Joe knocked on the front door with an eager anticipation. He hadn't seen Bill in two years, and was dying to renew their friendship. That's the trouble with switching jobs and relocating: you miss out on your dearest friend's lives. And what friends they were. From junior high through college, they were nearly inseparable.

The door opened, but instead of finding Bill's beaming smile staring back at him, he beheld a beautiful Asian face instead. It was Kim, Bill's wife of a year-and-a- half.

"Hi. Are you Joe?" she asked.

"Yes, and you must be Kim."

They shook hands, and Kim let him into the house. Joe realized she must have just woken up, as she was still dressed in a cream silk robe. He followed his friend's wife into the kitchen, expecting to find his old buddy waiting.

"I'm sorry; But Bill had to go in early today. He thought about calling you, but figured you would turn down a free breakfast." Kim had moved by the stove, where Joe saw a pan of sizzling bacon near completion. A nearby skillet had some great-looking pancakes browning on top. Joe had to agree with the theory. Chances were, he wouldn't have come had he known Bill wouldn't be here.

What would have been the point? Though he did want to meet Bill's wife, who had turned out to be quite attractive, it was his long time friendship he wanted to renew. He was so glad to be back home. So glad to be living just a few doors down from his best friend and the rather shapely Kim.

Joe had been looking at the food cooking towards completion, but now turned his eyes on his friend's wife. He started to realize just how lucky Bill was...

"I hope you're hungry! Have a seat..." Joe pulled out a chair from the table, and sat down. He was hungry! Kim turned, a glass of orange juice in her hand, and stepped to the table.

Bill watched her hand slide the glass to him, then started to look up and offer a smile of thanks. But something caught his eye.

Kim's robe had opened with her lean, and the unmistakable forms of her breasts pushed against the silk, producing a rather enticing cleavage. The cream robe blended perfectly with her creamy Asian flesh, and the ample curves produced by the two breasts were separated by the recessed, shadowy area created between them. She stood up again, unaware that Joe had found her chest so interesting.

Joe took the juice, and chastised himself for checking out his friend's wife. As a still single guy, his instincts sometimes got the better of him. But no more.

Kim slid a spatula under a pancake, and slipped it onto a plate. Bill watched her, not so much form burning lust but from the fact he really had nothing else to look at. "You did well for yourself, ol' buddy..." he thought as he eyed Kim's slim form. He looked towards her chest again, noting the fabric had resealed the view. "I didn't think Asian women's breasts got that big!" he continued thinking to himself as he glued his gaze to her upper body.

He hadn't thought about it when he first walked in the door, but her breasts were substantial. They dominated her slim frame. Joe wondered if they were the reason Bill had courted her. If so, they were two very convincing reasons. She would have little problem earning the label of well-endowed.

She brought the pancake to him. Joe wasn't even aware of where his gaze was locked until the robe re-opened and again flashed the light brown flesh of her chest. His eyes captured the view, from her collarbone down to the shadow of darkness that filled the area between the silk and the humps of her breasts. Kim set down the plate, and laid out the silver ware. Her eyes were intent on her actions, allowing Joe to freely look down her chest and enjoy the jiggling cleavage.

"Very nice..." he again thought to himself. "Oh, quit it! Stop looking at her tits!" he commanded his eyes. But the gaze didn't break until she turned around, and headed back for the stove.

Kim fixed her own plate, and sat down across him. The two ate quietly, then started to become aquatinted after their breakfast.

"So how long have you and Bill known each other?" she asked.

"Oh god, years... we go way back."

"I figured. He's told me a lot about you. He was very disappointed you couldn't come to the wedding."

"I know, I know... My stupid job... I really would have liked to have been there..."

"Would you like to see some pictures?"


Kim rose from her chair, and went to a table in the family room. She picked up a photo album, and brought it to Joe's side. Joe cleared his plate out of the way, and opened the album.

He laughed as he saw his friend, all decked-out in a tux and wearing a stupid grin. Then he saw Kim. She was absolutely stunning. With makeup on her face, she could easily be a model. Her dress was skin tight, revealing an incredibly shapely body highlighted by the now familiar cleavage poking out from the cut of her dress. Bill turned his head, read to offer some safe comment of his approval. But he quickly jerked his head back.

