Chapter 2


Neil checked his watch for the tenth time in as many minutes: still five minutes to go before the 10:00 meeting with Stacy. He paced back and forth on the path before the fountain, pausing only to push back his stringy, brown hair and survey the surrounding area for any sign of her approach. The park was empty, however, with the exception of a few joggers and the odd person out walking their dog. (At least, Neil thought they were odd; he hated dogs.) The area around the fountain was pretty much deserted, which made it perfect for the upcoming meeting. If, of course, that meeting ever took place. Despite Gary's repeated assurances, Neil was still not certain that Stacy would show up. He half-expected to see a police car pull into the parking lot or something like that. Gary, however, had been sure of their plan. He argued that for someone like Stacy, social standing and reputation were all; she wouldn't put either at risk by taking any chances that the evidence of her cheating would get out. Sharon had agreed with him, but Neil was not so sure; it wasn't Sharon's or Gary's ass on the line out here in the park. Still, he thought, it was worth a try, particularly considering the potential prize at the end of the day! He checked his watch again: still a few minutes to go. Neil looked up and scanned the park - if she didn't appear soon...

There she was: large as life and twice as beautiful! Stacy was approaching slowly along the jogging path which led into the park from the beach; she must have parked her car in the beach parking lot, where it was much less likely to be seen. That made sense. As far as Neil could tell, she was alone, which eased his anxiety considerably. Maybe this would work after all. He stopped pacing and watched as she walked towards him.

As she drew closer, he saw that her eyes were red and puffy, as though she had been recently crying, or hadn't slept much. Maybe both. She looked scared. If anything, though, Neil thought it made her even more gorgeous. This is really going to work, Neil thought to himself, his heart picking up speed.

Finally, she reached the circular path before the fountain and, after hesitating briefly, she walked up to him.

"Stacy," he greeted her...


Stacy had indeed spent an almost sleepless night, tossing and turning in anticipation of what would happen the next morning. When she finally did get up, she was almost exhausted with apprehension. All she could think about was what had happened to the last person who had been caught with a stolen exam paper. The expulsion from school... the criminal charges... the public exposure! That was the worst. The thought of the humiliation made her tremble as she quickly got ready to leave for her encounter with the person who sent the note. A brief excuse to her parents at breakfast, and she was out the door and on her way.

Stacy was not surprised to see Neil standing at the fountain as she entered the park. The blonde teenager had quickly realized last night that the note must have come from him. He was the only person who knew about her cheating, and he was the only person who could have taped their meeting. The question was: what did he want from her to keep quiet about it? The answer, unfortunately, was not difficult to figure out. She could see the way he watched her as she approached the fountain. The way his eyes played over the curves on her body, undressing her. Stacy shuddered. She did not find him attractive - he was tall and painfully thin, with long greasy hair and an unpleasant complexion - but had made up her mind the previous night that she would do anything - almost anything - to get the tape back, including sleeping with him. Anything to keep him quiet. She was afraid, however, that this was exactly what she was going to have to do.

"Stacy," he greeted her as she approached. He was smirking.

"I thought it would be you," she spat out, unable to hide the anger and hatred in her voice. "What do you want?"

"Why, Stacy," he feigned surprise and hurt, "is that any way to greet your partner in crime? You seemed happy enough to see me a couple of weeks ago... when you needed the exam paper." The tall teenager sat himself down on a bench and patted the space next to him, gesturing for her to take a seat next to him.

"Fuck you," she blurted out. "I want that tape." She couldn't believe he had the nerve to treat her like this. She fought down the urge to slap that obnoxious smirk off his ugly face; there was time for that later.

Neil just smiled slightly and again patted the place next to him on the bench. "I don't think that that's a very helpful attitude," he said mildly. "Why don't you just sit yourself down right here, and we'll have a little chat about it."

She just stared at him angrily.

"After all," he continued, "it wouldn't do to be seen arguing in public. Someone might ask why."

