Chapter 1


I flew into Bangkok on the 5pm flight out of Sing- apore, hoping that my stay would be a short one. The company I worked for had just invested a couple of hun- dred million in a new cement plant near Paknam and I was to ensure that the agreements reached in our long yet tenuous negotiations with the Thai government were being upheld. At least that was the plan. However, after a week "on the road" without even a sniff of oriental pussy, I was more interested in getting laid!

By the time I took a taxi to the hotel and checked

in, it was 9pm local time and my cock was just aboutbusting out of my pants. Everywhere you looked therewere literally dozens of slim, creamy little Thai beau-ties parading their scantily-clad young bodies aroundlike some kind of juvenile meat-market. Knowing thedrill, I asked the hotel porter straight up if he couldget me a girl for the night. His wink and silly grintold me I'd hit pay-dirt.

"You like young girl, boss?" he asked, leaning

close. His breath smelled like a sewer.

"Sure, the younger the better," I said pushing

him away from my face. "How much?"

"Just fiffy dollar to you, boss", he replied,

still grinning like a fool.

"Fifty dollars??!!", I said incredulously. "Jesus

I only want her for the night, not all week. What is shegold plated or something?"

The little man giggled stupidly and shook his


"No, boss. She real pretty, new girl, only been

with man twice, honest"

It was a bit steep for one night even by Bangkok

standards, but then again I was feeling as horny as aten-peckered billy-goat, and if even half of what hesaid was true I would be in for quite a treat. I tookout two tens and a five and handed them to him, knowingthat if I gave him the full amount straight up, I'd pro-bably never see his ugly slant-eyed face again.

I unpacked, took a beer out of the refrigerator

and slumped on the couch to relax. Exactly an hourlater there was a knock at the door. I opened it andgot the surprise of my life. Standing there was themost gorgeous little Eurasian girl I had ever seen.Only problem was, she couldn't have been older thanabout twelve.

"Er... can I help you?", I asked, a trifle

uncertain of the situation.

"You want a girl for the night, mister?", she

said, smiling prettily. Her English was perfect, withjust a trace on an accent.

"Ahh, y...yeah, yeah, come in", I stammered. My

mind was racing. This couldn't be for real, she was soyoung, so beautiful. I locked the door behind us andturned to look at her.

She was absolutely gorgeous, shapely for her age,

with small peach sized breasts, a narrow little waistand a firm rounded ass that jiggled delightfully underthe red, silk of her dress as she moved across the room.

The dress was short and very, very tight, and every time she took a step, I could see her pert little ass-cheeks bobbing provocatively just below the hem- line. Mmm, mmmmmm! That's one hell of a sexy little package, I thought as I followed the girl's sensuous young body across the room. I was still not quite able to believe my luck. Sure, I had asked for a young girl but I had expected a sixteen or seventeen-year-old, not a gorgeous, sexy little pre-teener like this.

My mouth was still hanging open as the girl sat down

on the couch and crossed her legs, giving me a flash ofwhite silk panties.

"What's your name, honey?", I asked, unable to

take my eyes of her smooth, creamy brown thighs.

"Huang Suk Lee," she smiled, revealing a row of

faultless white teeth. "but you can call me Suk Lee,okay?"

"Sure, Suk Lee, honey. Hi, my name's Toby. You

want a drink of something first?", I said, opening thewell stocked mini-bar fridge.

"Yeah, whiskey if you've got it, Toby." Suk Lee

replied easily.

I almost dropped the bottle of soda I had grabbed

and turned towards her.

"Whiskey? Aren't you a little young for that,

honey?" I asked, realizing how stupid the remark soundedalmost as soon as I'd said it.

She simply smiled and opened her slender legs

suggestively, giving me an eyeful of silk-encasedcrotch.

"If I'm old enough to fuck, I'm old enough to

drink whiskey, don't you think?", the little girl mur-mured sexily.

"You sure are, baby," I said staring straight at

her prominent little cunt-mound. "You sure as hell are!"

With eager, shaking hands I poured her a large

scotch, and one for myself. My cock had already startedto harden uncomfortably in my pants, swelling with lustat the prospect of actually fucking the gorgeous littlekid.

