Chapter 1


Janette and her three sisters were looking forward to their trip to Atlantic City for many months. They saved every dime to make sure that there was enough money for a "girl's night out" while there. Janette suggested that the sisters all try to look as sexy as possible.

Since there would be no men, husbands would not be jealous and they could tease and please as much as they desired. The others agreed and as they entered the hotel to check in, Janette could feel the eyes of the male guests soaking in their bodies.

At 38 Janette was the oldest of the four. She kept her 5 foot 6 inch frame in peak condition and chose to wear a "shirt" dress that accented her 36C breasts.

With no bra, Janette's areolas and nipples were clearly outlined under the thin red material. Jennifer was 35 and no less conservative. She wore a very short leather skirt that barely covered her ass.

Jennifer's long, legs were well defined in the black, thigh-high stockings she wore. Jennifer chose a white, silk, blouse. At 5 foot, 3 inches, Jennifer was a little top heavy with her 36D breasts that prompted her to choose a white, sexy laced bra for support.

Lisa was only 30 and the same height as Janette, but with only 34B breasts. Lisa was a little shy and chose to dress in a more conservative style. Lisa wore a knee-length black skirt with an off-white sweater. The other sisters teased Lisa on the trip about being a "preacher's" wife, but Lisa promised she brought "sexy" clothes for their night out.

The youngest and most adventurous of the group was Heather. At 28, she was the tallest and least inhibited. Heather wore a similar leather skirt, except red with no stockings. Heather showed the other sisters her skimpy, red thong she wore underneath and did not hesitate to leave her legs slightly parted for the men to have a clear view of the red "V" between her legs.

Heather's top was a button-up blouse that she left the top four buttons undone to show off her 34B breasts. Heather's breasts were very perky and looked much larger. With the buttons undone, the blouse barely covered her nipples.

The sisters checked in and rode the elevator up to their connecting suites excited about the glares of the men and their night out adventure. They teased each other calling Heather a common "whore," while Heather teased Janette about being an "ol' married woman" and not knowing what to do with a real man. The sisters arrived at their suite, agreed to freshen up and reminded Lisa of her promise and to meet in an hour to go down to the club.

Heather roomed with Lisa and whistled when Lisa emerged from the bathroom wearing a skin-tight stretch-knit navy blue skirt that clearly displayed her rounded asscheeks. Heather could not believe that Lisa wore a see-through top with no bra. The top was a lighter shade of blue than the skirt, but sheer and Lisa's breasts were covered but easily visible.

"Not such a prude now," Lisa commented as the two sisters left to meet the other two in their room.

Janette and Jennifer were impressed. Their two younger sisters certainly demonstrated a beauty and way to accent their attributes. Janette and Jennifer looked great for their age and reminded the other two that their "tits" more than made up for the youth. The four sisters were laughing when they entered the bar and their sexy dress produced the desired results: lots of attention from lots of men. Every song that played, each of them was taken by a man onto the dance floor.

The four did not have to pay for any drinks and were enjoying teasing the men. They tried to keep an eye on each other, but the men were constantly groping at them it was difficult. Janette was watching the other three while continually pushing her dance partner's hands from her ass. Janette saw that Jennifer was engaged in a similar struggle, but Lisa and Heather were seated with their partners in a dark corner. Janette could see that the man with Lisa was trying to feel her tits while Heather's partner kept inching his hand up her skirt.

As married, professional women, all this attention was very flattering and during a break in the music the sisters pushed the men away and congregated at one table to take a break. They were enjoying telling of each of their particular new adventure when an attractive black man approached them with a camera. He offered to take their pictures for five dollars a piece and one include a group picture for free. He stated his name was Devon, and he worked at the hotel. The sisters thought it would be a great memory and paid Devon for the pictures. Devon told them he would be back with the photos in about thirty minutes and left.

During another break in the music, Devon returned and gave the sisters their pictures and asked if he could do anything else for them. The sisters declined and before any more conversation took place were snatched up by four men to dance again. Devon waited until they were all out on the dance floor then added a powdery substance to each of the sisters' drinks.

"This is so easy, these out of town bitches are so stupid," Devon thought to himself.