Kim stood against the table, leaning slightly as she enjoyed the pictures with him. The slight lean was all that was necessary to expose a significant portion of her left breast.

Joe turned to the next page. Exactly as he did so, his fingers went numb. A wave of heat spread through him. His eyes pointed to the pictures, but were unable to focus. They were locked in the distance they wanted to see - the distance to Kim's tit.

He snuck a peak, and felt his cock harden as he noticed the glint of the morning sun reflecting from her upper breast and into his eye. In actuality, he could only see about a third of the breast's total mass. But the closeness, the proximity of the breast, and it's beautiful shape were enough to make him want to grope right then. Her delicate, brown skin... her perfect, round curves.

He turned to the next page, moving his head as he did so he could steal another glance. The breast heaved slightly with a breath, and he noticed a pair of freckles near the sternum. The right breast was blocked by the silk robe, but the left majestically displayed much of itself thanks to the slack on the left side of her body.

He continued turning pages. Kim leaned closer, resting her hand on his shoulder. The touch wasn't sexual, it was practical. She needed to see so she could explain the shots.

But when she outstretched her left arm to point at a certain detail, Joe couldn't help but look directly down her further opened robe. Her exposed chest moved underneath his eye, allowing him sight of both curves, and , oh god..., a thin ridge of her rose-colored bra.

Joe wondered if she detected his hot breath on her exposed flesh. She seemed oblivious to the condition she was putting him in. Why did they have to be so big!! Joe felt at once glad for the exciting views the open robe provided of her cleavage, and yet partly wished she would put something more concealing over her body. He liked looking at women's breasts, but not his best friend's wife's.

If this was any other woman, he would try to fuck her. Either with words, or with actions, he would try to feel her smooth body and completely expose those incredible tits. He loved the femininity of Asian women, and being an attractive guy, he had slept with several in the past. But Kim was unbelievable. Those breasts... those tits! Such a rare sight to his eyes. He wanted to fuck her, he wanted to fuck such a rare jewel.

He neared the end of the book, when he heard crying from upstairs. That's right! Bill and Kim had a baby a few months ago!

"I'll be right back..." Kim left the table, and headed for the stairs. Brian gulped down his remaining orange juice, hoping his erection would settle before he tried to get up.

Kim didn't return right away, so Brian got up and started examining the house. He was glad for Bill. A good job, a hot wife, a new baby... and he did it without leaving home. He stayed in their small little town, whereas Joe had left for what he thought would be bigger opportunities.

He shouldn't have put their friendship in jeopardy a second time. Joe had nearly ruined their relationship their first year of college. Bill was dating a very nice blonde, in fact, so nice of a blonde that Joe decided he needed to fuck her. He was always luckier with women than Bill, and sure enough, the blonde eagerly accepted his advances.

But you shouldn't fuck the girlfriend of your best friend, especially when you're roommates. Bill surprised them by returning early one night. But he was the more surprised to stumble in on Joe's cock pumping into his girlfriend's eager pussy. And in Bill's bed, no less.

What a mistake. They finally patched up their friendship, and Joe swore he would never touch his friend's woman again.

He turned as he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Kim appeared around the corner.

Joe knew he had to leave once he saw her again. He immediately made up an excuse, and started for the door. He knew he might lose control based on what he just saw. The cleavage was bad enough, but she now wore the damp stains of her milk across the silk robe. She had been breast feeding her child.

Joe made it to the door, and turned to say his farewell. He made sure his eyes didn't travel down her body to the area of her wet nipples. They shook hands.

"Why don't you come tomorrow?" she asked.

Joe noticed her robe was hanging more loosely across her. Evidently, she hadn't tied it as tightly as she had earlier. Oh what the hell... he looked again. Her cleavage swooped down her chest, past the round tops of her breasts and the protruding curves. Right down past the descending curve back to her chest. She had taken off her bra.

"Ok." Joe headed out, chastising himself for the urges that had sprung up inside him. It would be safer tomorrow, he figured. She would probably be in a more concealed state of dress...

Bill called that night, apologizing for missing his friend. He explained they were going through a mini- crisis at work, and that's why he had to go in early.

