Heather must have looked at her watch a hundred times that day. She couldn't keep her mind on her work. She hadn't been this distracted since.well, she was too distracted to think about it. She looked at her watch for the hundred and first time. What was her son, Chris, doing right now? Let's see, he would be leaving his last class and going to basketball practice. He'd be putting on those shorts that showed his long, thickly muscled legs. He'd be wearing a tank top that revealed the smooth, bulging muscles of his shoulders and arms.

Heather crossed her legs, and then crossed them again. The pressure on her pussy was maddening. The mere thought of her son in workout clothes turned her on so much that she could hardly stand it. Well, she chided herself, if you're going to commit incest with the biggest stud you've ever known then these thing are going to happen.

She looked at her watch for the hundred and second time. I might as well give up trying to work, she thought. She turned off her computer and grabbed her purse. As she exited her office, Heather told her assistant, "Mary, I'm leaving early. If you need me, I have my cell phone."

Yes Mary, she thought to herself, I'm going to get my son home from school as quickly as possible so I can have him bang the hell out of my pussy.

Heather didn't know why she was so horny today. It wasn't as if she had been deprived of sex. Just that morning Chris had awakened her by tonguing her pussy until it creamed and then he'd thoroughly fucked her, twice - once in her bed and again in the shower.

Heather parked her car at the school and went into the gym. It was the same gym and same school that she'd attended years ago. The gym had the same smell of sweaty bodies, and the same sounds of squeaking shoes from the boy's basketball team and the raised feminine voices of the cheerleaders that she remembered. Although it seemed to her that the boys were taller and more muscular. And the cheerleaders more mature looking and dressed much sexier than when she'd been a student here.

Heather took a seat in the bleachers and watched her son. He looked like a man among boys as he moved around the court. He wasn't the tallest boy on the team, but he was certainly the fastest and most agile. The practice ended when the coach called for the players to hit five free throws in a row and then hit the showers. Chris made his shots quickly and then jogged over to his mother. "Hi, what's up?" he asked.

"I just thought I'd give you a ride home."

"Cindy could have given me a ride," said Chris, referring to his girlfriend who was one of the cheerleaders.

"Yeah, I know what she has that you like to ride," said Heather as she leered at her son.

Chris reached down and squeezed his crotch surreptitiously. "There's more than enough to go around, you know."

"Yeah, I know that too." Heather could feel her pussy growing moist. The thought that Chris could probably take care of her, and any number of nubile females, made her shiver in anticipation. "Go get your shower, stud. I'll meet you at the locker room," she told Chris.

He trotted off and Heather went back to her car. She drove around the school and parked at the outer doors to the boy and girl's locker rooms. She stared at the doors and wondered if the girl's locker room had changed over the years. Well, why not go see? It would be a few minutes until Chris was ready to go.

Heather stuck her head in the institution green door of the girl's locker room. There was no one there. She went on in and looked around. Except for a coat of paint and a computer in the coach's office everything looked pretty much the same. She spied an unmarked door along one wall and smiled. Would that storage closet hold the same secret?

Heather tried the door, but it was locked. Well, it had been locked when she was a student too, but that hadn't stopped her and her girlfriends. She pulled out her car keys and found the small multipurpose knife that she kept on the key chain. She selected a blade and in seconds she had jimmied the spring-loaded bolt of the lock. She slipped into the room and closed the door behind her.

There were the same old shelves full of towels, soap and assorted tools for cleaning. Heather shoved aside a wooden box of brushes and rags, and there it was. She snapped off the light to the little room and felt her way back to the shelf. There was a fine crack in the mortar between bricks there, and if she stood just right and pressed her face to that crack she could see right into the boy's shower.

There they were, thought Heather. Just like when she was their age. Some of the boys strutted in. Some ran in and out, barely getting wet. And here came Chris with his broad shoulders, flat and rippled tummy, tight and shapely butt, and of course his huge cock that bounced off his thighs as he walked.