The four sisters danced and teased until almost two o'clock in the morning. Heather revealed she gave her thongs to one of her partners and proved it to the other three by pulling her skirt up and showing them her bare, clean-shaven cunt. They were all very drunk and Lisa confessed that her partner sucked her tits in the corner of the bar.

Jennifer's adventure was a bit tamer, only allowing one of her partners to squeeze her tits through her top. The other three were surprised when Janette revealed that she let one partner worm his finger under her panties and that he worked her clit so professionally she almost orgasm right on the spot.

Although married, the sisters had agreed that for one night, as long as they did not fuck anyone, everything was okay and no one would talk about their adventures. All were very tired and left the bar about 2:30 in the morning and returned to their suites. They were all intoxicated and the effects of Devon's drug were beginning to work. They were unaware that someone was following in the shadows.

Devon had watched the events all night, making sure that the four swallow all of their spiked drinks. He carefully followed the four up to their suites. Devon knew that real fun would start tomorrow evening as he wrote down the suites numbers and went to his apartment. Once there he loaded the film from his digital camera and begun the task of cutting and pasting the faces of the four women on the bodies of naked women engaged in various sexual acts. His partner, the bartender, was also at work developing a fake bill that the women would never be able to afford.

"These out of town bitches, so stupid," Devon mused as he finished Janette's picture. For all practical purposes, Janette was naked, on her knees, sucking a hard, black cock while another black man pounded her cunt from behind, "so stupid," Devon said again. He scrutinized the photos of the suites directly above the women's and was satisfied they looked the same. In about two hours, Devon finished his work and printed the photos of the sisters and then admired his handiwork. "so stupid, and so easy," Devon thought.

Janette could hear the pounding of the door but could barely awaken herself. She was in a fog and tried to orient herself to time and place. She saw Jennifer lying naked on top of the covers in the next bed, remembered where they were. Janette then glanced at her watch as she threw a spread over Jennifer and wrapped a robe around herself to answer the door. It was almost 9 at night. "How long have we been asleep," Jennifer wondered, "and what happened last evening?"

Janette cracked the door and saw the huge black man standing on the other side. He looked vaguely familiar to Janette, but she was unsure.

"Can I help you?" Janette asked, she could see another man behind the first.

"You and the other bitches need to get dress, it's time to go to work," Devon started the deception and waited for the response. He held the picture ready.

"I beg your pardon," Janette exclaimed and started to slam the door when the black man shoved a photo of nude woman in her face. Janette looked quickly and saw that it was Heather. She was naked and obviously in a state of lust.

"Go on, take it, you bitches were hot last night," Devon continued.

Janette took the photo and stared at it in amazement. There was Heather, naked, sitting on top of a black obviously in mid-stroke as the man's huge cock was half-way into Heather's cunt. Heather's tits were completely enclosed in the man's hands. Janette looked at the background and it appeared to be Heather and Lisa's suite.

"What do you want?" Janette asked, unable to take her eyes from the picture.

Now Devon knew it was working, "There's more, let me in, you and the others are in big trouble."

Janette mechanically removed the chain from the door and let Devon and the other black man into the room. Jennifer continued to sleep. Janette tightened her robe around her waist.

"Where's the other two?" Devon asked.

"Who are you?" Janette finally blurted out.

Devon explained that he made the arrangements for the men and that they paid him. He then introduced the man with him as Jimmy.

"He's the bartender downstairs, he wants to discuss your bill from last night," Devon explained.

Janette looked down at the picture in horror. She tried, but could not remember last night. Devon handed her three other photos. Janette gasped and put her hand to her mouth when she saw Jennifer, tied to her bed on her stomach with a black man fucking her asshole.

The photo was very clear. The other photo was of Lisa. She was naked on her knees with a cock in each hand and obviously had cum all over her tits. But the final photo really upset Janette. Janette sat down and stared at herself, on her knees, black cock stuck in her cunt and her mouth ready to receive another cock, her tits hanging down. Janette began to sob hysterically as Jennifer started to stir. This was Jimmy's cue.

"You women owe the hotel a little over six thousand dollars for last night, that includes my cut for the men," Jimmy said to the sobbing Janette.

