Chapter 6



Neil leaned forward and watched intently as Stacy, completely naked, was simultaneously fucked by two men: one from behind as she knelt "doggie style" on all fours with her legs slightly spread, and one from the front. At first, her face had been hidden from the camera by her blonde hair, which fell in waves over her right shoulder, but Sharon had slowly circled the action and, after a brief shot of the back of some guy's sweaty ass moving back and forth, began to film from the other side, where Stacy's features could be seen clearly. Her left hand clutched the base of the guy's cock as she bobbed her cum-splattered face up and down. The charm bracelet, festooned with shiny, silver "F"s, glittered merrily in the light. There was a brief break in this movement as she pulled her mouth free and teased the head of the cock with her tongue, but then her lips re-encircled the penis, and her head resumed the up-down movement. Her loud moans and grunts could be easily heard above the rhythmic slurping sounds; she was clearly enjoying herself.

The camera moved on; it continued panning, sliding steadily down Stacy's glistening, sweaty body and focusing on her ass as it wiggled about on the impaling cock like a fish caught on a hook. Just as the settled on this shot, the guy fucking her from behind stiffened and came. A few seconds later, he pulled out, leaving a thin trail of white sperm dribbling down Stacy's leg. The camera pulled back and then zoomed in on her ass and pussy - both glistening and wet with cum - and held the shot as another fellow moved into position and inserted his cock, this time into her ass rather than the pussy. The soundtrack clearly recorded a squeal of pleasure from the impaled teenager, as Stacy accepted the cock and began grinding her ass back and forth on it.

"Jeez, this is great stuff."

Neil was more than a little impressed. He hadn't even known that anything of this nature was going on. Indeed, he had felt a momentary twinge of anger when Gary had told him what Sharon had arranged for Stacy - he had felt a bit left out lately, as Gary and Sharon more and more seemed to be taking charge with Stacy - but he couldn't remain angry. He was not so stupid that he failed to realize that this whole arrangement was only possible because Gary had seen the possibilities that day in English class. If it had been left to Neil, he would probably have blurted out his accusations in front of the class, and that would have been the end of it. Instead, they now had a hold on Stacy that let them force her to do anything! How could he complain about Gary being in charge?

On screen, Stacy was taking advantage of the fact that her mouth was temporarily empty of cock, and was busily licking strands of sperm from her fingers. Neil turned to Gary and Sharon who were sitting together on the couch behind him.

"She's really into it," he commented enthusiastically. "Did you use the drugs?"

"Yeah," Sharon answered. "A double dose this time. As you can see, it worked like a charm."

The sound of Stacy's screams from the TV indicated an impending orgasm.

"She was really hot."

The teenagers fell silent and watched as Stacy experienced a violent orgasm, her fourth since the beginning of the tape.

"We made four hundred bucks," Sharon continued after Stacy's screams had died away. "And the football team wants her back again next weekend."

"Are you gonna make her go?" Neil turned away from the couch as he asked the question, his eyes focusing on the screen where Stacy moaned and fondled her small breasts.

Behind him, Sharon looked at Gary, leaving the decision to him.

"I don't think so," he answered. "At least not right away. We don't want to burn her out. Let's leave it for something special. We are selling them this tape though; they're paying another hundred bucks for it."

"That's five hundred bucks." Neil tore his attention away from the screen. "A lot of money." He looked up at Gary.

"Don't worry," his friend answered, smiling his strange smile. "You'll get a share. Sharon gave forty dollars to Stacy, so that leaves $460 to split three ways."

Neil raised his eyebrows. "Forty dollars to Stacy?"

"Well," Sharon laughed, "she deserved something. She did all the work."

The three friends laughed and went back to watching the video. It was coming to the end now, and Stacy was being simultaneously fucked by three guys, one in the ass, one in her cunt and one in her mouth. She moaned and wriggled as her body was filled with cock from three different angles. Finally, the three cocks came, each spurting sperm into its particular orifice as Stacy orgasmed twice more. The video faded to black as Stacy, wet and crusty with cum, curled up on the damp, sticky mattress, still moaning and sucking the sperm from her fingers.

