Candi Lane was enjoying her layover in Miami, a two-day break from her job as an international flight attendant. She was 24 years old and worked the premier route from Miami to Rio De Janeiro. She got to spend many days at the beaches, but today her plan was to simply lounge around the Hotel Fontainebleau's huge pool.

Candi had split up with her boyfriend a month earlier, when she unexpectedly returned to their apartment, only to find him in bed with a university co-ed. After a one- month absence, Candi was craving sex. She picked up a towel and scoped out where she wanted to lay out.

The men at the hotel who were laying around the pool were all great lookers, but Candi knew they were also all gay. There was a major fashion photo shoot going on at Miami Beach, and the gay models were out in force.

Candi's eyes continued to scan when she stopped and gazed at a solitary teenage boy who was napping in a chair next to the pool. The boy had an incredibly well toned athletic body with a rich dark tan. Candi liked to look at younger guys, so she decided to take a chair next to the sleeping boy. He had the same, well-defined chest that the older guys had, but she was instinctively drawn by his youth. She laid a towel on the chair, pulled off the oversized tee shirt she was wearing over her tiny two piece yellow suit, and stepped out of her sandals.

The boy had a baseball cap pulled over his eyes and was unaware when Candi took the seat next to him. Her eyes scanned the boy from head to toe. His skin was flawless. He had longish blond hair flowing from under the cap. His chest muscles were perfectly formed and Candi could imagine herself licking his chocolate brown nipples. His hairless chest was perfectly smooth and glistening from the suntan oil he was wearing.

Candi then stared down to his abs, which were rippled even though he was sleeping. Even though the shorts he was wearing were baggy in the fashion of the day, he had them pulled up in order to tan his thighs. Below his knees to above his ankles, his dark tanned legs were covered with very fine blond hair. She figured the boy to be about sixteen years old, far too young to do the things she was longing to do with him. She then noticed that the strap of her thong between her legs was drenched with her own love juices.

Candi was feeling tired from her flight from Rio and took one last look at the boy before closing her eyes. Within minutes, she had drifted off to sleep.

Bart Turner was one of the hottest teenage models working in the business today. He was in Miami to shoot a swimsuit catalogue, which is why he was working on his tan. Bart had been modeling since he was ten, and his years of healthy living and working out had given him a stunning body. Bart was highly in demand for any photos requiring teenage boys.

Bart had only one problem with his profession. In a field dominated by gay men, Bart was decidedly heterosexual. He traveled a lot and was home tutored, so he had little time to develop normal boy/girl relationships. He was constantly being hit on by other guys, but the curious fifteen year old was only interested in girls.

Bart woke from his nap, and when he removed his cap, the first thing his eyes saw was a bare female thigh. His eyes wandered across the nearly bare form sitting next to him. Her swimsuit left very little to the imagination. Her large areolas were peeking above and below the thin strip of yellow fabric covering her breasts. He leaned forward to get a better look between her legs. The thin yellow strip looked damp and was hugging the outline of her puffy pussy. Bart could tell that she was shaved bare between her legs.

Bart's virgin boycock reacted as you might expect. He was so intent on studying the woman's body that he was unaware that his seven-inch erection was forming a noticeable tent in his shorts. Bart had a sudden dream that his first girl would look like this. The boy didn't realize that sometimes, dreams become reality.

Just then, a boy jumped in the pool and made a loud splash. Candi opened her eyes and she immediately focused on the bulge in the swim trunks on the chair next to her. She then moved her eyes up to the tan bare chest and then right into the bright blue eyes of the boy she had been dreaming of.

Candi smiled and said, "It looks like you like what you see."

Bart was puzzled for a second then looked down and saw his erection clearly poking up between his legs. He was suddenly embarrassed, which Candi noticed immediately. "Don't be shy," she said, "I like what I see!"

"Oh." Bart replied. "Uh, uh."

"That's OK. I'm used to that from my ex-boyfriend. You're a normal guy, and I need a normal guy right now." Candi said. "What's your name?"

"Bart" he replied.

"That's a cool name. I'm Candi. I'm a flight attendant. Are you here on vacation."

"Uh, no. I'm working here."

"Yeah, what do you do?" she asked.

"I model for magazines" the boy said.

Candi was momentarily disappointed, hoping she hadn't found another gay model when she remembered the boy's erection.

"I noticed something about most of the guys who model here. They're almost all gay." Candi said.

"Yeah, I know." Bart said with disgust. "Makes it hard for a guy like me to hook up with girls."

'Wow, I wouldn't think a good looking guy like you would have any trouble getting girls."

"You do when you're never home and all the guys around like other guys."

"Tell me Bart," Candi asked, "have you ever been with a girl?"

"Whadda ya mean?" he asked.

"I mean, have you ever had sex with a girl?"

"I wish!" he said.

Candi scanned the boy from head to toe, momentarily thinking of the consequences of doing what she wanted, but then her libido took over at the thought of hold that young, eager body and teaching him the secrets of love.

"Bart, how would you like to come to my room and let me fuck the shit out of you?" Candi said with determination.

