I turned 50 last years, and have been divorced for 3 years now. My wife and I never really loved each other, but we did make 3 beautiful children together so things weren't a complete waist.

I'm not sure that I even know what love is, but at 50, I was ready to look for it. I must admit that the older a man gets the more meaningful life needs to be.

Sometimes love comes at the most unexpected times - and so it was with me one warm afternoon, last summer. It had been a frightfully long day at the office; the boss had given me a short deadline on a new project - and I was determined to meet that deadline, no matter what. Since the office always closed promptly at 5:00 PM. I loaded my project onto my laptop, thinking I would finish the work at home that evening. Little did I know that the evening would take a more pleasurable turn, and my deadline would take a back seat to a more interesting facet of life.

I arrived at my apartment sometime around 5:30 PM. Since the day had been unusually stressful, I decided to take a shower too relax before supper and then back to work.

I heard the first claps of an approaching storm's thunder as I entered the shower. The thought of a storm put me in a bitter sweet mood, as I always did my best work during that type of weather, however I always turned off my computer so that I would not be damaged by the lightening, and that would delay me on this project.

I must have been in the shower for about two minutes, when I heard the distinct sound of someone knocking on my patio door. I hurriedly exited the shower - grabbing only my robe.

As I looked toward the patio window, I saw my next door teenage neighbor's daughter, Missy standing in the pouring rain, wearing only a bikini swimsuit. I hurriedly opened the sliding door and invited her in.

"Missy, what are you doing out in the rain?" I asked in a kind fatherly tone. Missy replied that she had been swimming & sunning at the complex's pool; but when it started to storm she realized that she had forgotten her key to her apartment and her Mom wouldn't be home until later that evening. Since I was the only one she even remotely knew, she decided to seek shelter at my place.

As she stood shivering and dressed in only a skimpy bikini, I invited her too use my shower to warm up. Missy quickly accepted my offer and walked to my bathroom. I a pulled robe, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt from the closet and told her to use these after her shower. While Missy was in the shower, I called her mother's apartment and left a message on their machine.

Missy was in the shower for about ten minutes. When she emerged she was wearing the white terrycloth robe I had provided her and was towel drying her long blonde hair. I invited her to sit on the couch and offered her some hot chocolate that I had prepared. She quickly accepted and sat down on one end the couch.

I was about to tell her that she could watch television while I worked on a project, when a bolt of lightening and a crash of thunder caused the apartment complex to loose power. I quickly lit several candles too provide a semblance of light. I returned to the couch and said, "I guess we will just have to enjoy each others company until the lights come back on. Don't worry about your Mom knowing where you, as I called your house and left a message for her."

Missy asked me what I did for work? As I started to describe my job, she adjusted her young body on the couch, and as she did I caught flashing glimpse of pussy hair and tits as her robe opened just slightly. Obviously she had not worn the shorts and shirt I laid out. I could feel myself stir at the sight and thoughts of a young almost naked women sitting only feet away.

As we talked for a while I noticed that she was taking quick looks at my groin area. When finally I took a quick peek, I could see that the head of my dick had found it's way outside of my robe. I didn't want to call attention to the fact that I'd noticed it so I decided too just leave it.

After a while Missy asked if I could show her my apartment? Since this was my chance to put my fellow away I gladly got up and started the tour. I showed her all the usual things within an apartment.

When we got too my bedroom, she giggled that I had a king-sized waterbed and walked over and fell backward onto the bed. I told her that I had just set it up only yesterday.

She looked up at me and said, "So you mean it's not been broken in?"

"Broken in?" I asked.

"Yeah broken in, like making love to a woman for the first time."

I admitted that I had not yet had that opportunity. Missy stood up from the bed and walked toward me and took the tie to my robe into her hands. She looked up with her big blue eyes and said, "My Mom told me that you and her had made love one night and that you were very good at pleasing a woman."