"That was great!" Neil leaned forward and shut of the television. "Just like being there."

"Well, I hope the guys on the football team are happy with it. They're paying for it." Sharon stopped the video and pushed the rewind button on the remote. The tape began to whirl backwards in the video machine.

Neil got to his feet and began to pace.

"You know," he said thoughtfully, "we could make a lot more money out of this if we wanted. I bet there are people who would pay big bucks for this tape; I mean besides the guys from the college."

"Not this tape," Gary answered. "It's just for the guys at BCN. The last thing we need is the bloody college football team coming after us. But I have given that some thought."

Sharon looked over at him, surprised. This was the first that she had heard of it.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," he told her, "why not make a little money selling some pictures?"

"Like the video?" Neil asked.

"No. I don't think that we can put together a professional enough product for that. This tape was OK as a souvenir for the guys at the college, but we have no way of editing it or anything else. I mean still pictures." He looked over at Sharon. "You're uncle let you use his studio last year, right?"

Sharon nodded her agreement, beginning to understand what he was getting at. Her uncle did portrait photography, and had a studio near the centre of town. Last year, he had allowed her to use the studio and darkroom for her photography class project. He had told her that she could use it any time she wanted.

"So, with the studio and darkroom..."

"We can take professional shots!" Neil completed the sentence. "It's fuckin' perfect."

"But what about selling them?" Sharon was sceptical. There was more to this than just taking the pictures.

"I've been communicating with some photographers over a BBS," Gary told her.

Neil looked confused. "BBS?"

Gary ignored him. "I expect I can get some contacts through them. Or at least some addresses. I'm sure there are lots of magazines which would pay good money for pictures of someone like Stacy."

"And what do we tell Stacy?" Sharon was still sceptical. "We told her we'd keep this all a secret if she played along." Sharon was more curious than concerned. Their promise to Stacy meant nothing to her.

"No." Gary smiled."We told her that we wouldn't release the tapes of her cheating on the English exam and fucking with Neil. We said nothing about any pictures we might take in the future. Besides, we won't be selling these pictures to mainstream magazines. I doubt anyone in town will see them. Including Stacy. Probably."

"Well... OK." Sharon was convinced. "I'll set it up with my uncle for later this week."

"Fuckin A!" Neil was excited. "I can't wait."

Stacy's short skirt was once again bunched up around her waist. Her sleek legs were spread wide, and wrapped around the bulky form of Bob Pearson as he pistoned his cock brutally in and out of her dry pussy. They were in one of the supply rooms at Greenwood; Stacy's ass was propped up on a narrow shelf and her back was against the wall as Barry fucked her. In vain, she tried to re-discover some of the excitement of the previous weekend up at BCN. Her responses that night had been more than a little degrading, but at least she had been able to deal with the sex without this pain; perhaps even get a little enjoyment out of it.

No matter how hard she tried, however, she was unable to feel anything other than the intense pain of the ordeal, as Barry's large cock sawed in and out of her raw pussy.

'Please,' she thought wearily as he panted and grunted his lust, 'please come!'

Just let it be over.


As instructed, Stacy showed up at the photography studio at 8:00 PM two nights later. The mid-December weather was unusually cold, and she was wearing a heavy denim jacket over her jeans and sweater. She was, however, carrying a duffel bag which contained some clothing of a less practical nature. Sharon had ordered Stacy to bring along various items of apparel, such as underwear, stockings, short skirts and, in particular, a couple of swimsuits from last year's swim team. Stacy had been apprehensive, but she was now pretty much past the stage of arguing or pleading. It never did any good. All that mattered was that she reach number sixty-five before the end of the year. She had managed number fifteen earlier that day (her pussy still ached); only fifty more to go! At her wrist, the rapidly filling charm bracelet attested to her "success".