Torn between anger and fear, Stacy hesitated for a few moments more, but finally gave in and sat down beside him. She tensed up as he put his right arm around her shoulder, but didn't pull away. She hoped no one could see them together; it would be impossible to explain this to her friends at school.

"That's better," he said smoothly. "Now we can talk."

She turned slightly towards him, ignoring the condescending tone of his voice. Anger had won out over the fear, if only briefly. "You know what I want, you fucker. You tricked me. I want that tape back, and I want you to shut yourfucking mouth about the whole thing, you asshole..."

She was stunned into a shocked silence as he brought his left hand around and slapped her across the face. It wasn't particularly hard, but it was surprising and humiliating. She brought her hand up to her stinging cheek and started to pull away, but Neil held her close. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"First thing, Stace," he told her quietly. "Don't swear at me, or even in my presence. It makes you sound cheap. Do you understand?"

Dumbly, she nodded her head as the tears began to flow down her cheeks. The humiliation at being talked to like this was even worse than being slapped. What was he doing to her?

When he saw her nod, he relaxed his hold, but still kept his arm around her. The cheek he had slapped was starting to turn red, so he leaned forward and kissed it. Stacy tensed and started to tremble, but she didn't pull away. "There, there," he said soothingly, as he brought his hand up to wipe the tears off her cheeks, "Is that better?"

Trembling, she nodded.

"Fine," Neil leaned back on the bench. "Now we can talk. As you know, I have evidence that could fuck you up at Greenwood. I don't want to use it like that, but I will if I have to."

"If you give out that tape," she argued, regaining some control (but still not pulling away from his encircling arm), "you'll be expelled too. I'll let everyone know who sold me the exam. We'd go down together." She had thought of that argument last night, while tossing and turning in bed.

Neil just shrugged. "You can try," he answered. "But I don't know if anyone will believe you. My voice can't be recognised on the tape and I have friends who will be willing to swear that I was somewhere else that Friday. Besides, I almost failed the test; who'll believe I had the questions ahead of time?" He fell silent for a moment and looked at her. "And even if I do get expelled, it's no big deal; people expect it of me. It's your reputation that matters."

He was right. Stacy began to cry again, and was forced to suffer the humiliation of Neil again brushing the tears from her cheeks. "S-so, what do you want, then?" She was defeated. She would give him what he wanted.

"You," came the expected answer. "For just one night. Tomorrow night. I want you to make love with me and act as though you like it. After, I'll give you the only copy I have of the tape."

Stacy began to tremble again as he said this, but she was not particularly shocked. Here, she was on familiar ground; most of the boys at school wanted the same thing of her, and she was used to dealing with their desires. As well, she had expected something like this, and it could have been a hell of a lot worse. She didn't find Neil attractive, and almost gagged at the thought of having sex with him, but she was certainly not a virgin. And one night wasn't forever. It would be unpleasant, but it would be over with quickly, and she would never have to talk to him again. And, once she had the tape...

Stacy was careful, however, not to let her thoughts show. No need to let this asshole know that she was not as scared as she seemed. "And you'll give me the tape?" she asked quietly.


"How do I know that you won't keep a copy of it and blackmail me again?"

"You don't," came the simple answer. "But I swear on my mother's grave that I will not use the tape to blackmail you again." She looked doubtful, but he just shrugged. "That's the best I can do."

"Just one night?"

Neil nodded.

"And it'll be a secret, right? You won't tell anybody?" This was crucial. If anyone ever found out that she had slept with Neil French, whatever the reason, she would be ruined at school. It would be even worse than being caught cheating.

Once again, Neil nodded. "No one will have to know," he told her.

Stacy fell silent for a few moments and then nodded her agreement. She had stopped trembling and seemed thoughtful. "OK," she agreed, finally, "I'll do it. Just one night. And no one knows."

