CAST: Husband: Nolan Wife: Nora

My wife Nora is such an angel. She let me know that

my size didn't matter when she found out how small my penis was. She said that there was more to love and marriage than sexual dimensions.

"Nolan, true love is based on emotional devotion to

each other, not appendage length. Love will lets us workaround and overcome such trivial things." Her words mademe feel so overly delighted to be in love with thisEarth-angel.

Nora never let me put it in until we were married, even though I was the virgin, not her. You see, she thought it would be neat to marry a virgin. She confessed she'd had a sexual adventure when she was a teenager, and therefore lost her virginity early.

After we were dating for about six months, we started becoming intimate. She then started jerking me off after she had me lick her off first. It was her idea for me to perform oral sex on her. She gave me some literature on how to perform "Proper Cunnilingus" or in simple terms "Proper Pussy Sucking". She also gave me many pointers on her personal preferences too. Hence, I became an accomplished cunt sucker for my beloved. It was so exciting for me to be intimate with her in this manner and to get her off in this way, even if my face was smeared from the abundant syrupy wetness of her sex.

The other thing that pleased me was that Nora's mother had also taken me aside and let me know that she too encouraged me to suck her daughter's pussy as a way to compliment or make up for my lack of "sizable equipment", which her daughter had talked over with her.

"I told Nora about oral sex and apparently you've been doing a great job, she simply adores your mouth, lips and tongue on her pussy. She says just thinking about what you do makes her wet and juicy."

My face turned red at my future mother-in-law's words. However, they also pleased me. I told her I appreciated her assistance and support.

She also revealed to me that it was her that gave Nora the booklet on "pussy sucking" - her words.

After graduation from college, we got married and I got my first real job.

Things were going real on the job until I discovered that my co-workers were getting a bit too involved in my marriage.

That is, I found out they were going out of their way

to be helpful to us in regard to our settling down in thisnew city, especially my wife. You see they were helping mywife get the longer length of cock that would hit upagainst the bottom of her cunt. They also were giving hermore sexual stamina than I could.

After a bit over two years with that company, I

decided it was time for a relocation to a different job anddifferent town. Besides, my wife's adultery was becomingobvious. I found out about her activities by using a bugon our phone.

The evidence was very incriminating against my Nora,

but I made a decision to forgive and forget about thisincident and see if a relocation was the answer to remindher of her marriage vows and to remind her she should befaithful.

You see I still loved Nora deeply.

We made the move to a new city and my new job.

Throughout it all, I never mentioned my suspicions abouther infidelity.

However, we did have a new baby boy before the move. It was obvious the baby was not mine, however, I also said nothing about that and assumed paternity. My wife was insistent on naming him Stephen. I was against that name, since the baby resembled one of my co-workers named Steve - whom I resented due to his constant bragging of his many bedroom conquests, especially those of married women.

However, to keep peace between Nora and myself, I

capitulated to her desire to name our son after his obviousbiological sire.

I guess it doesn't help that my wife is so beautiful.

She has a dynamite shape, being 36-26-34. She has jet-black hair and a little wiggle with the sway of her hipsthat drives me, and apparently other men too, wild.

It also doesn't help that she seems to be keen on

having her trysts with men that I work with.

My new boss has also been with her. The problem is

that I don't know if she's only going with one or two ofthe guys in my new office or all 7 of my male co-workers.

Within a few months of Nora and I having attended a

few company social functions, it was deja-vue all overagain.

In the men's room and other places at work, when I walk in, there is either silence or conversations are quickly changed to new subjects. It's easy to tell when the subject of the conversation has changed because of my arrival.

As before, I got all the scoop about my wife

preferring my co-workers from some elementary sleuthing Idid by tapping our phone line with a miniature recorder.

In one conversation with one of the guys in the office

- Bob - he asked her a question why she cheated with herhusband's co-workers. Her reply; "I get off on cheatingwith men that work with him. He's such a nice guy, butit's a great turn on to cuckold him by sexing it up withbetter-equipped guys he works with. I know it's kindakinky, but I dig it."

She went on to say that she truly loved me, but did

the same thing with guys in the office in the last city wecame from. Her saying she loved me was some consolation.

She went on to further say that since I couldn't pull my weight in bed, it added to her pleasure to have men who worked with me give her what I couldn't. To my chagrin, she reveled to Bob and George, both co-workers, that I was a great hairpie eater and that she loved pulling my head in her crotch to finish off what I'd started with my 4 and _ incher. She eagerly revealed that I couldn't last longer than five minutes in her hot wet muff. Both times the men chuckled as she giggled telling them how she's been getting me to eat my own cum in the process as I tongue her to a blissful orgasm.