The studio itself was basically a large, high-ceilinged single room with a cloth backdrop against the rear wall. The backdrop was a neutral white, designed to take on the hue of whatever colored light was being directed at it. There was a long metal bar on the ceiling which held a number of different lights set there for this purpose. The floor in front of the backdrop was covered by a dark mat. In front of this mat was another bank of lights, not colored, and a camera. At the back of the room was a wooden door with a red light hanging above it; a small sign identified it as the darkroom.


Gary walked up to her as she stood by the door, put his arm over her shoulder, and directed her into the room. Stacy shuddered slightly at his touch, but allowed herself to be led. Sharon, standing behind the camera, looked over and smirked. There was a belch from the back of the room; Stacy looked over and saw Neil, sitting back against the wall with his feet propped up on a small table and a beer in his hand. He grinned over at her and raised the beer can in mock greeting. Behind her, the door to the studio clicked shut.

Sharon made a small adjustment to the camera, and then walked over to where Gary had begun emptying out the contents of Stacy's duffel bag onto the floor.

"Let's see what we've got," she muttered, sorting through the clothes. Stacy watched, numb and frightened, as Sharon and Gary sorted through the various items of apparel, rejecting some and laughing at others.

"Don't forget this stuff." Neil had left his seat and was approaching with another bag, the contents of which he dumped onto the floor beside Stacy's clothes. It contained a number of leather and rubber outfits, including, Stacy noted queasily, the outfit she had worn up at BCN last weekend. She swallowed, fighting to keep her features impassive; she had resolved not to let them see her cry again.

Finally, they were done. Gary looked up at her.

"You know what's going on?" He gestured towards the camera.

Stacy nodded reluctantly.

"Yes," she answered. It hadn't been difficult to figure out. She had cried in her bedroom when Gary had ordered her to show up at the photography studio with the clothing, but she wasn't going to cry now. She wasn't going to give them the satisfaction.

Gary grinned. "Then let's get started." He turned to his girlfriend. "Sharon?"

"Yeah, OK," Sharon nodded, "but let's give her a drink first. It's going to be hot under those lights."

Stacy looked up. Huh?

Sharon picked up an open can of coke from a nearby table and handed it to her. "Drink up," she instructed. "We don't want you fainting on the set. We've got lots of stuff to get through tonight."

Confused, Stacy did as ordered; she drank the coke and handing the empty can back to the impatiently waiting Sharon.

The other girl nodded and took the bottle.

"OK," she announced, "I think we'll start with..."

Stacy spent the next few hours in front of the lights, running through countless degrading poses in dozens of different outfits. Humiliatingly, they started her out with some of her own clothes which she had brought: mini-skirt, blouse and high heels.

"Look at the camera."

The colored lights placed her in front of a soft, yellow backdrop. As instructed, Stacy looked at the camera.

"Lean forward... legs apart."

She bent down and spread her legs, causing the skirt to ride up. Her blonde hair, combed out straight, hung down over her left shoulder, framing her breasts for the camera. Behind the bank of lights, her three tormentors were only shadowed silhouettes. Stacy was reminded of her dreams of stripping in front of such lights.

"Open the blouse... now cup your breasts and look sexy. Keep looking up; we want to see your face."

Her hands trembled as they undid the buttons. She had known it would come to this, but it was still so hard; particularly in front of the camera. She cupped her small breasts in her hands, involuntarily teasing her own nipples. They hardened immediately. Would they notice?

"That's it. Nice nipples. Now, lick your lips..."

Stacy wetted her lips and did her best to look sexy and inviting. Her nipples stayed hard.

"Bend over a bit more... let's see some more leg..."

Then they dressed her in one of her old swimsuits, now at least one size too small:

"That's right... other way, now..."

Stacy stood, side on to the camera. They had soaked the suit before dressing her in it, and it clung tenaciously to every curve. Worse, the cold water caused her nipples to become hard again, and it was plainly visible through the thin swimsuit.

