I came to live with my Aunt and Uncle last year because both of my parents had died in an automobile accident. After a few months I started to feel like one of the family. My Aunt kept telling me that she had always wanted a girl and that I was like a breath of fresh air to her. I really appreciated her attention, it helped over come my depression from losing my folks.

When our attic fan started making a lot of unusual noises, my mother didn't call a service repairman. She asked Bill, my older cousin, to fix it. I watched as he looked at her, and it was plain to see that he thought that he could fix it with just a quick glance. My cousin was that way --- very handy.

He was also one of the hunkiest guy I'd ever seen. I had the hots for him for quite some time, but never had the nerve to tell anyone about it.

When he went to fix the fan, I followed him up into the attic to watch him work on it. It was stuck in one high vent, toward the end of the house. It circulated air across the attic and out the vent at the other end. Bill had to use a step stool to reach the fan.

"It needs oil, that's all," he said to me with his disarming smile. He had taken the big grill off the front of it, and was turning the blades. It made a loud scraping noise. "I can take care of it in just a few shakes."

"Shakes of what?" I asked.

"Shakes of whatever, you know, Shakes."

He moved his body back and forth, shaking it. I gave the expected laugh. Then I noticed that there was a bulge in the front of his shorts and it was moving around quite a bit. And to my surprise I noticed that Bill wasn't wearing any underwear.

As the bulge in the front of his shorts moved back and forth, I could feel myself beginning to get excited watching it.

Then suddenly he looked down at me from his place on the short ladder. He knew I had been staring at his crotch. There was a smile on his face, a sort of half- smile. He reached down and pulled his shorts higher on his waist. The movement accentuated his bulge, making it seem even larger, and I could see the shape of his cock running down his leg.

I could have sworn I that could see the very tip of it peek out from under his shorts as he turned one way and another. I was standing there, getting wetter all the time, wishing that his cock would slip all the way out of his shorts.

He turned and reached up, straining to loosen a bolt, and sure enough, I could see the head of his fat uncircumcised dick poke out of his shorts. It was semi- hard, and I could see the purple head of it poking out of the folds of his foreskin. The wrinkled skin laying across the head of his dick made it seem sexier, more raunchy, somehow. I wondered what it would look like as it started to get bigger. I wanted to see it sticking out all the way. I could feel myself really getting turned on by the sight of it.

"Hand me that screwdriver," he said.

I got up and picked up the screwdriver, and I rose up, handing him the screwdriver. My face was now exactly even with the bulge in his shorts. The head of his cock was less than a foot from my eyes. It actually grew as I watched it.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. I could see the downy hairs on his upper thigh move when I exhaled. His eyes briefly closed, and I knew he was enjoying it. Probably as much as I was.

The his cock jerked, and I could see the head become more fully exposed. It was a brighter purple now, and there was a sticky-looking drop of liquid dripping out of the pee-hole in the center of it. I licked my lips, and my breath was coming faster now.

I didn't care, I reached out and touched his thigh, my hand resting within inches of his dick. He leaned forward then, and pressed his crotch closer to me. The very tip of his cock touched my fingers, and I moved my fingers just slightly, feeling the sticky clear stuff coming out of it. I rubbed the fluid between my thumb and forefinger. It felt almost silky against my skin.

"That about does it," he said, his voice shaking. "Fans done." His voice was thick, and he looked at my fingers, watching me rubbing them together.

Then he pulled away from me and climbed down the ladder. He stood there looking at me. Without saying a word, he reached to the front of his shorts and unsnapped them, then he pulled them down. His smile became broader.

His big cock shot up and throbbed, pointing at me. It was big and fat, sticking out of a virtual jungle of black hair that covered the base of it. Beneath that, he had two big, heavy balls, they were pretty much covered with dark hairs too.

I'd never seen a guy's privates before, but I'd talked to my girlfriends and we'd all fantasized about men. I knew what every part of a man was for, and I knew that I was going to try something with Bill that I'd only dreamed about until now.

I took a step toward him, and carefully got on my knees in front of him. I pulled on his fat dick, moving my mouth toward its purple head. I loved the way it throb- bed in my hand, the way the skin was so smooth and soft, yet so hard underneath. I could feel his pulse beating through it, making me feel really strange inside.

I put my mouth on the head of his cock and moved my tongue around. I could taste the salty, sticky fluid, and it felt strange and wonderful in my mouth. I took it further into my mouth, and reached up and touched his big, fat, hairy balls.

"My God," he whispered.

He reached down and pulled me up to him. He tugged at my shorts, and then my panties. When they hit the floor, I stepped out of them willingly.

He lifted me up and put me on the ladder, and then pressed his cock against my crotch trying to push into me. For a moment I couldn't quite believe that he was doing this. He was my cousin, but I didn't care about that and I opened my legs wider, and we were at just the right angle. He slipped his hard cock into me, he fit perfectly, and it felt so good that I nearly came with the sensation of his dick filling me like that.

He thrust in and out of me a few times, and then I pushed him away. I had a better idea. I wanted to try something that my friends and I had only fantasized about.

I stood and turned around on the ladder, bending over, putting my ass high in the air. He straddled me at once, sending his hard cock deep into me again. He began thrusting in and out of me again, faster and faster, and I could feel his pubic hair scraping against my ass as we fucked.

He was breathing hard, then suddenly his dick expanded inside me, and I could feel hot liquid gushing out into me. The feeling made me cum, my legs trembled, my whole body shook.

He kept his cock buried inside me for a few more minutes, making it move around by using his muscles somehow. The feeling of his pulsing dick inside me made me moan in pleasure and I came again. Then after I stopped squirming on his cock he pulled it out of me.

He moved away and put his shorts back on, and I climbed down the ladder and put my clothes on. He plugged in the attic fan. The noise had stopped and it was working perfectly.

Downstairs, he told my Aunt that the fan was fixed.

"There are a few other things up there that need some work though, I think," he said.

"The vent at one end of the house has a bad header, and I saw a couple of cracked ceiling joists."

"Whatever needs to be done, please feel free," his mother said with a smile.

He nodded and winked at me. It seemed that there are a lot of things in the attic that needed his attention.


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