Suk Lee scooted up close as I sat down beside her and took the glass from my hand. She smelled de- licious, a mixture of bath soap and perfume and some- thing else I couldn't quite define. She took a sip of her scotch and placed a tiny hand on my cock bulge.

"You wanna fuck me, now Toby?", she asked bluntly.

"Jesus, you get right to the point, don't you,

sweetheart?", I laughed, feeling her little fingerscurl around my cock through my pants.

"It saves time," she said, rubbing her hand up

and down my rapidly hardening erection.

"Whoa, honey! We've got all night," I laughed,

amused at her adolescent impatience to get right to themain event. "Why don't we get a little better acquaintedfirst, okay?"

"Sure, that's okay by me," said Suk Lee, giving me

a sexy little girl grin. "What do you want to do?"

I took one look at her full red lips and answered


"Why don't you pull out that hunk of meat you're

squeezing and suck on it for a while, baby," I suggestedwith a lecherous smile.

Suk Lee giggled and without another word, calmly

unzipped my fly and reached inside. My hard, bristlingprick gave an involuntary jerk as her fist closed aroundit. Her hand was so small, or my cock was so swollenwith blood, I don't know which, but her fingers didn'tquite meet around the circumference of my rigid fuck-tick. She pulled it out of my pants and just looked atit with wide, incredulous little-girl eyes.

"Don't worry honey, it won't bite," I laughed, "Go

ahead, suck it!"

"Ooooooooh, it won't all fit into my mouth, I'm

sure!", complained Suk Lee, with a trace of youthfulinnocence in her tone.

"It doesn't matter, baby, just do the best you

can, okay?"

The girl simply nodded and bent forwards, clutch-

ing my prick tightly in her little fist. She flickedout her tongue and licked the bloated tip, taking careto cover it entirely with her warm, wet saliva beforeopening her mouth wide and sealing her candy-red lipscompletely around the head of my cock. Then, she suckedit slowly into her mouth, stopping only when it hit theback of her throat. I looked down and saw that a goodfour inches of rock-hard prick still remained outsidethe little girl's mouth, but she started to suck anyway.

Holding the base of my cock with both hands, Suk Lee bobbed her little head up and down, sucking slowly. Her lips were stretched tightly around the shaft and her cheeks were dimpled and caved in with the glorious suction. It felt like a tight, hot, virgin cunt was wrapped around my prick.

"Ohh, yes, little darlin', suck it!", I gasped,

grabbing the back of her head. "Suck my big fuckin'prick like a lollipop, honey!"

It felt so damn good that I couldn't help myself

humping upwards in an effort to get more of my cockinto her hot little mouth, but she started to choke abit so I eased off and let the kid take it into hermouth at her own pace. She recovered quickly and wassoon taking more and more into her mouth each time asher throat adjusted to my huge girth. She pulled it indeep, as far as her little throat would allow, hertongue running up and down the underside like a feather,and it drove me wild. One hand was wrapped around thebase of my cock, while the other played affectionatelywith my swollen balls.

"Ohhhhh, baby you really are something else!",

I moaned, cupping her left breast lightly. At the sametime, I slid my other hand up between Suk Lee's skinnylegs, pushing her dress up with it. She moaned andopened her thighs at my touch. Her skin was firm yetincredibly smooth as only a little girl's can be. Imoved higher, filling my palm with her tiny pubic mound.Even through her panties it felt hot, very hot, and damptoo, and the more I stroked, the hotter and wetter itseemed to become.

Her small conical tits began to swell under my

other hand. The large nipples hardened into rock-likefirmness as I stroked her throbbing little honey-potthrough the moist fabric of her panties, reveling inthe perfection of her pubescent body, the incrediblesmoothness and softness of her tight young flesh.

"You were built for this, baby." I whispered, as

the little girl sucked happily on my cock. "This is whatyou were made for, honey... to give men like me plea-sure. Jesus, if I had you all to myself, I'd be fuckingyou every day, all day.... Shit, sweetheart, with hotyoung pussy like you around, I'd have a permanent hard-on!"

