile.

"Kitty, baby," he said as his eyes moved up and down her outfit, or what there was of it. "What's going down?"

"Hi, Chris," Kathy smiled back, tilting her body as to give him the best look possible. "How's it hanging?"

"I'd love to show you," he laughed.

"I bet you would," Kathy laughed back. "But right now I'd settle for me and my friend getting in for a few dances."

"Consider it done," Chris said as he quickly removed the rope. "I'll have to get someone to cover me so I can watch. I do love watching you dance."

Again Kathy ignored a few loud complaints from the crowd on the line as she and Li walked into the club. As soon as they stepped pass the small entrance, a kaleidoscope of sight and sound assaulted them. The dance floor was totally packed and the music level was such that you could feel it more than just hear it.

"What's this Kitty business?" Li tried to ask over the noise.

"What?" Kathy said as they moved through the crowd.

"Who's Kitty?" Li repeated.

"Just a nickname." Kathy replied as they found an open spot on the floor away from the loudest of the speakers.

"How come I never heard it before," Li asked.

"I guess it never came up, that's all." Kathy said, dismissing the subject. "But never mind that, let's dance. After all, that's what we came here for."

"Okay," Li quickly agreed.


In no time at all, the two girls were swaying to the music. As was the norm when they two of them went to a club, they usually ignored everyone else and danced only with each other.

There were at least two dozen other girls sharing floor space with their girlfriends so no one ever found it unusual. If you were just there to dance, it was a lot easier to do it with a friend than have to put up with all the guys hitting on you. It was soon apparent to any onlooker, that aside from Kathy, Li was the best dancer in the club. Couples around them began to actually stop and watch the two of them dance. Back and forth they moved, engaged in a sensuous rhythm that was raising the temperatures of both male and female spectators alike.

"Oh that was really great!" Li said as they finished their last dance and stepped off the dance floor.

"Yes it was," Kathy agreed as she squeezed Li's hand tightly. "It really was."

"You were outrageous, Kitty," Chris, who had come in from the door to watch, said as he cleared the way for the two girls. "You're even hotter with your clothes on."

Kathy suddenly shot him a angry look and pulled Li off to the side. The fleeting high she had gotten from the dance floor seemed to abruptly fade. The older girl didn't stop pulling her friend until they were out on the club's scarcely populated veranda.

"What was that man talking about?" Li said as she caught her breath. "What did he mean this time with your clothes on?"

Kathy stopped cold in her tracks, reluctantly releasing her friend's hand. A look of concentration filled her face for a long time. She turned away and looked off into the darkness. Finally, she turned back around and faced Li.

"I hope after I tell you this that you still want to be my friend," Kathy said.

"Why would I stop being your friend?" Li asked.

"Because I used to dance in a midtown club to pay my college tuition," Kathy said. "I went under the name Kitty Wu."

"You were a stripper?" Li asked.

"Well I liked to use the term exotic dancer," Kathy said. "And I want to say right off was that dancing was all I did. I didn't turn tricks like some of the others.

"I believe you," Li said.

"I'm glad," Kathy smiled, "You can't know how much you mean to me. I don't want you to ever think badly of me."

"How did you wind up with a job like that?" Li asked.

"Simple economics," Kathy answered. "It paid a whole lot more than waiting tables at the local diner."

"I guess so," Li admitted.

"I'm not ashamed of it, Li," Kathy said as she stepped closer, "I don't have a problem with nudity and it was a means to an end. I just didn't think that you'd understand."

"Why not?" Li asked curiously.

"Well it's not exactly the kind of thing that I could ever imagine you doing." Kathy replied.

"I don't think anyone would pay to see me dance in the buff," Li laughed, a sound that brought a smile back to Kathy as well.

"I wouldn't bet on that," Kathy offered.

"I don't exactly have the right assets for the job," the younger girl admitted as she glanced down at her small breasts.

"You mean these?" Kathy grinned as she cupped her rounded mounds through her top. "They just about cost everything I made working my last two summers in high school, but they were the best investment I ever made."