"Right." Neil could barely keep himself from laughing out loud. If only she knew what they had planned for her! "Show up at my place tomorrow night at 7:00. Can you find it?"

"I have a student directory," she answered, "I'll find it." She pulled away to get up and leave, but Neil held her close.

"Don't I get a goodbye kiss?" he asked her. "To keep me until tomorrow?"

Fighting down an urge to vomit, she allowed herself to be pulled toward him and pressed her lips to his. Her hands hanging limply at her side, she tried to keep her mouth shut, but his tongue was insistent, and was soon exploring the inside of her unwilling mouth. His breath smelled like smoke and she almost gagged.

"Just one night," she told herself, as he drew the kiss out until it was more like necking than a single kiss.

Finally, he released her. Gasping, she staggered to her feet and hurried off.

"Until tomorrow then," he called after her.


Sharon squeezed herself into the back of closet, trying as best she could to make herself comfortable in the pile of clothing Neil had laid out for her. From where she sat, she had an unobstructed 3/4 view from the head of Neil's bed. She peered through the viewfinder of her father's video camera. "Looks good," she reported to Gary, as he watched from where he sat on the side of the bed. "As long as the lights stay on, I should have no trouble with the filming. It's kind of tight in here, though."

Gary smirked at her. "You should be getting used to it by now," he joked. "That cupboard a couple of weeks ago was no bigger."

Sharon laughed in agreement. What with the filming in the Woodwork Shop, and now in Neil's bedroom, she was becoming something of an expert in this sort of thing. Perhaps, she reflected, she should look into becoming a private detective. There must be a lot of money in doing this sort of thing for divorce cases in the like.

The 18 year-old girl settled back against the closet wall as her friend and sometime boyfriend adjusted the tripod and camera in front of her to give her a little more room. She was looking forward to the upcoming events, although she still found it hard to believe that Stacy would show up and go through with it. Imagine... the Ice Queen agreeing to fuck Neil! (Imagine anyone agreeing to fuck Neil.) And she was there to get it all on tape! Between the camera she was running, and the second video camera set up on the bookshelf beside Neil's bed, they should be able to catch the whole event for posterity. And after that, Gary had plans for Stacy that made Sharon wet and shivery just thinking about them. She hated Stacy, and all of the stuck up cunts like her at school. The chance to fuck one of them over was irresistible for her.

"You OK?" Gary broke into her thoughts. The camera was set up in front of her, and everything was ready.

"Gimmie a kiss," she ordered, reaching up. Gary leaned over and kissed her fully on the mouth, his tongue playing with hers. She could tell that he was as excited about what was going to happen as she was, despite his calm manner. Maybe they had time to...

"Hey hey," Neil called out jokingly, entering the bedroom. "This is supposed to be my night. Knock it off." Reluctantly, Sharon let go of Gary and settled back down into her position in the closet. Trust Neil to show up at the wrong time. Gary smiled at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"Later," he whispered.

Sharon shivered as he partially closed the closet door, leaving it open just a crack. "Shit," she muttered to herself, trying to get comfortable. A few moments later, she was wishing that she had a cigarette.

Stacy preceded Neil into his bedroom and stood there while he closed the door behind him. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow tee-shirt, and had her blonde hair pulled up into a simple ponytail.

"Like it?" Neil asked, gesturing vaguely towards the room. Stacy looked around. It was a small, basement bedroom, surprisingly bright considering the fact that there was only one, small window. The light, however, did the room no favours. It merely exposed the battered '70s-style wood panelling that covered the walls. That, along with the worn shag carpet gave the room a slightly sleazy look to it. More or less what Stacy would have expected. Besides the bed - a single bed, she noticed - which sat in the corner of the room next to the closet, the only furniture in the room was a battered couch and coffee table set up under the window. The table was covered with comics and magazines, as were the bookshelves which lines the wall over the bed.

