Penny Learns a Lesson


The next day Penny did just as she was told to do. After telling her coach that she had a problem at home and had to miss practice, Penny raced home and went right to her room, not even stopping to see if Bob was in the house. She stripped her clothes off and went over to the package on the bed. There was a note from Bob which read `just wear the garter and stockings and the shoes from yesterday. B.' Penny opened the package and found a red half bra with black lace trim, matching panties with a slit over the crotch, a matching garter belt and black fishnet stock- ings with seams. She hooked on the garter belt and the stockings, then found her high heeled shoes from the night before. She put the rest of the things in her dresser drawer, then walked over to her bed, dropped to her knees and waited obediently for Bob.

Promptly at 3:30 he entered her room. Bob was completely naked. He walked over to Penny and stood before her, his cock inches from her mouth. He reached down and cupped one of her naked breasts. He took the nipple between two fingers and squeezed. Penny shuttered. She saw that he was bigger than John, but smaller than Leroy.

"Shall we resume where we left off?" He asked. Penny nodded `yes.' "Put your hands on my ass". She obeyed. Bob took his hand to his cock and began stroking it to an erection. He moved closer to Penny and brushed his dick over her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes and across her lips. "Do you want it?" He asked.... Penny nodded `yes', feeling his cock flesh on her face. "Where do you want it?" He asked. "In my mouth." Penny whispered.

"I couldn't hear you." Bob replied.

"In my mouth!" Penny said louder.

"Ask me nicely." Bob said as a droplet of cum appeared on the tip of his prick. He rubbed the droplet on Penny's lips. Her tongue came out to taste it.

"Please Bob, may I suck your cock. I want to please you. I want to taste your cum. I want it so bad. I need it. Please Bob, please let me suck your cock." She begged. Penny could feel the cream dripping from her exposed cunt. She wanted to play with herself, but Bob had commanded her to hold his ass.

"You may suck me off." Bob said, granting her request. "What do you say?"

"Thank you, oh thank you Bob." Penny opened her mouth and Bob slowly pushed his erect shaft into her oral opening. Penny felt the hard, velvety member move pass her teeth. She brought her tongue up to touch it. She savored her first taste of cock, her brother's. Bob pushed his prick further into her mouth. "Press your lips tightly around it." He Instructed. She complied. "Move your head back and forth." She obeyed. "Take one hand off my ass and lightly play with my balls. Put a finger of your other hand gently into my asshole." Penny did as she was told. "Use your tongue."

Bob put his hands on the back of Penny's head to guide her sucking action at the speed that he liked it. As his cock pis- toned in and out of her moving mouth, her tongue licked the underside of his dick, from the base to the head.

Penny moved her head back and the stiff prick slipped out of her lips. Bob took it in one hand and raised it to give Penny access to his balls. She moved her tongue to his cockhead, and licked the underside of it down to the base, then moved her mouth lower to his hairy balls. She licked all around the hang- ing testicles, then gently took one in her mouth. She licked it thoroughly, it just seemed the natural thing to do.

Penny moved up and reached for Bob's cock. She took it in her hand and aimed it at her approaching mouth. She swallowed the entire shaft to the base, then held it as her mouth moved all along it, her tongue in action as well. She put her other hand at Bob's ass, and put her index finger in his asshole. `She learns quickly.' Bob thought.

"This is it!" Bob exclaimed. "Keep sucking baby, keep suck- ing!" He put his hands on her hair and controlled her head action. Suddenly, his prick erupted in her mouth. She swallowed three or four spurts of cum. Then, Bob pulled his cock from her mouth and shot the remaining spurts on her face. Penny was dis- appointed that she didn't get to taste the entire orgasm, but the sensation of his cum spurting on her face, caused her to cum right after him.

After Bob stopped shooting cum, Penny put his dick back in her mouth and licked it clean. Then Penny went over to her dresser and took out a pair of panties. She brought them to her cunt and soaked up her juices. She walked over to her bro- ther, who was laying on his back on her bed watching her, and laid down beside him. She gave him the cum soaked panties.

"If you need a snack latter." She explained as she placed a hand on his limp penis. Bob smiled, took the panties in one hand and one of her tits in the other.

"Thanks." He said. "Mom and Dad are going to a dinner party tomorrow night. Its my last night here. Do you want to make it special?"

"Yes." She whispered.

"You know what's left?"


"O.K. Tomorrow then...

"Alright." She smiled that slut smile. Bob squeezed her tit gently, took the panties and left, closing the door behind him. Penny rolled onto her back, and slowly masturbated herself until she came one more time, then drifted off to sleep.

* * * *

The next afternoon, when Penny returned home from cheerlead- ing practice, her parents were upstairs getting ready for their dinner party. Bob wasn't around. Penny called out hello, then went to her room and locked the door behind her. She smiled at the sight of the package on her bed. She walked over to it, and picked up the envelope attached to it.

`Dear Penny,' it read, `in this package is a skirt, a blouse and some make-up. Tonight, wear the red bra, panties and garter belt with the black seamed stockings from the night before, as well as these clothes and the shoes I bought you. Put on make-up like the enclosed picture. See you at 7. B.'

Penny looked at the picture. It was of a woman with heavy make-up, like that of a whore. Penny got all hot thinking of the coming evening. There was a knock on her door. When she opened it, her mother was there, ready to leave.

"Good-night baby." She said. "We'll be home about 11. I wish we didn't have to go, but your father's business, you know. Your brother should be home soon. Warm up the meat in the fridge for dinner and you two have fun."

