Brother Dearest


Penny rushed home. She walked through the front gate and saw her father's car in the driveway. That meant her dad was back from the train station with her brother. Bob was already home. `Damn,' she thought, `I wanted to be here when he arrived.' She looked down at the front of her mini-skirt. The stain was still there, but was less noticeable. She decided to take a chance. Penny entered the front door and yelled "hi everyone, I'm home." Bob came out of the kitchen, wearing his army uniform. She ran and gave him a big hug. "Sorry I'm late." she said, "Practice ran over. I didn't even stop to shower, I wanted to see you so badly."

Her brother grinned. "Judging by the way you smell, you were practicing more than cheerleading."

Penny turned red. "Bob!"

"You better go upstairs and wash up before Mom gets a whiff of you."

Embarrassed, Penny let go of her brother and ran to her room. "Your late." Her mother called, "Dinner will be ready in a half hour."

"All right Mom." Penny yelled back. `Wow, my brother could smell it.' She thought. `Sex is so wicked.' Penny closed the door of her room. She put her books down and pulled her sweater off over her head. She shook her hair out. She put her hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. She turned and looked in the mirror. Penny could see John's dried cum on her left tit. She started getting hot again. She unsnapped her mini-skirt and unzipped the zipper. It fell to the floor. She looked at the panties of her cheerleader costume and saw the widening love juice stain. She felt the wetness building up inside of her. She pushed her uniform panties down and stood naked except for her lacy panties. They came off next. Penny grabbed her robe and ran into the bathroom. A cold shower would take those thoughts away. * * * * A little while later, still in her robe, Penny came down- stairs. "I didn't have time to get dressed before dinner." she explained.

"That's O.K." her mom said "Dinner's ready now."

They went into the dining room. Her father and Bob were already sitting down. Penny joined them. "Well Penny." her father said. "I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Bob is home. The bad news is that he can't stay the two weeks we thought he would be here. He has to report back Friday night."

"But this is Monday. Friday is only a few days away. That's not fair." Penny cried.

"Orders are orders." Bob shrugged.

"You're mother and I were thinking" her father continued, "that on Friday, we would drive Bob to the camp. Its only about five hours from here. We could spend a little more time with our son, and then drive back through the mountains and stay at our favorite hotel for a couple of days. Come back Sunday night. Unfortunately Penny, you have school on Friday, so you'll have to stay here. Mr. Jones told your mother that his daughter, Lisa, will be back from college for the weekend. We're going over there tonight to ask if she can stay with you while we're away."

Penny was stunned. Bob would only be home a short while, her parents were going to take off on short notice, and they were going to get her a baby-sitter. "That's not necessary." She frowned.

"Maybe not, but we'll feel better." Her father explained.

Lisa was strange Penny thought. She was the best looking girl in town bar none. Her brother would have give his right arm to make it with her. No such luck. All the boys flocked around her. Well, maybe she could learn something from Lisa about boys. "Well if that's how it has to be, I'll make the best of it." Penny said.

Dinner continued with the normal conversations of a family in which one of its members had been away for a while. After dinner Penny's mom told her to go upstairs, get dressed and do her homework. "But I want to talk to Bob some more." Penny pleaded.

"After your home work is finished, you'll have plenty of time to talk." her mother directed. "Upstairs young lady."

Penny reluctantly went to her room. "I'll be down here when you're done." Bob called.

She closed the door behind her. Homework she thought, how boring. Penny picked her books off of the floor. She sat down at her desk and opened her English Lit book. After a minute or two, it became clear that she couldn't concentrate. Her mind was on other things, what she did with John that afternoon, Leroy's huge hard-on, her brother, what she might learn from Lisa, Kathy being fucked in the ass at the point, Jill sucking off a guy in front of John, Leroy fucking all of the cheerleaders, maybe more than one at the same time.

She turned around and saw the pile of clothes she had taken off that afternoon. She went over to it, picked up her bra and panties, then laid down on her bed. She slipped her robe off. Penny examined the bra. She saw John's cum stains on it. She rubbed the bra on her tits; her nipples immediately became erect. She laid the bra on her chest, between her breasts, with one cup near her neck and the other on her stomach. She picked up her panties, brought them to her face and sniffed them.

The smell of sex started her juices flowing. Penny reached under her bed and picked up her favorite magazine, couples fuck- ing and sucking in all sorts of positions. As she turned the pages of the magazine, she began playing with her nipples.

Her panties were on her chin, where she could smell them. As the pictures in her magazine became more and more explicit, she moved her hand from her tits to her cunt. Slowly, she began to caress the moist, silky hole. Her fingers found her clit and flicked at it. She rolled the clit around between her thumb and forefinger, and stuck her index finger into her hole. She moaned softly as she continued sniffing her panties, looking at pictures and masturbating herself.