"Nice," she said sarcastically. "I can see you've done a lot with it." Before coming, she had decided to be as pliant as she could be, to go along with everything as quickly as possible, but now that she was here, she was unable to conceal her contempt and anger.

Neil did not react to her sarcasm. "Like a drink?" he asked, pulling out a bottle from under the coffee table. "Whiskey. I'm having one."

The last thing Stacy wanted to do was hang around for a casual drink, but as long as he was going to have one, she figured she may as well have a drink as well. It might even make things a little easier. "Yeah, fine," she answered. "With water." Gingerly, she sat down on the edge of the couch, careful to avoid the magazines and - she now saw - cigarette ashes which were spread out on the cushion. Neil disappeared into the adjoining bathroom and mixed the drinks. She heard the water running for a moment, and then he returned with two glasses. He handed one to her and then raised his drink in salute: "To us," he stated.

Stacy just stared at him for a moment. Fuck you, she thought. "To us," she echoed unwillingly, raising her own glass. After this is over, she told herself, taking a sip of the drink, I'm going to have to get this asshole taken care of. She knew a few guys on the football team who...

"So," Neil interrupted her thoughts, sitting down next to her on the couch, "did you have a nice weekend?"

Oh fine, she thought, small talk. Asshole. "Just great," she answered sarcastically. "How about you?"

"I've been horny all weekend," he told her, "thinking of you."

His directness and unapologetic crudity shook her, reminding her of her situation, and why she was here. Best to get it over with as soon as possible. Deliberately, she drained the glass in one gulp and slammed it down on the coffee table. "Stop fucking around. Let's get on with it."

Neil, however, was in no hurry. He took a casual sip of his drink and smiled at her. "Get on with what?"

"You know." She gestured vaguely with her hand. "...It."


"Sex," she blurted out. Just how stupid was he? "That's what you want, isn't it? That's why I'm here, isn't it?" She flushed and looked down. He wasn't making this easy on her.

Neil suddenly reached over and grabbed her face, turning it towards him so he could look straight into her large green eyes. "No," he told her. "I don't just want 'sex'." He mimicked the way she had reluctantly said the word. "I want to fuck you." He made a point of emphasising the crudity. "We're going to fuck. Ball. Screw. Get it on." He got up and walked to the bed, pulling his shirt over his head; the complexion of his back matched that of his face. "But first," he said, carelessly throwing the shirt onto the floor beside the bed, "you're going to have to ask."

"Ask?" Stacy's head swam in disbelief. She felt a little dizzy, probably from the drink. "Ask?"

Neil lay down on the bed, put his hands behind his head and grinned over at her. "You're going to ask me to fuck you," he told her. "And then, if you ask nicely, I'll do it."

"You're out of your mind!" Stacy tried to get up from the couch, but stumbled against the coffee table and sprawled back onto her ass, knocking over a pile of magazines. "I'm not going to ask you..."

"Alright," Neil interrupted her. "Then go." He pointed towards the door. "But by the end of the school day tomorrow, that tape will be in Dr. Grossmann's office." (Dr. Grossmann was the school principal.)

Stacy lurched back to her feet, carefully this time, her head spinning. "B-but..."

"Well?" Neil was relentless. "What's it going to be?"

Stacy grasped at a straw. "But you said yesterday that I wasn't supposed to swear around you," she begged. "You said it made me sound cheap." She was more than a little humiliated at having to make this argument, but it was all she had. Surely he wasn't going to force her to...

"That was in yesterday," he told her, smirking. "Now, I want you to sound cheap; you are cheap."

"You bastard!" The tears were starting to flow down her face. "You bastard."

"It's your choice," he told her. "Take it or leave it. Either you ask me real nice to fuck you, or you get the hell out of here. What's it gonna be?"

Gary watched intently from his position in the yard outside the window. From where he sat, peering through a small opening in the blinds, he could seemeverything that was happening, but was unable to hear what was being said. Silently, he cursed himself for not opening the window a crack, but it was too late for that. Hopefully, Neil wasn't fucking up. Still, he would hear it all later from the video tape. He hoped Sharon was ready.