It took him only a couple of minutes to lather up and rinse off. Most of the boys had finished when one more guy entered the shower. He came to the corner nearest Heather and slowly soaped up. He kept looking over his shoulder at Chris, and when Chris and everyone else had left, he began to masturbate.

Heather laughed to herself; she just had to show this to Chris. She trotted back through the still empty locker room and stuck her head out the door. She saw Chris leaning against the fender of her car. "Come here," she said with a devilish grin.

Chris walked over, but he stopped short of the door and said, "I can't go in there, I'll get expelled."

"Oh come on, there's no one around." She grabbed his sleeve and pulled him in the door. She led Chris into the storage closet and pushed him into the corner. Then she showed him how to peek into the boy's shower. "Here's how your mother got her jollies when she was a student here."

Chris peered through the crack and laughed. "Yeah, that's Donnie, he's gay. I guess it's tough on him to take showers with a bunch of naked guys everyday. I'd say that he's about to blow. Three.two.one.one.. uh one.there she blows!" Chris stepped back. "You missed it Mom, although he sure didn't cum very much."

Heather shook her head and said, "Chris honey, most guys don't make it by the gallon like you do." After moving the cleaning supplies back into place she said, "I guess we better get out of here." She was about to open the closet door when she heard feminine voices. Heather slowly cracked open the door and peeked into the locker room. The cheerleaders had finished their practice.

"Now what do we do?" whispered Chris.

"Well I guess we wait them out," she whispered back. "Why don't you come up here? This is every boy's wet dream."

Chris eagerly changed places with his mother. "Oh yeah," said Chris in appreciation. "This is great."

Chris kept up a running account on each girl's figure as they stripped out of their workout clothing. Heather could tell that her son was getting excited. She reached around his waist and found the thick bulge in his pants. She deftly undid his belt and soon his pants were around his knees. Then she pulled the waistband of his shorts away from his torso and reached in to grab a hand full of cock-shaft.

Chris had to bend at the waist and shuffle backward to keep his stiffening dick from hitting the cold door. His mother ran her hand up his cock until she found the sensitive spot just under the head. Then she began to jack him off.

Heather loved handling her son's cock. It was so thick that she couldn't get her fingers around it. It warmed her hand and she could feel his pulse pound as if his heart were laboring to keep the big thing filled with hot blood. Chris' hips began to sway and pump, and the faster he moved then the faster she rubbed. Her hand was dripping with precum when she heard Chris grunt softly, and then there came several long liquid splat sounds as he shot his cum against the door.

"Mmmm... that was cool, Mom. Thanks," said Chris as he gave his mom a quick kiss. He took his mother's breasts in his strong hands and whispered, "Want me to do you?"

"We better think about getting out of here," she answered as she reluctantly removed Chris' searching hands. "Why don't you get one of those rags and clean up your mess? We don't need someone finding your pool of cum in the girl's locker room." While Chris did his chore, Heather stood lookout at the door. Most of the girls had dressed and left, but there were four remaining when Chris rejoined his mother. She knew that one of the girls was Cindy, Chris' girlfriend, but she didn't know the others.

"Who are those girls with Cindy?"

Chris put his eye to the crack between the door and its frame. "Let's see," he said. "The tall blonde standing next to Cindy is Amy, and the other blonde is Barbara. The girl with the dark hair is Gina."

Heather took up her place at the door once again and listened closely as the girls talked. Amy said to Cindy, "Too bad Chris' mother showed up, you won't get to drive him home."

Before Cindy could answer, Barbara broke in, "Yeah, what's up with that? How come you're dating a sophomore? Is it true love?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Well, according to her it's true sex. She claims that he's hung like this," Amy said as she stuck her arm out, clenched her fist and grabbed her forearm half way between wrist and elbow.

"Actually, he's more like this," said Cindy. She took Amy's hand and moved it below her elbow.

"Ooooo..." chorused the girls cynically, and then they all laughed.

"Yeah, yeah," said Cindy. "As if you all could handle it."

"Are you willing to share?" asked Gina, sounding at least semi-serious.

"Lord knows, he's got more than I need," said Cindy.

