Chapter 1


Karen had worked all day and was happy to be finally off work. She worked at the local burger joint for six dollars an hour, and she had just finished an eight-hour shift. Fifty dollars she thought, how could she ever afford her own place?

It was about nine in the evening as she walked home to her house were she lived with her mother. Her mother, who had never been married, told Karen she should work hard so she could get ahead in life. Karen had changed out of her uniform into her jeans and sweater for the walk home, and carried her uniform in a small knapsack.

She had worked at the burger joint now for two months and really had nothing to show for it. After two whole months, she thought, I have only saved one hundred bucks.

Karen was a cute girl, dark haired, nice tan and slim body. She though her best attribute was her breasts. They were quite large for a girl her age. She wasn't the most popular girl at school, because she didn't have time to hang out with the other students. Between school, work and helping out around the house there wasn't much time for anything else. She did have a boyfriend, though, his name was Jose. She had been seeing him for a year now, but she didn't think it was too serious.

Her mind was wandering as she walked along 7th Street toward her house. She usually walked home on 10th Street, but chose 7th tonight for a little change. A car honked its horn and pulled up beside her as she walked. The man inside called out to Karen, "How much?"

"What?" Karen replied.

"All I have is fifty bucks," said the man.

Not thinking, Karen walked over to the car. The man repeated, "All I have is fifty bucks."

Seeing how cute and young Karen was he said, "Can you jack me off for fifty?"

Karen thought for a moment. 'I just worked all day for forty bucks, after tax I'll be lucky to get thirty and this guy wants to give my fifty for jacking him off?'

"Where would I do it?" Karen asked.

"Get in," he said.

Karen climbed into his car and they drove away. The man pulled into an alley and stopped the car. "I want the money first," Karen said.

"No problem," as he handed her a crisp fifty.

Karen's mind was racing as she shoved the fifty in her pocket.

The man started to undo his belt buckle. Karen had only ever had sex with Jose before and had never seen an older man's dick. This guy was probably at least forty.

He raised his hips up and slid his pants and underwear down around his knees. He then reached over and started to stroke Karen's hair. She was a little nervous and a bit worried, but she didn't want to let on that she hadn't done this before. She reached down for the guy's cock and started to play with it.

It started to get hard after about thirty seconds of playing with it. Once it was hard enough she started to stroke it. While she was stroking the guy was caressing her neck and shoulders and Karen was starting to get feel a little excited herself. Her heart started to race a little as the guy's other hand grabbed the front of her sweater.

Karen stroked faster and the sound of her hand working his prick filled the car. He was kneading Karen's tit through her sweater as he started moaning. She furiously pumped his shaft, and all of a sudden he spurted his cum out. His shirt and Karen's hand were a mess as he shot several times. The guy spasmed a couple more times and looked over at Karen. Karen quickly smiled and said, "I got to go."

"I'd really like to see your body," he said.

"I don't think so," Karen said as she started to get out of the car.

"How do I get a hold of you again?" he asked.

Karen said, "I usually hang around this area."

"Well here's my number, if you need some money call me, as I said I'd really like to see your body."

Karen smiled and walked off. She pulled the fifty out of her pocket and looked at it as she walked. 'Wow!' she thought, 'Fifty for that?'



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