"They're not real?" Li said in surprise.

"Of course they're real," Kathy said, "just improved."

Li looked again at the large rounded globes pressing out from under Kathy's shirt, then compared them with the smaller versions under her own shirt. The older girl would've given a week's salary to know what she was thinking at the moment.

"I guess we'd better get going if we're going to get you home before your curfew," Kathy said when she realized that Li wasn't going to share her thoughts.

"She didn't set a curfew tonight, remember?" Li answered.

"Why tempt fate?" Kathy said as she started to head for the side exit that would get them out of the club without going through the large crowd.

Kathy got a half dozen steps away when Li said something that caused her to stop in her tracks for a second time that night.

"I'm getting married," Li abruptly blurted out.

"What?" Kathy said as she spun around, sure she hadn't heard it right.

"I said I'm getting married," Li repeated.

"To who?" Kathy asked.

"Larry Chung," Li replied.

"Larry Chung?" Kathy now repeated as well, sure of what she heard this time but unable to believe it.

Larry Chung was a man Li had been dating over the last six months at the insistence of her mother. Nine years older than Li with a successful business, he was Madame Jiang's idea of the type of the proper company her daughter should be keeping.

"What in the world for?" Kathy asked, still in shock at what she'd heard. "Li, are you pregnant?" she asked as she moved closer, knowing her friend had slept with the older man.

"No, I'm not pregnant," Li replied.

"Then why?" Kathy asked again. "From what you've told me, you don't love him. Has that changed?"

"No," Li said meekly.

"Again then, why?" Kathy asked a final time.

"Because mother wants me to," she finally admitted.

Kathy was totally speechless. Li's answer was beyond belief, at least to her. How could anyone in this day and age get married simply because their mother wanted them to.

"Tell me this is a joke," Kathy said as her voice finally returned.

"This isn't a joke," Li said. "I'm serious."

"So am I," Kathy shot back. "You can't do this. Not for a reason like that."

"You don't understand, Kathy," Li explained. "I'm not like you. My mother has done so much for me. I can't go against my family's wishes.

Kathy was totally taken back by the younger girl's admission. Next to that, her own confession seemed like small potatoes indeed. It was hard for Kathy to understand Li's reasoning. The concept of living your life by someone else's rules was totally alien to her.

"Is he at least a good fuck?" Kathy said, thinking that perhaps humor would help the situation.

"Kathy!!!" Li exclaimed, shocked that she would even ask such a question. "There are other people here."

"And I'm sure more than a few of them have been laid before," Kathy replied, getting exactly the reaction she was hoping for. Even though she would never admit it, Li loved her friend's outrageous behavior more times than not. "So is he?"

"I'm really not sure," Li admitted.

"What do you mean not sure?"

"Well it's not like I have anything to compare it to," Li said, pointing out that her would be fiancee had been her first. "It feels okay, I guess, but from what I've heard other girls say I sort of thought there would be something more."

"And you don't love him, right?" Kathy asked.

"I don't think so."

"Then don't do it," Kathy said. "Please don't do it."

"I don't think I have the strength not to do it," Li admitted.

"Mother wants us to announce the engagement next weekend."

"Then lean on me and I'll give you the strength," Kathy said as all the pieces suddenly came together for her. She now understood the change in Madame Jiang's behavior.

"Kathy, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever offered to do for me," Li said, small droplets of moisture forming in the corners of her eyes. "I can't say how much it means to me but I just can't ..."

"I love you," Kathy said.

"I love you too," Li replied, "but I still..."

"No, you don't understand," Kathy said as she took another step forward until she was only inches from Li. "I ... love ... you. I love you in the way someone does when they want to wake up every morning for the rest of their life with that person next to them. I love you so much that if you were a man I'd want to have your babies, or if I were one I'd want you to have mine. Li, I couldn't bear to lose you, especially not to someone you don't even love."

"Oh my God," was all that Li could say.