As the other girls began to kid Cindy about her lack of feminine powers, a thought came to Heather. Just how many girls could he handle? She whispered to Chris, "Stay quiet, I'll tell you when the coast is clear." She waited until none of the girls was looking her way, and then Heather slipped out of the closet. She stepped behind a set of lockers out of view of the girls. She coughed loudly, and strolled around the corner into the view of the girls as if she had just walked in.

"Oh hi," she called out. "I thought I'd look around the old school while I was waiting for Chris."

"Hi Ms Malone," said Cindy. She introduced Heather to the other girls.

They talked for a minute and then Heather suggested, "I heard one of you girls say something about getting something to eat when I came in. Why don't you come by my house? We can have snacks and chat. I don't get to meet many of Chris' friends."

"Well, I don't know." began Cindy.

"Oh we'd love to see more of Chris," interjected Gina. The girls snickered.

In the end, Barbara had to beg off, she was expected at home. But the other girls were glad to take Heather's money and go for snacks. They agreed to meet at her house.

After the girls left, Heather retrieved Chris from the closet and soon they were in her car on the way home. Chris said, "What's the deal, Mom? I thought you got out of work early so we could have the afternoon together."

Heather didn't want to admit that the thought of Chris thoroughly banging one hot babe after another was making her pussy cream and throb. She didn't quite understand it herself. She gave Chris a wicked little grin and said, "Hey, I've got Cindy coming over and two other pretty little things who think you're a stud, I thought you would be pleased."

"Ahhh..." said Chris.

"Amy and Gina pass inspection, don't they?"

"Nothing wrong with those two, Mom."

Nothing at all, thought Heather. Cindy was a five foot tall little doll with long red hair. Amy looked more like the cheerleader type. She was tall - a bit on the thin side, but very blonde and very pretty. Gina was slightly taller than Cindy. She had curly dark hair and a lush, full figure.

The girls were waiting when Heather pulled into her driveway, and soon they were all sitting around her kitchen table eating chips and dip and sodas. In fifteen minutes Heather heard more about the school and its teachers and its little intrigues from the girls than Chris was willing to impart in a year. But she didn't forget why she had enticed the girls here in the first place. She caught Chris' eye and then looked pointedly at Cindy and then slightly nodded her head toward the door.

Chris took the hint. "Hey Cindy, can you come down to my room? There're some math problems I'm having trouble with."

"Sure," she said and in a few seconds they were safely in Chris' bedroom.

The instant the door closed, Chris grabbed her and planted a big, sloppy kiss on her mouth.

Cindy pushed herself away and said, "Hey, there's a house full of people out there."

"Don't tell me that doesn't turn you on."

Cindy didn't want to admit that that was exactly what was on her mind. The thought of his big cock sawing in and out of her pussy had kept her squirming in her seat all day. She said, "I just don't want to get caught. Your mother might throw me out forever. We wouldn't want that."

Chris moved his hands to her breasts and began to fondle them. "I got news for you. She knows about us, and I think it's a turn on for her. In fact, I think she invited you and your cheerleader buddies with something like this in mind."

Cindy's eyebrows shot up in surprise. She admired Heather. Not only was she beautiful and successful, Heather was close to her son without trying to control and suffocate him. But was she so close that it got weird? Cindy mulled that over for a second and realized that she found it exciting as well.

She grinned up at Chris as she grabbed the belt around his waist and loosened it. Then she pulled his pants away from his flat tummy. She placed her hand under his erection that was stretched out to his hip, and slid it upwards until the head of his cock was above his beltline.

This was a little game that they played, and Chris liked it. He spread his legs and then Cindy straddled the hard muscle of his left thigh. As she hunched her pussy against his leg, Cindy bumped and rubbed her breasts over the head of his cock. There were some definite advantages to having such a diminutive girlfriend.

"Do you think that we could get away with these moves at a school dance?" Chris asked with a grin.

"Oh sure," answered Cindy. "Do the fuck, do the fuck, do the dry fuck, baby," she sang to a hip-hop rhythm as she swirled her crotch on Chris' leg. She could feel her arousal growing by the second. She considered continuing to an orgasm, but she wanted more, so she grabbed Chris' belt once more, but this time she completely unfastened the buckle.