"For real?" the boy asked.

"Yeah. Right now!" she said.

Bart's eyes were fixed on the sexy, almost bare body of the woman who had just offered herself to him. He realized that those two tiny strips of yellow fabric would soon be gone, and his penis would be firmly embedded between her legs. Bart was a teenage boy about to take a giant step toward manhood.

"Oh yeah, sure!" the boy exclaimed.

"Good!" Candi said and she rose to her feet and stepped into her sandals. She then put her baggy tee shirt back on for the walk to her room.

Bart had come to the pool shirtless and barefoot, and that is how he accompanied Candi back to her room. His only clothing other than his baggy shorts was the baseball cap he wore over his blond hair. I wasn't going to take either of them long to get ready for sex.

They said nothing as they walked toward Candi's little bungalow. The cement was hot but Bart didn't even feel it. His mind was focused on only one thing, and it wasn't the pain on his feet.

Candi took her key from her bag and opened the door. The cool air rushed out to greet them as the entered the spacious suite.

"Nice room." Bart said.

"Yeah, they take good care of me." she replied. She could sense that the boy was nervous and timid, so she boldly made the first move. As soon as the door was closed, Candi turned to face Bart, ripped off the t-shirt and quickly undid her top and let it fall to the floor. Her bare breasts revealed no tan lines, courtesy of Brazilian sunbathing.

"Oh wow!" the boy said in awe.

Candi knew exactly what she wanted, the smooth hard body of a virgin teenage boy. Fortunately for her, there was one right in the room with her.

"So Bart, just how old are you?" she asked playfully.

"I turned fifteen last month." he answered.

Oh gosh, this is jailbait, she thought, but the pole pointing at her from between his legs kept her focused on her desires.

"Damn, I never fucked anybody that young, not even when I was your age. My boyfriend was eighteen when I was fifteen."

She stepped right in front of Bart and rubbed her breasts up against his chest. The sensation brought immediate pleasure to both of them. She planted her lips on his and drove her tongue into his mouth. As she did this, she pushed the tiny piece of cloth covering her pussy and ass to the floor in one quick movement.

Bart immediately knew that this sexy woman was now nude. It was then that the fifteen-year-old boy turned aggressor. The urge between his legs caused his stiff cock to seek out Candi's dripping pussy like it had radar. His hands rubbed her breasts and then slid down her sides to her smooth back and ass.

Candi also moved her hands down the boy's sides until her thumbs hooked into the waistband of his shorts. She pushed them straight down, with one hand going between his legs to release the shorts from the erect pole that they were caught on. After freeing his shorts, Candi grasped the moist boycock and stroked its entire length,

The stimulation sent a wave of pleasure throughout Bart's body. "Oh God!" he gasped as he pressed his body against hers, particularly his legs. He was instinctively working his crotch toward hers. As she held his unit, he began to simulate a fucking motion against her leg.

"Oh baby, you're ready to go, aren't you?" Candi said.

"Oh yeah!" the boy said with a heavy breath.

By now, Candi's vagina was on fire with anticipation of finally getting fucked after a month's absence. The fact that the bare cock that she was stroking just inches from her dripping pussy belonged to a fifteen year old boy meant nothing to her. She needed that meat to fill her and his cum to cool her down.

"Oh baby, fuck me now!" she gasped as she pulled the boy on to the bed on top of her. She had one arm around his back, pushing his bare young chest against her voluptuous breasts, while using her other hand to guide his virginal penis into its first pussy.

Bart eagerly pushed his bare boycock deep into the moist cavern of Candi's sweet pussy. "Oh wow, I'm really fucking!" he thought as the woman wrapped her body around his. He was on top with his chest and crotch facing down against the object of his first sexual conquest. It came at the age of fifteen years and twenty days.

Candi squirmed and moaned as the spear of bare young male flesh began to attack her clit. "Oh this is soooo goooood!" she cried as she was once again getting laid after the dumping of her unfaithful boyfriend. This boy wasn't being unfaithful to anyone.

Bart was lost in total pleasure as he thrust in and out of Candi. He went all the way in on each downstroke, stopping only when his balls made contact with her vulva. Her legs were wrapped around his thighs, further tightening her already snug womanhood. He loved the sensation of that tight wetness gripping his penis. This sure beat jacking off!

Another benefit that sex has over jacking off for teenage boys like Bart is the feeling of bare breasts against your own skin. Bart had only seen them in pictures and movies, and now he could feel her hard nipples as she rubbed them against his chest. It was that chest, bared to the sun, that had first attracted Candi to him. Bart had a swimsuit modeling session the next day, and those photos would always bring him happy memories, knowing that his skin and body had finally been united with his first nude woman the day before.

The boy and woman were lost in their own individual pleasures. It was the boy who came first. Bart felt his cum welling up at the base of his shaft then suddenly it burst forth into Candi's pussy. Bart moaned in pleasure at each breathtaking spurt. He had his hands clenched on Candi's buttocks and pulled her lower body tighter toward him as he filled her with his teenage seed. He had given no thought to birth control, figuring the woman had taken all the proper precautions.