Inside, it looked as if things were shaping up nicely despite his worrying. Neil had got Stacy to take the drink which Gary had specially prepared for her. Beside the alcohol content, he had mixed in a small amount of a depressant - to lower her inhibitions and a stimulant - to keep her awake and heighten her senses. Between the two drugs, he hoped the mixture would have the desired effect.

From the look of things inside the bedroom, it was. Stacy seemed confused and frightened. She had staggered to her feet and moved towards the door as Neil had said something to her, but she didn't leave - as Gary had known (hoped) she wouldn't - and had turned back around to face Neil on the bed. Gary looked down to make certain everything was ready with his camera. There should be some interesting shots coming up...

Stacy looked over at Neil, lying smug on the bed. She was paralysed with indecision and disbelief. This couldn't be happening to her; it couldn't! Her head swam. He couldn't be expecting her to...

"One more chance, Stace," he called over to her. "Ask or leave."

Stacy turned away from his leering face and leaned against the bedroom door, trying to gather her thoughts. She was still dizzy, though, and it was hard to think. Ask or leave... ask or leave... What could she do?! Eventually, however, she came to the only decision she could; there was no way she could let him release that tape.

OK you bastard she thought, drawing a deep, shuddering breath, I'll give you what you want and more. She spun around to face him again.

"Neil," she asked, her voice quivering slightly, "I... I want to fuck you." She couldn't believe the sound of those words coming out of her mouth. Was that really her talking? It didn't sound like her. She was beginning to feel strangely detached.

"What was that?" Neil asked, cupping his ear. "I didn't catch what you said."

Hands clenched into helpless fists, she repeated the hated words, a little louder this time: "I want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you."

"You don't sound as if you mean it." Neil pretended to be hurt, drawing the humiliation out a little longer.

OK, Stacy told herself, trying to remain calm, just give him what he wants. Do what he wants, get the tape and get out of here. "Please," she repeated, this time pleading in an exaggerated manner, "Please let me fuck you. I want to fuck you."

To her shock and anger, Neil just shrugged his shoulders dismissively. "I dunno," he answered. "Maybe I don't want to."

Her heart skipped a beat. Was he planning to release the tape after all? "Please," she pleaded - this time for real. "Please let me fuck you. I want to... I really do. I'm sorry I was mean to you before. Please let me fuck you?" She looked up at him, imploring.

Neil seemed to reach a decision. "Let's see what you've got," he told her. "Take your clothes off. If I like what I see, maybe I'll let you do it."

Stacy, now numb from shock and still dizzy from the drink, reached down and slowly began to take off her tee-shirt. She had gone so far now, she might as well see things through to the finish. Her hands shook as she slowly pulled the shirt up over...

"Not like that," Neil leered at her. "Do it sexy - like a strip-tease. And ditch the pony tail."

Swallowing, Stacy complied, pulling the tie from her hair and shaking it out. With her wavy blonde hair hanging free, she began to undress in as sexy a manner as she could manage. Trying to smile in a seductive way, she slid the tee-shirt up over her head and twirled it into a corner of the room, exposing her bra. Neil grinned in appreciation. Stacy's tits weren't particularly large, but they were very firm and well-formed. Next, to his delight, she began to fondle her breasts through the bra, still looking at him seductively. After doing this for a few seconds, she unclipped the bra, and pulled it slowly off. Her breasts jutted proudly, nipples erect. Stacy felt a moment of shame at this, but she was careful not to show it. She was too far along to think of pulling out now. Suggestively, she ran her hands down her chest, across her naked breasts and along her flat stomach to the waistband of her jeans. Hesitating only slightly, she undid the button and allowed the jeans to slide down her long, athlete's legs to the floor. She wore simple, white panties. Stacy stepped out of the jeans and towards Neil. Time to get this over with.