It took Chris all of thirty seconds to jump out of his clothes. He had to wait for Cindy to peel off her skintight jeans. Then she spread her legs and rested her hands on Chris' bed. He approached Cindy's lovely, heart shaped ass. His cock leaked a steady stream of precum and Chris used the clear liquid to lubricate his cock-head. He slicked up Cindy's pussy lips and then slipped his fingers inside. He loved the hot, wet, silky feel of Cindy's tight, little pussy. Perhaps it was because he knew what his dick was going to feel like in a minute.

He found Cindy's g-spot and pulsed it with his fingertip. Cindy moaned with the sensation, but she really didn't need foreplay, "Cock.stick it in me now," she demanded.

Chris was more than ready. He bent his cock down and with a well-practiced little move he popped his big cock-head into her clinging pussy. He pushed a dozen inches of throbbing cock meat into Cindy. He had more, but he knew this was as much she wanted. He began to jiggle his hips, working his cock like it was a live, vibrating dildo.

Cindy moved her ass in circles, making sure that Chris' cock stretched and prodded every square inch of her wet pussy. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it so that she wouldn't be alerting the immediate world that she was being thoroughly screwed. In a few seconds her muffled screams signaled one orgasm and then another. She was in the midst of a third orgasm when then she felt Chris' cock swell even larger and then she felt the pulses of cum that overfilled her pussy and dripped down her legs.

Chris grabbed a tee shirt and cleaned the sexual juices off both he and Cindy as best he could, but Cindy didn't seem satisfied with his efforts. As she struggled back into her jeans, Cindy said, "I'm going to the bathroom, don't bother to get dressed, I'll be right back."

Chris jumped on his bed. As he lay back against two large pillows he said, "Hurry back, we'll do it again." Chris grinned at his girlfriend as he stroked his cock back to full hardness.

Cindy gave him a sly smile and said, "Lots more sex this afternoon." She stepped down the hall and into the bathroom, but instead of returning to Chris' room, she quietly slipped back to the kitchen.

"Did you help Chris with his problem?" asked Heather as Cindy entered the room.

"Yeah, we brought his first problem to a successful climax," said Cindy. She had trouble keeping a straight face. "But he has another one that's long and hard, why don't you two help him with that one?" she said as she caught Gina's eye.

Gina looked quizzically at Cindy. Using the words climax, hard and long in connection with Chris brought only one thing to her mind and it wasn't math. "Go ahead," said Cindy, "you'll find it interesting."

"I'll stay here; I suck at math," said Amy as she crunched another chip. She had been oblivious to all the byplay.

Gina stood and practically dragged Amy out of her chair. "You can lend moral support," she said as she pulled the blonde out of the kitchen.

When the two girls had left, Cindy turned to Heather, "Chris tells me that you're really.uh.informed about our relationship."

"You mean do I know that you two screw like ultra-horny rabbits? Yeah, Chris told me." Heather watched Cindy's face turn a bright red. "You're both healthy and certainly attractive young people; I guess it's just natural."

"You're being really cool about this. Most parents would flip out," said Cindy.

"I find the whole thing exciting," Heather said with a sly smile.

Cindy returned her smile. "If we wait a few minutes, I bet we can find something else pretty exciting in Chris' room."

Chris glanced over his shoulder when he heard soft footsteps in the doorway of his room. To his slight surprise it wasn't Cindy returning for another round of sex; it was her fellow cheerleaders, Amy and Gina.

Both girls stared wide-eyed at Chris' naked form. The only sound in the room was their gasps of surprise and the swish of Chris' hand as it moved along the length of his cock. "Don't move!" cried out Amy.

"Well don't worry, I hadn't planned on raping anybody," said Chris.

"I mean be still," said Amy. She crossed over to the bed and measured the length of Chris' cock with her forearm. "Oh shit, I think it's even bigger than Cindy claimed it was." She scurried back to stand with Gina who was busy pulling off her shorts. Amy eyed her friend and said, "What are you doing?"