"So what do you think of Kim?" He asked.

Ordinarily, Joe would have told him exactly how he felt. He would have told him he had an incredibly hot wife, who had the sexiest cleavage he had ever seen. But he didn't want Bill to know how much time he had spent looking at her breasts. He didn't want to plant a seed in his mind that would recall that horrible past.

"She seems great!" He offered. "Very friendly, and a good cook!"

Bill said he should be there the next morning. Joe started to feel more comfortable about returning. But he couldn't help but flash images of Kim in his mind as he went to sleep that night. He couldn't help but rub his hardened cock against the mattress...

Fuck! What was he thinking?? He had been back in town two days, and all he could think about was Kim's breasts. What it would be like to see them... what it would be like to have her robe open just a little further, and expose the full nakedness of her breasts and nipples. What it would be like to wedge his cock between those soft curves...

Joe sat up, and beat his cock raw the rest of the night thinking about Kim and her breasts. He couldn't shake the image of their voluptuous shape covered by milk dampened stains. This is Ok, he told himself. I can think about her. Then nobody knows, and nobody gets hurt..

He finally fell asleep, and dreamt of Kim sleeping beside him; the wind gently blowing open her robe and exposing the shadowed line of her Asian cleavage, and the little curve formed above the sternum where they met in a soft press. The robe flapped in the breeze, tantalizing him with large exposed areas, but never enough to see her nipples. Evidently, his mind knew where to draw the line.

He arrived at breakfast the next morning. Again, Bill had to leave before he got there. Joe had thought about coming earlier, but realized it would be more difficult to stare at Kim's breasts with her husband in the room. He fought the idea in his mind. Yes, he wanted to look at Kim. He wanted to once again soak up the sight of that heaving Asian cleavage. And if Bill caught him! He didn't want to think about that. He had looked at, admired, and masturbated to her tits. But he wasn't doing anything really wrong.

After Kim opened the door, Joe nearly had a heart attack. He had barely sized up her extremely short and delicate robe when she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. Joe had to arch his hips to keep her from feeling his hard-on. But he did manage to feel those magnificently soft breasts mash against him...

Oh, Goood! He thought when she stepped back. She had applied a full day's makeup. Her hair was clean and radiant. And that robe! Joe stole a glance at her bare thighs and the promising area between them. It went only a little past her waist, and seemed to be glued to her perfect breasts, unable to conceal their full shape in anyway. Of course, her trademark cleavage was carefully hidden under the silk. But with luck, this robe would open as easily as the first.

Joe found it impossible to take his eyes off her now.

She moved through the kitchen, stretching and leaning in ways that seemed to psychically call out, "Fuck me." Joe wanted to answer those calls, but worked out his frustration by chewing his food.

She still seemed perfectly oblivious to her arousing state of dress. She acted like a caring host, but didn't make any comments or innuendoes to suggest she was trying to seduce Joe. She was a very sexy woman, and probably dressed like this to please Bill. Since he was Bill's best friend, she obviously felt she could trust him not to have sexual thoughts about her.

But she was wrong. And Joe hated himself for it. He would have given his right arm to touch and kiss those breasts for even five minutes.

Kim knelt in front of him, handing him a slice of grapefruit. "Thank you." Joe said. Not for the grapefruit, but the overdue parting of her robe. Her cleavage crept with the bend, opening to what appeared to be the top of a lacy white bra. Her Asian flesh called to him from the shadow across her chest.... "Taste me... lick me... rub me..."

"That looks very nice!" Joe said. Again, he wasn't talking about the grapefruit.

Kim moved over to the door and glanced outside.

"Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!" she beamed. She turned a bit, and leaned against the countertop. She lifted her hands to her head, pulling her shiny hair up with her fingers.

Her body was positioned between Joe and the outside light. That proved most effective at demonstrating the sheer quality of her chosen robe. Her slim, toned body cut a striking silhouette under the garment. Her legs, her hips, and of course, her breasts, were all outlined to their exact shape. She moaned lightly as she exhaled a deep, erotic breath.

Joe stared at her body, feeling safe in his lustful gaze so long as Kim's eyes remained closed. He could practically feel her breasts with his eyes, and taste the protruding nipples with the same look.