Li didn't say another word as they left the club and moved their conversation a few blocks to Kathy's apartment. It was the longest walk of either of their lives.

"Do you want a drink?" Kathy asked as Li followed her into the apartment.

"A double of whatever it is that you're going to have," Li replied, surprising Kathy since normally, even when they went out, Li ordered soft drinks.

Li took a large gulp of the amber liquid that Kathy handed her. Kathy in turn did the same.

"Have you ever been with a girl before?" Li asked, after taking a second smaller drink.

"Physically, yes," Kathy said, "but I've never been in love with one before."

"I have to confess, I've never really considered the idea before," Li said. "The whole concept always seemed to be ... I'm not sure really how to say it. People have always said it was ... "

"Gross?" Kathy offered. "Sick, immoral?"

"I don't know," Li went on, unable to associate any of those descriptions with her dear friend.

"Well tell me this," Kathy said as she considered an idea in her mind. "Have you ever given Larry a blow job?"

This time, Li didn't hesitate as she answered the question in the affirmative.

"And did you enjoy it?" Kathy added.

"Yes," Li replied, wondering what that had to do with what they were talking about.

"Okay, but the first time he asked you to put his cock in your mouth, hadn't those same people told you something like that was all those things I mentioned." Kathy concluded.

"I guess they did," Li admitted.

"Then why did you do it?"

"I guess because I wanted to make up my own mind." Li said, remembering the thoughts that had gone back and forth in her own mind back then.

"Then that's all I'm asking, Li," Kathy said with all of the passion she felt inside of her. "Make up your own mind about what you want in your life. Don't let anyone do it for you. Not your mother, not Larry, not even me."

"I guess I have to think about that," Li said after a few moments hesitation.

"That's all I ask." Kathy said.

"Okay, I will." Li promised.

Li then declined Kathy's offer to drive her home, saying she would rather take the bus. Kathy watched from her second story window as the woman, she now admitted she loved, got on the bus and pulled away.

Tonight certainly hadn't turned out to be anything like she had expected it to be when she'd rang the doorbell to Li's apartment only a few hours before. A time that now seemed so long ago as she stared out onto the now empty street.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to take care of nature's call and to clean herself up, the long haired woman picked up the two glasses from the table. Pouring the small remainder of Li's drink into her own glass, Kathy sat down with it in the deep plush chair by her window. Getting drunk seemed to be as good an option as any right now.

Staring into the empty apartment that for the first time since she moved in seemed much too large, Kathy thought again about what had occurred earlier in the evening. Her greatest fear was that she had gone too far in opening up to Li. Although she had said that she wasn't bothered by her former occupation, Kathy was still worried that opinion might change after some reflection. Especially if her mother, who controlled so much of what she thought and did were ever to find out.

The mention of Madame Jiang in her thoughts brought an even bigger worry. Forget the fact that she used to show off her body for money, something that the older woman would make no distinction from being a whore. If she had even the smallest inkling that Kathy had a sexual interest in her youngest daughter, the Matriarch would be gathering wood to have her burned at the stake. It wasn't an image Kathy took lightly.


Kathy had finished a third of the glass when she was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. It was late and she wasn't expecting visitors.

"I hope that's not Courtney from across the hall again," Kathy said to herself as she put down her drink and got up to answer the door. "I'm really not in the mood to listen to her problems tonight."

Courtney O'Neill was four years older than Kathy and had moved in across the way nine months ago. A newlywed, they had become friendly neighbors. Lately, Courtney had taken to using Kathy as a shoulder to cry on over what were becoming increasing arguments with her husband.

The root cause of most of those disagreements had been her husband's annoying practice of putting his mother's concerns above those of his new wife. So far, Kathy had been happy to listen and offer what she thought was helpful advice. Right now, however, she didn't have any sympathy to spare.

"Courtney, I'm sorry but I can't ..." Kathy started to form an apology in her mind as she opened the door.