With her eyes locked on Chris' throbbing member, Gina said, "I'm going to fuck him raw. Why do you think Cindy sent us in here?"

"But.but," Amy stuttered as she watched Gina jump on the bed and tried to stuff the head of Chris' cock in her pussy. She looked around, worried that someone might walk in on them. "What am I going to do?" she said petulantly.

"If Chris is half the stud he seems to be, then I bet he'll invite you to sit on his face."

Chris didn't move as Gina straddled his torso. Her generous breasts swayed above his face as she struggled with his cock. She tried a couple of times to slip it into her dripping pussy, but she misjudged the length and her lips ended up sliding down the shaft. Finally she maneuvered the head into position and pushed. "Oh shit," she moaned. "It's like a ball moving through my cunt."

Amy had been standing beside the bed chewing on a fingernail, not knowing what to do when Chris smiled and winked at her. Gina was pounding her hips on his cock like a mad woman and Amy could feel her own pussy lips begin to swell and become moist. She struggled out of her shorts and panties and did just what Gina had said, she sat on Chris' face.

Heather and Cindy crept down the unlit, dim hallway to Chris' room. The door to his room wouldn't close unless someone forced it, so the two women were able to peek in. They watched as Amy straddled Chris' face and hesitantly lowered her pussy. His tongue flicked out and she gasped as it flipped across her clit. Eager now, she ground her pussy onto Chris' lips. "His tongue is fantastic," said Amy to her friend.

"What do you mean his tongue?" whimpered Gina. "I can't stop cumming on his cock."

Heather dragged her eyes away from the trio on the bed, and looked over at Cindy. The girl was unconsciously chewing on a knuckle and caressing her breast. When Cindy noticed that she was being observed, she whispered, "Isn't he fantastic?"

"He certainly is," said Heather with a conspiratorial smile. "In fact," continued Heather, "I've begun to wonder just how fantastic he can be."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he's never too tired or not interested in sex. He's never the one to stop first." Heather hesitated; she suddenly realized that she was practically admitting her incest.

She glanced at Cindy, who just shrugged and said, "I kind of figured. I mean, who can blame you?"

Heather motioned for Cindy to follow her. When they were seated back at the kitchen table, Heather said, "Well, now that we've got things out in the open. Let's talk how many cums he's had today."

Cindy laughed. "OK," she said. "We did it in my car before school. I gave him a blowjob. He says that he wants to take the edge off his sexual tension before school. He claims it helps him study."

"That little devil!" cried Heather.

"What's the matter?"

"That's exactly what he told me this morning," said Heather.

"So you guys did it before he left for school this morning?"

"Twice - once in bed and again in the shower," said Heather.

Cindy shook her head. "Three times in the morning and that barely got him to noon."

"Why noon?" asked Heather. "What happened at noon?"

"Have you met Ms Schmidt? She's one of our teachers."

"Yeah, I think so," said Heather. "She's an attractive brunette - just out of college?"

Cindy nodded, "That's right. It seems that she gets these pounding headaches almost every day. She spends her lunch periods in her room with the door locked and all the shades pulled down so that she can rest."

"And by rest I guess you mean that Chris is banging her too," said Heather.

"Yeah, first Chris does me while she watches and sort of warms up. Then Ms Schmidt plugs Chris' big cock into her pussy and goes wild. I mean the woman cums like twice a minute. Sometimes it's all Chris and I can do to make her stop before class starts."

"So Chris came twice at noon today?" said Heather, trying to confirm her count.

"Yeah, I think screwing his teacher gives Chris a charge. He shot so much cum that you'd think he hadn't had sex in a month."

Heather felt a shiver run up her spine. She was so horny for her son's huge cock that her pussy felt absolutely mushy. "So, I guess that's six times for Chris up until right now," said Cindy.

"Actually, that would be seven," said Heather. She told Cindy about Chris and her little adventure in the girl's locker room.

"I thought you appeared out of practically nowhere," laughed Cindy.

