I knew I was different when the entire boys' locker room was staring at me. It was in eighth grade, and the first time I really had to change in front of other guys. They all tried not to look, but it was plain that they were failing in their attempt. Sideways glances, quick peeks, and even the occasional outright gawks.

I generally did not stand out as a kid before this. I was okay at sports, okay at academics, and only okay looking. But now I was being noticed. For a brief moment the entire locker room was frozen in awe. Not just guys from my grade, but even a lot of the older boys stopped in their tracks.

It all lasted less than a few seconds, then we all uncomfortably continued what we were doing. Most of the guys started pulling off their pants again, and I suddenly understood why all the glances -- when I looked at them. They were ALL smaller than me. Not a single one really came even close to my size.

I felt ashamed at first. Was I some sort of freak? I was never abnormal before this. It was just the way I was. Doctors never told me I was unusual. Neither did my parents. I must not be a freak, I told myself. I must just be above average.

That thought actually made me feel good. I guess it's not too surprising that I got comfortable with it fast. Actually I took my time putting my pants back on. I even turned around and rummaged in my backpack a little longer for my shorts. I could just feel how diminished everyone else seemed to be. I smiled to myself. That day, when I was fourteen, was a turning point for me.

Outside of the locker room I met up with Steve, my friend who has always lived a couple blocks from me. He had scraggly blonde hair and was skinny as a pole. He got really hyper at times, but he was a good friend. He had been in the locker room too and when I caught up with him outside he looked at me nervously, as if he had an urgent question to ask me. He even looked down at my pants, which he'd never done before. But all he said was, "What's for dinner at your place, Dane?"

"Meatloaf," I said. "What about at yours?"

"My mom's cooking Indian, I think."

"Can I come over for dinner?"

"Sure." He said.

And we left it at that. I'm sure he wanted to ask me questions, but how does a fourteen-year-old boy ask those kinds of questions of another fourteen-year-old boy? Actually, adults sometimes can't ask those kinds of questions.

Before we left though, we stopped by the water fountain to get a drink. Five other students were there, Brett and Hiro, sophomores, both on the wrestling team, Stacey and Trish, also sophomores, and Helen, who was a freshman.

The three girls were on the cheerleading squad. The guys wore their wrestling jackets and letters while the girls were dressed still in their cheerleading outfits, red with tight tops that showed off their midriffs. A large "B" for St. Bonnaventure, my school, was emblazoned on their chests. I chuckled to myself as I thought about coming to school tomorrow with a big "D" on the front of my pants.

None of the five were drinking so I made my way to the fountain.

"Hey, squirt, what do you think you're doing? Did I say I was done with that?" Brett said to me and pushed me back by pressing on my shoulder.

"Leave him alone," Hiro said unable to take his eyes off of me. Hiro had been in the locker room and had seen me, but Brett hadn't as far as I could remember.

"What was your name?"

"Dane," I said unable to hide my annoyance.

"Don't mind him, Dane. Brett's a dumbass. Too many hard take downs, you know."

"Whatever," Brett sighed, but he didn't do anything else.

I got my drink without any further trouble.

And that's how it was for the rest of the week. Other guys didn't give me any flack, even the older ones. I don't think the word spread or anything. Nobody was talking in the hallways about me being so well endowed, but other guys were just more willing to talk to me. And that transferred over to the girls too. I don't think any of them knew, and I found out later that none of them did at that point, but since the guys were treating me better, they treated me better too. Then came the day when I walked by Hiro and Trish, the sophomores, leaning against the lockers.

"Hey, Dane," Hiro called to me. His back was against the locker and he was hugging Trish. She looked very comfortable in his arms, and just looking at the pretty blonde sixteen year in Hiro's arms turned me on. She was wearing her school uniform, St. Bonnaventure's being catholic, so she wore bobby socks, a simple pleated gray skirt, and a white buttoned down shirt.

"Hey, Hiro, what's up?" I asked.

"Not much, man," Hiro said as he slipped his hand just inside the waistband of Trish's skirt. Folding the waistband on itself he started to make the skirt shorter and shorter. Trish just smiled and snuggled deeper against his chest. "What are you doing this Friday night?"

"Not much, why?" I asked unable to stop myself from glancing at Trish's legs being exposed more and more.

"Well, there's a party at my place. My parents are going to be out of town, and I was wondering if you wanted to come."

"Stop... that's too high," Trish whispered to Hiro and grabbed his hands to make them stop rolling her skirt up. Hiro stopped and raised his thigh between her legs a little and she leaned forward and rubbed herself a little on him.

"Yeah. That'd be cool. Can I bring Steve?"

"The skinny blonde kid? Sure. Bring him. We start around 8:30."

I left them, trying to shake thoughts of Trish's legs from my head. A party. An upperclassman's party! This was going to be a good weekend.

The party was cool. Hiro's parents were away for the weekend, and they even knew about the party. Hiro of coursed snuck beer in. And everyone was getting trashed. Steve was with me, and while he was nervous at first, he started to have a good time. We got to hang out with Hiro and his friends and they were all older than us.

Things got really interesting when I started talking to Stacey. She was the other sophomore that was with Hiro that day by the water fountain. She was Chinese with long black hair and she was really cute. She of course had the body of a cheerleader, and wore tear away track pants and a zip up half-top that fit snug against her chest. We were having fun chatting and she was starting to rub her foot against mine.

