When I was in college I knew a girl who was an exhibitionist. At the time, I didn't appreciate how much fun that type of play can be. How I wish she were around now.

Thoughts of her come to mind because of a rare treat I received at a Burger King. It was a lovely day in May about two in the afternoon. I stopped to get a hamburger. The place was almost empty. As I placed my order, a couple entered. There was a little maze that led to the counter and I watched the couple as they snaked there way through to take a place behind me. They appeared to be Hispanic, probably in their late thirties or early forties.

What caught my eye were the woman's legs. She had slender ankles that tapered up to well-rounded calves. She wore high heels which accentuated her calf muscles. Her calves tapered in at the knee and above her knee, her thighs flared up to rather full hips. She was wearing a light-blue cotton skirt that stopped at mid- thigh, giving me ample leg flesh to ogle. I thought that I was being discrete but she looked at me with a half- smile, which seemed to say, "like what you see".

This preamble was over quickly and I hadn't paid much attention to her above the waist although I did notice that the top she wore was as brief as her skirt. I don't know if there is name for it but it was one of those tops that look like a half-t-shirt.

This Burger King was laid out in an L shape. One leg of the L contained the counter and some seating. The other leg of the L contained seating. At the far end of this second leg there was a bench the length of the wall with three tables in front. Each table had two chairs opposite the bench. Another three tables parallel to these each had four chairs. Next there was a planter box that separated this section from the remaining tables. Thus this back section of six tables was somewhat shielded from the view of the rest of the dining area.

As I said, there were only a few customers in the place and all were near the front. I took my dinner to the far end and sat at one of the tables by the planter box. Just as I began eating, the couple seated themselves at the table across from me. The man sat at a chair with his back to me, the woman sat on the bench so she now faced both him and me. She at first was sitting almost directly opposite of the man so that I could see about half of her. My voyeur bell rang softly. I could see all of her right leg. Her short skirt allowed me to see almost all the way to her panty.

They spoke a few words to each other then the man began studying some papers, business I suppose. I was carefully avoiding staring directly at her, making the most of sideways glances and brief looks as I turned my head. She was sitting with her knees slightly spread, when to my delight she spread her legs. I still could only see her right leg but now I had this wonderful view of her inner thigh and just a peek of blue panties. Of course, when she made this move my eyes just locked on the scene. Then I looked up at her face and realized she was staring directly at me. For the briefest moment I felt embarrassed at having been caught. Then I noticed her smile ever so slightly.

Then to my amazement and delight, she slid to her right giving me an unobstructed view of both legs. No more discretion on my part now, I boldly stared at the meaty white flesh that flowed up to a V of blue panty.

My cock was now getting hard. I was wearing shorts, the jersey type that are sort of stretchy. I put my hand to my cock and pushed it into a comfortable position along my left thigh. I also was thinking that now she could see the bulge in my shorts if she cared to look. I wasn't sure but I thought that she was looking. She kind of rocked her legs in and out. Then she raised both her hands to her hair, running her fingers through her hair, brushing her shiny black hair off of her shoulders. This motion caused her top to rise up teasingly close to exposing her breasts.

As she did this she openly smiled at me. Her eyes were black and sparkling, her teeth looked very white, surrounded by dark red lipstick coated lips. I concentrated my attention on her breasts, now barely covered by her shirt. I was certain that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts didn't seem to be very large; the top had hung loosely over them, yet they definitely showed some shape beneath the material.

I now rubbed my cock, still inside my shorts, with slow, deliberate, obvious motions. She licked her lips; then, as if wiping a bit of food from her lips, she touched her finger to her tongue. She dropped her hand to her lap, very ordinary except that she casually rubbed her now wet finger along her inner thigh. My cock was now aching.

Her husband looked at her and said something. She leaned toward him and whispered in his ear. I felt a moment of uncertainty as I wondered if he was about to swing around and berate me for staring at his wife. To my relief, he merely resumed working on the papers in front of him. She however looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied that all was safe, she once again began brushing her hair with her hands.

This time the lifting of her arms was more exaggerated. Her top rose up above her breasts. I stared and licked my lips as she watched my delight in seeing her tits. They were a medium size. They sagged a bit but in the wonderful way that allows you to cup them and hold them in your hand. And how I wished that I could step over to her and cup those lovely tits in my hand. She had olive skin, her areola were the color of dark chocolate. Her nipples were small but obviously erect and were surrounded by little bumps. As she pretended to be brushing her hair with her fingers, her tits swayed from side to side. She dropped her hands and gone from view were her tits.

She winked at me and licked her lips. I reached inside the waistband of my shorts and pulled my jockey shorts to one side. I pushed my cock into position along my left leg then pulled the pant leg up enough to expose the head of my cock. She smiled a wicked smile and held up a finger as if to say 'quiet' or wait'. Then she got up and walked to the nearby restroom. A few seconds later she returned. She sat down with her knees close together. She held out one finger and then stroked it with her other hand. Not sure, I stroked my cock through my shorts, the head still protruding. Precum had now formed a small wet spot on my leg. She nodded, smiled, and continued to rub her finger.

Then she dropped a hand to her knee and slowly began to rub her leg. As she rubbed she spread her legs apart, slowly, teasing. Her hand worked its way up her inner thigh, her legs spread ever wider. Finally they were open, and the blue panties were gone. I could see a V of black hair neatly trimmed like an arrowhead pointing to her slit. She pointed at me. I pulled my shorts aside and exposed my whole cock. I stroked my cock as she ran her finger in the slit of her pussy.

I pointed to myself and then towards her hoping she would invite me to join her but she shook her head 'no'. This show probably had lasted only a few minutes but it seemed to go on for a long time. I was close to cumming, when the spell was broken by the boisterous sound of young voices. She quickly closed her legs and returned her hand to the task of eating. As she did that she nodded towards the front of the restaurant. I pulled my shorts over my cock and turned to see a small crowd of teens heading to our secluded section.

It was fun while it lasted. I wished that I could have talked to her, found a way to meet sometime but it was clear to me that she was only interested in a bit of exhibitionism. They finished eating before me and as they left she mouthed what I thought was 'thanks'.


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