At that moment there was a shrill laugh from the other end of the house and they could clearly hear Amy say, "Holy shit, what a load of cum." Loud shushing noises followed.

"I guess we're up to eight," said Heather.

"Yeah, sounds like," agreed Cindy.

A few minutes later Amy and Gina appeared in the kitchen. They both looked as if they had been through another workout, and not just a cheerleading practice.

"How'd the math session go?" asked Heather innocently.

"It went great," said Gina. "I never would have thought that Chris was so good at.math." Giggling, the girls thanked Heather for the snacks and said their goodbyes.

Cindy and Heather were still in the kitchen when Chris entered a minute later. He had put on a pair of baggy running shorts and a loose fitting tee shirt. He saw that the two women were looking at him with knowing little smiles. "What have you guys been up to?" he asked.

"Oh we've been talking about school," said Heather.

"And orgasms," added Cindy.

"And orgasms at school," concluded Heather.

"I'm not too sure that I want my mother and my girlfriend comparing notes."

"Too late," said Cindy. "We've already bonded." She reached under Chris' shorts and after manipulating his underwear, she pulled his cock into the open. Cindy stuffed the oversized cock-head into her mouth and began to suck furiously.

Heather watched as her son's cock lengthened and grew back to its usual fantastic proportions. One thing was for sure, he wasn't fucked out yet. Heather watched Cindy's blowjob for a couple of minutes. Apparently she intended to follow through to a climax - Chris'.

Heather stood and wrapped her arms around her son from the rear. She slid her hands under his shirt ran her fingers over his smoothly muscled chest and stomach. She could feel his ab's flutter when Cindy's tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot. "I want you to fuck me," she whispered in his ear. "Right here in front of your girlfriend, I want you to stuff that huge cock in my tight.wet.pussy."

Her words had their desired effect. "Uhhh... here it comes, here it comes," gasped Chris. His eyes closed and his head tilted back. A second later he filled Cindy's hot mouth with shot after shot of creamy cum.

After the contractions in his cock died away, Chris took a couple of deep breaths and opened his eyes. He was treated to the sight of his mother's pussy practically vibrating as she leaned over the kitchen table. Chris didn't hesitate. He pulled his cock, which was still dripping with cum, from his girlfriend's mouth and eased it into his mother's eager pussy.

No matter how many times it happened, Heather could never get over how Chris' cock filled her pussy from top to bottom, side to side and end to end. She was so wet and slick that he was able to begin shagging his hip right away. It felt like the world's biggest vibrator was making her clit and g-spot ring like a bell.

She started cumming almost immediately. She turned her head and saw Cindy huddled -feet up - in her chair. She had reached around her leg and was pounding her pussy with the fingers of one hand, while she wildly fingered her clit with the other. Cindy had that half surprised, half glazed look on her face that meant she was experiencing one long extended orgasm as she watched Chris hammer his mother's pussy.

Heather had a half dozen orgasms before she felt Chris' cock swell and explode in her cunt. It was his fourth cum in an hour - his tenth for the day and he was still pumping out so much cum that she could feel the hot, liquid pulses in her pussy.

Everyone cleaned up, and soon they were seated around the kitchen table once again. Chris began to eat the chips and dip practically with both hands. "Chris honey, don't fill up on that junk. I'm going to start supper in a few minutes," said Heather. Chris slowed his munching to a more leisurely pace. "Cindy, why don't you eat with us?"

"I'd love to," said Cindy. She put her hand in Chris' lap and slid her palm along the length of his erection. She grinned at Chris. "Why don't we have a little fun while your mom cooks dinner? Then after we eat, I can clean up while you guys.you know."

Chris eyed his girlfriend and then his mother. "Are you two trying to wear me out or something?"

Cindy said, "Guys stay horny all the time. But if a couple of girls want a little sex, then suddenly it's a conspiracy. Of course if you're too tired."

"No, no," said Chris. He stood up, dusting the salty remnants of the chips from his hands. His cock was tenting the front of his shorts once again. "I'm ready; it sounds like a plan to me."

As they left the room, Heather and Cindy exchanged winks behind Chris' back.


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