"I think it really adds to me getting my rocks off

knowing he's done that." She also added in theconversation with George.

I was truly hurt and embarrassed when she let all of

the men know, that is the dozen or so conversations I'vebeen able to record to date, that she knew they might havesome reservations about them going down on her since sheknew, that they knew, she was fucking the whole office."Don't worry about licking my pussy, that job is reservedfor my husband." Her humiliating words cut right throughme.

From what I could deduce, She sees Bob every Tuesday afternoon, Sam and Jack on Wednesdays at varying times, and George on Thursday afternoon. From the best I could tell, Mondays and Fridays were open dates. It seemed that the fellows would drop by anytime, if they called ahead for a quickie or a blowjob. That included my boss who I found out alternated between Fridays, Mondays, and even an occasions, Wednesdays.

From her adulterous phone calls, at least I know she

loves me. She's told all her lovers that. I know if Ilose her, I will be extremely unhappy without her. She issuch a joy in my life, despite all the emotional damage shehas done to my self-esteem.

I guess we all have our little quirks, and hers is

cheating on me with my coworkers.

It's bad enough she's adulterous, but with my co-

workers is worse. However, her effervescent smile andspunky personality has me hooked to her and almost makes menot want to believe all the hard evidence I have againsther.

After giving our relationship so much thought, I keep

coming to the same conclusion. That is, to continue to bethe abject cuckold she has made me.

If I confront her, I'm afraid she'll leave. If she

doesn't leave, there'll be increased tension between usbecause she knows I'll be suspicious even when she doesinnocent things like going out with her girlfriends.

Oh well, once again, just like at the old job, silence

is the probably the best solution, that is unless shedelivers another baby that surprisingly looks a lot likethe guy that I knew about at work.

Our two-year-old son looks so much like the guy named

Steve, at my former office. As I've mentioned, it was oneof the primary reason I left my old job and the town.

I knew she had to know that the baby was not mine even

though I didn't say anything except acted like a doting newfather. I could tell she was quite contented to see methat way.

I was hoping her desire to do that was a one time

event, but now I knew she was on the same road again. Ididn't know what to do.

----------RELATIVES VISIT--------

My Aunt Gloria and my wife's mom sprung a surprise

visit on us. They still lived in the city we moved from.

I was almost certain that they both knew my wife had cheated on me with our son.

When we were alone I asked her candidly.

"Yes Nolan, we all knew it was not yours, but that

shouldn't matter now." Nora's mom replied.

"Yes Nolan, I figured you'd come to the conclusion one

day that your son was fathered by Steve, your co-worker.However, it's good that Nora's mother and I came when wedid. We hope you weren't thinking about doing anythingfoolish like wanting to divorce her." My aunt's words werealso a shock to me.

"F-Foolish? Are you saying I should just overlook

what she's done, and I might add is still doing?"

"Yes dear nephew, you should."

I was taken aback by my Aunt's answer and had to sit

down. It was at this moment that Nora's mom returned tothe room where we were. She'd just put "our" 2-year-oldson to bed for a nap.

"Nolan, let me say you're the ideal son-in-law and I

love you. You've been good for Nora. Yes, your Aunt andI, as well as your mother and your sister too, did somewhatconspire against you. You see we did it because wethought, and still do, that you and Nora are ideal for eachother, despite the fact you've discovered that she needs tobe with other men from time to time."

I looked at Nora's mom wide eyed. I was speechless at

her revelation.

"With you being so inexperienced, that's why I told

you about pleasing my Nora with your tongue and what toexpect in the way of taste when you lapped and sucked herpussy. Remember me telling you that the more sloppier andgooey it was, especially if there was a milky white goooozing from her slit, how that meant she was excited andaroused by you? Well dear Nolan, that was to introduce youto eating what's call a cream pie. That is, her cunt aftershe's had sex with another man. Gloria and I suspectedyou'd like it. Most men like you do."

I looked at her transfixed as I tried to process what

she meant by `Most men like me'. The other thing thatbothered me was that she was in on the conspiracy againstme.

After Nora and I were married, I came to the

conclusion that I had been eating she and other men'sresidual fuck slop during our engagement. I didn't reallyrealize it until Nora had me sucking my own jism from herpussy as I sought to provide her with sexual satisfaction,courtesy of my mouth.