Janette searched her brain and tried to remember what happened. She vaguely remembered the four of them dressing sexy and dancing with various men, but the remainder was a blur. Devon could see the confusion and knew the drug had worked.

"What do you want," Janette stuttered as she motioned for Jennifer to come to the couch. Jennifer was wrapped in only the bedspread as she asked what was going on and sat down beside Janette. When Jennifer saw the pictures she stared sobbing also.

"You bitches shut up," Devon ordered, "and get the other two, we got a lot of work to do tonight."

"Yeah, you got to pay this bill also," Jimmy added.

Janette slowly walked to the door of the adjoining room and opened it. Heather and Lisa were lying across their beds, Heather naked, and Lisa with her short skirt still on but pushed up above her waist. Devon burst in beside her and ordered the two women to get up.

Heather tried to cover up as Lisa pushed her skirt down, but Devon quickly ordered them to remain the way they were and pointed to the other room. Heather covered her breasts with her arm and her cunt with the other hand as Lisa did the same for her breasts and followed Janette slowly to where Jennifer still looked at the pictures. Heather and Lisa sat down as Janette sat on the bed and Jennifer past the pictures to the two girls.

"There's plenty more if you want to see them," Devon told the women.

Heather glared in anger at Devon and Lisa started sobbing with her other two sisters.

"It's worst," Janette started, "we also owe the hotel over six thousand dollars, and we haven't got it." Janette started sobbing again.

Devon threw a suitcase on the bed. "You bitches are going to earn the money, first though, Jimmy and I are going to get a free fuck, then you'll all start to work." Devon opened the suitcase and started taking out women's clothing. "These is what you'll wear, but first things first, the free fuck, whose it going to be?" Devon asked.

Heather laughed and said that Devon suggestions was ridiculous and ordered him out of their room. Devon could tell the bravado was faked and took the remaining ten pictures from his pocket and threw them on the couch.

"Okay, I'll leave, but these will be sent to your husbands and boss's," Devon casually mentioned, "come 'on Jimmy, guess these bitches know what they're doing." Devon and Jimmy started for the door.

"Wait," Janette yelled and gather the other three sisters around her. Janette argued that it would only be one night and this way they could clear everything up and no one would know. Heather stared to refuse and Janette held up two pictures of her. Heather hung her head and nodded yes, Lisa and Jennifer followed.

"Okay, what'll we have to do," Janette said to Devon.

"Good then, I'll ask again, whose is going to be first for a free fuck?" Devon inquired, "better yet, I want you," and Devon pointed at Janette.

"I'll take the small one," Jimmy added and pointed at Heather, "besides, she's already naked."

Lisa and Jennifer's mouths dropped open as Heather asked nonchalantly where they wanted her and dropped her hands. Devon pointed to the bed and ordered Janette to remove her robe.

"Nice tits," Devon said as Janette's robe dropped to the floor and she turned crimson at the lustful stares directed at her. "Now both of you, on your knees and bend over the bed."

Janette and Heather knelt on opposite sides of the bed and leaned over, their breasts pressing into the sheets. Janette was trembling with fear while Heather bit her lower lip in anticipation.

"Now, you two," as Devon pointed at Lisa and Jennifer, "strip and kneel down beside them, we don't want the bitches getting pregnant so will use your mouths to cum." Lisa started to cry as her skirt fell to the floor and Devon pulled her by the arm and pushed her down onto her knees beside Janette's hips. Jennifer was in shock as simply mimicked Lisa's movement while Jimmy walked behind her. Jennifer knelt down at Heather's ass not saying a word.

Janette watched behind Heather as Jimmy unzipped his pants and produced a cock at least nine inches long and uncircumcised. Heather gasped when she saw the size of Devon's cock pointed straight at Janette's naked ass. Heather guessed it must be twelve inches long and three inches thick. Heather could not take her eyes off the massive, black mushroom head as it disappeared into Janette's cunt. Janette shifted her hips and tried to relax, her cunt was dry and Devon struggled to work his massive tool between her cunts lips.

Janette closed her eyes tightly, grunted and groaned as the head of his dick slipped passed her vaginal opening and Devon thrust forward with his hips driving this cock deep into Janette' cunt. Devon slammed his balls against Janette's cunt lips and commented about Janette "needin' to be loosin'd up."