Neil, however gestured towards the panties and shook his head. Her theatrically seductive smile wavered a bit at this, but she took it in stride. After all, how much worse could it get? Bending over, Stacy slid the panties down her legs, completely exposing her crotch to his Neil's view. Now naked except for her socks, she straightened up and looked at him. What now?

"Ask." Neil mouthed the word at her.

In as seductive a voice as she could manage, Stacy did as she was told. "Please," she begged, her voice a throaty whisper, "Please fuck me. I need it so bad... please fuck me." While she begged, she ran her hands over her hardened nipples, almost causing Neil to ejaculate right then and there. Was this Stacy Richards standing in front of him? "Please," she pleaded. "I want it now..."

Unable to wait any longer, Neil swung his legs around onto the floor and sat up at the side of his bed. "Come here, bitch," he growled, his voice hoarse with lust.

Dizzy from the mixture of drugs she had been served in the drink and almost numb from shock, Stacy obeyed. She felt detached, as if her body was acting on automatic while she - the real Stacy Richards - watched from a distance. Breathing quickly, she hurried forward, her tits bouncing as she moved. She kneeled in front of him as he gestured for her to do so.

"Do you want it?" he asked her gruffly.

Stacy looked up at him with her large green eyes, puzzled and unable to think. Want...

"My cock, Stace. Do you want my cock?"

Stacy fought back tears. "Oh yes," she breathed. "Please, let me have your cock."

At his nod, she reached in between his legs and fumbled with the zipper. A few seconds later, his cock popped out onto her grasping fingers. It was already extremely hard, and - Stacy noted with loathing - glistening wetly. What now?

"Kiss it," he ordered, answering her unspoken question. "Give it some tongue."

Gagging, Stacy moved her face forward, grasped the penis and, rubbing it gently with her fingers, she began to kiss and lick it. She had done this a couple of time before with a previous boyfriend. She didn't like it, but was able to keep her revulsion under control. This activity carried on for a few minutes before Neil reached down and began to fondle her tits. To her embarrassment, they responded immediately, the nipples regaining their previous hardness. Her own body was betraying her! Her face went red with shame, but she definitely began to feel a tingling between her legs.

"Take it in your mouth," Neil whispered at her a few moments later, pushing her hair away from her face. His breath was short. Reluctantly, she did so, sliding her warm, wet mouth over his now-sticky cock and sucking gently. The salty taste was unpleasant, but she could stand it as long as he wasn't planning to come in her mouth. Surely, he wasn't...

Suddenly, he leaned back and raised his legs. Surprised, she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up from where she was kneeling, her chin glistening with spittle and pre-come. She quickly saw what he wanted, and co-operated by pulling off his pants. He was naked underneath, and his cock stuck straight up as he leaned back on the bed and swung his legs around so he was again lying lengthwise.

"Climb on," he ordered. Panting, and out of breath from giving head, Stacy scrambled onto the bed and straddled his naked body, her knees propped up on each side of his thighs. Holding this position, she panted and trembled, waiting for his next order. It wasn't long in coming.

He reached forward and played with her breasts for a moment, but then dropped his hands to her crotch, feeling her cunt lips. Stacy's hands twitched with the urge to push his hands away, but they remained at her sides. He smirked at her. "Wet," he pronounced. "You're really into this." Stacy fought back tears, and tried to maintain a seductive leer. This wasn't her kneeling naked over Neil French; it was someone else. Neil relaxed back on his pillow. "I like them a little wetter, though. Let's see if you can't make yourself a little more ready."

Grasping his meaning, Stacy moved her hands back to her crotch area and began to play with herself. Closing her eyes, she was almost able to imagine that she was back in her own room, and none of this was happening. She moaned involuntarily, as Neil began to play with her breasts, kneading them roughly. Her fingers were doing their work, though, and her crotch was soon damp with desire.