Like the day before, the scene was interrupted by the sound of the crying infant. Joe managed to break his admiring stare before Kim could open her own eyes and notice him. She quickly bounded to the stairs, heading for her needy child.

Joe thrust his hand into his pants and found his throbbing cock. He jerked himself right at the breakfast table, the image of Kim burning in his mind.

"Oh, Kim... oh Kim..." he muttered to himself. He knew he was going to cum, but where? He didn't want to splooge into his pants, announcing his actions to the young mother. He stood up, stroking himself as he walked, and made it to the sink. He pictured Kim opening her robe for the infant child, exposing that heavenly breast and life-giving nipple. He imagined the baby's young lips covering the tit, milking it for its needed nourishment.

Joe came into the sink. He unloaded onto an unwashed plate, moaning Kim's name quietly as he did. He rubbed himself a few more times, then quickly rinsed the plate and the small amount of sperm on his hands.

He managed the rest of the breakfast more easily, now that his monster load of cum had been dumped. But a few more leans brought a few more glimpses of Kim's bursting Asian cleavage, and he found himself hard again in no time.

Needless to say. Tomorrow's invitation was accepted with eagerness. This couldn't go on forever. Joe would start his new job the next week, and these little erotic breakfasts would come to an end. "Might as well enjoy it while I can..." he reasoned.

Kim wore the same robe the next morning. She wore the same robe, and once again, Joe was the only one there to appreciate it. Kim made omelets, and performed the usual stretching and reaching routines from the previous days. Joe particularly watched as she stretched high up for something on an upper shelf. His mind told him to offer to get it for her, but his body made him sit, and look to the tight little ass lifting up with her reach.

Oh, yes... Sure enough, a flash of Kim's white silk panties crept out from underneath the robe. Oh, that precious spot between her legs and under her ass. Joe started to wonder why he put himself through this. Why did he continue to come over and be inadvertently boiled to a sexual frenzy?

"Could you screw this top off?"

Joe thought she meant her bra, or he hoped she meant her bra. But the jar in her hand quickly ruined that fantasy. Kim walked to him, rested the jar and the table, and bent forward.

Joe watched the exposed portion of her chest grow from the thin line of her cleavage to the complete sight of her breasts and the lacy pink bra that held them. The robe dangled well below her bursting bosom. Her breasts dangled deliciously in the lacy cups.

Joe sat with his mouth hanging open. He could see nearly every detail of this beautiful Asian woman's chest. He could clearly see the line of skin where her breasts sprouted from her thin frame. He could see the bra straps loosely hanging from her shoulder and the breasts shifting slightly inside the cups. Those same cups indented the skin along the ridge, their firm hold shaping, and supporting the massive size. He again noticed several little freckles, and immediately wished he could kiss them.

"Go ahead, use those strong hands."

Joe almost reached for her tits, but figured she meant the jar. He placed his hand on the round lid, staring at the humps dangling behind it. Kim didn't rise from her position. She held her pose, seemingly unaware of how highly exposed her motherly female parts had become. Those breasts!! Those over sized, Asian breasts held so firmly in that lovely pink bra. And they weren't just large from her pregnancy. Those babies were huge in her wedding photos. She was a large- breasted woman, pure and simple.

As much as he wanted to bathe in the sight of her tits, Joe realized he had better unscrew the top. He twisted it hard, and it came off. Kim reached for the lid, lifting her exposed right breast higher than the left but inducing a maddening jiggle in both.

She then continued cooking, but was interrupted by the baby crying. She interrupted her preparation, and headed for the stairs.

Joe again slid his hand down his pants. He massaged the aching tip of his penis, trying his best to simulate the feel of Kim's smooth, creamy breasts. Then he had an idea. He sprang to his feet, his pants still unzipped. He carefully moved up the stairs, hoping he wouldn't call attention to himself.

He heard Kim cooing in the background, and noticed a light streaming through the door at the end of the hall. He tiptoed towards it, hoping against hope he could pull off his mission.

His heart pounded as he moved his eye in line with the opening. He quickly made out Kim's luxuriant hair, and her slightly rocking head. She was turned away from him, allowing him to move closer to the door to expanding his field of view.