Candi, in fact, had done just that. So when she felt Bart's warm cum splashing the inner walls of her vagina, she reveled in the pleasure she knew she was bringing him, knowing that his fertile young sperm was safe to swim in her womb.

Candi liked the feel of male cum ejaculating inside of her. She looked into the face of her cute young lover, and was thrilled that it was he who was filling at that moment. Then she felt her own orgasm coming on. Her pussy muscles clenched on the boycock that was invading her as she began to secrete her love juices. "Oh Bart, YES!!!!" she cried as her climax intensified. She was bucking her hips, milking the last cum out of Bart while causing hers to flow freely.

When their climaxes subsided, the young lovers relaxed in each other's arms. A few well-placed strokes of Candi's hands quickly regenerated the fifteen-year-old boy and it wasn't long until they were fucking again. This went on for a couple of hours until both were sore between their legs.

Bart remembered his photo shoot the next day and told Candi he wanted to go to the hotel gym to work out. Bart pulled on his shorts and Candi her shorts and a tube top and went to the gym. Candi sat in the corner and watched the boy as he did his routine in the hotel weight room.

Despite her soreness, a gush of wetness filled the woman as she watched the boy work out. Bart wasn't wearing a shirt, and as he did his arm and upper body exercises, his muscles stood out through his smooth young skin. A sheen of sweat glazed his deeply bronzed body, further enhancing his adolescent sexuality. Candi creamed, knowing that she had just been holding that body against her, and would be again all night long. She smiled, knowing that his cum was swimming inside of her.

Bart worked out with an intensity that he had never known before. His eyes continued to focus on the woman he had just fucked. The tube top outlined the breasts and nipples that had just been bare against his body as he was filling her pussy with his no longer virgin cum. This was a day he would never forget. And he knew that it wasn't over yet.

When he was finished working out, Bart said, "I'm gonna catch a shower, then let's get in the Jacuzzi." Candi said, "Sure, I'll go change into my suit while you're showering. See ya!"

Bart let the shower water wash over his body. He was so glad that it was late afternoon and no one else was using the gym and shower. He didn't have to hide the throbbing seven-inch erection that had been his almost constant companion. When he stepped out of the shower and saw himself in the mirror, he was so proud and happy for himself. He pulled on his trunks and eased himself into the swirling hot tub and awaited Candi's return.

She entered wearing a oversized tee shirt, which she immediately removed. Underneath was the skimpiest thong Bart had ever seen. It was almost as good as having Candi nude with him. She joined the boy in the hot tub and immediately embraced him and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Bart responded by wrapping his tongue around hers and sliding his hand between her legs. The thin fabric moved aside to make way for his finger to effortlessly slide into her pussy.

Candi moaned as Bart fingered her hardened clit. Remembering how much she enjoyed watching him work out, she planted the palm of her hand on his hard smooth chest. Bart's muscles were still taut from his workout and she loved touching his young male body. For being only fifteen, Bart was in incredible shape. It was no surprise that he was the leading teenage male model in the business.

Her fingertip stopped on his nipple, which she teased until it hardened. The boy loved that sensation and told her so. "Well sweetie, you'll really like this!" she said as she lowered her lips to his other nipple. Her tongue swirled around it, bringing him even more pleasure.

With her face buried on Bart's bare chest, and his finger between her legs, she knew they would never make it back to her room before having sex again. She tugged on his shorts, and he rose to allow her to remove them under the bubbling water. When Bart sat down again, she grasped his shaft and began to stroke it, at the same time continuing to lick his sensitive nipples. She felt his cock twitch, so she gently removed his hand from between her legs. She then pushed the tiny thong aside, exposing her bare pussy under the water. She then mounted Bart, and lowered herself on top of him right there in the hot tub. The challenge of doing this in a public place with the possibility of being discovered at any time excited her.

As it turned out, she didn't have to worry. It took only a few downstrokes to bring the boy to climax. She was surprised at how much cum he had manufactured during his workout. "There's something to be said for exercise." Candi thought. "As well as the regenerating power of teenage boys!"

"Oh fuck!" Bart moaned as his cock drained inside the hot young woman who was riding him. "That's soooo good!" His head was resting on her breasts, and after he came he moved his mouth to her nipples. Now it was time for Candi to be stimulated. With the boy's hard cock still inside of her and his lips and tongue on her tits, she too erupted with a shattering orgasm. The swirling water quickly washed away the combined boy and woman love juices that dripped from her pussy. Had they been on a bed, the sheet would have been flooded.

The two then rinsed themselves off, dressed in their meager clothing and returned to Candi's room. Except for stopping for their room service dinner, the couple fucked until they dropped. They finally drifted off to sleep at about 2 a.m.

At eight, Bart awoke, knowing he had to be ready for his photo shoot at ten. This left him time for two more fucks, one in bed and one in the shower. When they said their goodbyes, it was unlikely that they would ever see each other again. Candi had a noon flight to South America, and Bart had to return to New York that night. Still, they had a wild and magic night that gave them memories to last a lifetime.


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