The sisters loved to be home alone. Maybe that would seem strange for most young teens who would rather be gallivanting around without their siblings. But Sue and Alice were different. They were comfortable with each other. They enjoyed each other. They actually liked each other. And they had much in common. Their attraction for each other was in no small part due to their well-to-do parents who were always away, usually at their respective offices making more money. For years they had had private schooling, nannies galore and all of the other niceties that comes to the upper crust. They had the requisite pets, a Dane, a newly acquired pointer, a nice home and secluded pool. They never lacked for anything.

For all of their silver spoons, Sue and Alice were neat kids. Nicer ones you couldn't imagine, no presumptuousness, no smugness, nothing like that, just nice kids. Hard to believe, huh?

Well, that's not all. Although they weren't the stunning, teenybopper, movie starlets, they were good looking. They were similar, both about five-two, nicely proportioned, with trim athletic, bodies. The single year between them didn't show, to Sue's chagrin. They both had sweet oval faces, haloed by soft, lush black hair flowing over their shoulders and cascading down their flawless, lightly tanned backs.

Their intriguing young breasts would never turn the eye of the Madison Avenue-conditioned male trained to gravitate to the protruding mountains of silicone, but their appeal was beguiling. The soft pink flesh gently, but irresistibly, rose from their slim chests to lusciously peak at the most adorable areolas you could imagine. The wee nipples crowned the Grecian mounds to perfection. 'Tis a pity that no mortal beyond their own hands had ever rejoiced in their caress.

But the Creator would be disappointed if the viewer stopped there, for His greatest works were yet to come. Tearing one's self away from the mounds of the youthful Venus's, one delights in following another immaculate trail over the most graceful curves imaginable. The rolling curves gently ebb at the waist, but carefully hasten outward again at the youthful hips. The flow so docile that one might be mesmerized into forgetting that Sue and Alice were women, who could bedazzle any male, if given the opportunity. If the Creator had also given them the desire to attract the male of the species, all would be in chaos.

But, dear reader, don't lose our train of thought. We are not finished our wonderful tour. As we continue our luscious travail over the sensuous hips we pause only a moment to note that the soft curls of pubic hair enticingly conceal what mere mortals could not even imagine, so we will bypass heaven for now. As delicious as our excursion has been the tantalizing and provocative rise of the twin-mons derriere command attention. Many plastic surgeons could triple their business if they could duplicate this magnificent sight before us. But the soft roundness without the slightest hint of flaw or blemish is irreproducible by Man. If designer clothes didn't hide these consummate domes from our sight Sue and Alice would have been submerged in Italian hands.

As we unmercifully sever our sensual attachment to these heavenly hills we are greeted with two identical long, slender, shapely legs, consistently without imperfection. The lovely and delicate feet don't disappoint us, just sledgehammer our minds that we are at the end. We shiver in ecstasy imagining the first trembling hand to follow this last leg of our journey the other way!

But the tour we took is only in the imagination, as these two delights are just now awakening from a satisfying sleep, clad in filmy, expensive baby-dolls. This was one of the few mornings where they awoke together. They tried to do this often when their parents were going to leave the house early. As nice as the house was, it was big and sort of spooky when they were along. They had slept together less and less in recent times. Although they enjoyed the companionship of each other more than other siblings, they did have independent interests.

As they lounged around in bed, they talked of various things and interspersed their ramblings with mutual hugs and sweet, sisterly kisses, something they had each missed. With no noticeable change, their embraces and kisses seemed to last longer and longer. For some reason, this morning, the very touch of each other's faintly clad bodies was exciting.

When they awakened this morning Alice had commented that this felt like a special day, but she couldn't place her finger on exactly why she felt like that. Sue only felt excited, just as she did any rainy and dreary day.

It was Sue who first noticed, "You feel so warm and soft this morning, Alice. And you smell so good. You didn't get some perfume, did you?"

"Hardly, but I was thinking the same thing. When I hold you, your body seems to radiate heat. When you trembled a few moments ago, it sent a delicious flutter up my spine. Do you suppose that was an orgasm?" she chuckled.