Kim sat on the bed, her arms undoubtedly holding up her newborn to her milky breast. Joe struggled for a look at the creamy skin, praying he could see at least one of her hidden nipples. But her back was directly towards him.

Damn! Joe grew frustrated as Kim began humming to her baby. Then he noticed it! Directly opposite Kim's lovely exposed front was a full-sized mirror. Joe's eyes darted to the reflection, and quickly picked up on Kim's open robe, and the breast she bared for her child.

He couldn't see the nipple... the infant's mouth and head blocked the view. But he could see the full roundness... the gentle slope beginning at the top of the breast and ending in a large, curved mass of brown flesh. His hand went back into his pants, and he began to massage his cock slowly.

He watched as excess milk spilled down her breast, and how she mopped it up with her robe. He watched as Kim closed her eyes. She had stopped humming, and now heaved her breasts with heavy breath.

She was moaning!

Joe quickened the pace on his cock as he realized she was enjoying the sucking. She was getting excited! She moved her hand, as though she was going to touch herself, but evidently thought better of it. She pulled the baby closer, and started squeezing her unused breast with her left hand.

Joe knew he was about to cum. He didn't want to leave, but felt unloading his sperm on her bedroom door wouldn't be too appropriate. He made it back downstairs, and released once again into the sink.

Kim came down a few moments later. Joe's cock returned to life as the glowing beauty stood in front of him, her left nipple clearly visible through the milk dampened robe. Joe ate his breakfast, but wished he had what the baby got.

Kim moved back to her counter, and took a nearby towel into her hands. Joe watched her from the side as she brought the towel against the dampness. He watched the contour of the breast beneath the robe shift and alter as she rubbed herself with the towel. She then slipped the towel inside, palming it against the curved, moistened breast beneath. Joe watched as she dabbed at the milk, and the eventually returned to her cooking.

She didn't bother to reseal her robe. She sat down opposite Joe, the robe sagging wonderfully towards her side and exposing that cleavage. About half the vertical distance of her breasts were visible, and the smooth, shimmering outlines suggested that she was braless once again.

"Well," she said as Joe headed out the door "sorry you haven't had a chance to eat with Bill. I hope I have been good company..."

"The best," Joe replied.

"We'll get together over the weekend, I'm sure. I know he's going in early again tomorrow, but why don't you come over for one last breakfast?"

"I wouldn't miss it!" Indeed not. Joe knew he couldn't refuse looking down her robe one last time. In Bill's company, he completely expected those wonderful tits to be covered.

The last morning began as usual. Kim hugged him as he arrived, pressing her warm, cushioning body against him. Joe noticed one thing different: she had a chain around her neck that disappeared into the closed robe.

Another thing was different. No cooking. The kitchen was without smell, the stove without heat. Joe was a little confused, but figured she just hadn't started yet.

"Have a seat," she offered Joe. Kim sat down beside him, not across. She was at the head of the table, at a ninety degree angle.

She started with small talk, asking about Joe's life in town back before he left. Joe answered her questions, figuring she just wasn't hungry yet. Or maybe she had something finished she had in the fridge or something.

"You know, I have a long time child hood friend, too," Kim said.


"Yes. I have a picture. Would you like to see it?"


Kim smiled, and pulled open her robe. Joe's heart pounded as she willingly exposed her cleavage. The chain that rested against her bosom ended in a small locket. Kim folded back her robe, allowing it to remain open. She grasped the locket, opened it, and held it towards Joe. The chain wasn't that long. As Joe leaned forward to clearly see the picture, he realized he was only inches from her breasts. His body went numb. His breath quickened. His cock screamed at him from within his pants.

In all honesty, he couldn't have told you what the picture was. His eyes looked right past it, and down Kim's magnificent chest. She wore no bra. Her beautiful, large, Asian breasts heaved in front of him, with only enough robe left on them to cover her nipples. The dark skin merged with the shadows that formed further down her body. Her light freckles sat happily beside the glinting light from outside.

Kim closed the locket, but didn't close the robe. She sat across from Joe, talking now about how much she enjoyed having a child. And how she hoped the baby would be a best friend to her. Joe looked at her, allowing his eyes to wander down to her exposed chest as often as possible. He was obsessed, enchanted, and unbelievably aroused by those incredible breasts. Kim continued on about her baby, and the bond she already felt she shared with it.

