Every year, my family goes on a camping trip to the lake. Us-ually it includes my mom, dad, his brother and my brother. We go to a cool place way back in the woods where it's so quiet and peaceful.

I didn't want to go this year. Just turning 16 and I was really starting to rebel against my parents. I also wanted to stay home so I could go out with my boyfriend. We had just started making love and I dreamed of having the house to myself and inviting him overnight. Dad said we were family and that I was going.

My uncle had just gotten married and divorced again. I think he's done that a million times now. He and his new ex-brother-in-law were both into the same things and were friends after the divorce. He came with us on this trip. My uncle Don is about 38 and his brother-in-law Larry is 36 I think.

The second morning we were there everybody was up at 5am and I was really in a bitchy mood. I told dad I wasn't going fishing that day or ever again. He was kind of hurt but he said, "Okay, just stay around the camp then!" I stomped off to the tent, took off my jeans and got back into the sleeping bag.

I must've fell asleep cause the next thing I knew the sun was up high and the tent was just stifling hot. I rolled over on my back sweating and looked up and saw a hornet in the top of the tent. I screamed pretty loud and covered my head up. I heard my uncle Don shout and then the zipper of the tent opening. "What's the matter Bonnie?" I told him there was a hornet and to get it away. He and Larry came into the tent and started throwing things around looking for this hornet. I was kind of cowering in the corner when he asked where is it? "Over there I think," I said. While they were looking in that corner, I got up and crawled over to get my jeans. Uncle Don said "Girl, you're showing everything you have!" I just had my T-shirt and panties on and I guess they could see up my shirt with my boobs hanging down.

Larry said, "Now don't yell at the girl, I think it's really nice of her to give us the show," and he put his hand on my bottom and rubbed a little. I jumped and rolled over looking at them. They were both looking really hard at me.

"I've been watching those titties grow since she was twelve," my uncle said. "They look awful damn pretty to me right now."

Larry reached over and put his hand on my calf and said, "Since your brother and his wife took the boat out, maybe Bonnie would like to show us those titties some more," and started rubbing his hand on my leg.

I couldn't say a thing as my uncle came over beside me, touched my shoulder and said, "How about it Bonnie? Wouldn't you like to treat your uncle to a little something?" With that, his hand slid down and cupped my right breast through my T-shirt, gently squeezing it.

"I don't think you should be doing that uncle Don," I said as my breath caught in my throat. The hand on my leg was to my thigh now and my nipples were starting to get really pointy. I felt uncle Don pinching and rolling it in his fingers when he turned my head and kissed me on the lips. I felt his tongue trying to press between my lips as his hand went from one breast to the other. Larry's hand was so high now I felt it brush against my pussy and back down the inside of my thigh. I sighed a little and uncle Dons tongue was in my mouth against mine.

"I can feel the heat from this tight little pussy," Larry said. He was pressing right on it now, forcing my panties up between my pussy lips a little. I knew I was getting wet down there. Uncle Dons hand dropped down a little and went back up under my T-shirt. It felt rough and smooth at the same time against my naked breasts. He was still kissing me when he backed off a little and said, "Don't you worry about anything sweetheart, Larry and I are gonna make you feel real good. Just raise your arms now and let me get this shirt off you girl." I was really shocked by what they were doing to me, but at the same time, I was really getting worked up by having these two older men obviously sexually attracted to me. I didn't know how to react, so I just let it happen.

I heard them inhale as my breasts were uncovered. As hot as it was in that tent, I think I had goose-bumps. Uncle Don leaned over and kissed me again. This time putting his tongue far into my mouth and sucking on my tongue. He kissed down my throat and brought my left breast up to his lips. He sucked on the nipple and licked all around. This really was driving me crazy.

Larry was starting to make my hips move in a fucking motion by rubbing his finger around through my panties. He put one finger up un-der the elastic and touched my clit. "Lay her down Don so I can get these damn panties off her!" he said. This scared me, and I tried to resist them.

Uncle Don moved a little and I was flat on my back, his lips still around my nipple, sucking and biting lightly. I felt Larry's hands move up under my butt to grab the waist-band of my panties and pull them down my thighs and off. Uncle Don stopped for a minute and raised up to look down at my pussy. "I love the looks of that little cunt," he said and pressed one finger through my pubic hair to rub between my lips. He brought it up to his mouth and licked it saying I was sweeter than he could have imagined. I was thrilled by his action.

Larry said, "I'm going to have a good time licking and sucking that cunt before I fuck it." He started to kiss and lick on the inside of my thighs, raising my knees and spreading my legs apart while uncle Don went back to kneading and sucking my nipples and rubbing my tummy.

When Larry's tongue reached my pussy I cried out. "Shhh little darling," uncle Don said. "We're all alone here for now but I don't want you to get used to making noisy sex." I just bit my lip and opened my legs farther for Larry to lick me. But I didn't think I wanted him to fuck me.

I came in rushes in just a little time. Larry said, "Now it's time to get my cock wet in this little cunt!" I looked up at him as he opened his pants and his cock was much bigger than my boyfriends. I shuddered as uncle Don backed up and Larry got on his knees between my thighs, his hard, red penis pointing right at my pussy. He put his hand around it, stroking it from the end. He then put his finger in me and pushed it in and out, his thumb rubbing against my clit. His hand was wet from me and he spread this all around the big head of his penis. I was fascinated by the sight, and even more turned on than before.