"Shoulders back... good, that pushes out your tits... play with the nipples, make them nice and hard... there you go..."

Stacy flushed red.

"OK... now run your hand through your hair... look like you need a good fuck..."

Stacy did as ordered. She slid her fingers through her blonde hair, shaking it out at the back as she did so. She was beginning to feel a queer sort of arousal in the pit of her stomach. She fought to hide it, but it was difficult to do while trying to look sexy.

Then came the outfit she had worn for the party at BCN. It quickly became apparent to Stacy that they had not cleaned it since that night; it stank of dried sweat and sperm.

This time, Sharon put on some music, and had Stacy dance a slow striptease. Neil called encouragement as Stacy slowly divested herself of first the cum-encrusted shirt, and then the tight leather skirt.

And, just like in her dream, she became more and more aroused...

A short break to re-load the camera while Stacy stood, panting slightly, in front of the lights. She was naked from the previous stripping, save only for the leather, high-heeled boots. Neil came over and played with her sweaty tits until it was time for a new outfit.

Stacy fought hard not to respond...

Finally, it was over.

Stacy stood, drained and sweaty in the last outfit she had modelled, a tight, pink rubber dress which left bare as much as it concealed. It was cut low on her neckline, leaving her chest bare down to the upper curve of her tits (at one point in the session, she had been ordered to pop her tits out of the dress, but they were re-covered now). The dress also left her arms exposed up to the shoulder, and only covered her upper thighs down to just below her crotch. Her legs were clearly displayed, taut and sleek in the black pumps. Sharon had done her hair up in a tight bun, giving her a severe, sexy look.

Neil slipped behind her, reached around and began playing with her breasts through the thin rubber as Gary and Sharon clicked off the lights and began storing the film. Involuntarily, Stacy moaned, but didn't pull away. Her nipples hardened and a trickle of sweat dribbled down between her breasts as they strained against the latex. Neil began kissing her neck.

Gary looked over and smiled. Stacy's eyes were closed and her mouth slightly parted as she leaned back to accept Neil's attentions. Her body was clearly beginning to respond. This seemed like a good time to bring up...

"Oh, Stacy." Stacy opened up her eyes and stiffened, remembering where she was.

"I heard that Barry Packard asked you out last a little while ago and you refused. Is that true?"

Stacy bit her lip apprehensively, but nodded. She recognized the tone of voice Gary was using; something bad was going to happen. Behind her, Neil reached down with one hand and began massaging her pussy through the latex dress. The other hand continued to fondle her tits. Subconsciously, she began to squirm back against him.

"Well," Gary continued, "from now on, there'll no more of that. If one of your 'lovers' wants a re-match, you agree to it."

"What?!" Stacy tried to move forward, but Neil held her tight. "What are you talking about?" Neil popped one of her breasts out from the dress and began teasing the nipple. Stacy tried to ignore it.

"That wasn't a rule."

"It's a new rule," Sharon told her, grinning. "From now on, once a guy's fucked you, you can't say 'no' to him until you've finished all sixty-five."

Stacy's features began to quiver. She had resolved not to cry, but this was too much. A tear trickled down her cheek as she considered the implications of what was being said.

"B-but... there'll be no end of it. I'll have to do it all the time." Her mind, now cloudy with lust, struggled to find objections.

"When am I supposed to study or do other things? There are exams coming up!"

Sharon laughed outright at that. Stacy had just been told that she had to agree to fuck almost any guy that asked, and she was complaining about not being able to study for exams!

"Don't worry about the exams," Gary told her. "We'll get you the test papers ahead of time. Hell, we'll even do it for free this time." The three of them laughed as Stacy began to cry in earnest.

"Besides," Gary continued, "it's not all bad news. We've decided to let you earn some pocket money while you're doing it."


"From now on, you charge five bucks for a repeat fuck."

Stacy looked at him in horror.

