Chapter 1


May lay very still. She knew she was seeing something which she wasn't supposed to see. A dim light was on in the other end of the darkened Winnebago. She could see her Aunt and Uncle lying side by side on the double bed. Sarah, her mother's sister, and Dan, her husband, were kissing. They were lying on top of the cover, with their feet towards where May lay in the sofa bed with her two cousins, Jack and Sally. May could see that the two adults were dressed for bed, and they were just lying there together with their arms around each other kiss- ing.

May couldn't believe that she was here. She hadn't seen her cousins in several years, but two weeks ago, her Aunt Sarah had called her mother and asked if May would like to go on vacation with them. Her mother had agreed and they had stopped in the middle of the night to pick her up at her house. They were going to drive during the night so that they would be at the camping park before morning. Her mother was supposed to drive down in a few days to join them. Her two cousins, 15 year old Jack and 14 year old Sally, had been sacked out on the sofa bed in the middle of the travel vehicle when she got on board. They had woken up and the three of them had talked and giggled for a while before going to sleep. They had just fallen asleep in their clothes there on the sofa bed together. May was on the right side of the bed, towards the back of the vehicle, Sally was in the middle, and Jack was snoring on the other side of Sally.

May had half-woken when she felt the big Winnebago bumping over rough terrain. Shortly after this she had been vaguely aware of her aunt and uncle moving past where they slept to the back of the trailer, and realized that they must have reached their destination. She had just about dozed back off when she heard her aunt giggle. She had peeked to see what was going on and discovered that they were smooching. Her aunt had on a short gown and her uncle had on pajamas. Now as she watched, she saw Dan sliding his hands all over Sarah's big tits, and then she saw him pull the strap of her gown down and take hold of her bare tit. As she watched, she saw him lower his head to her breast. With his head in the way, she couldn't be too sure, but she had the impression that he was kissing her tits. Dan slid down on the bed a little, and, as he moved, his crotch came into May's view. She almost gasped aloud at what she saw. His pajama pants were bulging! From the way his pants were sticking out, she knew he had an "erection" as the books on sex called it. Then she saw him slide his hand up between Sarah's legs, pulling her gown up as he did so. When he reached her crotch, she opened her legs and May saw him slide his finger right up inside of her pussy! From the angle she had, she could actually see his finger disappear through the black hair and go up her slit. She saw her aunt reach down and slide her hand inside the waist of Dan's pajama pants. From the way Sarah's hand was moving back and forth, May knew that her aunt was stroking Dan's penis. She held her breath as she watched.

After several minutes, she saw her uncle raise up and slide over on top of her aunt. She saw her aunt pushing his pajamas down, and she almost gasped when his butt came into view. She had never seen a man's butt, and she was very excited at getting to view her uncle's. She realized that she was "sexually aroused" as the books called it. She knew her virgin 13 year old pussy was wet with juice. She had played with her pussy enough to know the excited feeling.

She saw her aunt pull her legs up, her knees sticking up on each side of her uncle's thighs. She knew that they were about to have sex, or "fuck" as some of her more experienced friends at school called it.

May saw her uncle's buttocks tighten as he pushed against her aunt, and she realized that he must have just put his penis inside of her vagina. May almost giggled out loud. She was thinking in the terms which she had seen in the books. Her friend, Jill, would have said that he just stuck his dick in her pussy. As she watched, she saw her uncle's buttocks tighten and relax as he thrust into his wife and then withdrew. May lay very still and watched his butt, looking at the way the muscles tightened and relaxed as he repeatedly thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew. Dan was doing it faster now. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing at a much faster rate. She could hear her aunt sort of moaning and groaning in time with Dan's thrusts. It sounded like her aunt was really enjoying what she was getting. May saw Sarah's hands slide down over Dan's ass. Sarah had hold of his butt checks, pulling and pushing, encouraging him in his thrusts. Suddenly, she saw her aunt's legs jerk upward and heard her begin to kind of moan and cry. She say her uncle shove forward hard and hold tight up against her. His buttocks were clenched tightly and she could hear him gasping and groaning. She realized that they must be "climaxing" and that his organ must be shooting his stuff up inside of her.

After a few moments, they lay still. May was hoping that her uncle would raise up and that she would see his dick when he pulled it out of her aunt, but they just lay there. May drifted off to sleep before the couple moved, so she didn't get to see Dan raise up and slide off of Sarah and pull his pajamas up.

May was awakened by a hand shaking her shoulder.

"May, rise and shine," she heard Sarah's voice. Sleepily, May rolled over onto her back. She had been having the most wonderful dream. She had been watching her uncle's bare butt, thrusting and pushing. But it had been her he was thrusting and pushing into!

Looking around, she saw that Sally was sitting up beside her, rubbing her eyes and Jack was sitting on the side of the sofa bed on the other side of Sally. Sarah laughed at them.