They were comfortable with each other. They had totally confided in each other early on, so they were very relaxed talking about this sort of stuff. Since they had commonly slept together they had even advanced to some pretty sensuous fondling of each other. Neither had ever experienced an orgasm, though. They had once mutually revealed that they wanted to, someday, but passion was not really foremost in their young minds.

"I don't think so, but maybe we should go with the flow."

"Now, what are you suggesting, Young Lady. Do you imagine me to be one of those brutes in Daddy's videos?" Alice spoke in mock rebuke.

Once they had discovered a porn video that their father had rented. That struck them as odd, as he never seemed to have time for that sort of stuff at home, or at least that is what they had heard their mother tell a friend over the phone one day. But she had added that it was just as well, "I would rather work than screw, anyway," she had remarked.

Anyway, all the girls saw was huge-busted whorey-women benignly presenting themselves to a string of self- centered creeps with huge cocks.

Over the years the girls had gradually learned about physical lovemaking. First, it was from friends at their schools, then a few clandestine books borrowed from here and there. (These same tutors had advised them that huge cocks were rare and not of significance by themselves, anyway.) And then the video. For a long time that had turned them totally off of this line of thought. Only recently had the subject come up a few times, usually because of comments friends had made. They all wondered if there wasn't something more to this thing. Or was it just another something for men, like TV football.

Anyway, Alice's tongue-in-cheek rebuke was taken correctly and Sue responded in kind, "I don't know. What do you have?"

Alice threw off the covers, stood up on the bed, pulled up her top and then quickly back down, and shot back, "Help yourself."

She tried to keep a mischievous smile on her face, but somehow the joke was wearing thin. She trembled in anticipation, hoping beyond hope that Sue wouldn't think she was joking. The thought flashed through her pretty head that she was actually holding something back from her sister for the first time in her life. "Why in the hell must physical love have to cause the psychological distress it does," she thought.

Sue's grin faded quickly as she glanced from the lowers to Alice's lovely face. "Really? Can I really look? I have wanted to do this for a long time."

"God, Sue. I have wanted you to and wanted to look at you. Why couldn't we have just talked about it like we do everything else?"

But she didn't wait for an answer. With a sensuousness that would have aroused a eunuch she slowly lifted the gossamer pajamas and slipped it over her head. With a catch in her breath she dropped it off the bed and slowly lowered herself back down next to Sue. Never once did she take her eyes off of Sue's.

Sue, copping a quick glance at those delightful, pert and perfect breasts, sporting exquisitely erect nipples yearning to be touched, reached out to hold Alice. Without any word they embraced and began a kiss that might never end.

At first every movement they made, be it the fleeting search by their tongues or the seemingly random motion of their soft hands over each other's bodies, was slow and almost unsure. But as the kiss deepened and they grew more comfortable with the new heights they unknowingly were ascending, the indecisiveness dissolved and they moved, seemingly in unison, with new confidence, conscious and deliberate, then eager.

For many long, dreamy minutes (for us clock watchers) they passionately cavorted, rejoicing in the delightful sensitivity of each other's bodies. Somewhere along the line, Sue's baby doll rode up to around her neck so that as they extended their kissing; their bodies pressed flesh to chaste flesh. The difference between adult urgency and childlike joy was so very apparent now. Only fleetingly did they venture near Society's designated erotic zones, but their mounting intensity did not reflect the youthful omission. How wonderful is innocence!

Only when Alice accidentally caught her fingernail in Sue's filmy covering did the spell break. A quick cry escaped the narrow opening between their cleaving lips and they parted.

"Ouch. Your jammies are in the way, Sue. Let me take them off."

The normally jocular Sue, taking a role new to her, overlooked that opening and said, "I could do it, but I would rather you did. Your hands are so soft and warm. Remember when I let Jack get his hand inside my blouse last month? He felt like a rough, clammy dishrag. He even scratched me. If he had felt like you I would have given him my cherry, I know!"

As Alice extricated Sue from her pajamas she quickly resumed the kiss, which had so excited them. This time they only held the kiss for a few moments. With no visible sign they parted and held each other a foot or so apart. For many moments they held each others loving gaze.