The words went unsaid however, and faded immediately from her mind. Standing in her doorway was not the red haired Irish woman from across the hall. Instead it was the much shorter Chinese girl that was all she desired in life.

"Li!?!" Kathy said in both surprise and shock. "What happened, are you okay? I saw you get on the bus and go home."

Without a word, the short haired woman stepped pass Kathy and into the apartment she had left a short while before. She began to talk even before Kathy finished closing the door.

"I got about two stops from here when I realized something," she began. "Something I think I've always known but didn't want to admit."

Kathy was about to ask what, but stopped herself. It was obvious that Li was about to tell her on her own.

"I've spent my life being scared of my mother," she continued, "of not meeting the standards she expected of me, or measuring up to the heritage she brought up every day of my life. I watched as she controlled every aspect of my brothers and sisters lives, even to the point of having final approval over the people they married. She's controlled my life since I was a little girl and I'm tired of it. I'm not going to let her do it anymore."

"Li, I know you're upset," Kathy said, suddenly finding herself filled with the compassion she thought lacking just a minute before. "Why don't you sit down and relax and we'll..."

"No!" the smaller girl said forcefully. "I know I'm angry. I want to be angry. Being angry gives me the strength to say what I want to say."

Kathy backed off, deciding it was better to just let her go on.

"There's something else I want to say," Li went on. "Something I should've said before but I was too scared what it would mean."

There were now tears running now Li's face. All of her emotions were beginning to run wild.

"I love you, Kathy," she said in a strong determined voice. "I love you in that same way that you said you loved me. I was just too stupid not to realize it before. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and if I were to give you up, it would be the worse mistake of my life."

"Oh Li," Kathy said as tears began to run down her face as well, "I love you too."

The two women embraced and with a single thought between them, they kissed. The feeling that passed between them as their lips met was all either of them could've ever dared hope for.

"I want you to love me," Li said as they kissed a second time.

"I do love you," Kathy repeated.

"No, I want you to make love to me," Li explained. "Right here, right now. I don't want to wait another moment to be with someone that I love."

"Are you sure?" Kathy asked, hopeful of the answer.

"More than I've been of anything in my life." Li replied with desire.

Further words proved unnecessary as their lips met once again and they pulled themselves into the tightest of embraces.

Kathy was almost afraid to move from the spot by her apartment door. Worried that any second that she would find that she'd fallen asleep after having drank too much and that this would all turn out to be a dream. Yet at the same time, she was determined that if that was indeed the case, she would enjoy it to the fullest while she could.

Pressing Li gently against the wall, their lips and tongues still caressing their opposites, Kathy reached down and gently caressed Li's left leg on the open area between her skirt and matching stockings. Her long fingers moved slowly upward, sliding under the sky blue skirt to discover that in an act of erotic defiance of her mother's rules, Li hadn't worn panties under her outfit.

Carefully, Kathy ran her hand across the small tuft of black hair that rested above Li's womanhood, moving it downward over the smooth flesh beneath as well.

"Oh yes," Li said as she rested her weight against the wall and closed her eyes for a moment to shut out everything but Kathy's touch.

Continuing to lightly stroke Li's pussy, Kathy moved her other hand under the shorter girl's blouse and rubbed her breasts as well. Li's mounds were small and firm enough that she could easily go without a bra when she wanted. It had been another point of contention between her and her mother.

Kathy pushed up Li's blouse, exposing her small breasts and the rich brown nipples in the center of each. She planted kisses on each of them, tickling the tips with her tongue. At the same time, she probed deeper into Li's womanhood with two extended fingers.

Fingers that moved in and out with increasing frequency as Kathy covered Li's uncovered chest with her kisses. Passions long sought after quickly came to life in the younger woman, spurred on by Kathy's skill and desire.

Letting go of Li's shirt, Kathy let it fall back in place. She removed her fingers from within Li and took hold of her skirt with both hands, pushing it up high enough to totally reveal the small ball of dark hair and the bareness beneath it.