"Hi kid!" Her brother said as he entered the room. Not seeing Penny at her desk, he turned and saw his little sister with a pair of panties near her face, a hand busy fingering her cunt and a dirty magazine in her other hand. Penny woke from her erotic bliss in an instant. She threw the magazine away, pulled the panties from her face and tried to cover herself with the robe. Bob walked slowly over to her and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Mom and Dad went over to Mr. Jones to ask about Lisa and this weekend." He explained softly. "I got bored and came up here to see if my little sister needed any help with her homework. What I found is that my sister isn't little anymore."

"Please don't tell Mom!" Penny begged.

"Why would I do that?" Bob asked. "I'm your big brother, I'm here to help you not hurt you." "Thanks." Penny yelped meekly.

"Do you need some help?" Bob asked gently. As he did, he moved her robe revealing her leg, her stomach and her left tit. Her nipple was rock hard. "Answer me Penny, would you like me to help you?"

Her heart was beating incredibly fast. Bob's hand was on her thigh and moving up. He gently massaged her thigh flesh with one hand and caressed her face with the other. Penny lost control. "Help me Bob, please help me!" she groaned

"What do you want me to do?" He asked innocently.

"Make me cum!" Penny pleaded. "Make me cum!"

Bob moved his hand from her thigh, up over her cunt and put two fingered deep in her hole. She gasped. He moved his other hand from her face, opened the remaining part of her robe and place his fingers on a tit. Penny squirmed beneath him. He reached over, and took her panties from beside her and stuffed them into her mouth, then returned the hand to her nipples. As he continued to work on his sister, she began to rock back and forth, pushing her cunt harder into his hand. He moved his fingers from her hole to her clit and rolled it around.

"You're going to cum for your big brother, aren't you Penny?"

`Yes' she nodded. He moved the hand in her cunt back down, inserted his pinky and the finger next to it into her hole, and moved his index finger into her asshole. Penny screamed into the panties in her mouth. Bob took his other hand from her tit and replaced it with his mouth, sucking an erect little nipple into his lips and rolling it around like candy. Penny was shaking violently under the workings of his hands. Her hips moved from left to right and back, and pushed into the hand in her cunt.

"Cum for me Penny, cum for your big brother, NOW." He commanded.

`Yes, yes!' She nodded. "I'm going to cum. I'm CUMMING!" she screamed into the panties "I'm CUMMING!" Her hips rose off the bed and pushed fiercely into his hand. Her cream pulsed from her cunt. Bob took her bra and soaked up the juices flowing from her young snatch. Moments later it was over. Penny laid there ex- hausted. Bob took the panties from her mouth.

"How are you doing kid?" He asked.

"O.K., great." she replied weakly.

"Mom and Dad will be back soon. I'm going to go now. You don't mind if I take this bra as a souvenir do you?" He asked. Penny shook her head no. "Good," he said "tomorrow night, Mom and Dad are going to the Petersons' to play bridge. I'm supposed to go, but I'll decline. When you get home from school tomorrow, there'll be a package on your bed. If you want more of this put whatever is in the package on, and be laying on this bed spread eagle at eight 'o clock sharp. If you don't want more, just lock the door. Got it?"

"Yes." She said.

"Good." He replied. Bob leaned over and kissed her in the valley between her breasts, got up, went out and closed the door behind him.

A little while later Penny's parents came home. "Penny isn't down yet?" Her mother asked Bob.

"I saw her a little while ago." He replied. "She said she was tired from the long practice and was going to bed after she finishes her homework. How did it go with Mr. Jones?"

"Pretty well." His father said. "George called Lisa and she said she would be glad to do it."

"That's good." Bob agreed. "Well, I'm pretty tired myself. Good night Mom, goodnight Dad." He kissed his mother and went upstairs.

Penny couldn't believe what had just happened. Her own brother. She started to ooze just thinking about it. Then, she dozed off to sleep.

The next day, Tuesday, Penny couldn't concentrate on any- thing. She just wanted eight 'o clock to get there. School, lunch, cheerleading practice all dragged on. John spoke to her, but she didn't hear him, she just nodded. Finally, she could go home. Bob wasn't there when she got there. Her mother told her he was out with friends, but would be back for dinner. She told Penny to hurry up and finish her homework, because, Bob had decided not to play bridge with her and father that night at the Petersons, but was going to stay home with Penny. Penny smiled and said she would do her homework right away.