At exactly the same moment each reached up and placed their hands on the others lithe waist for a few sighs. Again, with no visible sign their tender fingers began a slow trace, first around a small circles, slowly growing larger. Their respective touches were scarcely perceptible and, no doubt, wouldn't even have been noticed if their sensitivity wasn't so intense. As the bravery of their gentle and kind digits increased they moved upwards towards the luscious globes. Although Alice lingered around Sue's naval, Sue did not prolong the agonizing delay and reached up to enfold the delectable mounds. As her fingers slowly encircled the soft, heaving orbs, Alice reciprocated.

Being careful not to interfere with their dallying progeny exploring the delights they leaned together and commenced another fervent kiss. Their mutual heavy breathing made it difficult, but they survived. And prospered.

Another eternity passed unnoticed by the lovingly entwined couple. Who is to say how long it would have continued or where it would have lead. But fate interrupted.

Chapter 1: To the Dogs

A loud crash echoing through the empty house broke the wonderful spell.

"My god, what was that," Sue exclaimed. "Are mommy and daddy back already?"

Together they jumped out of bed and threw their robes over their bare, save undies, bodies.

"Maybe we should call the police?" Alice asked before they had reached the stairs as the crashing and banging continued.

"No, Oscar would have barked if someone had come in. Even mommy or daddy, for that matter. It must be the dogs."

They found Oscar chasing Julie, the pointer, wildly around the house knocking things over as they went.

"You creep. Stop that, Oscar," Alice yelled as she grabbed his collar. Unfortunately, Oscar was stronger than Alice and Alice was unwillingly dragged along after the cavorting dogs.

Finally, due to the minimal impediment Alice placed on Oscar, Sue was able to guide Julie to the pool changing room and slam the door. Oscar smashed against the closing door and commenced to scratch and whine to get in.

"What has gotten into you, Mutt? You have been after Julie ever since we got her. Leave her alone."

Alice dropped into the sofa exhausted after her struggle with the Dane. "Sue, I want to go back up stairs. Do you?"

"Sure, but we better let the dogs out so they won't interrupt us again."

Sue went over to Oscar and squatted down in front of him. "You naughty boy. We were having a wonderful time and you spoiled everything."

"It won't take me long to find my place and some how I don't think it will take you much effort either, will it?"

"It sure won't, Alice, but even if it did, it would sure be fun trying to find it again," she laughed as she turned towards Alice. As she did her robe fell open revealing her lovely and lush body exposed. Since no one else was there she let it go.

As they continued their idle banter, Oscar, for the first time since the girls had rushed down stairs, allowed his attention to wander from the closed door. With no warning or foreplay he stuck his nose into Sue's crotch.

"Hey, what are you trying to do?" she exclaimed. She tried to close her parted thighs and stand up simultaneous, but only succeed in sprawling backwards. As she flung her hands back to catch her fall her legs flew out grotesquely. With a heavy "thud" she crashed painfully on the thick carpet.

"Nice move, Sue," Alice flashed as she laughed uproariously.

Sue didn't feel like laughing so she just lay where she fell as the shock coursed through her.

Oscar started by the rebuke and flailing limbs stood for an instant over Sue. He recovered first and stepped forward to, once again, bury his cold wet nose in Sue's cotton-clad genitals.

That brought an immediate reaction as Sue's still-present pain disappeared instantaneously. Sue scrambled to regain her feet, but again Oscar stepped forward and knocked her down. Alice was still laughing hysterically on the sofa.

"Dammit, Alice, help me. Get this mangy mutt off of me."

Alice opened her eyes to be greeted with another funny scene. Her sister was sprawled out practically naked on the floor flailing helplessly as their huge Dane hovered over her tongue hanging out, tail wagging furiously.

"What are you doing, Sue? You look like..." But before she could finish, something caught her eyes. Her hysteria left instantly. "Look, look at that!"

For an instant nothing moved, except the heaving tongue and thrashing tail. Sue looked to her sister to see what was the matter. Her eyes tried to follow Alice's, but the big dog was practically staring her in the face.