"Now I'm going to fuck your fresh little cunt girl." His cock touched my pussy and pressed against my clit before it dropped down and went two inches into me. I'd never felt so spread before. He rested there for a bit and I could feel his penis pulsating in me. Putting his hands on either side of me, he pressed harder into me until he had 6 inches in. Then he slowly pulled out and looking over at my uncle he said, "This is one tight, hot little pussy we have here Don." Looking back at me he said to get ready to get fucked real good. With that he pushed and through a series of pumping in and out, had his cock buried to the hilt in me. I could feel his balls resting against my bottom and I began to cum again.

"She's juicing around my cock and I haven't even started yet!" he exclaimed to my uncle. "Oh baby, you're gonna be one hot little fuck!" Then he started to pump in and out of my pussy, the top of his cock rubbing my clit. He moved his arms down and under my thighs as he kept fucking me, his hands gripping my bottom, pulling me against his hard body. His mouth went to my breasts and he sucked in on my nipple until he had most of my tit in his mouth. I felt his thrust getting harder and faster and soon the warm shooting of his sperm in me. My stomach started to shake as I had another orgasm. He seemed to fill me up as I felt his and my juices running down between my legs.

Larry laid there for a minute in me after he stopped shooting and I could feel him getting softer. "I hope you haven't used that up," uncle Don said. "I want to get a piece of it right now." Larry kissed me hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth and said, "I didn't hurt nothing here Don. She's gonna be tight and hot all afternoon." I could feel his cock hardening in me as he slowly pulled out. "That little thing didn't want to let go of me!" he said as he got up on his knees.

"Now little girl, turn over on your stomach," uncle Don said. I looked at him, wondering if he really meant to fuck me, I couldn't be-lieve that he would, I mean he was my dad's brother. After starring at him for a full minute I did what he asked, and then felt his hands on my hips pulling me up to a kneeling position. He grabbed my T-shirt and began wiping my thighs, ass and pussy. "I don't want to eat any of your jiz Larry." I was thrilled, he was going to eat me!! I had never had that done to me before, and had fantasized about it a lot.

He got on his back then and slid his head directly under my pussy. Reaching up he pulled my bottom down and snaked his tongue right across my clit. My knees were spread far on either side of his head as he licked and sucked at me. With his tongue deep in my pussy I felt his hand come around and he pushed a long finger into my anus. I jumped, and it hurt a little but as he got it wetter with my juices it began to feel good.

Leaving his finger buried in my bottom, he slid out to get to his knees behind me. "Now I'm going to feel how that pussy feels wrap-ped around my cock." I felt a strange emptiness when he took his finger out of me, but soon felt his penis against my pussy. The head popped in and then with one thrust he was all the way in me. I cried out again and uncle Don told Larry to do something about that. I felt something at my mouth and opening my eyes saw Larry had gotten hard again and was on his knees in front of me.

"Shut up and open your mouth girl," he said. His cock was rub-bery hard as he pushed it to the back of my throat. "Now suck damn it, run your tongue around it." I did as I was told and sucked for all I was worth as uncle Don continued to fuck my pussy from behind. Larry started a fucking motion in and out of my mouth to match uncle Don's movements. "I'm gonna go easy on you this time girl. Next time we'll try to open up that tight throat of yours. For now, just keep your lips closed around my cock and you'll do fine."

I felt in a different world. I never could have dreamed of this happening or that it could happen. Uncle Dons cock was spurting in me and pulsating as he pulled out and shot cum all over my bottom. Once he even pressed the head of his cock into my ass as it shot cum. That really hurt and I must have done something as Larry told uncle Don to stop whatever he was doing as my teeth were starting to scrape him.

Larry's erection seemed to grow in my mouth then and he started to cum. I took my mouth off him and it shot on my chin. "Damn it Bonnie!" he yelled. "Open your mouth right now girl!" He pushed himself back in deeper this time and shot cum down my throat. "Swallow that you little cunt," he said. Stream after stream of hot cum went into my mouth. I tried to get it all but some escaped and ran down my chin to join the rest that was there.

Larry fell back and groaned, "She drained me for now Don. We'll have to see how this old cock can keep up the pace."

"Mine to," uncle Don said as he sat back on his feet. "Here Bonnie, wipe yourself up while you have the chance," as he threw the T-shirt to me.

I collapsed on the sleeping bag, wiping my face and chest of the semen that had spilled there. I wasn't able to get between my legs very good as it was kinda tender. Both men then moved up beside me and lay there stroking my breasts and stomach. Uncle Don said it was only 2 in the afternoon. Looking at Larry he said, "We should be able to fuck this girl a couple more times before her folks get back. That tight little ass sure felt good for the minute I was in there." He leaned over to cover my lips with his as his hand slid between my legs and his finger found my anus and pressed in.

We had sex of different kinds all afternoon, and by the time mom and dad got back we were all down at the lake shore swimming like nothing had happened. Boy do I have some Ideas to do with my boyfriend now...



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    i think the story is hot but they needed to breed her too.
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    Great. How I wish its me they are doing that to!!