"That's right Noland, once you got use to her tasting this way, and pleasing her also in this manner, it would strengthened your love for each other. It will also have the practical purpose of you keeping her satisfied sexually by you doing your part, while her outside lovers do their part. With the combination of other men's cocks and your faithfulness and devotion to her, we knew you'd have a solid marriage. One thing we didn't quite figure on was her wanting other men's children, so that's why we want to talk to you about that." My Aunt explained.

"What is there to talk about?" I managed to reply.

"I-I love her, but I-I just can't sit idly by while shelets other men knock her up."

"If you love her deeply, as we suspect you do, you

will do so." Aunt Gloria quickly replied.

"Yes son, a good husband, would do that. And you've

already shown that you are by moving away to another placeafter you suspected that you were not the real father ofyour handsome new son."

"I-I didn't suspect it at first, b-but I-I knew t-that

the ribbing and talk at the office would j-just be too muchfor me to take if w-word got out that our son looked likeSteve." I nervously replied to Nora's mom's comment.

"Well for whatever reason, you still didn't tell Nora

and that shows that you loved her in spite of yoursuspicion."

I could only nod affirmatively at my aunt's words.

We three talked on and on for about two hours as they

reiterated that I was doing the right thing to not to tellmy wife about her sluttish adulterous ways.

"She's more deeply in love with you now than ever before. That is because you overlooked her having another man's baby and did nothing but accept it as your own. Your actions have proved to her your deep love." Nora's Mom injected.

She went on to add.

"It's the kink thing dear boy. She's even implied so to me. By you looking the other way, you'll have a most harmoniously and loving marriage."

Life is full of paradoxes, but I too had come to a

similar conclusion that Nora did indeed need her other`real men' as an outlet to overcome her apparent sexualfrustration with what I couldn't do in the cock department.

However, I'd also come to the conclusion, especially from the tapes, that she reveled in cuckolding me in a most humiliating way, that is, by secretly feeding me her other men's cum - my co-workers at that - and, of course, having their babies too.

"Nolan, as her mom, I can understand you being a

little uptight about what you've found out about Nora.However, I also see how happy you two are. Just thinkabout other couples who are always at each other'sthroats." Nora's mom said with a serious countenance abouther.

"She right Nolan, you could have a worse situation, however, you've got an ideal marriage. Nora is loving to you and a good mother and wife. What more could you want?" My Aunt added.

"What? A good wife?" I blurted out loudly.

"Well, you'll have to put up with a little humbleness at work, that is the whispers behind your back and that kind of thing. The stuff you mentioned earlier."

"Nolan, just sort of think of her as the office's wife also."

"After all, you can't be running from one job to another the rest of your life."

"That is unless your job requires you to move constantly."

"That's it! If he had a job that required him to move frequently, that would reduce your problem with the perception of her humiliating you."

"P-Perception!" I shouted at the two women.


After 10 years, Nora and I are still happily married.

I've had my current job for ten years now also. It hasbeen rewarding for me career wise, and has also helped mymarriage.

You see I'm a business development marketing executive

now. That is, whenever, my firm sets up a new retailoutlet, I goes into the area to get the marketingdepartment established and running, then move on to thenext new site. I find the work very challenging andrewarding. So does Nora, primarily because of all the newco-workers of mine that she also gets to meet. And with mebeing so busy getting the new business up and running, itgives her plenty of time to get to know my co-workersbetter - sexually that is.

It's not unusual for her to be sexing up to six

different men at each new town we go into. I still bug ourphone lines to keep aware of what she's up to.

By the time it's time for us to leave an area, she's usually been inseminated by one of my co-workers or someone in the community associated with the new store.

Nora is currently pregnant with child number eight. We

already have seven kids, all stair stepped in age. She'ssix months along at present.

As usual, she looks radiant all swollen and carrying a child she knows I didn't put in her.

I have never said anything to my wife about the fact

that none of our children look anything like me. Neitherhas she. I've made myself content with the goodrelationship we have, and have made myself contented withthe fact that she's not only getting the type of sexing sheneeds from her outside lovers, but also satisfying her kinkof cuckolding me too.

I have resigned myself to the price I have to pay for marital harmony. That is, eating the residue of other men's spent semen from her jism soaked drippy cunt, and having to raise the children from her affairs as our own.

Other than those little quirks, or maybe because of them, ours is a very happy marriage.



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