"You guys got a lot more sleep than we did last night, and we're having to wake you up," she laughed at them. "Come on, I've got breakfast ready." She motioned toward the front of the vehicle, and May saw that the booth-like table was set with bacon and eggs. Dan was putting forks on the table. The kids didn't need any more encouragement. All three of them scrambled off the bed and headed for the table.

After breakfast, they all went out together to look around the camping park. They were parked in a wooded section near a river. There was only one other vehicle in that section of the park, a big conversion van, parked three campsites away. There was a small building next to the conversion van which May guessed was some sort of bath house. Their campsite was all the way on the end of the row, and it had a picnic table and a campfire circle.

They walked down the road past the conversion van and when they rounded a curve in the drive, May saw a swimming pool ahead. Beyond the swimming pool, there were more campsites, and what looked like a lodge. They walked on down to the swimming pool, and discovered that there was a concession stand alongside it. The kids went around to inspect the pool while Dan and Sarah walked on down to the lodge.

"Hey, look over there," Jack whispered to the girls. He was looking back up the road in the direction of their campsite. The girls saw another girl coming down the road. The new girl was a cute looking blond, a little on the chubby side. The thing which had attracted Jack was her figure. She had large bouncy tits which were threatening to fall out of the skimpy halter top which she was wearing. Her shorts were so tight that it looked like she had been poured into them.

"Jack's hormones are acting up," Sally giggled to May as the girl approached them.

"Hi," she said as she came up to them. She looked to be about 15 years old, and was quite pretty in spite of being just a little heavy. May and Sally realized that her greeting was really directed to Jack, but they all responded. They found that she was from the conversion van which they had passed on the way down, and that she was there with her mother and father, who were still asleep. Her name was Bunny, and she had been hoping that someone else her age would show up soon. Again, she seemed much more interested in Jack than in the other girls. They talked to Bunny until Dan and Sarah came out of the lodge and called them.

"Bunny's hormones are acting up, too," Sally giggled to May as they trotted over to where the grownups were waiting.

"The bath house is available for us to use," Sarah told them, "so we won't be stuck with the tiny shower in the bus. "Besides the van we passed, we're the only ones on our side of the swimming pool right now."

They looked around the area some more, then they all headed back for the campsite except Jack, who was over by the pool talking to Bunny again.

Dan and Sarah were walking several yards ahead of the girls, with their arms around each other.

"I wonder how they are going to manage being in that trailer with us for a whole week," Sally giggled to May.

"What do you mean?" May asked.

"Well, they like to screw a lot," Sally explained. "Jack and I hear them going at it almost every night. I wonder how they are going to manage with us in the same room with them."

May giggled and whispered what she had seen the night before to Sally. Sally got very excited, wanting to know all the details. She was disappointed when May confessed that she had not seen Dan's prick.

"You should see it," she whispered. "It's huge! Much bigger than Jack's!"

"You've seen them?" May asked.

"Sure," Sally replied. "Well, I've never seen Dad's hard, but it's bigger soft than Jack's is when he's got a hardon," she giggled.

"You've seen Jack's hard?" May asked with disbelief.

"Yeah, and you probably will too, before this week is out," she giggled. "And I'll bet Bunny will see it too, if Jack has anything to say about it," she laughed.

When they came up to the bath house, Sally called out to her parents that they were going to stop there.

"I've gotta pee," Sally told May. May was feeling the urge, too, so the two girls went into the ladies side of the bath house. When they got inside, they realized that they could hear a shower running. It seemed to be coming from the men's side. Sally held her finger up to her lips, indicating to May to be quiet. May wondered what her cousin was up to. She followed as Sally moved silently into the shower area. She seemed to be looking at the wall separating the men's and women's areas, then she grinned and motioned to May to follow her. She moved right up to the wall and pointed to two holes in the wall. She bent down and peered through one of the holes. May bent over and looked through the other hole. What she saw made her blood boil up! There was a naked man in the other side, standing under the shower. He was on the other side of the shower from the wall and had his back to the girls. May could see his butt, all hairy and hard looking. As they watched, he turned around and faced directly towards the girls! They could see his prick, hanging down between his legs. To May, it seemed huge. The man, who looked to be about the same age as Dan, was soaping his stomach. He slid his hand down to his crotch and began to soap his large hairy balls. Then his hand came up and encircled his large organ, sliding up and down along the length of it, covering it with soap. As the girls watched, they saw his prick beginning to stiffen as his hand slid up and down it. It got stiffer and stiffer, rising up until it extended straight out from his crotch. May couldn't see as well as she would have liked to, because of the soap covering it and his hand sliding up and down on it. However, she could see the large purple knob, coming into view each time the man's hand moved down towards the base of the huge shaft. After several moments, the man turned back towards the shower head and began to wash the soap off of his body. When he turned back around again, the girls saw that his dick had softened, and was now pointing out and down, rather than standing up as it had been. The man turned back toward the shower head again, and let the water run over him a few more moments, then he turned the water off. He moved out of their view through the door into the main dressing area.

