Sam shivered in the darkness of the parking lot, drawing his overcoat closer around him. The snow lazily drifted to the ground beneath the sickly yellow street light.

"Why the fuck am I out here?" he cursed, stamping his feet to keep warm. Having had some lame notion of hooking up with Sydney, he wore his "best" clothes, hurriedly dug up from the bottom of his closet.

His phone had rung around 8:30.

"Sam," Sydney rasped, "Come over to the funeral home. There's something I want to show you."

She had refused to say what it was. Probably another accident victim or something else to give him nightmares. Now, freezing in the darkness behind Brach's funeral home, he had begun to suspect it was just another of her twisted pranks.

The back door of the funeral home slowly opened. Sydney stood in the door, dressed in her butch work clothes. "You look cold."

"Of course I'm fucking cold," Sam grunted, "I've been out here for a goddamned half hour."

"You're the one always bitching you need to get out more," she laughed, and disappeared into the dark hallway beyond as he scampered in after her.

Why don't I just tell her to fuck off and leave? he thought. Their relationship had always been a strange one. He had known her since her straight days back in college, and though they had never really gotten together (as best as either could remember) he still secretly desired her. Lesbian or no lesbian, her tight body and small perfect chest were still a turn on. The dyed-blond buzzcut was a tragedy, no doubt, but it still added a little spice.

Soon, he stumbled into the morgue, where Sydney was waiting. She sat spread-legged in a swivel chair under the light, chewing on a pen.

"Are you horny?" she asked.

Sam almost fell over, then remembered whom he was dealing with. Sydney wasn't a tease, she was a sadist.

"Why," he said, "feel like getting us both thrown in jail for screwing around in here?" He had been in the morgue before, and knew that the sheet-covered lumps on the eight slabs meant that tonight was a full house.

"I'm supposed to be here," she answered, getting up to stretch, and thrusting her tits out. "You're not," she whispered tantalizingly.

Bitch, he thought.

"Besides, don't be so goddamned paranoid. I took the late shift for a reason. No one's going to be coming here... except you maybe."

Despite Sam's ingrained wariness for Sydney's come-ons, he could start to feel the blood rush to his cock. "So," he said, "what's the deal?" His tone softened in a now desperate attempt to make up for his earlier hostility.

Sydney stood up and began to walk slowly towards him. Maybe this was finally the night, he thought. She leaned against him, her head on his shoulder, and slowly reached down to massage his groin. "I asked if you were horny?" she whispered as her fingers started to feel their way around his stiffening tool.

"Now I am," he answered, and began to kiss her neck, reaching down for her ass.

"Not for me," she giggled, while he eagerly caressed her. His heart sank as she pulled away. If this was another game...

"Remember how I said I wanted to show you something?" she said, and began to unbutton her pants. Slowly, her hand slinked down into her panties. Damn, Sam thought, now I'm really fucking confused.

Sydney sighed and pulled her hand back. She walked towards him, but this time past him and leaned over one of the half-lit slabs. "Well, she said, "here it is," and whipped off the sheet like a stage magician, "Voila!"

Sam gasped. The blood that had been pumping into his dick was quickly redirected to his head. Before them lay the body of a nude girl. No, not a girl... a coed maybe, but not a girl. Her bush was small and neatly trimmed, and her breasts were full and meaty, even as they sagged lifelessly to the sides.

"What the fuck!" he cried, unable to take his eyes off the body. His dick was starting to swell again, despite the horror that filled him.

"Do ya like her?" Sydney bubbled sarcastically. She now stood behind the body and began to run her fingers through its hair. For maybe the first time in his life, Sam was completely speechless.

"I do," she said, and bent over the girl to give her nipple a lick.

"Holy shit, holy shit!" Sam's head began to swim. "Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you... you sick fuck!"

Sydney stood up and put her hand back inside her pants. Now it was really busy. "Don't worry," she said, closing her eyes. "Everyone does it."

"Everyone who! What the fuck do you mean?"

She paused and glared at him. "Well, since I caught the owner's son, that queer Fred, buggering the mayor's father, I figure I have free reign down here." Her left hand slowly massaged the dead girl's tit.

"Especially since I had to talk him out of killing himself, and we both agreed that no one within 300 miles would want to know about his little escapades." She took her other, glistening hand, and traced the outline of the girl's lips. "I can do whatever I want," she cooed, and looked at Sam. "Me and whoever I want."

"How long's it been, Sam," she asked as her sticky hand grabbed his. He stood paralyzed as she drew it to the girl's stomach. It was so soft... pliant...

"Jesus," he said, whipping his hand back. "This is someone's kid!"

"Yeah right," Sydney groaned as she slid both of her hands down into her pants. "She's some raver dropout from the college. An OD with no wake. You'd be lucky if her fucking parents show up at the funeral."

Sam gazed at the corpse, fascinated. Her hair was pink, and her clit- he was now unable to stop from looking... was pierced. Trash, he'd have called her among his friends at the university. There was no doubt left... his cock was hard. He had to cum soon, not here, but...

"Let's get off," Sydney said as she collapsed back down in her chair. She quickly pulled off her pants and began to openly finger herself. "You always wanted to see me masturbate, Sam. You had me watch you jerk off once, remember?" She tugged him over and undid his belt. Soon, his throbbing cock was jutting out in the half-darkness, and dripping.

"But, with her like that?" he said, and looked back to the prone body, its legs spread slightly. Almost, invitingly, it seemed.