Making sure that the skirt would stay bunched up and out of the way, Kathy dropped to her knees and pressed her darting tongue to where her fingers had just withdrew. The wet softness against Li's clit drew a longer, louder moan of satisfaction from the twenty-one year old.

"That feels so nice," Li moaned afterwards, "Larry never did that to me."

"Typical man," Kathy thought as she used her hands to spread the folds of Li's womanhood and reached even deeper with her tongue. "He made sure she sucked him off but never returned the gesture."

It was an omission the older girl was delighted to correct as her tongue began to fill with Li's sweet nectar, the volume of which quickly grew to match the warm ripples that were spreading across Li's body.

Ripples that turned to waves after a while, bringing with them even more powerful sensations. Still it was but a taste of all that Kathy wanted to bring her love. Giving Li's excited clit once last caress with her tongue, the long haired beauty stood back up and took hold of Li's hand.

Holding it tightly, she guided it up under her own top to come to rest against the naked flesh beneath it. Li didn't need any guidance to repeat the action with her other hand, cupping the remaining breast as well.

While Li massaged and played with the older girl's large mounds, Kathy reached behind her neck and back and undid the straps found there. The bright red top now fell forward under its own weight, giving Li a full view of what she had only felt moments before.

Overcome with desire, the short haired woman brought her mouth to each nipple just as Kathy had done to her. The excitement and taste of her lover's breasts added to the rush of warmth flowing across her body.

Kathy held Li's head tightly against her mounds, encouraging her to suck them even harder. Instructions the neophyte lover was all too willing to adhere to. Like a babe at her mother's breasts, Li drew strength and sustenance from their bounty.

The warmth that was quickly giving way to fire in her own body finally assured Kathy that this was in no way a dream, giving her the willingness to take their tryst to more comfortable surroundings.

Taking Li in hand as she had done so many times before, Kathy led her into her bedroom where she promised things even more delightful awaited. Once there, Kathy undid the clips of her short skirt and let it fall free as well. Like Li, she wore no panties, an act which found its origin more in comfort than defiance. What was immediately evident to Li was that Kathy lacked even the small spot of hair that rested between her own legs. The area around Kathy's sex was as smooth as a baby's skin.

Still wearing her clothes, Li found herself pressed down on the edge of the bed by the now naked Kathy. She started to protest that she wanted to rid herself of the restrictive clothing as well, but Kathy assured her that they would get to that soon enough.

Kathy shifted her attention to the nightstand beside the bed, blocking what she was doing from Li's view with her body. When she turned around, she was holding a long, anatomically correct representation of a man's sexual organ, right down to the large balls at the base of it. Made of hard rubber, it was ebony black in hue.

"Where did you ever get something like that?" Li asked in her ignorance and innocence.

"Mail order," Kathy simply said as she brought the thick phallus to her mouth and began to slowly suck on it.

Li watched mesmerized as the play cock disappeared in and out of Kathy's mouth. Holding it at the base, the naked woman took as much of it as she could manage down her throat. That turned out to be more than Li would've imagined possible.

Kathy continued to play with her cocktoy, rubbing it against her breasts and then squeezing them around it. Taking the long shaft in hand once more, the shapely girl brought it down between her legs and placed the thick head at the entrance to her pussy.

With almost no effort on her part, it easily slipped deep inside her as she began pumping it in and out. If Li had been impressed at how much of the large cock her friend had managed to fit into her mouth, she was totally blown away as Kathy took its entire length and girth inside of her.

Kathy continued to fuck herself with the substitute manhood, lifting one leg up onto the side of the bed as to give Li a better look at it all. The dark rubber had grown shiny as it moved in and out, covered with the fruits of womanhood.

Kathy removed the hardness from between her legs and lifted it back to her mouth. She held it close to her mouth as f she was going to lick it clean. Then, unexpectedly, she offered it to Li instead.

"Suck it," Kathy told her as she delicately pressed the dark head against Li's lips.

Li inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet fragrance of Kathy's sex on the thick rubber. Then she reached out with her tongue as her mouth opened as wide as it could and Kathy glided the make-believe cock into her.