I was floating on air. Her mouth felt like abso-

lute heaven. I had never been sucked off by anybodyexcept my wife before, and even then after a lot ofpersuading on my part. But little Suk Lee was doing itwillingly, and it aroused me greatly. I could feel hertaut young lips close tightly around the thickness ofmy cock while her cheeks and tongue caressed and suckedit. One of her delicate little hands held my prick,directing it into her mouth, the other gently fondledand rolled my balls in a deliciously arousing rhythm.She pushed the skin of my cock up and down as shesucked it in and out her mouth, hand-fucking the partshe couldn't fit into her mouth, while at the same timesqueezing my swollen scrotum.

"Oh Jesus, baby, that feels so fuckin' good!", I

panted. "Yeah, suck that cock, kid! Suck it all out!"

Suk Lee began sucking as hard as she could, her

little fist a blur as it whipped up and down the shaftof my cock. I couldn't help myself.

She was so good at it and I was so damn horny, I

was squirting cum into her hot sucking little mouthwithin seconds.

"UHHHHHHHHH! FUCK!" I groaned, creaming the little


The talented little kid had my balls dry in no

time at all, but I was still extremely horny and I knewI would be hard again in no time knowing this gorgeouslittle honey was mine to fuck and suck all night!

"Mind if I take my dress off? It's a little hot

in here, and I like to be comfortable when I'm working,"grinned Suk Lee. God, she had a sexy little girl smile!

"Yeah, go right ahead, I don't mind. Say, how old

are you anyway, kid?"

"Almost thirteen," she said matter-of-factly. She

gave me sexy look over her shoulder and my cock lurchedin my pants.

"Jesus Christ!", I muttered. "I don't fucking

believe it."

I watched as the sexy young child undressed in

front of me, staring in wonder as more and more of hercreamy, flawless skin was revealed.

She wasn't wearing a bra... she didn't need to.

Her firm, pubescent tits were about the size of largepeaches, and nearly all nipple, a perfect mouthful. Asher dress hit the floor, Suk Lee ran her tiny fingersver her tits and then down between her creamy thighs,rubbing the bulge of her little cunt-mound slowly andsensuously through her panties, all the while staringme straight in the eyes.

"Do you like my body, Toby?" she asked.

"God, yes!", I moaned, my eyes wide with desire.

"You're gorgeous, honey!" I stared at her half nakedbody, feeling the blood throb suddenly in my temples.The girl simply exuded sex, and her age only made herall the more tempting. I had never been so damned hornyin my whole fucking life!!

Her legs were surprisingly long and slender, not

"I have this sensitive bundle of nerves right here,"I said, touching the place where the heavy lips of mypussy converged to form the hood that protected a young kid at all, and she had shape too,a tiny waist and flat stomach, curvaceous hips, a tight,sexy little ass, and a plump little cunt-mound thatbulged seductively against the tight crotch of herpanties... just begging to be fucked. My cock was ashard as a fucking rock just looking at it.

"Jesus Christ, kid!" I muttered putting my drink

down on the table. "I've changed my mind. Let's get thisfuckin' show on the road right now, okay?"

I pulled her down next to me, letting my sweaty

palms roam over her firm, creamy young flesh. Suk Leeopened my pants with deft little fingers and pulled myhard cock out. Her hot, feathery little hand moved upand down on my cock-shaft, and while she jacked it offshe kept telling me how big it was and how much sheliked it. Fairly typical stuff for a whore, I guess, nomatter what the age, but from the way her little eyeslit up at the sight of my big cock, I knew somehow thatshe was probably telling the truth.

I put one hand around her shoulders and fondled

her boobs with the other. The little conical mounds weresoft yet incredibly firm to the touch, and her tiny,sensitive nipples soon became fully erect. She beganmoaning and pressing herself against me, so I shoved ahand between her legs and palmed her tiny cunt-mound.The sexy young bitch sucked in her breath at the touchof my hand and pressed her hot little pussy against it,her excited young body responding erotically to thestimulation of my stroking fingers. I pressed my fingersinto the hot slit of her cunny, delighted to find plentyof moisture there.



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