Then the young vixen stepped back, untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. Her body was incredible. Her melon sized breasts were perfectly shaped and had nipples that stood about a half inch. Her stomach was flat and hard and led to a pussy covered in blonde hair.

I was old enough to be her grandfather, but I was putty at the sight of her. My dick took about two seconds to come to full attention and protruded from my robe. Missy untied my belt, put her hand into my robe and pushed it off my body onto the floor.

She took me by my hard cock and pulled me back onto the large bed, where I fell onto her warm soft body. Our lips met for a deep embrace. Since I was much bigger, I turned so she could climb on top of me. We continued our kiss, as she ground her wet teenage pussy onto my steel hard dick. I started moving my hips to get a better feel of her pussy lips.

She must have sensed what I wanted because she moved until the head of my dick was at the opening to her love hole. I gently pushed and my cock slipped entirely into one of the most incredible creatures in the world.

Missy humped on my dick for several seconds and just as I was feeling the pressure of orgasm she moved to pull my engorged member from her succulent womanhood.

She whispered that she wanted to share our tastes before I could cum in her. I rolled her onto her back and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I rolled the pert little fleshy nub with my tongue, all the while my fingers were exploring her wet teenage cunt. As I finger-fucked her, I massaged her swollen clit at the same time.

Finally I felt her buck as she reached a stupendous orgasm. She was so hot that she begged me to fuck her right then. I told her that if she wanted to experience what her Mother had, than she must be patient. Then I positioned her so I could get at her cunt with my tongue.

As soon as I touched her pussy lips, she sprayed me with the juices of another orgasm. Missy begged to return the pleasure. Then we quickly scrambled into a 69 position. Missy took my rock hard cock and stroked it with her gentle little hands, as she got to the tip of my head, I felt her warm lips kissing and licking the tip. With her hand steadying the appendage, to my amazement she took the entire length into her eager mouth.

By now I was so hot that I just buried my tongue into her beckoning love box. Her clit was so swollen that I could almost suck it right off. Missy's cum was all over my face. Since I wanted to give her the fuck of her life, I reached into a drawer next to the bed and withdrew a toy that her mother had enjoyed so much. In my hand was a seven-inch rubber dick. I placed the head of the device at Missy's young eager hole. When she felt it there, her hand came back to investigate. Upon feeling the seven-inch shaft, she gently guided it into her waiting pussy.

I continued to suck her clit as I fucked her with the artificial appendage. Missy continued her assault on my swollen dick. Finally, as I felt myself exploding down Missy throat, she herself exploded for the fifth time.

We grunted and groaned as we continued our mutual fucking motions. Missy continued to suck me until I was rock hard again. Then demanded that I fuck her properly. The eager girl quickly rolled onto her back, I wanted too taste her pussy for just a little longer, so I spread her legs and buried my face in her cunt. I started kissing up her body until I reached those two perfect breasts, I sucked each nipple while I continued to play with her clit.

Missy was now begging for me to stick it to her. When my lips met hers, the tip of my dick started its journey of pleasure into Missy's tight teen-tunnel.

As my thrusts picked up momentum, Missy started to meet my motion with her own. We were bucking so wildly that I feared the waterbed might burst. I gave that crisis little thought as I felt myself bursting with enough cum to refill the entire bed. Missy was cumming so hard that I feared the neighbors would hear her screams. We both collapsed in exhaustion soon after.

Since it was now 7:30PM and Missy's Mom would soon be home, we decided to quickly shower (together) and then have supper while we waited for her Mom to come get her. Since the electricity had come back on, I microwaved a frozen pizza, which we enjoyed with a nice red wine.

When Missy's Mom arrived, I was busy at my computer working on that report I told you about earlier. Connie thanked me for helping Missy, and hoped that she hadn't been too much trouble.

I looked up from my laptop and said, "No trouble Connie, no trouble at all."


The next day, I met Connie in the hallway, she put her hands on my chest and whispered into my ear, "I hear you've got a new waterbed, would you like to break it in sometime?"


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