"Mmmmm" Li moaned as she took, however second hand, her first taste of another woman.

Kathy moved the top of her toy in and out of Li's mouth a few more times, then carefully withdrew it. She leaned forward and kissed Li hard, tasting her own juices still on her lips.

Reaching down into the still open drawer, Kathy came up with an equally black leather harness. She quickly slid the appendage through the harness, then tightly strapped it around her waist and between her legs.

Having a good idea of what came next, Li leaned back across the bed, spreading her legs as she did. Kathy leaned over her and again pressed her hand between Li's legs, rubbing it hard against her pussy, her fingers once more working their way inside.

Li grabbed the bottom of her pullover and lifted it over her head, leaving herself topless. Kathy took care of the matching skirt with her free hand, undoing the zipper and pulling it out from beneath Li. In the end, all she was left with were her stockings.

Strap-on in hand, Kathy climbed onto the bed and positioned it at the entrance to Li's pussy. The two smiled at each other as the taller girl pressed forward and deep into Li.

"Oh God, yes!" Li cried out as she felt Kathy enter her.

Kathy pushed half way into Li before she pulled back, sure that the artificial manhood between her legs was larger than the man who had taken her love's virginity. She wanted to give Li the chance to become accustomed to the length and width within her.

Carefully Kathy reentered her, this time going a little further. On the third try, the small girl beneath her managed to just about take it all.

"Fuck me," Li implored. "Please fuck me."

Kathy lifted Li's legs to give her better access, then began to thrust in and out at a faster pace. A pace that brought loud cries from Li as her body quickly responded.

She wrapped her legs around Kathy's waist, pulling her even deeper inside her. Kathy in turn brought her mouth once more into play, bringing Li's small nipples to an excited state.

"Oh baby," Kathy moaned as she sucked on the smaller globes, "I've dreamed about this for so long."

Kathy continued to suck and fuck her lover, each lunge driving Li to the edge of bliss. Each time she pushed deep inside of her, a small protrusion at the base of her toy stimulated her own clit as well. It didn't take long for Kathy to join Li at that proverbial edge.

An edge that Kathy knew exactly how to drive both of them over. She quickly pulled out of Li and turned her over and up onto her knees. Wasting no time, she grabbed the base of her cock and filled Li once more. This time pushing all the way into the small girl until Li's ass cheeks slammed against Kathy's legs.

"Oooooo!" Li cried out as Kathy gave way to all her desires and began to furiously fuck her.

Faster and harder she went, taking Li to a level her only previous lover had never even come close to. Beads of sweat covered both their bodies as they rocked back and forth on the bed, filling the room with the sounds of their lovemaking.

Li knew she was about to orgasm. It would be a climax far better than any Larry had given her. She realized now that the older man had really been a lousy lover, interested only in getting himself off.

"I'm going to ...." she tried to warn Kathy, but couldn't finish the words.

Not that the long haired girl would've heard them if they'd come. She was trying to hold off her own orgasm so that they could finish together.

Experience told Kathy what Li couldn't articulate. Arching back, she grabbed Li's legs and pressed into her one last time, just hard enough to shatter the last barrier to Elysium.

Both their orgasms exploded throughout their bodies, igniting every nerve and sinew. They trembled, quaked and shuddered, their passion taking on a physical manifestation.

Finally, totally drained, they collapsed against each and onto the bed.


Li and Kathy fell asleep in each other's arms without another word between them. Sometime during the night, Li was startled when she woke up not sure where she was. A disorientation that only lasted a heartbeat as she felt the warm body of the woman pressed next to her.

Li didn't know yet how she was going to go about it, but the details could wait until tomorrow or the next day. What she was sure of, was that her mother certainly wasn't going to be able to announce an engagement next weekend. At least not to the person she was planning to.

She kept that thought in mind as she nuzzled her head between Kathy's breasts and drifted back to sleep. It was a comforting sleep, the best one she'd had in a very long time.



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