Alice quickly scrambled off the sofa and threw herself at Oscar. No other action would have altered the standoff. As Oscar tumbled heavily against the wall, Alice reached down to help Sue to her feet. The dog and girls were upright at the same instant. Only Alice's quick thinking got the pair safely into the changing room with Julie.

For a few moments only heavy breathing by two humans and the Dane could be heard. Then the door scratching began in earnest.

"Thanks, Alice. I don't know what has gotten into that dog. He has never done anything like that before."

"Do you know what he wanted to do, Sue? He wanted to fuck you."

"What! How do you know?"

"Because his penis was sticking out. You should have seen it. It must have been six inches long."

Alice turned around to look at Julie, happily dancing around the pool changing room. "Yah. She's in heat, Sue. That is what it was."

"Any port in a storm, right?" Sue quipped.

"Sort of, but you know, they say that women in passion lubricate their vagina, in preparation for you know what, and it is supposed to be like an aphrodisiac. It must work on dogs. You know, I sort of felt myself getting moist as we were fooling around up stairs."

"Well, this doggy sex symbol wants to take a refreshing dip in the pool and continue our homework up stairs. Want to, too."

"Sure. You know, I don't want to get my suit, why don't we go in like we are? Actually, maybe we should skinny dip. I have always wanted to do that," Alice said.

"You're on. Or should I say, you're a turn on."

In an instant they had stepped out of their briefs, innocently diverting their attention elsewhere in the process. The "mood" was gone, but not too far, and certainly not forgotten.

Sue was out the door first and ran for the pool. A cannonball acquainted Alice with the water an instant before she, too, dived in. Julie followed them, but disdained the pool for the sunny grass nearby.

The girls gleefully frolicked in the pool for about a quarter of an hour. They, unintentionally or not, seemed to avoid any major contact with each other. It was almost like they were saving themselves for later. First things first.

But once again their interlude was interrupted by a noise. This time it was a loud yelp. They turned to find the source and were surprise to see the Dane frantically trying to hump the pointer. Youthful exuberance was no substitute for experience when it come to lust, it seems.

The girls rushed as fast as they could to rescue Julie from the bestial grips of the dreaded male. But by the time they arrived, it was not clear that Julie wanted to be rescued. She was just standing there heaving under the weight of the brute, panting. She was making no effort to extricate herself, but neither was she falling all over herself helping the unseasoned Oscar. The girls stood dumb, dumb and nude. What should they do? Try to push Oscar off? Try to pull Julie away? Run into the house and hide? Or...



"What say we help the poor guy? Julie sure looks like she wants it. He sure does. And I would like to see him put that big thing in her and see what happens. What say?"

"Why not. No one will get hurt. I wonder if he would let me touch it?" But she didn't wait for a response. She squatted down and reached out quickly with one finger to stroke the long flaming red staff lashing about. "It feels hot and slimy. It feels a lot like my vagina does when I'm masturbating."

"Let me feel, Alice. You never told me you masturbated. I do, too," admitted Sue quickly.

They exchanged places. Sue now feeling the hard, yet soft penis quickly slip against her out stretched finger. Alice, still squatting, reached an arm around Sue and held her close. For a brief moment only Oscar moved.

Her hand slowly closed over the dogs penis, but rather than capturing it she just formed a fist. She cooed and purred as his hips jerked over and over as she grasped the shaft. The furious cock rammed in and out seeming trying to escape its captor.

As her free arm went across his back, Sue laid her cheek on his side and whispered, "There, there, baby. I'll make it better for you." And she began to slowly slide her hand against his stroking. The big dog stood there with his hips twitching in unison with Sue's strokes, his long tongue hanging from the side of his mouth as he panted in time with his hips.

Alice was totally absorbed in this fascinating scene. For what seemed like fifteen minutes she stroked and caressed his long pointed shaft.

Suddenly he gave a sort of half cry and half bark. Sue jerked her hand away. Oscar groaned. That is the only way to describe it. He was still humping, but now it was the air.

"Help him, Sue," Alice whispered. At the same time her arm encircling Sue's lovely body lowered. Her hand followed the contours of her soft hips, down lower to the crowning mounds of her perfect, ripe butt.