Devon started to thrust his hips back and forth and Janette opened her eyes to see Heather being unmercifully fucked by Jimmy. But to Janette's surprise, Heather was not groaning, but moaning and licking her upper lip, eyes half-opened obviously enjoying the abuse.

"My bitch is soaking wet," Jimmy said to Devon as the two continued to fuck the sisters as they leaned over the bed across from each other. Jennifer stared down at the floor trying to figure a way out of their predicament while Lisa continued to sob as she had a direct view of Devon's massive dick as it went in and out of her sister's cunt. Lisa glanced over a Heather just in time to see Heather biting her lower lip and hearing the low moan of an orgasm escaping her lips. Janette saw it too and struggled to understand how her little sister to derive pleasure from their abuse.

Just then Jimmy pulled his cock from Heather's cunt and grabbed Jennifer by the back of the head and shoved his cock, glistening with Heather's juices into Jennifer's mouth and down her throat. Before Jennifer could react, she felt the first squirt of Jimmy's cum on the back of her throat. Jennifer coughed and tried to break her head free, but it was useless as Jimmy held her head tight against his groin and fucked slowly in and out of Jennifer's mouth until his cock pumped dry.

Heather remained kneeling; eyes closed enjoying the last vibrations of her orgasms. As Jimmy wiped his cock on Jennifer's hair he slapped Heather's ass and commented on what a good fuck she was. Jimmy ordered the two girls to sit on the couch, but did not allow them to dress.

"I can't believe you enjoyed that," Jennifer whisper to Heather as she wiped a trickle of cum from the corner of her mouth. Heather just sighed.

While Jimmy was enjoying Heather, Devon continued to fuck Janette. With each stroke Devon would pull his cock slowly from her cunt, then slam it hard back inside feeling her cervix against the tip. Janette just grunted and tried to block out the slapping sounds as Devon's flesh struck her ass cheeks. Lisa tried to keep looking at the ground until she heard Janette protest.

"Please not there, don't," Janette begged as Devon probed her anus with his middle finger widening the opening, "I can't stand it there!"

Devon ignored Janette's pleas and continued to work his finger in and out of her ass trying to loosen the opening. Janette started to squirm when she felt his huge cock at her asshole.

"Don't, please, not there, aggggghhhhh," Janette screamed as the head of Devon's cock pushed past her tight anal ring. Janette felt her ass was on fire and Lisa started to sob again at the site of her sister's abuse.

"Please don't do it to her there," Lisa pleaded through her sobs as Devon forced another inch of cock into Janette's ass. Janette's face was streaked with tears as she tried to look behind her and saw the evil grin on the black man's face. Janette realized that any mercy was gone and braced herself just as Devon shoved hard driving the length of his dick into her ass.

"God, your splitting me, take it out, take it out," Janette screamed through her tears. Devon held her hips to stop Janette from climbing onto the bed. Janette collapsed when she could not escape the pain and Devon began to slowly fuck her ass.

"Damn, she's tight, she's rubbing me raw," Devon said to Jimmy, "We're going to have to fix that, I can't take it," and when those words Janette felt the enormous rod slide from her ass with a "pop" and be immediately shoved back into her cunt. To Janette's surprise, her cunt was now well lubricated and she accommodated Devon's erect cock with no pain. As Devon started to slowly fuck her again, Janette felt the slightest pang of an orgasm forming.

Janette could not believe her body was betraying her. But the size of Devon's cock was causing her clit to be massaged with tremendous pressure with each stroke. Janette bit her lower lip hard trying to cause pain to avoid what was happening. It did not work, the orgasm washed over her and she let out a low, deep moan of pleasure and release as it started.

Janette's orgasm was intense, but was quickly over and she collapsed onto the bed just as Devon announced he was cumming and pulled his cock from Janette's mouth and grabbed Lisa's head. Lisa refused to open her mouth and fought Devon.

"Do you want me to dump my cum in your sister's cunt and make her pregnant," Devon screamed. Janette began begging Lisa to open her mouth and take Devon's dick, but Lisa refused and tried to get up. Devon yelled for Jimmy to help. Jimmy ran to where Lisa struggled and grabbed her head, but Devon told him to pull her over the bed.