"We will Mom. You have a good time, love you." Penny kissed her mother on the cheek and watched her go downstairs. Since it was after 5:30, and she knew the make-up would take a long time to put on, so she decided to start getting ready. She took off all her clothes and put on the red panties, garter belt and stockings. She slipped into the shoes and sat down at her make- up table.

The blush, the heavy blue eye make-up, the mascara all around her eyes, took a while to put on correctly. She polished her long nails bright red, then put on matching lipstick. She had some jewelry that fit the outfit and put that on too. Next, she hooked on the red bra. She hadn't worn it before. It was even silkier and sexier then the black one her brother had given her the night before. This one just propped up the under- side of her breasts a little. Her nipples, and most of her tits for that matter were completely exposed.

She put on her new blouse. It was a button down, sheer silk one with no breast pockets. You could see her nipples through it. Then she slipped on the leather mini-skirt. It was so short that its hem was just below the tops of her stockings. It buttoned down the front.

When she was all finished, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She looked like a slut. She felt like a slut, and she wanted to be a slut. Penny looked at a clock. It was 6:45. Just then the phone rang. She picked up the receiver.

"Hello, I want to speak to Penny." The voice on the other end of the line said. Penny recognized her brother's accent.

"This is Penny." She said.

"I read your ad in the paper. How much do you charge?" Penny immediately understood his game. "$100 an hour." She answered.

"What do I get?"

"Anything you want."

"What's your address?"

Penny gave her brother the address.

"I'll be over in ten minutes."

"I'll be waiting." She said as she hung up the phone. `So that's why he wanted me to dress like this.' She thought. `To- night, I'm to be his whore. Well, I'll be the best whore he ever will have.'

The door bell rang. Penny opened the door and Bob asked "Are you Penny?"

"Yes." She answered. "Come in."

Bob followed her in and closed the door behind him. "Have a seat." She said. "Can I get you anything to drink?" "No thanks." "How long will you be staying?"

"About two maybe three hours."

"That'll be two maybe three hundred dollars, payable in advance."

Bob smiled. He reached into his wallet and took out 3 one hundred dollar bills. He motioned for her to come to him. When she did, he lifted her skirt slightly and placed the money in the top of one of her stockings. "I own you for the next three hours." He remarked.

"Yes you do. What shall I do first?"

"Sit down next to me, lift your skirt and play with your- self."

Penny sat down, spread her legs, bunched her skirt up around her hips and put her fingers through the open crotch of her red panties to her pussy. She inserted one of the red tipped fingers into her slit, and moved it rapidly around. Bob watched for a few minutes, then reached over and opened her blouse. He pulled its tails out of her skirt but left the blouse on.

"On your knees facing the couch." He told her. Penny took her hand from her cunt, slipped onto the floor on her knees and turned towards the sofa. Bob got up and got behind her. He too dropped to his knees. She heard his zipper open. He raised her skirt and draped it over her ass. He moved against her. She felt his prick begin to swell as he rubbed it against her pantied clad ass.

After a minute or two he said. "Put it in real nice - slut." Penny reached between her legs and found his shaft. She put her hand around it and guided it to her cunt hole. She rubbed it along the length of her slit. Then, as he stood perfectly still, she pushed herself back onto his cock and slipped it into her pussy. Finally, after so long, she was being fucked.

Bob began fucking into her virgin cunt with a passion. He reached around her slim firm body and squeezed her tits. She pushed her ass back to meet his every thrust. "Play with my balls." Bob instructed.

Penny again reached between her legs, and found his scrotum. She caressing his nuts and scratched them lightly with her bright red nails as he continued fucking her from behind.

Bob let go of her tits. He brought his hands to her hips and guided her thrusting motion onto his prick. "I'm gonna cum baby. Oh your soooo fine.... Cum with me baby.... Cum with your big brother!" He exclaimed.

With that Bob began to shoot his load into his little sisters pussy. She felt his hot sperm entering her filling her and came also in long shudders, her body convulsed around her brothers thrusting shaft.

When Bob had emptied his load almost completely he pulled out, and the last few pulses of his cum fell on her ass.

Penny slumped forward. Bob moved back slightly and said. "Clean me up please."

Penny turned around, took her brother's cock in her mouth and licked off his cum and her cream. Then Bob got up with a groan and sat on the sofa. He told Penny to turn around on her knees and face his lap, that he wasn't done with her yet. She did this.

He told her to suck him back to an erection. And She moved her head down to his cock and took him in her mouth. She kissed his prick from the head to the base, then sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Then she moved back to the cockhead, and began licking his entire shaft. Her technique worked, he shortly had another hard-on. What a wonderful feeling... His little sister had learned her lessons well, his whole body felt wonderful, as his sister sucked, licked and nibbled his shaft and nuts, all Bob could think of was how good she was making him feel. Then BAM.. she had brought him to the top again, and as his sperm rushed from his balls up through his shaft causing that wonder- full feeling... his sperm shot out in wave after wave filling his little sisters mouth with his life's seed... Yes this was truly the best piece of ass he'd ever had.

* * * *

The next morning at breakfast, Penny said her good-byes to her brother like any sister would. Her mother reminded her that Lisa would be there when Penny returned from school. As Penny left the house, Bob walked her to the front door. She kissed him hard on the lips, allowing her tongue to slip into his mouth. She squeezed his crotch, winked at him, turned and walked away.

As Penny watched her dad drive Bob down the street on the way to the station, she thought...Well tomorrow is Saturday.... I think John will be surprised... THE END



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