Sue reached out with one hand to steady Julie's rear end, her tail hard over to one side, expectantly. The other hand again reached for the attractive penis. But it was clear that tack wouldn't work, so she reached around the heaving dog to move him closer to the pointer. Oscar succeed in at least contacting Julie. With an almost human yelp he renewed his ministrations under the helpful hands of Sue.

But Sue could not resist the spine-tingling touch of Alice, though and almost abandoned the dogs as she tried to turn around.

"No, Sue. You just help them. Don't mind me."

Sue leaned over to sneak a quick, lascivious kiss from Alice. And at the very same instant Oscar penetrated Julie. Simultaneously the two dogs yelped.

"Oooooo," Sue cried, turning around quickly. "Look at him. Look at him slide right in. He is already coated with slime. It looks so easy, so slick, so, well, like it is so much fun."

As the excited girls watched Oscar's savage thrusting, Sue lowered her hand down to give Alice's an encouraging pat. Then it instinctively reached around to her own genitals and swiftly found her erect little clitoris.

For several minutes all was quiet except for the panting animals. Sue continued to stroke Oscar's glistening cock every time he extracted it from Julie. She could feel the raging cock begin to bulge and expand. She was utterly fascinated.

Alice seemed to ignore the puffing dogs and never took her eyes off of Sue's face. She also never let her hand stop it's gentle caressing. She did let her other hand reach out to steady them both, it was difficult to remain squatting next to the dogs for this long a time, but neither showed any impatience.

Then Alice leaned closer to Sue, intensifying her massaging of that lovely derriere and whispered, "I would like to do that for you. May I?"

It didn't sink in what she meant, but Sue was not in a questioning mood. A quick nod was all the response given. Slowly and deliberately Alice let her hand seductively slide under Sue until it rested next to her stroking hand. Then she ran it up over Sue's and squeezed it. Only when she tried to move it did Sue come out of her reverie.

"God, I forgot what I was doing. I know I shouldn't be doing that, but it feels soooo good. Please let me continue," Sue groaned.

Sue voluntarily moved her hand away from her crotch with a deep sign. For an instant she wanted to get up and rush into the privacy of her room. It is a good thing she hesitated as almost immediately Alice crept her soft warm hand in place under the passion-filled girl.

"Ohhhhhh, that feels soooooo good. Please don't stop. I have wanted you to do this for a long time, but I could never ask you."

"I have wanted to myself. Now you won't have to ask, my love. Now we can share everything. I want to do so much for you. Why don't we leave the dogs alone and go back in the house?"

"Alice, I will go anywhere with you. But please let me watch the end. It feels so good imagining that I have that penis inside of me. I can feel it in there. I can feel him sliding around inside of me. It feels so wonderful."

By this time Oscar and Julie had their "act" together.

Alice put her other arm around Sue and gently began caressing her soft, pliable breast rolling her erect nipple gently between her thumb and forefinger. Sue wriggled her butt against Alice's still probing other hand.

As Oscar thrust in and out of the pointer, they could see an inch or two of his hard prick exposed on the quick backstroke before he thrust into her again.

Then, at a moment punctuated only by Oscar's impish squeal the dogs wound up their "act", so to speak, as Oscar's penis locked itself inside Julie. He slid off her back and swung a leg over. They just sort of stood there stupidly looking like Siamese twins joined at the rear.

The girls had heard that when a male dog ejaculates inside a bitch, he gets a knot in the head of his dick to ensure that all the semen remains in her, and that it takes several minutes for it to go down so he can pull out. One of their "experienced" friends had told them this when she had complained that the boys she had had, just pulled out when they came and got up.

The girls continued squatting there next to the two senseless dogs for a few moments before Alice said, "I think we have helped all that we need to. Why don't we get up?"

Sue, who was in seventh-heaven by this time and could barely move, slowly twisted around. "But I don't want you to stop, Alice."

"I won't," she whispered, as she quickly got up. "Come with me, you beautiful wench, and we will explore the hitherto unknown depths of depravity, together."

"Young lady, what do you have in mind?" she mocked, but her reluctance was cleverly disguised by her scrambling to get up. She was just a few paces behind Alice in their headlong race for the house.


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