"Since you want take it in your mouth and you were going to sacrifice your sister, I'll just deposited my seed inside of you," Devon shouted and without warning drove his massive tool into Lisa's dry cunt. Lisa screamed and struggled to free herself from Jimmy's grip as Devon rapidly stroked in and out.

"Please don't cum inside of me, I'm ovulating and have no protection, please don't," Lisa begged as she felt Devon stiffened. Lisa continued to struggle to get loose even as she felt the warm fluid bathing the walls of her vagina. Devon kept is cock deep inside Lisa as his cum sprayed and filled her vagina. Lisa realized fighting was now futile, the damage done and collapsed with Devon's cock still stuck inside her.

"Bring me the trainer and a plug," Devon directed Jimmy. Jimmy retrieved the suitcase they brought with them and took out a latex plug about four inches in diameter and handed it to Devon.

"You'll learn to do what you are told, bitch," Devon screamed at Lisa then removed his cock and replaced it with the plug inside her cunt. "This will make sure none of my cum leaks out, now turn over." Devon took Lisa by the hips and flipped her over onto her back. Janette was lying on her back next to Lisa, exhausted from her orgasm, but shocked that her owe sister would have allowed Janette to be impregnated to save herself. Janette never utter a word as Devon attached the metal clips to Lisa's nipples and held up the box.

"All you bitches, watch, this is just a sample of what will happen if you don't do what you're told," and Devon pushed a button on the box sending an electric shock into both of Lisa's nipples. Lisa wailed and twisted on the bed trying to free her hands from Jimmy. She thought her breasts would explode and she promised Devon she would do whatever he said. Satisfied, Devon turned the box off. He then ordered the four sisters to shower and clean up. Janette asked what was going to happen and Devon explained that they were going to start working now.

After the sisters were showered, Devon gave them clothes he brought in the suitcase. All four sisters now wore knit skirts that were three sizes to small and tube tops. Janette and Jennifer's breasts were barely contained in the stretchy material while Lisa and Heather's small tits were accented by it. Devon directed that heavy makeup and red lipstick be applied to all. Janette looked at her three sisters and assumed she looked the same, like cheap whores. Devon explained that they were going back to the club, but this time, when men wanted to dance or anything else, they would have to go through him.

"After all the teasing last night, you bitches should be real popular tonight," Devon laughed.

Lisa broke down sobbing and refused to go. She told the others she didn't care about what happen, but she could do it. Janette tried to convince her that this was the best course of action but Lisa just ran into the bathroom and refused to come out.

Devon whispered to Janette and at first Janette shook her head "no" but then took the white powder and dumped it into a glass of water. Janette told Lisa through the door that she didn't have to go as long as she in the room and told no one of their predicament. Lisa exited sobbing with a bathrobe wrapped around her and the miniskirt and tube top lying on the bathroom floor. Janette handed Lisa the glass of water and watched her drink, then the other three left Lisa and went down to the bar with Devon and Jimmy.

Devon was right, the way the three sisters were dressed the men swarmed around them like bees to honey. The sisters smiled and flirted like Devon had instructed. After about an hour, Devon and Jimmy led the sisters and about twelve men back to the girls' hotel suites. Janette was close to tears realizing she was going to be fucked by unknown men, Jennifer was the same.

Heather though seemed to be playing the part of whore like she was born for it as she rubbed up against the men and flashed her tits. Jennifer and Janette were disgusted as they entered the room and found Lisa, unconscious from the drug lying across the bed.

Janette and Jennifer stood close together and watched as Jimmy and Devon collected the money and set up their camera equipment. The sisters were ordered to strip and Janette was ordered to strip the unconscious Lisa. When all four sisters were naked, the twelve men were eager and ready to have them.

Lisa awoke to a piercing pain in her ass and quickly realized there was a weight on top of her. She tried to struggle, but her ankles were tied to the headboard pulling her ass off the ground. Next Lisa mumbled a protest that could not be heard through her gag. She could smell the man on top of her and her own sex and she continued to feel the pain in her rectum as the man fucked in and out of Lisa's ass. She tried to clear her head and looked around the room.