"The first one's free, but repeat service costs five bucks." He looked over at Neil. "Except," he continued, "for Neil, of course. He gets it for free."

If possible, Stacy's sobs became louder. No matter how bad things became, they always managed to make them a little worse. Or a lot worse!

Gary and Sharon continued packing up as Neil slipped his hand under the short dress and began to play with her pussy directly. Stacy shuddered and then relaxed back into his chest, defeated. There was no use resisting it. She began to pant as Neil pushed his middle finger into her now-moist cunt.

When Gary and Sharon finally left the room, she was sitting on top of Neil's erection, riding it up and down, the pink dress bunched up around her waist.


Stacy was slumped forward on the desk. Her head was cradled sideways in her arms, spilling blonde hair in waves out over the wooden desktop. Outside the closed office door, the grade eight students she was supposed to be supervising were yelling and running about, her usually well-structured Recreation course having dissolved into chaos in her absence.

She didn't care. She was too tired to care. She hadn't even changed into her usual gym outfit for the class, instead just stumbling around the gymnasium in her green tweed dress, barely getting the class started before retreating to the office. She just didn't care anymore.

Last night she had attended Ashley's Christmas party and, in the course of the evening, had managed to have sex with four different guys: two blowjobs and two fucks. Actually, it had been five guys, but one of them had turned out not to be a student at Greenwood, and Stacy no longer counted the non-students. That brought her total up to twenty: twenty different guys, and twenty shiny "F"s on her imprisoned wrist. Only forty-five more to go. Only! Her pussy ached at the thought.

As was happening so often these days, Stacy found herself fighting back the urge to cry. How had she fallen into this trap? How had such a little thing as cheating on a math test led her into the kind of life she was now leading? Looking back, she could see how Gary - it must have been Gary; Neil wasn't anywhere near smart or subtle enough to plan this sort of thing - had slowly escalated the incidents of blackmail and humiliation until all her options had disappeared. Even now, if it had just been the original session at Neil's, she might be tempted to rebel - perhaps even turn to the police - but Gary had since then taken it even further. Now, there were the pictures taken at the photography studio and the awful video-tape of that night at BCN, where Sharon had turned her into a whore! Sharon had shown the tape to her the day after the photo session. How could anyone believe her story after seeing her enjoying herself so much? She could barely believe it herself. What had happened to her? Sex was usually so degrading and painful; why had it felt so good? Still, whatever the reason, there was no way out; no one would believe her now.

So, she took the path of least resistance, and did what they wanted.

It had been three days since the session at the photography studio, and she was unable to get it out of her mind. It was not just the fact that the pictures had been taken. That was terrible enough, and she was thoroughly frightened about what would be done with the resulting photographs. Gary had told her that they were just for "personal use" (whatever that meant), but how could she trust him? It was not just the fact that she could no longer refuse to have sex with the guys she had already fucked; that was bad, but she thought she could control matters so that very few of them invited her out again. As long as it was kept quiet, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. It was not even the sex with Neil; he had fucked her a number of times already, and it was getting to be almost routine.

What frightened her about the session in the studio was the way she had responded to the situation, and, later, to Neil. By the time he had pushed up her dress and forced her to impale herself upon his rigid cock, she had been so excited that she had experienced an orgasm within seconds of penetration. In the fucking that followed, she had cum twice more, moaning and squirming like some kind of slut-bitch on Neil's cock.

As was the case with the session at BCN, she was not sure how she felt about this. On one hand, she was being forced to do horribly degrading things and it was as if her own body was betraying her by allowing her to respond sexually. What kind of girl - what kind of a slut - would enjoy the kind of obscene activity which had occurred at BCN? On the other hand, it looked very much like she had very little choice in the matter. She was trapped, and would have to fuck countless guys in the next few months. Given that this was going to happen anyway, wouldn't it be better to get at least some enjoyment out of it? If nothing else, she could do without the constant pain of her pussy being rubbed raw as a result of her being dry at the wrong time.