"Follow me," she whispered. I did and she led me down a flight of dark stairs to the rec-room in the basement. She led me into an extra bathroom. Hiro's family was well off, because this spare bathroom was huge.

It had two sinks and a large bathtub that could double with those Jacuzzi type jets built into it. The lights were off when we entered the room, only moonlight from the artificially fogged over windows, but there was enough light to see that Stacey seemed hot and ready.

I felt her firm ass through her track pants as she leaned in and kissed me deeply. The beer was heavy on her breath, but it must of have been on mine too. She slipped out of her sneakers while I felt her nails claw at my back. With the snap of buttons I tore her track pants off and put my hand down her panties.

This was my first time, but boys talk all the time, and I knew basically what was going to happen. Her sweet wetness greeted my fingers, and I explored my first real pussy. She leaned back against the sink, with a smile on her face as I continued to finger her.

She arched back, jutting her chest out -- I moved my other hand to fondle her breasts under her zippered top. With a downward pull I released them and she took off her top and flung it into the bathtub. With one hand behind her as she leaned back over the sink, her other hand rubbed one of her breast while I rubbed the other. She was a girl who knew her body.

I just kept rubbing her because I enjoyed it, and really, I wasn't too sure what to do next. But she did. And she began to undo my jeans. But when she dropped her hands down in my boxers and grabbed me, she fumbled around for a couple of seconds, and when she finally got a hold around my shaft she pulled her hand out with a gasp.

"What was that?" she asked me.

"What was what?" I asked as I continued to fondle her breasts and kiss her neck.

"Wait," she said as she pushed me back. She reached back and turned on the sink lights. While still only wearing her panties she tenderly opened my pants up again and pushed them down.

"Oh my god," she said when she had pushed them down far enough.

"What?" I asked now self-conscious and a little red in the face on top of the beer. "What's wrong?"

"Uh... nothing's wrong. It's just... ummm... I've never seen one that big before. Wow."

With a nervous smile on her face she grabbed it with both hands. Running her fingers around its width she just staring at it and explored its length. I was of course rock hard, and rubbing my tip across her soft stomach. She started to gently stroke me, with both hands. Her eyes never unlocked from my penis, and it wasn't just a matter of giving me a hand job; she was in awe as she handled me.

I think that turned me on just as much as the physical contact. Soon precum was slick on my tip, and the smell wafted through the air. She slid down and got on her knees to face me. She then began to lick my head, lapping up my precum with her warm wet tongue. I was way too big to fit into her little mouth, but she opened enough to get a little of it in, and she still had both hands wrapped around my shaft. This was the first time I had felt anything like this, and I was in heaven. It seemed like Stacey was adoring my penis. She rubbed her cheek against it, and kissed down its shaft as if it was a salt lick.

Then in a rush, she pulled her panties off and stood up. She kissed me forcefully and said, "You've just gotta get it inside of me," as if she was going to die if I didn't. I kissed her back and she got up on the sink and leaned her back against the mirror. She put one foot up on the towel rack and spread the other wide in the opposite direction. With one hand she spread apart her dark Asian pubic hair, then spread her already wet lips apart for me. Then she motioned me to come closer. I didn't hesitate. I aligned my head against her hole, like a baseball bat against a golf ball hole. And I pushed.

She cried out in pain when I penetrated her. I was concerned so I stopped when I'd pushed halfway into her. But it felt so good that I couldn't pull out. Her face was contorted in pain, but she didn't push me away, or close her legs up. She kept them wide apart for me, so I just kept forcing my way further into her vagina.

It was slow going at first, but after a few pumps I was starting to build up a good rhythm. Her body was starting to adjust to mine too, but it still looked painful. But she didn't give me any signs to stop, and I probably only would have if she yelled at me to. Her bare back squeaked against the mirror as I drove her body up against it. Her knees quivered slightly as I fucked her. I grabbed one thigh from underneath to hold her wide open, and continued my plunging.

I easily filled her to the bottom, and her grunts of pain were starting to turn to moans of pleasure. But it was all too much for me. I came pretty quickly and shot a large repressed load into her. Some of it jetted out onto the sink counter-top. She was still breathing hard when I pulled out of her.

"Holy, fuck, that was amazing," she said to me. She leaned forward and started to kiss me along the neck as I recovered my strength. She was still horny, so I decided to take the opportunity to play with her some more. This was the first time I'd got to explore a girl, so I fingered and fondled as much as I wanted.

After a while she said, "I'm guessing that was your first time."

I nodded.

"Too bad first times never last long enough."

But that's when I surprised her by placing her leg back on the towel rack. Spreading her wide again I had already recovered and jammed myself back inside her. I continued to pump at a more leisurely pace this time, while fondling her writhing body under me. Soon she crunched and contracted, and I could feel her vagina tighten around my penis in orgasm. She pushed me away desperately, and I withdrew. I held her until she stopped shaking; all the while a huge grin was on her face.

And that was my first time. Later I found out that Stacey was Brett's girlfriend. Brett kicked the crap out of me, but Stacey was never satisfied with Brett again. I'd like to think that few guys ever satisfied Stacey quite the same again.

The End


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