"Speaking of which..."

Kim cupped her left breast. She squeezed it slightly.

Joe saw the silk above the nipple dampen.

"Excuse me for a minute." Kim got up, and headed for the stairs.

The timing was wise. Joe wondered if he could keep from attacking his friend's wife. He had enjoyed her unconscious views, but today... He wanted her. He wanted to take her, and caress those bouncing breasts and make them his own. He wanted... Joe continued his new ritual and slid his hand into his pants. He wrapped it around his engorged cock, trying to comfort his lust. Come on boy, he thought... can't think about that... He got up, working his cock with a fever. He walked into the family room, pleading with his body not to head for the stairs. His pants were past his hips, making his steps difficult. He jerked himself, fearing any loss of contact would create a moment of weakness. And then... who knows...


Oh shit! Joe pulled his hand out as he heard Kim coming back down the hall. He barely got his pants up before Kim appeared around the corner.

She carried her infant child in her arms.

"You don't mind if I breast-feed, do you?"

Joe stammered out, "N-no." But oh fuck... was she really going to do it? Oh fuck!

The infant tugged at the silk. Joe watched as the tiny hand managed to open her robe in uncontrolled jerks, exposing her dripping nipple in quick flashes. The infant's tiny fingers found there way to the tit, and Joe felt ready to cum his pants as the fragile hand clamped her brown, tender nip.

Kim sat down, and properly opened her robe. She sat directly in front of Joe, unashamed of the gorgeous breast she made naked before him. The baby's mouth quickly found its breakfast, and happily sucked the warm milk from her tit.

Joe watched the tiny mouth purse and suckle the round nipple. He watched the excess milk run out the baby's mouth, down Kim's bare breast, and onto the white silk robe beneath.

He couldn't speak. He couldn't breathe. His body tingled from head to toe as he watched this female, this beautiful Asian female, suckle her infant child to her naked breast. The motherly instinct over-rode any self-consciousness of the nudity of her chest, or the open legs that Joe now realized offered a clear view of her skimpy white panties.

Maybe she just trusted him. Maybe she felt he was so close to Bill, that he certainly would be close enough for this. Joe noticed the locket was gone, and then remembered his own pants were unzipped and open.

He finally looked at her face. Kim's eyes pierced through him as she stared back. She stared back with a look that at first suggested anger. An anger coming from the realization Joe was getting sexually aroused during this perfectly natural female act.

"What have you been doing?' she said in a motherly tone.

She held the infant in her arms, but mostly with her left one. Her right arm pulled away, and brought her hand to her neck. Her fingertips ran against the smooth, creamy brown flesh. They ran down the middle of her chest and over the dark, curved line formed by the pressing of her breasts. She took the robe in hand, and lifted it from her right, dripping nipple.

"Come here, baby... come get your breakfast."

Joe lunged for her. He strode quickly to her, then knelt before her.

"Ohh!" Kim moaned as Joe took the free nipple into his mouth. The warm, sweet milk flowed across his tongue. Joe sucked on her breast, letting the fluid pump freely into his mouth. He gulped it down, sucking her motherly fluid into him... tasting her body... tasting his friend's wife's breast... He kissed the nipple through the stream, allowing milk to drip down Kim's chest and stomach on her right side.

"Oh, baby..." Kim squeezed the breast, milking it for Joe who continued to suck. His eyes looked down her body. Her legs were open, but not all the way. Joe slid his hand under the robe.

"Oh yes... touch mommy..." Kim arched slightly as Joe brought his fingertips against her soaking panties. He was going to fuck her, he knew that. He was going to fuck his best friend's wife. His conscience ordered him to stop, but as his eyes saw the droplets of white milk spatter against her pussy, his body took control.

Joe felt the infant's foot brush against his earlobe. The child continued suckling her left breast, evidently content that it would be enough. He smiled, knowing he was enjoying this more.

His fingers pushed against Kim's sweet, Asian opening.