What she needed was some way to control the excitement. Some way to allow her to do what she had to do with a minimum of pain, but which would allow her to control herself so that her surrender would not be complete. Some way to...

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door. She glanced at her watch and saw that it was after 3:15; class was over. She patted down her green tweed dress and shook her blonde hair, unconsciously adjusting her appearance. That must be...

It was. The door swung open to reveal a grinning Tim, followed closely by Dennis. Stacy groaned, but gestured for them to enter the office for their weekly session.

There must be some better way to deal with this!


Ashley Peters stood, giggling, in a cluster of friends in a doorway near the water fountain. The girls were pulling a nasty practical joke, and were waiting for the victim to arrive. Even among this group, basically the most popular (ie. beautiful) girls at Greenwood, Ashley stood out as something special. She was taller than any of the other girls, but still well-rounded in all of the important places, particularly her breasts. Indeed, the only other girl at school that was in her league was Stacy Richards, but while Stacy was small and perfectly proportioned, Ashley was big-boned and extremely well endowed, particularly for an eighteen year-old. Where Stacy had a finely chiselled face and high cheek bones, Ashley's face was wide and generous, with thick, pouty lips and wide brown eyes. Where Stacy had shoulder length blonde hair, Ashley was a brunette, with a thick, reddish-brown mane of hair that fell halfway down her back. In short, Stacy's was a hard, athletic beauty, while Ashley was softer and more luxurious: equally beautiful, but in an entirely different manner.

The two girls were, of course, rivals, but only in a relaxed, friendly way. There was simply no need for them to compete, for boys or otherwise. The only real point of contention was the title of Homecoming Queen, and Ashley had - more or less - conceded it to Stacy the previous year. Stacy's school activities, from cheerleading to the track and swim team to supervising the grade eight "Rec" class, made her almost certain to take the title instead of Ashley, whose list of school activities was somewhat shorter (or, in truth, non-existent). Life was too short, she figured. So, the two girls ruled over their little clique in a co-operative fashion, acknowledging the other's attributes without conceding superiority.

Ashley noticed Stacy coming out of a doorway at the other end of the hall, followed by a couple of grade eight jerks. She looked a little dishevelled, but Ashley put it down to the activity of the "Rec" class.

"Stacy," Ashley called after her, eager to have her share in the joke, but Stacy didn't seem to hear, and moved down the hall away from the group. The two boys followed close behind. Ashley narrowed her eyes as she watched her friend turn a corner and disappear from view. Stacy had been acting a little strange lately. She wondered if...

"She's coming!"

Stephanie, who had been watching around the corner, whispered the warning and stepped back, out of sight. Ashley dropped Stacy from her mind and joined the group as they watched expectantly.

They didn't have long to wait. Karen Williamson walked, unsuspecting, around the corner and up to her locker. The heavy, dark-haired girl didn't notice Ashley's group as they watched from the doorway. The trap was sprung! As she pulled the locker door open, hundreds of sheets of paper slid out and onto the floor in front of, and around, the locker. Each sheet had been carefully torn from various Playboy and other,similar, magazines, depicting beautiful women in some stage of undress. Karen watched, stunned, as more and more paper fell out of her locker. Ashley and her group could contain themselves no longer, and finally broke out into raucous laughter as more and more people in the hallway stopped and stared. As well as putting the loose sheets in the locker, they had pasted up a number of pictures on the door and walls of Karen's locker. The people in the hallway began to laugh as Karen turned red, and then began to cry with embarrassment.

Satisfied with the damage, Ashley led her group away from the scene of their victory as more and more people joined the crowd of students laughing at and taunting their unfortunate victim as she crawled around on her hands and knees trying to recover the pictures.

If they had stayed a little longer, they might have noticed Sharon Stevens, who had watched the whole incident develop, walk up to the humiliated Karen and start talking to her in a hushed voice.

Karen quickly stopped crying and began to listen intently.


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