In the bed next to her, Heather was sitting on top a man with a cock up her ass, two men somehow had worked their dicks into her cunt. Lisa saw a fourth man with his hard dick in Heather's mouth and she sucked it hard until he sprayed cum all over her face. Lisa could not believe her ears when she heard her sister Heather begging for another cock to suck.

Lisa's eyes were drawn to the moans of Janette who was in a worst situation. Lisa grunted now with each thrust in her ass and watched Janette. Janette was tied over a chair, her ass sticking high in the arm. A man was obviously fucking her ass and Janette was moaning but Lisa could not see her face. The man came and pulled his cock from Janette's ass and Lisa saw the bulldog clips in the fatty part tied to the legs of the chair.

The clips pulled Janette's ass open and exposed her gaping rectum. Lisa could see the cum pooling in the floor of Janette's rectum and dripping onto the floor. Lisa looked up into the eyes of the man vigorously fucking her ass, the man commented "the bitch is awake finally," the others and ordered Lisa to "move her ass."

Lisa tried to block out what was happening when she heard "whack, whack" coming from the other side of the room and Jennifer's voice pleading, "please stop, no more!" Lisa turned her head in the direction of the sounds and saw Jennifer tied over a desk, her arms stretched and tied to the back legs and her ankles tied to the front legs. Lisa could see the red welts across the white flesh of Jennifer's ass. There was a man with a wide strap demanding that Jennifer beg to be fucked.

"Say it," the man screamed and then brought the strap across Jennifer's ass in three consecutive blows. Lisa could not see Jennifer's face but heard her yelling that she would say it. Lisa strained to hear Jennifer.

"Please fuck me in my asshole," Jennifer muttered.

"Not good enough," the man laughed and stuck Jennifer's ass four more times.

"Please, I have a hairy pussy that no man would want to fuck, I want you to fuck my asshole; I have a hairy pussy, please fuck my asshole, please fuck my asshole," Jennifer shouted over and over.

"Glad to," the man replied and Lisa could the only see his thrusting backside as her obviously was fucking Jennifer's asshole.

Lisa was brought back to her owe situation with the sudden disappearance of the man's cock from her ass. Lisa's legs cramped from the position she was tied, but no one could hear her pleads for help through the gag. Lisa's reprieve was short-lived as another man quickly climbed between her legs and shoved his cock into her now, well-used asshole. Lisa lost consciousness again.

Janette woke first and found herself lying on the floor, sticky from cum. She slowly got up and surveyed the room. Jennifer was still tied to the desk, her ass now turning purple in places from the beating she received. Lisa's legs remained tied to the headboard and Heather was asleep, naked on top of the bed. All four sisters were covered in a mixture of cum, sweat, and blood. Janette looked at her ass and saw the four puncture wounds were the bulldog clamps were attached to her ass. She woke Heather and the two them untied Jennifer and Lisa. It was Sunday and they all head to get home.

As Janette was packing after a long shower she found a note from Devon and a small package. It instructed the sisters to return to the casino in four weeks and ask for him at the desk so they could finish paying off their debt. It also ordered them to shave their cunts, "no one wants a hairy pussy," Devon wrote. The note included photos of the past night's sexual depravity. Janette vaguely remember what happened, but the photos were clear, all of them were clearly enjoying themselves. Janette gave the note and photos to her sisters before they left.

On the drive home no one talked much. Janette's asshole was very sore, but for the most part she was thankful she survived. Jennifer found seating difficult while Heather's cunt lips were so swollen she could not wear panties. Lisa sobbed continuously and talked about the possibility of being pregnant. Janette made them all promise not to tell anyone what happened and they would return in four weeks just as ordered.

"I'm not going back, there is no way I am going to do it again," Lisa screamed and started crying again.

Janette nodded at Lisa and check to make sure the package Devon left in the note was still in her pocket. Devon knew Lisa would be a problem and he left Janette the drug used before. Janette thought about how Lisa refused to take Devon's cum to avoid Janette's pregnancy. Although he did not cum in Janette's cum, Lisa did not know that when she refused. Janette's anger swelled a little and she patted her pocket again, "we'll see Lisa," Janette mused as they continued down the highway.



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