She raced upstairs to her room. Once inside, she closed the door and spotted the package on her bed. She opened it to find a flimsy push-up half bra, in black with red trim, a matching garter belt and panties, black stockings with seams and red lace top, and shoes, pumps with 4 inch heels. The panties tied on each side, and could be taken off by opening the bows. She trembled as she put the clothes away and waited.

At dinner, Bob acted like nothing was happening. After dinner, at about 7, Penny's parents said they were going to play bridge. Bob said he was tired and wanted to lay down for a while before watching TV with Penny later. Their mother kissed him good night and said to have a good time. Bob just smiled. The next hour dragged on for Penny. At about 7:30, she took her clothes off and walked naked about her room. At 7:45, she began to get ready. Penny put the black bra on and hooked it behind her. Her nipples peeked out above the lace trim. She fastened the garter belt, and carefully hooked the stockings to it. She made sure the seams were straight. Next, she put on the bowtie panties. Some of her blonde pubic hair was visible from the sides. She combed her hair, put on the high heels and laid down on her bed, spreading her legs to wait for her brother. Her heart pounding rapidly.

Bob didn't disappoint her. At 8 sharp, he came into her room, dressed in a pair of slacks and a button down shirt. "Hello Penny." He said. "Time for your next lesson?"

"Yes." She said softly.

"Well Penny, tell me what you did yesterday afternoon to get yourself all worked up. Don't leave anything out." Penny told him of her experience with John, and of Leroy's come on. She went into great detail. Just describing the action caused her to start flowing. Bob undid one of the bows on her panties and put his hand inside, resting it on her pussy. He began to gently rub her young love hole, running a finger along the slit. Penny closed her eyes and concentrated on the actions of his hand. Bob took out a plastic bag from his pocket. In it was Penny's bra from the night before, all stained from her cream.

"Open your mouth Penny." Bob commanded. She obeyed. Bob put the cum drenched bra into her mouth. "You suck on this." He said, "While I suck on you." He undid the other bow on her panties, and pushed the material covering her love nest aside. Bob bent down between her thighs, kissing the soft flesh below her cunt. Penny was sucking her own cum from her bra. She put her hand on his head and pulled it up towards her cunt. Bob keep kissing her thighs as his mouth approached her slit. His hands went to her cunt lips and spread them apart. He looked at the moist, pink softness that was his sister's cunt and slowly ran his tongue the length of her opening.

Penny reacted immediately, pushing her cunt into his mouth. She sucked harder on the cum soaked bra, and began playing with her nipples. Bob thrust his tongue deep into her hole and began moving it rapidly. He changed to an in, out motion, tongue fucking his younger sister's cunt. Penny moaned loudly into the bra.

The juices were flowing heavily from her box. Bob stopped tongue fucking her, moved his mouth to the top of her cunt and took her clit to his lips. He gently chewed it, flicked it with tongue and rolled it between his lips. His hands moved to her bottom. Bob spread her ass cheeks and inserted a finger in her asshole. Penny went wild. She began to buck up and down, roughly pinch a nipple with one hand and push Bob's head further onto her cunt with the other. Bob took a hand off of her ass and came around to feel her tits. He moved his mouth from her clit, went down all along her slit a for a few minutes, then returned to her clit. Penny came with a loud passion, muffled only by the bra in her mouth. Bob took her little black panties and sopped up residue flow from her snatch.

He removed the finger from her ass and the bra from her mouth. He moved to her face and passionately kissed his younger sister, their tongues intertwined.

"My turn." He said. Bob got off the bed, stood up and unzipped his fly. Penny watched as he put his hand in to retrieve his cock. Just then the downstairs door opened.

"We're home." Penny and Bob heard their mother's voice say. Bob took his hand out of his pants and zipped them up. He turned to leave, taking one last look at his sister laying there with her breasts overflowing the little bra, her glistening cunt framed by the black laced garter belt and a look of want and need on her face.

"See you later kid." He said as he left the room and closed the door. Penny sighed. She wanted to satisfy him like he had her. Well, she thought, there'll be another time. She reached for her panties and put them into her mouth to suck out the cream that Bob had so thoughtfully saved for her. Her hands went to her cunt and she played with herself while thinking of her brother.

Bob went to the bathroom to wash up. He went downstairs to ask why his parents were home so early. They explained that the game was boring and that Mrs. Peterson had a headache. As there was no substitute, they called it quits. Penny came down a short while latter. The family watched TV for a couple of hours before going to bed. As Penny and Bob went upstairs to their rooms, Bob said to her "Penny, skip practice tomorrow and come home right after school. Mom is going shopping in the City and won't be home until close to 6. Wear what's in the package that will be on your bed. I'll be in your room at 3:30. This time, be on your knees, facing a side of the bed." Penny smiled and nodded her agreement. She kissed her brother on the cheek and went into her room.



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