Sally quickly moved out of the shower area and began to search the wall in the main dressing area. Finally, she spotted some more peep holes. The girls found, though, when they looked through, that the man had finished drying himself off and was putting his clothes on. They watched until he had completely dressed, and they saw him leave the bath house.

As soon as he had gone, May suddenly realized that she was becoming desperate to pee. Evidently, Sally was feeling the same way, because both girls rushed into the stalls to do their business. When May came out, she met Sally coming out of the next stall.

"Wow, did you see the size of his dick?" Sally giggled.

"Yeah," May replied. "But how did you know about the knot holes?"

"Oh, there are always peep holes between the men's and women's sides in these places," Sally told her. "I've peeked through lots of them."

"Hey, that means that they can peek at us, too," May suddenly realized.

"Oh yeah, I've been peeked at lots of times," Sally told her. "I usually give them a good show when I know they're watching." May couldn't believe her ears, but the idea sounded so exciting that she hoped she would get a chance to show herself off.

"I'll bet that was Bunny's dad," Sally guessed as they walked back toward the campsite. They didn't get a chance to discuss it any further at the moment, though, because Sarah came out of the vehicle as they approached, and called for them to hurry and help them set up camp.

They busied themselves getting folding chairs and other equipment out of the vehicle and setting up camp. Jack returned and joined in the work. He and Dan hung a large hammock between two trees while the females arranged the camp furniture around the entrance to the big camping bus. May noticed that, for some reason, Dan seemed to have selected a place to hang the hammock which was isolated from view. It was in behind some trees and bushes, and was visible only from the bus.

After they had finished arranging the campsite, Sarah commented that she could use a shower and asked the girls if they would like to join her. They got their clothes and towels and walked down to the bath house. May was thinking about the holes in the wall, and she was sure that Sally was thinking the same thing. She decided that she was going to watch the holes to see if she could tell if anyone was watching.

The three of them quickly undressed and went into the shower area. It was one big area, and was not divided into stalls. May turned on the shower and began soaping herself, keeping an eye on the knotholes across the room. Sally was using the shower head next to her and Sarah was just beyond Sally. Sarah was a tall, well-built woman. Her tits were large and firm, jutting out proudly from her chest. Her stomach was slightly rounded, and the juncture of her legs was covered with a thick bush of jet black curls. Sally, like her mother, was tall, with firm tits standing up proudly, accented by her flat youthful stomach. Unlike Sarah, who was a brunette, Sally was a redhead like her father. Her auburn curls were matched by a thin covering of rust colored curls between her legs. May, being a year younger than Sally, was not as well endowed. Her titties were much smaller, being about the size of oranges, but her nipples were very large and puffy, about like silver dollars, almost covering her still developing titties. Her cunthair below her flat stomach, was almost nonexistent, being a thin growth of short blonde curls.

As May lathered her tits, she glanced at the peepholes again. She thought she saw a movement behind one of the holes! Being careful not to appear to be stareing, she looked closer. Yes! She was sure she could make out an eye behind one of the holes! Someone was watching! She glanced at Sally. Sally looked at her and nodded imperceptibly at the hole. Yes, Sally had seen it too.

May kept her front towards the hole, lathering her titties and squeezing them, aware that her large nipples were becoming quite hard. She glanced at Sally and saw that she was facing directly toward the peep hole and was washing her pussy, her legs slightly apart, giving the watcher a look directly between her legs. Sarah, beyond Sally, had her back to the peep hole. She dropped her soap on the floor and bent over to pick it up, with her ass pointing straight toward the hole. May realized that whoever was watching was getting a perfect look up between Sarah's legs. When Sarah straightened up, May saw her glance toward the far wall. Well, how about that, Aunt Sarah knew they were being watched and she was showing off, too. For several minutes, all three females continued to wash themselves and expose themselves to the unseen watcher. Finally, they turned off the water and moved to the dressing area. May sat on a bench, with her knees straight toward the holes in the wall across the room. She saw movement behind a hole and spread her legs, drying her pussy in full view of the watcher!

When they were dressed, the three girls casually gathered up their things and walked out the door into the fresh sunshine.

When they were alone, May and Sally talked about what had happened in the shower. Sally agreed with May that her mother had been aware of the watcher and had deliverately exposed herself. The girls decided that it must have been Bunny's father, because both Jack and Dan were stretched out on lounge chairs at the campsite when they got back there.


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    As I am a 22 yr old woman I enjoyed this. It got me worked up! Maybe a little more reluctance on the girls part. Maybe anal before vaginal for fear of pregnancy? thanks for the story now I want to grab my 18 yr old brother and screw his brains out! Signed Stephanie