"Uhhh, ooh yess!" Kim's body flinched, as though she had anticipated the touch for years. He rubbed her slit, feeling the soft silk rub against the ridges of her cunt. He bit her nipple.

"Ahh, uhhhh!" She thrashed slightly. Joe felt her cunt twitch, and slid his fingers past her panties and inside her. Her pussy was warm and moist. He flashed momentarily on Bill, and the realization his fingers were now where Bills' cock had been, where Bill's cock had to be in order to make that child. He felt some milk dripping onto his hand. He rubbed it into her cunt, imagining the sight must have been similar to when her cunt dripped the white of her husband's sperm.

"Oh... my cock..." Joe could barely stand the pain of his raging penis.

"Aww, poor baby! Let mommy have a look!" Joe's moth moved off her breast.

She leaned forward, still clutching her baby, and slid down Joe's already opened pants. His swelled penis popped out and dangled in front of her.

"Look, it's all swollen... want mommy to kiss it and make it better?"

Joe didn't answer. He didn't have to. Kim rested her child on the couch, then pressed her warm, sweet lips against Joe's shaft.

"Oh..." He moaned with the touch.

Kim kissed it several times. Soft kisses. Motherly kisses. She began stroking it, like a mother rubs her child's elbow after a fall.

"Is this better? Does that feel good?"

"Ohh, yess. That feels so good! So good..."

She took it into her mouth, applying tight sucks with the gentle bobbing of her head. She sucked him for a minute or so, cooing reassuring sounds from deep in her throat. Joe watched her lips glisten his cock, and the bobbing of her breasts beneath it. Kim pulled her mouth away, but continued stroking with her hand.

"Why don't you lie down here, and mommy will tuck you in..."

Kim stood and picked up the baby. She let her robe dangle open as she rested the child in a nearby stroller.

In the meantime, Joe stretched out on the couch. He was flat on his back, watching Kim as she returned. She noticed his erect penis poking straight up, and stroked it some more. Then, she dropped her robe. Joe's cock yearned for her touch to return as he beheld Kim's naked body. Her flesh glistened in the streams of milk that ran down her front. She climbed over him. Her dangling breasts brushed against his chest. Her nipples jiggled to his mouth. He kissed each one before Kim moved her own lips to his.

He felt his body humping upwards as Kim pressed against him. His hard cock rubbed against her panties.

"Mommy needs you to get undressed..."

She helped Joe undo the buttons of his shirt. He eagerly slid out of it as he let his eyes become hypnotized by Kim's jiggling tits.

"Mommy needs help getting undressed..."

Joe moved his hands to her hips, and slid off her panties. She wriggled her body and moved up on him, allowing Joe to get them completely off.

"Give mommy a kiss, honey."

Joe kissed the exposed pussy that sat in his face. Kim rubbed it up and down, spreading her juice across is chin and nose.

"Mommy's going to take care of you now. She's going to make your penis feel all better..." She moved back down on him. Joe let his muscles go limp as Kim massaged his bare chest. She moved her hands down and steered his cock into her cunt. She started humping his desperate penis, moving her hips up and down with increasing rhythm.

Joe watched her bouncing body as her cunt tightened on his cock.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Is mommy's pussy helping?"

"Oh yes, ohh, god yes!"

Her breasts bounced with her fucks. Joe reached his hands up, caressing those sweet Asian breasts while those sweet Asian hips drove him into her. He was fucking his best friend's wife. And loving it. Her breasts continued to squirt, Joe caught what could in his mouth and let the rest splash on him.

"Ohh! You're such a good boy!" she screamed.

Joe felt the sperm surge from his cock and into Kim. She squealed as she felt his hot cum lick the insides of her pussy. She slowed her bounces, savoring the feel of his cock as it lost its hardness.

She collapsed on him, and kissed his nose. Joe felt the warm pressure of her cushioning breasts and the poking of her erect nipples.

"Do you need mommy to sleep with you?" she asked.

"Yes," Joe answered. She rested her head against him and closed her eyes. Joe stayed awake for awhile, enjoying the feel of his friend's wife against him. He had to fuck her, he just had to. He felt a small burning of guilt, but it was overshadowed by a more powerful feeling: the anticipation of fucking her again.

He just hoped he was finished before Bill came home.



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