Bottomless, she stood up to take off his shirt, and deftly unfastened her bra with her other hand. "Silly," she said, and gripped his cock. Rockets of pleasure shot through him at her long-forbidden touch. "I want you to fuck her. Fuck her for me Sam. Remind me what it's like when a woman has her tight pussy pumped."

Sam gulped. She was trying to lead him over to the table by his dick. Her proposition was unbelievable, but not as much so as it would have been a week, a day... fuck, ten minutes ago.

"I can't," he gasped. "It's wrong. I just can't."

They now stood before the girl, and Sydney roughly tossed the legs apart, one at a time. Her other hand gave his dick a tight squeeze.

"Your mind says no, but your dick says yes." They both laughed at the cliche, and the thick fog of tension eased slightly.

"What if I put it in for you?" she asked, and drew him closer, so that his cock's head was inches away from the girl's pussy. "Then it would be my fault." She began to trace the girl's lips with his cock. His mind seemed to blow apart as the taboo shattered inside him.

Deep inside, he knew he would never be the same. A small voice still pleaded within him to get dressed and leave, to go beg God for forgiveness. Something else drowned it out though; the pure animal lust exploding like a mushroom cloud within him. It had been a long time indeed.

"Fuck her for me," Sydney whispered hoarsely, positioning herself behind him, as one hand reached down to massage his balls. "Do it."

He paused. Something was about to happen, and it might not-

"Do it, you fucking wimp!" she screamed and pressed forward on him. Before he knew it, he was inside the girl. His hands reflexively grabbed her smooth, pale thighs. The dead girl's breasts quivered. Shit, she was tight. It seemed almost as if she was wet, but his cock was so slick by now he couldn't tell.

Sydney plopped back into the chair and began to hammer her cunt with her hand, going from one finger to two, then three. Her other hand had a death-grip on her tie.

"That's it," she sighed, as he mechanically began to pump the girl on the cold slab. Sydney's groans grew louder in the background as he increased speed. His hard cock was filling this girl, whoever she was, exploring every inch of her vessel, reaching all of the spots inside her.

"FUCK HER!" Sydney wailed.

His horror had now completely gone to lust. Anonymous sex, rape... whatever twisted drives he had always blanched at exploring; now opened up full-throttle as he bent over the girl to suck her breasts. Suddenly, his balls spasmed and he shot a hot load deep inside her.

"Keep going, I'm not done." Sydney's experienced eyes knew that he had cum in the girl's pussy. She herself had come twice already, but she liked to do everything in threes.

Sam needed no encouragement. In the darkness of the blind lust that had overpowered him, the orgasm, while pleasurable, had been as disruptive as a hiccup. He continued to pound her sticky wetness, now leaning over her, now biting at her nipples, her neck.

"Let's come together, Sam," Sydney sputtered out behind him.

"Oh... yeah!" He was close again, his sweat dripping onto the flaccid, jiggling body. He grasped the fleshy tits like reins on a horse as he rode the body into another thrill of ecstasy. He and Sydney cried out in chorus. He staggered back from the body to collapse on the floor, his dick leaving a sticky trail of his deed.

"How was it?" She asked. Sam sat up, and his face began to flush as he realized what he had just done. Sydney sensed his discomfort, and put her wet fingers in his mouth. "There, there, baby, we had a good time." She stood up and walked over to the corpse, bending over to inquisitively examine the spent pussy.

Sam's heart raced as Sydney began to lick and suck his semen out of the folds of the girls' twat.

"You actually taste pretty good Sam," Sydney said, smacking her lips. She turned to face him, a blob of his still warm cum on her chin. "Maybe I should suck you off sometime, see if I still have the knack."

Someone coughed. Sam froze. Someone was in the room. He sprang up and began to dress. Goddamn, goddamn, he thought, this is it, my life's over. His blood had turned to ice, and his eyes furtively searched the dark room as he spastically threw on his clothes. He couldn't see anyone, but someone had coughed. Shit!

Sydney frowned. "Sam... don't worry."

But he was already out of the morgue running down the dark hallway, stumbling over the floral arrangements and whatever the fuck else there was in the shadows. He reached the door, but in his panic he couldn't undo the latch. Someone laughed behind him, was it Sydney? Who was there? He fumbled in true desperation till the door opened, and he scrambled out into the now knee-deep snow.

"Sam, don't worry, you're just a necrophiliac!" Sydney yelled after him. His mouth went dry, and he stumbled and fell in the snow. It burned his face and eyes. Necrophilia! The word resounded in his head, making his heart feel like it would explode. He got up and ran off into the darkness. My life is over, ran the brightest thought in his boggled mind.


Back in the half-lit morgue, Sydney wrapped herself in the dead girl's sheet and walked over to one of the other tables. "Stupid asshole," she said, and struck the body on the face.

"Hee, hee, hee." The head of a wizened old man popped out from underneath the sheet. He was nearly bald, and the liver-spotted folds of his sagging flesh were exposed as he sat upright. Sydney walked back to the girl's body, and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Under a blanket on another table, a body moved.

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth," the old man cried out to the other moving figure, "wasn't that something! Wasn't that something!"

The other body sat upright, and a dark haired, middle age woman appeared and smiled, almost in spite of herself. "Yes, James, yes it was."

"Think what it would cost in Europe to see something like that! Just think!" The old man gazed wistfully off into the darkness as the pink-haired girl revived under her lover's caresses.

"Ugh... is it over? I have a fucking really bad headache." She grimaced as Sydney held her head in her arms. Behind them the old man cackled ecstatically.

"Yes, honey," whispered Sydney. Then she laughed. "You were probably the best fuck he ever had."


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