Finally, Neil had seen enough. Pushing her hands away, he positioned his cock directly underneath her pussy and looked up at her expectantly. Stacy leaned forward on her hands, so that her breasts hung directly downwards, and slowly slid Neil's cock into her now-wet pussy. It went in easily, despite that fact that she was very tight. Eventually, his cock was entirely swallowed as she knelt on top of him.

"Get moving," he ordered her hoarsely.

Completely defeated, Stacy began to move up and down, riding his cock in and out of her pussy. Despite herself, she began to moan and pant with desire. Neil leaned up and began to bite and lick her breasts as his hands played over her straining thighs. Stacy gasped. It was painful, but after a while, the pain seemed to meld into pleasure, and a warmth radiated out of her pussy to envelope her entire body. The detached part of her mind wailed in horror as her body abandoned itself entirely to the experience.

She was now making soft moaning sounds in time with her rhythmic self-impalement on Neil's cock. Gradually, her moaning became louder and louder as the pace increased and she approached climax. Neil, beneath her, began moving his hips in time with her, all the while mauling and biting her small, firm tits as they dangled invitingly in front of his face.

"Oh... oh... oh... oh..." Her moans got louder and louder until she was almost screaming. Her eyes were screwed shut and her mouth hung open, slack with lust. "Oh... oh... OH... OH... Ahhh..."

Finally, she came with a loud scream of pleasure, her body shaking and trembling. That was all for Neil; he could hold back no longer. Just as her orgasm ended, he thrust forward with his hips, and pulled her down, crushing her mauled breasts against his sweaty chest and forcing his tongue into her gasping mouth, his cock pumping sperm into her warm, damp pussy.

The two teenagers fell limp, their spent, sweaty bodies stuck together. A few seconds later, Stacy roused herself with a groan and pushed herself off her unwanted companion. His prick slid limply out of her pussy as she clambered off the bed, leaving a thin trail of sperm along the inside of her thigh.

Stacy bit back a scream as she caught sight of herself in the bathroom mirror. Her blonde hair was plastered back from her sweaty face, leaving fully revealed her wide, frightened eyes and nostrils which flared as she gasped for breath. Drool glistened on her cheeks and mouth where Neil had slobbered on her when he came. Her sleek body was covered by a fine sheen of sweat and her tits shone red and purple where Neil had mauled and bit them. Sperm trickled out of her sopping cunt, joining the thin, white trail laid down on her leg by his cock when she had pulled away.

A thin wail rose from her throat as she stared at her reflection. Both the dizziness and the lust which had possessed her earlier had left as though burnt away by the intensity of her orgasm, leaving her clear-headed and terrified. How had she let this happen? Panting and choking, Stacy stumbled into the bathroom, fell to her knees and threw up violently into the toilet. Her retching was interrupted by the impact of clothing being thrown into the bathroom and hitting her back.

It was Neil. "When you're done in there," he called out to her heaving rear, "Get dressed and get out." He had pulled his trousers on and was leaving the bedroom.

Stacy continued retching for a few moments before climbing to her feet. Unsteadily, still coughing and gasping, she pulled her clothes on over her sticky, abused body. Dressed, she left the bathroom to find Neil sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette. He ignored her for a moment and then looked up, as if surprised that she were still there. "Well? I thought I told you to leave."

Stacy looked down. "T-the tape," she mumbled. "You said - you p-promised to give it to me."

Grinning, Neil reached into a pocket and pulled out a cassette tape. "Fair enough," he agreed, tossing it to her. She was unprepared, and it bounced off her chest and slid under the bed. Neil laughed as she got down on her hands and knees to retrieve it.

The tape securely in her possession, Stacy stood up and moved towards the door, her only thought to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Haven't you forgotten something?"

She turned to face him. "What?" The anger was back now, making it easier to deal with his leering face.

"To say thank you," Neil told her.

"Fuck you," she muttered and stormed out of the room. Behind her, Neil laughed.


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